Steve Moxon : Stephen Hawking and Cliff Richard Must be Next in the Yewtree Witch-Hunt!

(As we have seen, life in the UK of 2013 is increasingly so absurd that reality could quickly catch up with satire...)


Following the arrest of Rolf Harris, Operation Yewtree officers are set to arrest Stephen Hawking and Cliff Richard. It is also understood that Orville, David Attenborough, and Sooty have been separately interviewed under caution.


     Police sources indicate that the music recording, Jake the Peg, was a clear admission by Mr Harris that he was in possession of fully arousable male genitals; and it was this which weighed heavily against him when the police/media trawl brought about yet another accusation against a celebrity; all of which police say they are duty-bound to fully investigate no matter how tenuous.


     There is a formal denial tonight that Yewtree investigators had interviewed Esther Rantzen on suspicion of indirect sexual harassment in storing photographs of individuals in their late 20s taken some 40 years ago and flashing her teeth at 'em. This follows rumours of a new Home Office working definition of childhood as extending to age 35, and a revival of the former notion of indecency of exposed ankles.


     Cressida Dick, the Met's assistant commissioner for specialist operations, commented: "Don't be so fucking stupid. Do you think we're just taking the piss?"


21 thoughts on “Steve Moxon : Stephen Hawking and Cliff Richard Must be Next in the Yewtree Witch-Hunt!

  1. Deano

    Rolf's 'wobble board' was an obvious reference to jiggling tits. Everywhere and all about us, my pure mind sees filth and depravity.

  2. Eric

    Speaking of witch-hunts, has anybody been bored enough recently to follow the latest battle between the MHRM and Fat-Troll? Our old friend, the Paedocrite in Chief, has now on at least three occasions (I don't read him every day) doxxed and revealed the actual names of some AVfM 'shielas'.

    Interesting. I would never have guessed that Typhon Blue's real name was 'Asha'. He's also doxxed GWW and Wooly Bumblebee---there may be others.

    While I'm certain that there's no shortage of white knights at AVfM willing to defend the honor of the Lovely Sheilas themselves without any help from me: it does rather troubling that 'Feminism's Ally Guy' would be advocating VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN, doesn't it?

    After all, that many of Fat-Troll's groupies have (to put it mildly) some mental issues. What purpose could it serve to reveal the identities of the Sheilas unless it was to provoke some contact with them? And I don't think Brother David has a 'Manboobz Meetup' in mind, either (although admittedly I wouldn't put it past him).

  3. Eric

    On the subject of Manosphere pests, you might want to check out Emma's recent blog posts. The notorious troll Clarence is trying take advantage of a recent disagreement you had with her over there to foment more dissension between everybody.

    Don't these guys ever give up? sigh....

  4. Dave

    Give up power to the feminists and this is all you will get year in year out, the white man of Britain hunted and destroyed while religious sex abuse gangs get protection even in jail. Unbelievable but it is happening right in front of our eyes in shameless broad daylight against their own UK people. And celebrity gets maximum impact of publicity and attention, North Korean style shouting to the world.

    It's a war gentlemen. If you don't take it back they will take you away. And no feminist will lift a finger to help only hinder, have a titter at the downfall of this outing on a jolly witch hunt. Forget a reputation, forget a career, they will wreck it all to monopolise the workplace as mainly female only. Stop it or lose it. And if you get them out first before they can get you, you might have a chance. Might.

  5. theantifeminist

    Post author

    On the subject of Manosphere pests, you might want to check out Emma’s recent blog posts. The notorious troll Clarence is trying take advantage of a recent disagreement you had with her over there to foment more dissension between everybody.

    Don’t these guys ever give up? sigh….

    I don't know what his problem (assuming Clarence is a male). Some men's rights sites allow feminist 'men's human rights' supporters like him (or is it men's womens human rights' or 'womens rights are mens human right's, I can't remember..). I personally don't. I haven't attacked him here for a while, but we haven't had a paedocrite of the month here for some time. It's a toss up between him and Alek Novy.

  6. Alan Vaughn

    ...I personally don’t. I haven’t attacked him here for a while, but we haven’t had a paedocrite of the month here for some time. It’s a toss up between him and Alek Novy.

    Yes perhaps, but I think there's a much better contender from my part of the world (South East of the equator), in New Zealand's Grant Tavinor, he's a text-book paedocrite, whose mind I'd love to see explored, when he's supposedly enjoying the privacy of his own home, or his own private thoughts themselves.
    Thoughts such as those he so eagerly condemns and advocates the need to be criminalized and punished with years of beatings and / or anal rape...

    What a despicable cretin he is!

    I'd love to see him (and other obvious paedocrites like him), hooked up to a penile plethysmograph and make him browse through a few G.bytes of c.p.. Then HIS private thoughts (thus thought crime) would be revealed to the world.
    I think it would only require a handful of those loud-mouthed academics like Tavinor, to undergo such a test and it would probably go a long way towards ending current paedohysteria, or at least the scapegoating, naming / shaming aspect of it.
    It might at least, make all the paedocrites think carefully, before opening their big mouths to call someone else a 'pervert' or 'pedo' anyway...

  7. theantifeminist

    Post author


    But is there any evidence that he's a paedocrite? I mean, as we are aware, most of these people are, but we need some evidence that he is apart from his views.

    For example, the autistic imbecile Alek Novy is a clear and unambigious paedocrite. He was one of the most regular commentators on this site, when just as now, we focused on the criminalization of male sexuality as a men's rights issue. He also boasted of having a teenage girlfriend on these very pages. Now he thinks I'm a paedophile because I criticise feminists jailing men to be raped for bringing 17 year old girls to orgasm. Oh, and because I showed a video that demonstrated that if you have the balls to go up to an attractive female and ask her straight up for her phone number, she might actually give it to you.

    Besides, the paedocrites who claim to be men's rights supporters are far more dangerous than the common garden variety of puritan nut paedocrite. The men's rights movement is the only possible way in which the Sexual Trade Union can possibly be defeated (at least politically - as I have argued, it might just disappear when the motivations for it become irrelevant through, amongst other things, the defeat of aging). Anyone who can't see that is, to be frank, an utter imbecile, or just wandered in here from boychat or something. Paedocrites in the men's rights movement are therefore killing the only political hope of ending paedohysteria and the final solution againt normal male sexuality. I have no patience for such people, nor for feminists such as TyphonBlue or Emma who wish to promote such final solutions as 'men's rights'.

  8. Alan Vaughn

    Totally agree. My point about the penile plethysmograph test being applied to loud-mouthed academics such as Tavinor, was more about how they are just normal men at the end of the day, like me or any other normal man and it would be nice to PROVE that they are. Thus in turn, expose paedohysteria for what it is - nothing but hysteria about nothing, that feminists and their white-knight junk-scientists and mangina academics, have made into something.

    People like Tavinor are very dangerous and men's rights activists should be loudly denouncing him and vehemently refuting his ridiculous claims (i.e. about the personalities that derive entertainment from pixies, elves or cartoon erotica), however they are not - if anything they are in fact supporting his views - they are the real paedocrites and are like a cancer that is infiltrating the MRM. One that urgently needs a heavy dose of chemotherapy or radiation to eliminate.

    Academics such as Tavinor, indeed may not quite make the grade for 'paedocritre of the year' or even of the month, however they certainly support and propagate the junk-science basis of the narratives behind current paedohysteria, that MAKE men such as Alek Novy and those PUAs you mentioned in your latest post, into the paedocrites that they are!

  9. theantifeminist

    Post author

    Sorry, Alan, I didn't realise who you mean't by this Tavinor guy. I do intend to write another article on him though.

    And I agree that all of these 'chld porn experts' should be randomly made to submit their harddrives for checks. In fact all men who pronounce upon 'paedophilia' should - as professional athletes are tested for steroids. Just as 'drug cheating' athletes are trying to get an edge over their fellow competitors, these 'experts' are invariably simply trying to get an edge over their fellow men (and sexual competitors).

  10. theantifeminist

    Post author

    @Alan and everybody

    the discussion over April's paedocrite of the month has become irrelevant. This guy almost puts David Fraudtrelle to shame :

    PR guru Max Clifford has been charged with 11 indecent assaults allegedly committed between 1966 and 1985.

    The alleged offences relate to seven different women and girls ranging in age from 14 to 19 years old.

    Max Clifford has been responsible for the jailing of numerous celebrity 'paedophiles', including Jonathan King (for allegedly banging a couple of willing teenage boys back in the 70's). He was so proud of his role in Jonathan King's conviction (and destroyed life and career) that he hung a copy of the front page of the Sun headline featuring King's arrest on his office wall.

  11. Horse Whisperer

    Breaking news...Max Clifford has been charged with 11 counts of indecent assault against females including 14 and 15 year old girls.

    Years of whipping up pedohysteria for profit have backfired on him in spectacular fashion!!!111

    It's just delicious :-)

  12. John Walsh should be next on the list.

    Pushing for the sex offender registry that destroys lives of young couples when he himself met his girlfriend at a bar when he was 22 and she was 16.

    Obviously attracted to a child.

  13. Alan Vaughn

    Mr Clifford denied the allegations against him.

    He said: "The allegations in respect of which I have been charged are completely false and I have made this clear to the police during many, many hours of interviews.

    "Nevertheless a decision has been taken to charge me with 11 offences involving seven women, the most recent of which is 28 years ago and the oldest 47 years ago.

    "I have never indecently assaulted anyone in my life and this will become clear during the course of the proceedings."

    Mr Clifford, who was first arrested on 6 December 2012, described the situation as "living a 24/7 nightmare".

    Great that finally one of these paedocrites is now tasting a little sample of their own medicine.

    He's clearly not very happy...
    Hmmm... Not very nice is it Max? LOL!

    Even if he's dismissed (but I sincerely hope he'll at least be convicted - even WITHOUT being sentenced to prison), because his reputation will be ruined and in the paedohysterical Britain of today, much like the innocent men he was at least indirectly responsible for destroying: very few will believe he's innocent, even if he is.
    He only has himself to blame of course - being one of the biggest propagandists responsible for the paedohysteria that he himself has now become a victim of.

    Eventually, even the Witchfinder General wasn't above suspicion... (History has an uncanny habit of repeating itself).

    With any sort of luck, this loud-mouth might wake up to the dreadful reality that there are at this very moment, many thousands of innocent men being cruelly beaten and raped in prison and who would say that "living a 24/7 nightmare" is grossly understating how THEY feel, every horrible second, of their hopeless and destitute existences.
    Those being the ones who have survived up until now, without 'taking the easy way out'.

    He might (although I doubt it), just use this experience and his position (if there's anything left of it after his trial), to try and start a complete OPPOSITE narrative to the current one, that fuels the paedohysteria, that is ruining Western society and of course, now ruined HIM as well...

  14. Eric

    Antifeminist & Horse Whisperer:

    A commenter at HS' blog made the interesting point that during the mediaeval witch-hunts, nobody ever questioned what the witch hunters themselves were doing behind closed doors. How many do you suppose were laughing up their sleeves with their satanic friends about all the Christians they were burning at the stake, and using the Church itself as a vehicle to kill off and persecute its own members? I don't doubt this was happening a lot more frequently than we know about.

    It's an old story. After WW2, the US FBI discovered that some of the German leaders of anti-Nazi dissident groups here were on the Gestapo payroll, and feeding intelligence back to Berlin and no one ever thought to look behind the curtain and see what they were doing.

    Same with these paedocrites. The ones running all over the planet ferretting out 'child abuse' are most likely the ones with something to hide themselves, and what better way to throw suspicion off oneself than being the loudest crusader against it?

  15. Eric

    Yes, Clarence is an enigma. In the battle we've had at Emma's recently, he accused me of following him around the Internet, when he was the one who dropped in on us unexpectedly there. He also went on a rampage demanding I defend a comment here that I didn't make. In fact, Evilwhite made the comment, I seem to remember debating about it some.

  16. theantifeminist

    Post author

    A commenter at HS’ blog made the interesting point that during the mediaeval witch-hunts, nobody ever questioned what the witch hunters themselves were doing behind closed doors

    They did start questioning what the witch hunters were doing, and that's when the witch hunts promptly ended.

  17. Alan Vaughn

    @theantifeminist / Eric

    They did start questioning what the witch hunters were doing, and that’s when the witch hunts promptly ended.

    Exactly. And coincidentally, I made that very same point earlier today in my response (see above) to the story on the 'paedophile' accusations leveled at infamous British paedocrite Max Clifford, with this remark:

    Eventually, even the Witchfinder General wasn’t above suspicion… (History has an uncanny habit of repeating itself).

  18. theantifeminist

    Post author

    83 year old Stuart Hall admits to kissing a 13 year old girl on the lips and fondling the breasts of a 16 or 17 year old girl back in the 1970's. Now presumably he faces dying in jail.

    Fair enough, if the pigs want to crucify an old man for putting his hand up the skirt of a 9 year old girl half-a-century ago, fine, but there is no effing way that the first two 'offences' were offences back in the 1970's. Thus the Metropolitan police and court system openly breaking European human rights law again.

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