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And what better way to appease Western liberals, worried about having cosied up to a mass-murdering tyrant, than to champion that favourite cause of Western elites: the victimhood of women. The characterisation of assaults as being in crowded public places also gives Sisi a legitimate reason in the eyes of the West to brutally crack down on any public gatherings. The fact that many of his political rivals are angry, bearded, Muslim men means that few in the West will be likely to challenge such repression. Sexual-harassment laws in the West are becoming ever more authoritarian in nature, allowing the state to encroach further and further into the realms of the workplace and our private relationships; why would we expect such laws to have a progressive effect in Egypt?

Far from being an out-of-character policy for Sisi’s otherwise brutal regime, the new laws chime perfectly with his totalitarianism. He can both present himself to the West as having made liberal reforms, while simultaneously using the issue of women’s safety as a smokescreen for any future crackdown on dissent.

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  1. Interesting article. Ever since Egypt gained its independence from Britain, it’s habitually played both sides against the middle. I don’t think this is much different. After Mubarak was overthrown, Egypt more or less has been in a state of anarchy; and not surprisingly, the number of rapes and sexual assaults tend to increase in periods and places without law and order. Now that al-Sisi has consolidated power, the numbers will go down again by themselves but he’s already figured out how to exploit femihag gullibility (and reap foreign aid packages) by posing as a ‘defender of oppressed women.’

    Nothing’s going to change in Egypt anytime soon.

  2. Egypt was a British Protectorate between 1914 and 1922, but thereafter was a puppet government down until 1954 – and then there was Suez. What amazes me is:

    1. Egypt is predominantly Muslim and thus I am sceptical about sexual assault being a problem.

    2. Egypt is a favoured destination for single western women seeking Gigolos. Prostitution (male or female) is illegal in Egypt as is abortion and so one has to scratch a little beneath the surface to observe what is really going on (abuse of Egyptian males by ’empowered’ white whores), for whichever way the money moves it is the woman who is the whore. if Egypt is so dangerous for women (I ask rhetorically) why are white women so eager to ‘tour’.

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