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Age of Consent Arguments

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  1. Hello,
    Dr. Serizawa …the man who posted the comment above me, I am confused. I’m not sure if you posted the link to that article because you disagree with it, and think it is ridiculous, or because you agree with it.

    I mean this in the most respectful way possible, but I disagree with that article. I think the statement ‘Motherhood is the most important job in the world,” is an extremely true statement. I do not mean to say that Mothers are more important than Fathers, or to say that women are above men. I do not believe either of these things. I am a 24 year old woman who live in the Midwest-USA… and I am somewhat of a rarity.
    However- with regard to the aforementioned statement, I think that we SHOULD teach our daughters, and young women that Motherhood is the most important job in the world. Because if we remember this, then maybe we will remember how important it is to be home, taking care of our children. If we can convince even a few young girls that the home is where they belong, then MAYBE we can remind them how much Children need their fathers, and how a woman and her children depend on a husband.
    Men are not second class citizens. God created them to lead their household, and provide for their wives and children.
    Women were created to submit to their husbands, and to work in the home. I do not think that “Motherhood is the most important job in the world.” is a statement meant to belittle men. I think that teaching girls this, teaches them their rightful place, yet still assuring them that their role is important.

    As it says in the Bible, Genesis 3:16-19 NLT: Then he said to the woman, “I will sharpen the pain of your pregnancy, and in pain you will give birth. And you will desire to control your husband, but he will rule over you.” And to the man he said, “Since you listened to your wife and ate from the tree whose fruit I commanded you not to eat, the ground is cursed because of you. All your life you will struggle to scratch a living from it. It will grow thorns and thistles for you, though you will eat of its grains.By the sweat of your brow will you have food to eat until you return to the ground from which you were made. For you were made from dust, and to dust you will return.”

    When, in the Garden of Eden, Woman tried to control the situation, and make decisions for her family, and Man allowed it to happen, it became the original sin, and humanity was forever punished. Had Adam lead his wife, and Eve submitted to her husband, this never would have happened.
    Now, it is Man’s place to work hard, labor, and provide, and it is woman’s place to sacrifice her body and her youth to bear children. Women will want to rule over their men, but men are the heads of the household.

    It encourages me to read blogs such as this one, and see that others also fear the impact that feminism and other ‘progressive ideas’ will have on our society in our lifetimes, and in those of our children. Ignoring the differences between men and women does nothing good. Women trying to suppress and control men, and men allowing this to happen will only lead to our downfall.

    I apologize for my tangent… I meant just to comment on the posted article, and my brain took me elsewhere. I respect your blog, and have enjoyed reading your posted articles.


  2. ” I do not think that “Motherhood is the most important job in the world.” is a statement meant to belittle men.”

    Maybe YOU don’t. But, it is commonly used to belittle men and men’s sacrifices and contributions to the world. Out of the statement “Motherhood is the most important job in the world” women, mothers or Feminists or a combo of all three, seek and gain special privileges usually at the expense of men.

    As for ‘working in the home’. That era is over (in the West at least). It will not return, unless we run out oil and find no replacement. Time you women stood on your own two feet

  3. I’m trying to publish a book proving that men, not women, always had more burdons, were and are oppressed in main decisions and areas of life. I need a publisher or litarery agent able to translate the book to English, publish and market it. This project is going on for decades now and was rejected or silently ignored.
    Also, I need to contact scientists of several subjects willing to give advice on sources to use. I didn’t even get a reply when asking so far, except one stating they wouldn’t work on the subject. Kind of fishy. Polite question, no result.

    You can answer me be email or in that forum:

    A preview of the upcoming book, containing the introduction, is available, though not in English. “The Two Sexes. Sex And Culture” (Die beiden Geschlechter. Kultur und Geschlecht)
    The book mentions both possible concepts: tradition and real equality (which would give same rights to men too and no more priviledge to women either). In some walk of life, like sexuality, fatherhood, and more than that, there is no equality and little freedom for men. Male sexuality is more repressed than before. Freedom is, as in many other domains, for women only when it comes to sexuality. Men are discriminated against, bashed and persecuted, often with false allegations.
    The silence and lack of reaction is really astonishing. Talking of sense and benefits of sex roles in chapter 4 seems to be too much. The universal concept of culture, valid in all times since millions of years, and all cultures, including the most exotic and rare ones, deserves research. I’m not getting any support in doing so. I do get isolated. Researches at university should do it. Thousands should have worked on it for decades. But they don’t. Only feminist tendency gets support and is active. Ideology instead of real science.

    Keep up the voice of truth.

    Please support and help. Either by translating to English, of proof-reading, or just by sending objective non-feminist sources on “sex roles” from any subject, It’s hard to find anything which isn’t feminist from assumptions, thesis or question asked onwards.

  4. @Deichmohle: grüss dich! I think such a book is more needed in German than in English. In English the market is already near saturation. Go to and search for names like “Warren Farell”, “Steve Moxon”, or for words like “misandry”. You will see that what you describe is already well covered. There’s even a book entitled “The Fraud of Feminism” published in 1913 :

    What is needed is maybe more readers, but especially more doers (more activists).

  5. @Jack,
    Greetings. A real and convinxing refutation of feminism and all feminist assumption does not appear to exist in English. Activism is blind without a solid basis of science and philosophy.
    Many actrivists like Warren Farrell were previous feminists in the 60s or 70s or even later, to become partially critical and “leading opponents” later. You never know how much they changed or not. This is part of the problem. Many of those considered as “against feminism” are or were – some more, some less – feminist influenced themselves. A complete and consistent proof of the entire ideology being wrong is needed and given by the book.
    Perspectives based on sciene and philosophy atre needed. Instead of feminist “gender”, “women’s studies”, and other feminist-influenced subjects, an objective science researching the culture destroyed by feminism is needed. This book is founding (or reviving) it.
    You need to understand, what feminism destroyed, to overcome damages. This book analyzes it logically. Activism itself is blind. You need analysis first. You need to recognize feminist methods and thoughts in your own mind, or you will still be thinking within the ideology. I’ve seen activists in this trap.

    Beside founding a new objective field of research instead of feminist ideology, new isdeas and arguments are giiven.
    Extensive proves are given for feminist censorhsip, which withheld these information for 3 decades.
    Extensive documentation and analysis of feminist hatred.

    I know and use books by Moxon. They’re full of good new information on some subjects as new evolutionary research. Yet more than that is needed. Moxon I thank for his work; It’s another piece in the puzzle. Yet we need to be concerned of the puzzle itself now, using the pieces and putting them together.

    Thanks for the hint for the book from 1913. That’s interesting, doesn’t solve our problems, though. Modern science allows much more and more convincing arguments.

    Give the book presenting such new arguments a chance to help you. What is needed, is to convince more people to wake up, overcome feminism and eventually become activists, and to give activists a clear view. That’s what the book is for.

    By the way, modern evolutionary science showed that human perception is biased against men and for women, which is part of the feminist problem. We need to be made aware of it to get out of this fallacy. Books are needed to make us aware of some topics which are still either completely taboo, or get biased attention.

    The book is available now by a publisher in German. An English version is needed.

  6. “Activism itself is blind. You need analysis first. You need to recognize feminist methods and thoughts in your own mind, or you will still be thinking within the ideology. I’ve seen activists in this trap.”

    I agree and disagree with this. I don’t think we have got much time left to play around with intellectual dick sizing theories.

    Criticizing feminism itself will probably be illegal within a decade unless, in that time, through activism, we can demonstrate to feminists that they’ll be swinging from Nuremburg style gallows eventually if they go to those criminal lengths in pursuit of a sexual holocaust.

    Having said that, some of us are activists, some of us are intellectuals. If you are an intellectual with something genuinely novel and important to say, then your book might be important.

    I do think however we can get lost in a sea of over-intellecutalisation when it’s really pretty simple. Feminism is a type of sexual trade union/pussy cartel that is increasingly dominant (and harmful) in direct correlation to the increasing loss of sexual power by (most) women in society brought about by secularisation and technological change.

    That’s pretty much all feminism is (in addition to the whole cultural marxism thing, which I see as the intellectual mask of feminism rather than the ’cause’ of feminism).

    Anything that says feminism is more complex than this is, in my view, unnecessary intellectual dicksizing. And no, I don’t need a batch of aspie scientific studies to prove this. It’s just fucking obvious, as well as the only ‘theory’ that fits all the historical facts.

  7. “”Activism itself is blind. You need analysis first. You need to recognize feminist methods and thoughts in your own mind, or you will still be thinking within the ideology. I’ve seen activists in this trap.”

    I can certainly see the point of this as it relates to the common and profound misperception that feminism created the free sexual market, rather than being a counter-reaction to it (the ‘sexual revolution’ produced largely by the pill).

  8. “Please support and help. Either by translating to English, of proof-reading, or just by sending objective non-feminist sources on “sex roles” from any subject, It’s hard to find anything which isn’t feminist from assumptions, thesis or question asked onwards.”

    I used to be able to read German well enough, but would probably find it difficult now, and certainly not able to translate it for others. You might want to contact the webmaster of who, I believe, is German.

    Your English appears to be fluent, so I’m not sure why you can’t translate at least some parts of it yourself. I’d be willing to post translated sections on this site if you feel they are particularly relevant to my readers.

  9. Recent years and research have brought new insights which should be known. It is important to first identify the roots of the problem. They are deeper hidden than usually thought. Then, it is important to explain the truth and refute the feminist story and its appearance of being something moral and justified. This needs research and is the basis for more successfull campaigns.

    I agree with you that the real world needs to be improved urgently, before even more harm is done.

    An activist and native English speaker is translating another article. It would be good if you could publish it, and advise me where else it could be published, if possible in the science community, too. If you could send me an email, I’ll attach the article as soon as it is ready. Otherwise, you may have a look at my English blog: The article to publish is “Female Choice and Feminism”. As today, it’s not yet posted. The current first article is just some quick & dirty translation to get the blog started. Hopefully, the first Volume “Culture And Sex” may get available in English in a couple of months. Another activist from NZ may translate it, if he has the time to do so. If this works out, I’ll be happy to send you some excerpts.

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