SPIKED – ‘The NSPCC : Still Fostering Fear & Suspicion


As is now the NSPCC’s custom, How Safe Are Our Children? 2015 was brimful with frightening, press-release-worthy figures. In England and Wales in 2013/14, there were 31,238 allegations of sexual offences against children. This, we were gleefully informed, represents an increase of 38 per cent on the previous year.

But, for the NSPCC, even bad news is never quite bad enough. There may be more allegations of child sexual abuse than ever before, but the NSPCC is insatiable. It always wants more: more allegations, more reporting and more publicity. That is, it wants more people to come forward and tell the police that they have been abused, neglected or maltreated in some way. Because, as it and the rest of the child-protection industry never cease from telling us, whatever is alleged, whatever is reported, is only ever just the ‘tip of the iceberg’, ‘a fraction of the true number of victims’.

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  1. Isn’t this solely about the tax dollars that come into these agencies? They have to prove their worth, so when rates increase, the gravy train keeps chu-chuiing along.

  2. Madness. And more and more utterly innocent men will inevitably get thrown onto the pyre.

  3. Spiked attacks the men’s rights movement : http://www.spiked-online.com/newsite/article/the-mens-rights-movement-feminisms-mirror-image/17113#.VY0vxEZCBld

    I’ve posted a comment arguing that they ought to be attacking the sex victimhood culture promoted by the likes of TyphonBlue and Dean Esmay.

    “Disappointing article. There IS a problem with the men’s rights movement mirroring the victim culture of feminism, and this is in the way that leading figures such as TyhonBlue and Dean Esmay promote ridiculous statistics, derived from feminist ‘studies’, that claim that 1 in 6 men have been sexually abused. All this does is validate the feminist abuse industry that is greatly hurting men and boys, leading to close to a million men on the sex offenders register in the USA alone, and witchhunts and the erosion of basic principles of justice in the UK which Spiked writers have admirably done so much to highlight since the onset of Savile hysteria. This is the REAL problem of the men’s rights movement – it’s leading to an ‘equality of injustice for all’ puritanical anti-sex mindset in return for a piece of the billion dollar victimhood industry. It’s a shame that a Spiked writer couldn’t have written about this.”

  4. The comments by you and ‘Holocaust 21’ were excellent. The MRM won’t succeed as long as its mired in victimhood and ignores male sexuality.

  5. Yea, great comments by Holocaust21, but what a fucking paedocrite AstroKID is. I think his choice of handle just about says it all.

  6. Astrokid doesn’t surprise me: he’s another huge MHRM supporter. He trolls at Rookh’s and Human-Stupidity’s blogs sometimes, always toeing Mr. malE’s party line.

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