Steve Moxon – ‘Utterly crazy sex law exposed by Adam Johnson’s sentence – indeed, his conviction, and that he was ever charged’

Bit late with this re-blog but reader Alan wanted an article on Adam Johnson (an England international footballer jailed for 6 years for kissing and fingering a 15 year old girl), and Steve Moxon’s is better than any I could write.

Adam Johnson has done absolutely NOTHING wrong. He was vigorously pursued by a female who was several years beyond the age of puberty, who knew perfectly well what she was doing, and was well equipped (as evolution has equipped all girls) to deal with it. In most other countries she would have been over any ‘age of consent’. She facilitated and very willingly engaged in not sex but merely a mild sexual fumbling. The girl chalked this up as a sexual feather in her cap that she used to get her a lot of brownie points within her peer group. Enter the police, CPS and judiciary, and suddenly the girl was put in the position of inadvertent anatagonist to a famous footballer. As is so often the case, the queen bee and wannabes of her peer group seem to have decided she needed to be brought down a peg or two, and turned on her to invert her female prestige to ‘slut’ status, and consequently, with the collusion of the police and the CPS, she backtracked to try to make out that a little sexual fumbling with a A* male she found supremely attractive, somehow was ‘damaging’ to her and even non-consensual. It was, in no respect whatsoever, either. She suffered zero damage of any kind from Adam Johnson. Any damage — and clearly there was damage to her — was from the peer group she’d been so keen to impress and, most particularly, by the police, the CPS and the judiciary.

It is a 100% travesty that there was any charge against this man, let alone a trial, never mind a conviction and criminal injuries compensation paid to not the party who was the victim here. The victim was Adam Johnson. Everyone else involved were the perpetrators in this case.

With the average age of female puberty having fallen since Victorian times from 17 to ten, yet the legal ‘age of consent’ has remained at 16, then the law is an abomination and will have to be changed. It is scientifically illiterate to claim that a 15-year-old is a child. Not only have her bodily changes complete, but mental changes ensue actually before physical ones, so the claim of sexual immaturity is completely false. And why is the ‘age of consent’ 16 when the age of criminal responsibility is just ten? The answer: age ten is rationally deemed to be the end of childhood per se, whereas the additional six years beyond age ten represents deep-seated anti-male prejudice and sexual prudery.

We live in not neo-Victorian so much as uber-Victorian lunatic times where all men are considered far game to punish severely simply for having male sexuality. It is an atrocious disgrace, and the extreme hate-mongering ideology behind it is not long for this world

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  1. Thank you theantifeminist, for reposting Steve Moxon’s excellent article here, however please don’t undersell yourself: maybe his articles are better than any you could write and if so, only marginally. Why do you think I am suddenly commenting daily, even several comments each day at times?
    I am trying to breathe some life back into your GREAT blog, because I don’t want you to retire it. At least not until the omnipresent gynocracy censors deem it illegal, along with all other male thoughts and free speech…

    Steve Moxon as you know, regularly posts comments on articles of this nature (articles also of great interest to us here), at Spiked Online and I’ve even seen the odd one or two (albeit quite guarded ones), somehow slip through the Daily Mail’s strict femihag moderator’s net. I wish he would come and visit us here and comment as freely as he likes! I bet you’d think twice about winding it up if he ever did?

    He is so ‘one of us’!

  2. Thanks Alan, but it’s a much better article than I could write, or at least have the time to write.

    In a parallel universe, Steve Moxon took control of the men’s rights movement instead of the paedocrite traitor Paul Elam, and there’s still hope of avoiding a sexual holocaust.

    Yes, it would be great if Steve Moxon commented here (I wonder if he knows, btw, if Angry Harry is o.k.?). Actually, his point about the age of puberty dropping from 17 to 10 since Victorian times might get some of my former aspie commentators back here to challenge it.

    I will try to remember to at least reblog Steve Moxon’s posts here, as well as the occasional Spiked article, just to keep things moving and to get some extra exposure for the writers (I still get posted in major mansophere feeds).

  3. “Why do you think I am suddenly commenting daily, even several comments each day at times?”

    I must say (and I’m sure you’ll agree) it’s a breath of fresh air too to have a new commentator ‘King of Spades’ here. I hope he continues to leave comments and I’ll try to write an article on the age of consent in the Carribean.

    Not that I want this site to return to the ‘good old days’ with twenty comments to moderate each day, but it would be nice to have maybe 4 or 5 regulars here.

  4. I must say (and I’m sure you’ll agree) it’s a breath of fresh air too to have a new commentator ‘King of Spades’ here. I hope he continues to leave comments and I’ll try to write an article on the age of consent in the Carribean.

    Indeed I agree wholeheartedly and I totally understand and empathize with King’s feelings of frustration and anger at what’s been going on there recently. The same things he discusses at length here, are also occurring in SE Asia and progressing (i.e. welcomed by most women) in leaps and bounds, unfortunately.
    They’re easy targets for the manipulative Western femascists because they all aspire to be like Westerners and of course embrace hypergamy with any western man, owing to the stark contrast of their culture which is similar to that in the Caribbean: based upon poverty and where life is always hard. They believe almost anything that comes out of a foreigner’s mouth as Gospel Truth, thus idolize vile, man-hating American television personalities femihags such as Oprah Winfrey and Ellen Degeneres… Whenever I see Asian girls with eyes glued too the screen watching either of them, I feel like going up and switching it off and giving them a lecture on the darker side of Western society, that they’d be better off knowing as little as possible, or preferably nothing at all about!

    And Heaven help us all, if that horrible old cunt Hilary Clinton wins the upcoming US Presidential elections! I think it’s unlikely, but God help the world if she does…
    And if she does, Kings of Spades’ Caribbean Islands will overnight, become the Mecca for despicable fugly cougars, all queuing to go on sex holidays with young Rastafarian gigolos. And Hilary cheering them on as they board their Jamaica bound flight at NY or Los Angeles, yelling, “Ya go girl”!

  5. [quote]I must say (and I’m sure you’ll agree) it’s a breath of fresh air too to have a new commentator ‘King of Spades’ here. I hope he continues to leave comments and I’ll try to write an article on the age of consent in the Carribean. [quote]

    You’re the only few blogs who understand that a high age of consent is the detriment to many young men, but to the benefit of old Anglo women and their feminazi followers.

    Other MRA blogs and controlled opposition like AVFM do highlight the double standards of age of consent laws such as consenting high school lovebirds entering the Sex Offenders Registry for sharing nude pics to themselves, but a female teachers getting a slap on the wrist for sexting with 12-year-old male students, but in the end the AVFM contains too many women who will snap at any man who dare suggest that there be a minimum and non-restricted age of consent such as what most Latin American countries legislate. I even heard that some women hate it how some states in the United States have the age of consent set at 16 with Romeo & Juliet provisions for 14-year-olds to consent up to 18, and in one state, up to 24. These feminazis don’t care about “protecting children from exploitation”, they only tinker with the age of consent laws to destroy other people’s lives and punish younger females. I hope one day, the general population realizes how menacing the feminazis and old femihags are to society.

    Out of all social issues in the world, the feminazi NGOs focus keenly on “age of consent for girls”. Sounds very suspect as to a hidden agenda.

  6. Add Dominica to the list of Caribbean countries which contain “child rights” activists attempting to force the government to increase the age of consent from 16 to 18.

    “A review of the age of consent from 16 to 18 is not being considered by government at this time, the National Security Minister, Rayburn Blackmoore has revealed.

    Children rights advocate Delia Cuffy Weekes launched a petition two years ago for the age of consent to be moved from age 16 years to 18 years.”

    What kind of trend is going on here? Is the Anglo feminazi empire clutching on straws that they want to EXTEND their powers beyond North America and UK?

    I’m sure the 16 and 17-year-old teenage chicks will be happy that they can’t get to marry the son of a wealthy business enterprise because of “age of consent/marriage” laws “sarcasm”.

  7. To Alan Vaughn

    I’ve heard about laws in Cambodia where male foreigners over 55 cannot marry a local female. I wouldn’t be surprised if that law was forced by the old Anglo femihags.

    And yes, I am upset at this “wave” of Anglo feminism spreading on the Caribbean islands and Latin American under “child rights”. The Caribbean islands have more issues to worry about such as violent crime and poverty.

    The Anglo feminazi NGO groups claim that if the Caribbean countries increase their age of consent from 16 to 18 (and just a decade ago they wanted from 13-14 to 16), it will “prevent teenage pregnancies”.

    I find those claims to be a bit pollyanish because why are they very persistent to police what a 16 or 17 year old teenage chick can do with their bodies, while setting a law which is already known in the USA to cause problems with teen sexuality, which is why many states are in the process of creating Romeo and Juliet provisions to create age differences on consenting teens.

    I know if I were to argue against an 18 age of consent in a Blue Pill or Feminazi comments section, I will be labelled all sorts of names, yet on the same token, these feminazis and white knights defend these predator female teachers and those older women who parade naked around little kids.

    I also would like to introduce the question that how will the public react if the SlutWalks and Pro-Topless groups were mainly hot and beautiful 18-year-old (I can’t say lower because feminazis will claim that a 17-year-old female is a baby) chicks rather than the ugly, feminist and aging women who fill the streets of Toronto, Vancouver, Edmonton, NYC, Los Angeles and other parts of the world?

    Think about that for a second. How many hot 18-20 year old chicks are seen in these feminazi nudist marches? Another way for old femihags to maintain monopoly of their low sexual market value: They Walk naked all over the place and around little kids, yet create a rape-hysteria where hot 18-20 year old chicks will be reluctant to participate for fear of “rapists”.

    I hope the old Femihag empire collapses someday. They are no good for society when they implement neo-Victorian prudish ideals while parading naked around little kids.

  8. The state of Wisconsin has a very high age of consent law (at 18 and LITTLE provisions of in-age gaps), yet some female teacher who was previously fired from her job for misconduct went ahead and allowed 16 and 17-year-old teenagers to watch 50 Shades of Grey pornography in the presence of a younger 14-year-old. The school board is reluctant to press charges over the corruption of minors law:

    “According to the transcript of the two-hour restraining order hearing before Iron County Circuit Judge Patrick Madden, the girls who viewed the video were 16 and 17. Torkelson, the school administrator, testified that he spoke with the parents of all of those girls and that they “had zero issue with the incident.”

    I wonder if the parents didn’t want to go ahead and take action because the teacher was known to create frivolous “defamation” and “harassment” litigation to shut people up?

    So in other words, feminazis claim that a 17-year-old 364 day 23 hour and 59 minutes old female a “baby”, yet a female teacher can show pornography to 16 year olds in a state where a 19-year-old man can end up in court for engaging in consensual sex with a 17-year-old and there is NO legal defense for close-age. WOW.

  9. ‘Could a cancer drug cure paedophilia?’ – anti-testosterone drug to be used on men who have not offended but whose brain scans indicate they might become child sex offenders.

    And yes, it’s Sweden.

    If this doesn’t prove that ‘paedohysteria’ is a femihag war on male sexuality I don’t know what does.

  10. Jack’s not going to be happy :

    That’s sure going to help prevent all the sex starved muslim French incels from turning to an ideology that promises 72 adolescent virgins upon martydom. Not.

  11. Ahh..The good Ole “Nordic Model”…Toronto femi-nazis voted that in way back on December 06, 2014..Co-incidentally the “anniversary” of when a mixed-race Arab Francophone Marc Lepine allegedly murdered 14 “feminists” because he was allegedly afraid of a feminist conspiracy in Canada..Way back in 1989.

    Toronto, Canada might have to compete with Sweden, because I know of a story where a male student at Ryerson University was traumatized by his female campus doctor trying to use her breasts as some kind of bizarre therapy. She insisted that the student take a prescription of those same sex killing drugs that are used on convicted violent child killers. Atleast in the US, it is unconstitutional and a human rights violation to drug someone against their will, but that person has to get a good lawyer to bring such a case in court.

    Pre-Crime is also prevalent at the same Ryerson University in Toronto. A male student tells a twat doctor about his nightmares and several police officers armed with bulletproof vests and weapons enter his appointment. If the doctor was so afraid, then why did she go back inside the office?

    I could only imagine if a man dareth say that he has feelings for a 15-year-old teenager to these twat doctors in Toronto. However, female teachers get it easy in Toronto because they don’t get investigated by Toronto Police that much unless a parent is rich or if it will cause groups like Black Lives Matter and the 72 virgins groups to lash out in public.

  12. “The Caribbean Voice”, a front for “representing” Caribbean people, but located in New York, USA where the feminazi mentality that “18..18…18…18..18” is bleeped from the sheeple.

    The petition only has around 160 signatures, most look like people who don’t even live in Guyana.

    [“Currently the age of consent for females to have sex in Guyana is 16 years while the age at which they become legal adults is 18. One result is an increasing among of teenage pregnancies, sometimes leading to suicide and more often than not, condemning mother and child to lives of hardship. The Caribbean Voice and its partners urge President Granger and his government to raise the age of consent to 18 as one way of tackling the teenage pregnancy and suicide rates as well as to help young women make more informed and responsible choices.”]

    Probably the next five years, there will be a petition to raise the age of consent from 18 to 21, but hopefully Russia and China might deal with the feminazi plague in the West and a new life can be re-birthed.

    Why are American feminazis not concerned with Russia and China nuking them? They only concerned with pushing 18 all over the place for legal sex…I wonder if these American feminazis will tell China to raise their age of consent from the current 14? Probably not.

  13. I stand corrected. The feminazis in the US now want to make a federal law to up the age of consent to 21 because “21 is the drinking age”. This is pathetic.

    No more days of young men having to drive to a state with a lower age of consent to legally have intercourse with a 17-year-old hottie…How come men in the USA aren’t revolting over this crap?

    I hope 21 isn’t the new 18 though. It will create a lot of sexually frustrated males and MGTOWs because men will notice that they can’t fuck an 18, 19, 20 or 21 year old hottie anymore, but cougar teachers are fucking and getting pregnant by 12-year-old male students!

  14. I stand corrected. The feminazis in the US now want to make a federal law to up the age of consent to 21 because “21 is the drinking age”. This is pathetic.

    Well we’ve been predicting it here for the last 8 years and hardly anybody outside of the regular readers of this site believed it could happen. Probably only the start as well.

  15. [Quote]Well we’ve been predicting it here for the last 8 years and hardly anybody outside of the regular readers of this site believed it could happen. Probably only the start as well.[/Quote]

    I’ve read how the USA had their drinking laws at 18 until the 1980s when states were forced to use the federal drinking age. I would definitely be concerned if states were forced to use that Hitlery Clinton 21 age of consent federal law in 2017.

    The matter I don’t understand was that age of consent was set around 14 in the early 1900s, but average menarche for a female was 17. Nowadays, the average menarche for a female is at 7 or 8, but feminazis want to raise the age of consent past in 1900s terms, an 18-year-old woman today will be developed like a 27-29 year old woman in the 1900s biologically speaking.

    Age of consent laws don’t address the fact that female teachers are fucking male students, with pussy passes and white knights defending her. This is one reason why I’m against any proposed increase of sexual consent laws over 15 or 16 because female teachers will continue fucking male students and becoming overnight celebrities if she is “hot for teacher”.

    Luckily, I heard that in Toronto, Canada, there is rape hysteria to unseen proportions that looking at an aging hag is considered a pre-crime of sexual proportions. It doesn’t make a difference if a man is accused of sexual harassment from a 13-year-old or 50-year-old female in Toronto because the legal system treats grown women like toddlers who are unable to consent to sex. The Jian Ghomeshi trial was like that because he did BDSM with grown women, and yet when he is accused of “sexual assault”, the general reaction from the femi-nazis and SJWs are almost the same as outraged parents who found out that the neighbourhood thug had sex with their 12-year-old daughter.

    Point is: When feminazis get an inch, they will go a yard.

  16. Lamently, I heard that in Toronto, Canada, there is rape hysteria to unseen proportions that looking at an aging hag is considered a pre-crime of sexual proportions.*

    White knightery with female teachers and “the male student was lucky” probably clouded my thoughts. I am very certain that if the age of consent was increased to 1,000 years of age, the female teachers will continue spreading their legs for pre-teenager male students, and the white knights will cheer on “The male student was lucky”.

    I have suspicions that feminism creates such a toxic environment that it ALLOWS female teachers to DIVIDE the male and female students and then CONQUER by coming to class dressed in sexy clothes and attracting her choice of male students…Even stories of male teachers fucking female students don’t reach that level of dystopia..It’s usually a case of a flirty student providing the male student an offer he can’t refuse.

    God (Jah) Bless Jamaica for pointing out that female students can be willing to coerce male teachers into sexual relationships:

    Female teachers who usually end up in sexual orgies with male students would most likely use feminist tactics to divide the males and females and put the male students in a position where their sexual outlet is the female teacher.

    My theory is that those “sexually frustrated”, “incel virgins” mass-shooters and converted religious extremists were the male students who were:
    1) Sexually abused by a female teacher at a very young age and shamed to the extent that the male student unconsciously avoids future relationships with peers.
    2) Aware of the fact that female teachers were fucking their students, but didn’t realize that they were tricked all their school life and lied to because their female classmates are not the enemy. Thus, the male student regrets in early adulthood in missing out on high school relationships, and in turn, they end up going back to their former school to commit mass shootings on school officials he perceives to be using the “divide and conquer” tactic to affect the gender sanity of the classrooms.

    I hope the MRAs and manosphere can shed some light on why feminazi female teachers are usually considered more oppressive and why it is more serious when a female teacher fucks a male student because of the power imbalance and how it affects the social environment of the classrooms.

  17. Many Western “empowered” women tend to be Humpty Dumpty sizes by the time they are 47, so I don’t buy it how sex with an aging cougar is pleasurable compared to a hot 20-year-old. Sure, the stigma and shaming language will affect the man, but a 20-year-old chick would have a hotter body and less wrinkles, right?

    “For many, sex can be a disappointing experience in their 20s – the good news is it can improve with experience”
    Are the neo-Victorian pedofeminazis aiming to increase the age of consent past 29 now, while on the meanwhile, old aging cougar teachers in their 40s will be conducting mass sex orgies with male students 1/4 of their ages?

    I have a suspicion that 18-26 year old guys who claim that they can only “fuck cougars” are ones who got fooled by the same feminazi articles and shaming language that if an 18-year male is sexually attracted to a 17-year-old chick, then he is considered a sexual predator….When will the feminazi propaganda end, I’m not sure, but one day the feminazi dystopia will come crashing down because it’s unsustainable and unjust.

  18. I have a suspicion that 18-26 year old guys who claim that they can only “fuck cougars” are ones who got fooled by the same feminazi articles and shaming language that if an 18-year male is sexually attracted to a 17-year-old chick, then he is considered a sexual predator….When will the feminazi propaganda end, I’m not sure, but one day the feminazi dystopia will come crashing down because it’s unsustainable and unjust.

    Indeed and they have been bullied into that mindset by the dominant narrative of today’s paedohysterical Western society. Like any Inquisition of the past (and let’s face it we are living in an Inquisition: where the ‘witch’ of the past has now been replaced by the ‘paedophile’), the lynch-mob who today are behaving even more ignorantly and are even more frenzied with rampant paedohysteria than were our superstitious witch-hunting 15th / 16th century ancestors: dare not dissent or even question the dominant narrative, for fear of being suspected or more likely: accused of being witches paedophiles themselves. As with any Inquisition: NOBODY is above suspicion.
    If you read Inquisition 21st Century, its author and web-master Brian Rothery explains it all extremely well. But allow yourself a few hours – it’s very detailed work but a fantastic read – every word so TRUE.

    The dominant narrative of today is that any man with normal sexuality (i.e. any heterosexual man), is a sub-human paedophile. It is so dominant and extreme in its hypocrisy, that today’s paedohysterical society has also been similarly bullied into accepting and even embracing homosexuality, which was until very recently, a capital offence!
    I mean how can anyone in their right mind argue that a man having sex with another man, where reproduction (the original purpose of sex) is literally impossible, is ‘normal’?
    Not that I have anything against homosexuality, but what I don’t understand is why the paedohysterical lynch mob accept it, but cannot, or simply will not accept NORMAL male sexuality, (heterosexuality).

    More to the point which you’ve raised Kings: you’re right – I don’t believe that any normal man, of any age is HONESTLY attracted to the aged and grossly unattractive ‘cougars’ you refer to either and I most certainly include myself in the ‘any man’ demographic.
    What these buffoons who are clearly brainwashed by feminists and their hateful ideology seem to have forgotten, or as I’ve just explained above, are too afraid to discuss or even consider, in the privacy of their own thoughts (because there is such a crime now as thought crime), is that girls are at their most attractive in their teen years. (The very teen years that the stupid sheeple now believe men are ‘paedophiles’ if they admit to finding girls of that age group attractive).
    They are at their most attractive at that age for a very good reason too: God actually made it so (if you believe in God, but if not, let’s say ‘Nature’ made it that way). He made girls most attractive in their teen years because they are most FERTILE at that age. I.e. they SHOULD be bearing children during their teen years, thus obviously: should be sexually active.
    IOW: They have been designed to be MOST attractive to men at that age in the hope that at least one such man will be so attracted (as God hoped) and become a mate for the young woman then, hopefully impregnate her… All by His (or Nature’s) Great design.
    It’s no coincidence that girls are most attractive at the same time in their lives that they are most fertile. God or Nature, made it that way. On purpose.

    God (Nature) also made it so that sex will always be a very pleasant experience for all humans and again for a damn good reason: If it was not pleasant, we simply would not reproduce and there would be no human species. Why can’t the stupid sheeple see such obvious things this way?

    Finally to quote one of our most informed antifeminist fellows: Mr Steve Moxon, (from his reposted article above):

    With the average age of female puberty having fallen since Victorian times from 17 to ten, yet the legal ‘age of consent’ has remained at 16, then the law is an abomination and will have to be changed. It is scientifically illiterate to claim that a 15-year-old is a child. Not only have her bodily changes complete, but mental changes ensue actually before physical ones, so the claim of sexual immaturity is completely false…

    That’s what I mean when I say today’s lynch mob are actually a lot MORE ignorant, superstitious and frenzied than were our witch hunting ancestors of previous Inquisitions. At least they had an excuse for their behaviour. They didn’t have science to explain why ‘witches’ actually fit the category of tooth ferries and Easter bunnies – didn’t know that they (in fact) were not real and didn’t exist…
    Today’s IGNORANT lynch mob have no excuse. It WAS common knowledge prior to feminists spreading their hateful propaganda about all men, that the term ‘paedophilia’ meant an unnatural attraction to PRE-pubescent children, thus as Mr Moxon pointed out above: children under ten years old…

  19. I’ve read the website you hyperlinked..It was hard not to notice this paragraph:

    [quote] Adding insult to injury, ‘children’, that is persons under 18, may also be labelled sex offenders, required to register and sometimes face life-long monitoring and various forms of shunning and shaming. One teenage boy committed suicide in Oakland County, Michigan in 2004, when faced with 23-years of being on a public registry, which would include public humiliation at his school. He was convicted of sex with a 14-year-old girl, which was conceded to be non-forced, but violated the state’s age of consent laws. Matthew Limon, in Kansas was given 17 years in prison for a consensual blow-job given the week after his 18th birthday to a boy who was almost 15. Limon is also mentally handicapped. Limon’s case was overturned and he was let out of prison after serving more than five years because the U.S. Supreme Court ruled the Kansas law which mandated longer sentences for homosexual acts was nconstitutional. He will still have to register for life as a child sex offender. South Carolina Supreme Court justice Costa M. Pleciones opined from the bench that children as young as nine should be subject to life-time registration for sex offences. Estimates are that more than thirty-five thousand children and adolescents have been convicted of sex offences and are required to register. [/quote]

    THAT’S COMPLETELY MESSED UP. Do these feminazis and manginas ever think for one damn second that consenting teens can end up on Sex Offender Registries, but naughty cougar teachers are fucking an endless supply of male students and become guests at Oprah?

    These same “NGOs” and “Child Rights” organizations in the USA and Canada are on a crusade to increase the age of consent for the Caribbean and Latin America to a MINIMUM AGE of 18. I am very upset at this because once hundreds of thousands of teens and young men have their lives destroyed for mutual sex with a 17-year-old “child” in those countries, there isn’t going to be mangina lynch mobs stopping those “sex offenders” from committing some violent crimes on the local population.

    I believe that is totally messed up that American and Canadian feminazi activists sit their asses in a temperature-regulated office COMMANDING other countries to raise their minimum age of consent to create more criminals, but these activists will not suffer the consequences of crime and poverty that imprisoning thousands of people would cause due to their moral panic.

    Did I forget to tell you that Peru was forced to create a law where catcalling warrants a prison sentence? Peru increased its age of consent to 18, but reverted it back to 16….Guess what? Thousands of feminazis travel to Peru to take bush medicine. What a co-incidence!

  20. I might have to do some corrections. The age of consent laws in Peru have been changing so much that it was 17-18, but now it’s minimum 14

    “Maria Pia Hermoza, the coordinator of the Peruvian organization Action for the Children, complained that the law will expose children to sexual abuse.”

    What the hell?! Why is it a children’s rights organization who opposes the consensual sexual activity between teenagers?

    “The age of consent in Peru has changed several times during recent years, and has been subject to political debates,[21][22] but today it is fixed at 14, regardless of gender or sexual orientation, in accordance with a 2012 decision of the Constitutional Court of Peru.[23] Articles 173 and 176 of the Criminal Code are the relevant prohibitions against sexual conduct with children under 14. Consensual sexual acts with youth aged 14 – 18 are not illegal, although there is a prohibition against using deceit, abuse of power or use of the vulnerability of a teenager to gain sexual access to a minor under 18. (Article 175).”

    What can be noticed is that many South American countries allow a minimum age of consent to prevent teenagers from becoming involved with the criminal justice system due to bureaucracy. The feminazis, however, want to INCREASE the Minimum age of consent to 18 so that teenagers under 18 will become cannon fodder for the court system.

  21. I might have to do some corrections. The age of consent laws in Peru have been changing so much that it was 17-18, but now it’s minimum 14

    “Maria Pia Hermoza, the coordinator of the Peruvian organization Action for the Children, complained that the law will expose children to sexual abuse.”

    That’s pretty encouraging that Peru has actually lowered the age of consent (albeit shortly after it had been raised). I’d lost hope that that was even possible in today’s world.

  22. [Quote]That’s pretty encouraging that Peru has actually lowered the age of consent (albeit shortly after it had been raised). I’d lost hope that that was even possible in today’s world.[/Quote]

    Not without opposition from a “child rights” activist though lol…By the way, I’m concerned that these Canuck and American feminazis are gaining power in their campaign to increase the age of consent in the Caribbean and Latin America.

    I found out that the CARICOM headquarters is in Guyana, so I can see why feminazis picked on Guyana to spread their insane campaign. Once Guyana is forced to jack up the age of consent, other CARICOM countries will have to follow suit, then South American countries whose minimum age of consent are not in line with 18-21 will be demonized.

    I discovered that one of the main people behind jacking up the age of consent in Guyana is an American feminist activist named Sherlina Nageer. She is the management of some SASOD organization in Guyana and her aim is to increase the minimum age of consent to 18. What is she doing in a Third World country like Guyana, I don’t know, but it’s fishy.

    “According to the data, presented on Monday at the Cara Lodge Hotel, 53% of Guyanese youth are sexually active before the legal age of consent, which is 16 years.”

    So feminazis want to increase the legal age of consent to 18, which isn’t going to do jack to prevent these teens from acting on their natural urges.

    “The survey, which was conducted by consultant Sherlina Nageer and which received responses from eight of the ten administrative regions, is expected to fill several data gaps in the understanding of teenage sexual behaviour”

    And after she found out that a lot of teenagers are having a fun time with each other, she created a moral panic, right?

    I hope you can find some readers who will be willing to send letters of concern to media agencies in the Caribbean, especially in Guyana and Jamaica, concerning the 21st Century Inquisition of criminalizing male sexuality while putting chains on a female’s sexual choices because of “17 is a baby”.

    Kaieteur News in Guyana is privately owned so I guess they wouldn’t fear any feminist shackles. I’m not that old enough or experienced to debate on issues which have to be challenged with facts gathered from legal perspectives and human behaviour…All I know is that once feminazis started to increase the drinking age in America, the pedohysteria increased significantly. I do not want that type of feminazi-induced hysteria affecting Latin America and the Caribbean.

    The real hysteria should focus on these naughty female teachers who shame male students for showing sexual attraction with female peers, who spread feminist propaganda to cause female students to hate their male peers…while these same naughty female teachers end up fucking harems of young, fresh male students who just found out that his balls grown pubic hair…The power-tripping and manipulative naughty female teachers are the dangerous ones; not some male teacher who couldn’t resist the seduction from a 15-year-old female student!

  23. The Anglo feminazis are in full force again. This time, they claim that raising the age of consent to 18 will prevent suicides. WTF.

    ” and that must include skills training for the young in a concerted and holistic manner rather than randomly and selectively; legal enforcement of laws (to include raising the age of consent to 18 and establishing a registry of sex offenders) to address abuse,”

    Like enforcing a Sex Offenders Registry where an 18-year-old can face trial for mutual sex with a 16-year-old is going to help anyone?

    Can someone speak their mind and debate to “The Caribbean Voice”? They got some determined femi-nazis who want to increase the age of consent all over the Caribbean and Latin America!

  24. “And he said some people are becoming too sensitive and criticised those who avoid “trigger words” for fear of controversy.”

    EXACTLY. Meanwhile, Brazil’s economy is falling apart, central banks in Europe are at negative interest rates, and the main national policies of many countries are either “women’s rights” hidden under “child rights”, or implementing Orwellian policies under the “rights” movements.

    What would people do when Russia or China engages in war with the West? Will the flaming man-hating feminazis and their beta white knights protect us from an air missle or an armed invasion of foreign troops? Hell, damn, no!

    I hope there is a way that can prohibit feminazis from implementing these moral panic laws. Some of my friends sent letters to “The Caribbean Voice”, but they haven’t responded, and it looks like they are set on starting to increase the min. age of consent one country at a time in the Caribbean and the rest of Latin America.

    According to some Men Going Their Own Way activists, an economic collapse is not inevitable, but necessary to prevent feminism from going further..Feminism is like a cancerous tumour which becomes worse. Now the feminazis want to jail 18-year-olds for having mutual fun with 16 and 17 year old chicks…Boombaclat feminazis!

  25. Moxon is spot on, of course, but it will change nothing. The man-hating lunatics and deniers of reality will keep right on marching with their endless shit storm. Tired of them all. Maybe it’s time to drop a few nukes and get it over with for humanity, it’s a waste of space.

  26. “Well said Stephen Fry!”
    Yeah, it will be providing it holds up – i.e. he doesn’t retract it with some sickening (and fake) apology.

    Did you see those two tweets from card-carrying, gutless MANGINAS below it?
    Just those two alone – a relatively tiny whimper from the resulting the ‘social-media outcry’ were much too embarrassing for me to read!

  27. Tired of them all. Maybe it’s time to drop a few nukes and get it over with for humanity, it’s a waste of space.

    Well I don’t know about the nukes yet, but certainly some radical changes are called for. Anyway Dude, nice to see your comment – I was starting to worry you also might have disappeared like so many, including Your Truly, but I did the ol’ Brylcreem trick… (If you know your 1970’s TV ads you’ll know what that means).

  28. UNICEF now declares that a 20-year-old female is a “child”

    “In 2014, UNICEF estimated that 1 in 10 girls under the age of 20 that is about 120 million girl children were subjected to sexual intercourse at some point in their life. This, the First Lady noted, is very sad to hear.”

    I think what the paragraph meant was forced sexual intercourse, unless UNICEF infers that 18 years olds to 20-year-old females should remain virgins?

    Yet female teachers in the US/CAN/UK are fucking male students half that age? What hypocrisy!

    The truth is that when UNICEF and these feminazi groups enforce that insane 18 age of consent law and many young men go to jail for it…When they are released and they try to rob me with a weapon, I will plainly tell them that they had to rob because of feminazi activists, and suggest to them that certain feminazi offices are responsible for their destroyed lives.

  29. These kind of robberies go on a lot in the Caribbean. Brazil and Venezuela are facing economic collapses,but all these feminazis care about is policing the choices of a 17-year-old female “child”.

    When the feminazis raise the minimum age of consent in the Caribbean to 18, crime like that will skyrocket, and I hope somebody tells those bandits that the feminazis are trying to create a police state and local civilians should not have to suffer for the consequences of foreign feminazi groups.

  30. When the feminazis raise the minimum age of consent in the Caribbean to 18, crime like that will skyrocket, and I hope somebody tells those bandits that the feminazis are trying to create a police state and local civilians should not have to suffer for the consequences of foreign feminazi groups.

    You are so right! Simple common-sense (a mental attribute ‘those bandits’ are clearly totally devoid of), indeed would dictate the lunacy of raising the AoC to 18 or even 20 or older, thus how and WHY it MUST (negatively) impact on crime statistics.
    Owing to destructive legislation, such as the AoC ones you mention here so often and other equally loony laws they constantly invent then mandate, ALL pertaining to the demonization and criminalization of normal male sexuality: they have already succeeded in achieving the police state they desired to result and so far the only ‘somebody’ with the guts to tell those bandits that they have, are the likes of us and a similarly tiny number of like-minded readers who comment on other blogs.
    And nearly all feminist manipulated, thus paedohysterical and male hate-peddling MSM publications won’t publish our views either… So the likelihood of anything changing on that front, at least in the near future does unfortunately, look somewhat hopeless and not only in the Caribbean and the South American countries you’ve mentioned here, but for the entire dysfunctional world!

  31. No, he a pathetic man who already has ‘apologised’.

    Why anyone would expect anything different from an entertainer of the english middle classes who sucks up to famous people so to steal some of their fame, I don’t know, why anyone would expect a man who avails himself of the identity of Oscar Wilde who was a paederast who would be in jail in the United States and yet coward Fry goes over and praises the United States and says nothing about even the kids who are in jail over there. People like him are cowards and not like artists of the past, some of whom, like Wilde, went to prison for their beliefs and way of lives. Then he goes on about the pleasure of “offending people”, when he’s just a middle class pedlar of consensus.

  32. I’m back on here, and I did some little research on the mastermind behind the American organization which aims to criminalize teenage sex under 18, or 19, or whatever the Anglo feminazis say. His name is Anand Boodram and he is a teacher in New York. Surely, he might know about the countless number of feminazi teachers in his education board who engage in sexual conduct with 13-year-old males, or the ones who flash their boobies and thong panties to the horny students.

    While this “Anand Boodram” claims to be “helping” Caribbean people by preventing suicides, a local academic in Guyana named Frederick Kissoon had a beef with him for using Guyana’s politics for some kind of agenda:

    “You would want to think that a Guyanese educator in New York would pen a letter every day on Guyana’s falling educational infrastructure.

    We have an unspeakable teacher shortage. We retire teachers at age 55, where in Mr. Boodram’s adopted country it is 65. Our schools are short of furniture. But these omissions do not depress Anand Boodram. Frederick Kissoon’s writings do.”

    The Guyanese academic has a point. Many Third World countries cannot afford the luxuries that Western education can provide such as upscale school facilities and overpaid, unionized feminazi teachers…but the American teacher, Anand Boodram, is busy with a campaign to increase Guyana’s age of consent under some kind of feminazi collusion campaign.

    It’s people like the femi-nazis and their useful idiots like Anand Boodram who make a lot of other countries display contempt for America..but unfortunately, the United States of America is hijacked by Anglo feminazi and social justice pricks who aim to spread their pedohysteria and man-hating culture all across the globe.

  33. Holy guacamole man!
    Another femi-nazi in Guyana..This time it looks like an Anglo cunt who found a beta wallet provider from Guyana..Stella Ramsaroop.
    A man lays the facts to the feminazi cunt:

    “Stella says, “What does your candidate think about 16 year-olds having sex?” Mr David Granger read in SN about three years ago that five schoolgirls were pregnant at a West Coast Berbice school, aged 13-15 years. Messrs Granger, Ramotar and Ramjattan know that when many of these girls fail CXC, their parents take them out of school. They know more about sex than their mothers. With HIV widespread today in Guyana, you don’t know who has the virus. The act of consent should be lowered to 15 years. This is the age many Hindus and Muslims are marrying their girl children. When I married my wife she was 16 years old and I was 20. A bigger sister married at 13 years and a smaller one at 14 years.”

    Guyana looks like it’s getting femi-nazi attacks, left, right and center, probably because it’s the only English speaking nation in South America (Latinos will tell an American feminazi to fuck off, or maybe she would make it on the front page of a newspaper under unsolved crimes..That’s how serious Latinos are with feminazis), and also Guyana is the headquarters of CARICOM..So when Guyana makes a law, the rest of the Caribbean follows suit.

    A white American feminazi cunt sitting her ass in Guyana, probably in a gated community, concerned about 16-year-old teenage chicks having mutual sex? This is fucking unbelievable!!!

  34. Sad to hear that Angry Harry passed away like that…I hope there wasn’t anything suspicious because I’ve noticed that controversial figures like Bob Marley, Rob Ford in Canada, etc. end up dying from tumors and cancer.

    Angry Harry did a lot of work criticizing feminism, but it seems that the good one go early, while bitter old feminazi hags like Gloria Steinem manage to live past their expiry dates.

  35. Don’t think I’ve ever been in tears at the death of another man apart from my father, but I have been tonight. Seems a more lonely fight now.

    Well if it’s any comfort to you, I was also in tears when I learned of his passing, feeling a terrible sense of loss even though I’d never met him. What makes it even sadder is that the guy responsible for the creation of that video you posted a snapshot of above: Man Woman Myth has apparently gone to ground. Between him, Angry Harry and a few others, some really encouraging messages were delivered through their online video presentations, which gave a lot of hope and inspiration to many men who otherwise felt the war against feminism was already a lost cause…

    To us, Angry Harry’s passing is the equivalent to John Lennon’s death: since he died the Beatles can never regroup and perform as The Beatles again.
    Angry Harry was not only a great Men’s Rights Activist, he was simply a great MAN: a genuine and caring guy and a true gentleman, who also GENUINELY cared about the welfare of children.

    Life’s too short… 🙁

  36. Well if it’s any comfort to you, I was also in tears when I learned of his passing, feeling a terrible sense of loss even though I’d never met him.

    About a year ago Harry actually asked to meet me but I made some excuse about worrying about anonymity. Actually I wasn’t worried about that because Angry Harry is/was the only person in the entire MRM who I’d trust 100%. The real reason was I was in awe of him and felt I would disappoint him.

    Already feeling like one of the biggest regrets of my life.

    He’d obviously mentioned health problems on his site over the last 2 or 3 years, but after the last time he seemed to go missing for a couple of months I e-mailed him and he replied straight away with almost an essay detailing his thoughts on the current men’s rights movement and his feeling that it was all in vain. He assured me that he was o.k. but that he just felt like he needed a break from activism. That’s why I wasn’t too worried about him when he stopped updating his site/Twitter for a few months again. Now I feel really bad for not contacting him again earlier. Hope he didn’t pass away thinking we’d all forgotten about him or something.

    I’ll always be very proud of the fact that Harry supported me and this site right from the start, and we were always one of only a handful of men’s rights sites that he linked to in his side bar. I never cared and never will care that so many buffoons and frauds in the MRM regard this site as having nothing to do with men’s rights. Angry Harry saw the importance of our arguments and that’s all that matters.

  37. No, he a pathetic man who already has ‘apologised’.

    Yes unfortunately, you’re right – just read about it on Yahoo News. If he feels it’s necessary to back down like that, why say anything in the fist place? Apologizing is the same if not worse, than actually endorsing what he initially mocked. Pathetic indeed.

  38. @theantifeminist
    I am really worried about my old comrade Eric too. I don’t know anything about his personal (offline) life, but he’s much like Angry Harry: a really nice guy and fair-dinkum, yet even though I don’t have a clue what he looks like, I feel like he’s been my friend forever… Strange eh?
    If you’re interested in knowing why I disappeared for a while I’ll tell you, but not here. My e-mail address is on every comment including this one. Just send me an e-mail so I can reply and that way you can keep yours private, if you can trust me, but I can assure you I’d NEVER divulge it to anyone. I’d like to share something with you…

  39. Good to see you’re still here Highwayman.

    And although depressing to see this news, at least it confirms that Harry was right to hold the ideas and predictions in this site in such high regard.

  40. I am really worried about my old comrade Eric too.

    I’m afraid it doesn’t look good. Apparently he was in a bad way, in hospital having some tests the last time Scarecrow was in communication with him, and that was over 2 months ago now.

  41. Yes, unfortunately Tom is one of the few who like us here, can see that nobody should have to answer to anyone – especially not to law enforcement, for the simple act of being a normal and healthy human being. Now it’s become a heinous a crime… What a sorry (totalitarian) state of affairs our society has degenerated into.

    Thanks to hateful and bitterly JEALOUS old hags….

  42. This was widely reported in various media recently – the most important aspect of female sexual attractiveness is a 26 inch waist :

    Also states that the average waist measurement of British women has gone up 7 inches over the last few decades.

    If you compared the percentage of 15 year old girls with a 26 inch waist to that of 25 year old women, then I’m sure that the average 15 year old would have at least a 5 times greater likelihood of having that 26 inch waist.

  43. If you thought neo-Victorian Anglo feminazism is dying, then think again. Feminists in Barbados want the government to increase the age of consent from the current 16…to 21!

    These are some troubling times for teenagers..especially the 18 to early 20s crowd of men who are now becoming labelled by the feminazis and manginas as “sexual predators” should they go below the religious 18 for a woman.

    That bitch from UNICEF, Marianne Flach, is another apparent femi-hag destined to increase the Caribbean age of sexual consent to 18 for girls only.

    I wonder if more people in the Caribbean islands know about the stories of real child predators like Mary Kay Letourneau and other female teachers who go below students under age 14?

    What is being discussed in the Caribbean right now from these American and Canadian feminists, is that the current age of consent in the Caribbean, which is 16, is somewhat “responsible” for the “wave” of 12-15 year old girls getting pregnant, and that increasing the age of sexual consent to at least 18 (with some feminists advocating for 21 as the link above describes), then the “rights of girls” will prevail, and teenage pregnancies will magically disappear. They claim that 18-20 year old women who get pregnant are “victims” of so-called teenage pregnancies.

    I don’t see that much backlash against the feminist crusade in the Caribbean, partly because many people have little experience with the misandry faced by men in the US/CAN/UK, and also many Caribbean people are busy working to survive because they have to, unlike in the West where feminists and SJWs can sit comfortably in air-conditioned offices in gated communities to spew their feminist agenda.

    I have insider knowledge that the feminist movements from US/CAN/UK are becoming the butt of all jokes in the West, and they are clutching on straws that they have to spread their feminist agenda to other countries in order to receive more funding. This can explain why there is so much determination from these Anglo feminists to pester Caribbean and Latin-American countries to deal with petty things like age of consent for GIRLS ONLY.

    When I read a newspaper from the Caribbean, there are numerous stories of people getting robbed and killed in cold blood due to the crime waves in this economic recession, but recently the Anglo feminists have managed to make the front page of several newspapers complaining about the age of consent, and how it should be increased.

    There has to be a way to let the Caribbean people know about the Anglo feminist agenda. It is absurd how American women like Marianne Flach and Sherlina Nageer have more political clout in the Caribbean than the local people.

  44. They seem to apply this insane law only to Western Males. While turning a blind eye to the rape of those same aged girls in Rotherdam by Muslim Sex Gangs.

    Bloody insane.

  45. A local from another country advised me that his letters are no longer being published in his local newspapers. The Anglo femihags are taking over the Caribbean..Here is the letter many of the newspapers don’t want to publish:

    “Dear Editor,
    Kindly allow me space in your newspaper to express my views on a double standard in the sociological context of post-feminist society.
    In the late 1990s, a huge scandal emerged in America. It was not only about former President Bill Clinton and his affair with Monika Lewinsky. It was more sordid and distasteful than that.

    It was a court hearing for a female teacher, Mary Kay Letourneau, and allegations that she committed sexual misconduct on a 12-year-old student, in which she later became pregnant.

    Post-feminist society always viewed sexual abuse victims as those of females, while males are viewed as the perpetual victimizers of females. For example, a 14-year-old African slave named Emmet Till was lynched to death by white supremacists because a white woman accused him of sexual harassment which later was proven to be a false allegation.

    However, the Mary Kay Letourneau case contradicted most of the post-feminist theories about the perspectives of gender.

    It also contradicted the neo-Puritan feminist activism of increased age of consent laws and stricter sex crime laws, because in this case, a female teacher committed sexual acts with a male student way [below] the age of consent in the USA at that time. [which was continually being raised by the same feminist groups for the past two decades after raising the drinking age from 18 to 21 from the 1960s).

    Despite this, Mary Kay Letourneau was handed out a punishment which would have not likely been handed out if it was an 18-year-old male being accused of breaking the age of consent laws by engaging in consensual relationships with a 16-year-old female. This is the double standard.

    Later on, the authorities found out that Mary Kay Letourneau continued to engage in fornication with the 12-year-old male student, and she became pregnant a second time. It might have been the backlash against the double standards which forced the justice system to punish Letourneau in prison for an extra seven years.

    The point I would like to highlight is that the neo-feminist movement in Canada and America, along with their foot soldiers dispatched in the Caribbean, are very fixated on increasing the age of consent laws in the Caribbean islands, but they will not tell you about the epidemic which is happening in the First World regarding predatory female teachers.

    Instead, these foot soldiers are comfortably sitting in air-conditioned offices dictating to many Caribbean countries to increase their age of consent from sixteen years to a minimum of eighteen years, but only for girls. They do not care about boys.

    The neo-feminists have an agenda to accomplish. They probably believe that the Caribbean can afford to become an Orwellian police state where consenting teenagers are monitored for their mutual intimacies.

    There are not that many protests or petitions from these Women Rights activists to protect young boys from sexual exploitation by people like Mary Kay Letourneau.

    However, there are protests and petitions to police the sexual choices of 16 and 17-year-old females, with proposed criminal justice sanctions for young men should they succumb to the advances of 16 and 17-year-old females.

    The ironic thing is that even if the age of consent for girls was increased to 100,000,000,000,000 years (which the neo-feminists would petition if given the chance), the neo-feminists will not want such a law enforced on women like Mary Kay Letourneau. This is the contradiction of the “equality” that the neo-feminists are claiming to achieve.

    In addition, the criticism of the white-dominated feminist movement is heavily censored in most of the Western nations, that it resembles more of an elitist dictatorship than an equality movement.

    Even in Guyana, criticism of feminism, advocating the rights of former slaves who died due to [hysterial and fictitious accusations of catcalling] from female elites in colonial North America, and pointing out the story of Mary Kay Letourneau to these so-called human rights activists are considered taboo subjects. A few local newspapers have rejected my letters, and one newspaper edited out a section of my letter regarding the hypocrisy of the treatment of American female teachers who engage in sex with schoolboys.

    Since when have these foreign feminist and human rights activists managed to create a monopoly on political discourse in the Caribbean?
    Maybe it is the foreign feminist groups who should check their privilege rather than accusing the canecutter or rice farmer of “oppressing” these privileged First World women who dictate feminist policies abroad from ivory towers in the US and Canada.
    A Guyanese who wants a voice.”

    The femihags are like fucking cockroaches. People are victims of militia armed robbers, and all these fucking feminists are concerned about is “stopping teenage pregnancies” by creating bureaucratic systems to make every teen a potential criminal? Geez! And I’ve already shown you how the feminists are all over the Caribbean with their age of consent activism. There should be a new name for these feminist brutes: Age of Consent Insurgents.

  46. The sex crime hysteria will only get worse now that these Anglo Age of Consent feminists and their insurgents are all over the damn world forcing governments to raise their age of consent higher than inflation.

    Hopefully, these age of consent insurgents in St.Vincent, Guyana, Trinidad, Jamaica, Barbados, Dominica, ST. Lucia, Bahamas, Antigua and other Caribbean countries will reach their destined fate when they try to pester people in hardcore countries like Mexico to “raise the age of consent”. Mexicans are not that fond of feminists. Many of the feminist soldiers have to retreat in Mexico City because if they step foot anywhere else, their photos make the front page of the newspapers there, and it’s not a joke.

    I don’t think anyone will shed any tears for these age of consent insurgents when an angry teen, frustrated parent or an element of organized crime becomes affected with the laws, and they decide to retaliate against the age of consent activists for messing with the personal liberties of others.

  47. They seem to apply this insane law only to Western Males. While turning a blind eye to the rape of those same aged girls in Rotherdam by Muslim Sex Gangs.

    Yes indeed Jay, you’re right. For the most plausible explanation as to why they’re ‘turning a blind eye to the rape of those same aged girls in Rotherham‘ (and many more places across Europe now), please read this recent post.

  48. Interesting – the term ‘paedophile’ only became widely used around the year 1975, just when the backlash against the sexual revolution was starting to take hold :

  49. Admin..There are also peaks during the 1920s..Alcohol prohibition feminazis?
    If you want to support a nation..Support Jamaica..The people have some sense about protecting people from sexual tyranny from Anglo feminazis:

    ” KINGSTON, Jamaica — The Jamaica Youth Advocacy Network (JYAN) on Monday said that it is concerned about statements made by Minister of Information Senator Sandrea Falconer regarding raising the age of consent.

    “We urge our policymakers to ensure that personal opinions, which are not supported by evidence and research, do not dictate or chiefly guide law and policy-making frameworks,” a release from the group said.

    “The notion that raising the age of consent will somehow help to counteract the country’s high rate of teenage pregnancy or remedy other social ills is neither supported by evidence nor research.”

    I hope someday the US and Canadian economy collapses so that less funding will be distributed to these feminazi groups…and if the boorish leftwing politicians believe that austerity on the poor classes in the ghettos to redirect for feminist causes will solve the problem, then let it be, because I heard that poor people in the US get very violent when they know their rights are violated.

    Out of all social concerns, the feminazis and anti-aging cat women are on megaphones pestering everyone to raise the age of consent from 16 to 18, or 17 to 18…What the hell man?

  50. Daily Mail reports that Adam Johnson, who they continue to insist is a ‘paedophile’ for kissing a barely illegal 15 year old, has been banned from speaking to his own little daughter on the phone because it breaks the rule on sex offender’s contact with children.

    Hope every member of the judiciary, police, ‘child protection’ charities, femihag lobbyists etc who are responsible for this poor man’s fate die burn in hell.

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