Steve Moxon – Dave Lee Travis: Another Yewtree travesty of justice

Where is the evidence?
An accusation is not evidence.
An accusation requires evidence even to begin to be established.
Parallel accusations are not evidence, and they are not mutually corroboratory simply for being in parallel; especially when the context is a high-profile police trawl of a celebrity, because self-evidently this is almost guaranteed to generate multiple false allegation.
False allegation of sexual assault, notably rape, is commonplace, and research – along with examination of media-reported cases – shows the often incredible triviality of motivation.
Then there is ‘false memory’ of various forms, which is a major problem with ‘historic cases’ such as this – an alleged incident 20 years ago.
The CPS should never have brought this case, which is a re-trial of what was itself a trial that never have been brought. It should never have passed even first-base in consideration, but such is the serious anti-male prejudice of the CPS that the case was progressed in the hope that most of the jury would share similar prejudices. On this occasion, most did — but some did not: conviction was on a majority verdict only.
On top of all this is the triviality of the alleged offence: fondling breasts is barely even a serious misdemeanour, never mind a notable criminal offence. It’s straining definition to term it ‘sexual assault’ when the genitals of neither alleged perpetrator not putative victim are in any way involved — the term ‘groping’ is improperly applied to anything other than hands on genitals. And the usual context is of frivolity (even if that may be a cover for unwanted fondling).
The whole Yewtree fiasco is near beyond belief, and will be seen in retrospect as a stark manifestation of the loony era of ‘identity politics’.

3 thoughts on “Steve Moxon – Dave Lee Travis: Another Yewtree travesty of justice”

  1. One of Mr Moxon’s best and most succinct essays: What is the difference between the derriere-pinching Mr Pepper and the allegedly Breast-grabbing Mr Travis – from the point of view of the unwitting female? What man has not at some point been grabbed, man-handled, punched, pushed, shoved, prodded or pricked by some woman? – and will the police now use the full extent of their resources over a dimly remembered assault of this nature from thirty years ago; and which has obviously ruined the life of its male-victim?

    If not (and they won’t) then Yewtree is arbitrary female-supremacist bullying by its fake-victims under the colour of protection of women.

  2. I am not sure when your post went up but,no doubt you have heard today
    that certain people(who shall,no doubt be nameless)have considered the
    punishment too lenient and consequently the CPS are looking to appeal.
    I have no doubt that this is not the end of the pain dealt out to DLT.
    Neither do I have any doubt that there will be more accusations,they are after the ladies man of yesteryear and ,without a top personality to come to the defence they will always win.

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