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And now, through Sochi, the Culture Wars in general and the politicisation of gayness specifically have gone global. A West bereft of its old economic clout and lacking serious ideological beliefs now attempts to assert its moral authority in global affairs through tangential cultural issues, and most notably through being gay-friendly. So the UN is forever drawing up lists of non-gay-friendly countries, Washington has threatened to cut off aid to countries that are not gay-friendly, and Russia is today demonised not on the basis of its economic manoeuvring or ideological positioning but because of its attitude to gays. Where once the world was divided between the civilised and the savage, now it’s split between the gay-friendly and the homophobic. Welcome to the era of Queer Imperialism. How long before a Western nation goes so far as to bomb a country that is insufficiently gay-friendly? Don’t laugh. Serious commentators already referred to America’s war on Afghanistan in the early 2000s as one ‘in which gay America can take a proud and central part’ on the basis that it routed the Taliban, who of course were homophobic. Up next on the international stage: Straights Die for the Queer Guy?

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  1. How long before a Western nation goes so far as to bomb a country that is insufficiently gay-friendly? Don’t laugh.

    well, the West has bombed the sh*t out of countries around the world for far less, namely as we all know the grossly made-up WMD claims. It would only follow that now that nobody among the wider public believes in terrorism as a cause for war anymore, that we invade countries whose cultures still abhor butt love. They probably won’t call it a “war” or an “invasion”, but a “peace mission”… sound familiar?

    This is probably what their troops would look like, I assume:


    And let’s not forget that on the same ticket as their attempts to ban antifeminist speech, soon the EU might start putting people in reeducation camps who disagree with homosexuality and voice such disagreement publicly. Will we then see a new secret police which arrests people who dislike homosexuality, and accuses them of “collaborating with the enemy”, whose gay-hating countries we are in the process of invading? Well, the U.S. rounded up all Japanese on U.S. soil into camps when the war in the Pacific in WWII gained pace. We’ve been there.

    Personally, I really don’t care what people do in the privacy of their bedrooms, and I especially don’t care if two men or even two women get it on together. To each their own. But when it turns into a quasi-maoist movement, then something is getting missed.

  2. IR:
    Maybe it sounds to Freudian, but I couldn’t help but notice the position that pink cannon was in in the link! The old Nazi salute, it’s believed, had similar subliminal connotations.

    But the Gay Mafia is really not that different from the Nazis. Revisionist historians try to sweep under the rug the fact that homosexual activists and militant femihags played a leading role in the rise of Naziism. The fascist movements in other countries were somewhat different—which might explain the extremism the German form took: it was directed by a group of sexual misfits whereas the other fascist countries were more ideologically nationalist.

  3. The US media fags/femihags are really reeling over being humiliated again by the Russians. The superiority of their ‘traditionalist’ culture is putting the effete Anglosphere to shame in front of the whole world.

    Yahoo News ran a story highlighting some gay American guy who was ‘an idol of the Olympics’ because he’d done something or other about animal rights over there. I left a comment pointing out that Julia Lipintskaia was the one the world REALLY came to idolize and all the US media political correctness was making us look more and more lame. Of course, it was downvoted and generated angry paedcrite comments—LOL

  4. Very interesting post.

    Consider, on the other hand, that Sergei Fedorov, then boyfriend of underage Kournikova tennis champ, was admonished to obey US laws while they were playing in the US. Quite ridiculous and shocking!!

    Imagine if Saudi Arabia flogged a US athletes for fornicating while unmarried. Or Pakistan stoned a homosexual couple participating in a sports event.

    I think the US wanted to avoid imprisoning Sergei Fedorov, then world champ (or almost) for 5 years, for something that is not a crime in Europe. It would have caused waves.

    Consider also that nowadays teachers in Germany can get suspended for opposing mandatory teaching of homosexuality in primary schools.

    I am worried, that pretty soon it will be an offense to assume someone is heterosexual: “you look great, you must be scoring a lot of chicks” could offend a homosexual who wants to score with boys.

    =========== Here is the reply
    You’ve missed that Australia, Qatar and Pakistan are not countries our state media want us to hate.

    ========== to the following interesting question

    Unlike in Russia, male homosexual activity, in particular, is illegal in almost every country that plays it; in parts of Pakistan, it is in practice punishable by death.

    Even in Australia, an attempt by the Australian Capital Territory to introduce same-sex marriage has been struck down in the High Court as contrary to federal law.

    And there must obviously be no question of going to football’s 2022 World Cup in Qatar.

    Or have I missed something?

  5. Good points but you obviously were confusing an American male tennis star with Sergei Fedorov, the Russian Ice Hockey player, so I edited your comment and fixed it.

  6. @Human-Stupidity – the first sentence of your article could be made a bit more clear I think :

    “Good” firebombing, police killing”protestors” in Ukraine

    “Good” police killing, firebombing “protestors” are defended by PC Western countries. The protesters want close ties with the European Union, while the democratic government wants ties with traditional ally Russia. Russia-banging is politically correct, after all Russia opposes teaching homosexuality to minors. (Spiked : Gay-loving Westerners vs. redneck Russia)

    It sounds like you are complaining about PC Western countries defending police killing and firebombing protestors, when you are complaining about the West defending protestors killing policemen.

  7. It’s worth noting that porn is completely illegal in the Ukraine, even simply possessing it (just like illegal porn here), yet those same Ukranian men who are willing to fight and die against the percieved theat of ‘tyranny’ would never so much as protest at porn laws, even though 90% of them probably still look at online porn, and knowing that that gives the state the power to sieze them and drag them off to prison at any moment.

    The Ukranian word for porn is the same as in Russian (according to Google translate).

    Looking at porn was made illegal in the Ukraine in 2009. Although there was a small drop in the numbers of Ukranian men searching for porn in 2010, the same small dip occured in Russia (and elsewhere) so had nothing to do with the porn ban. In fact, according to Google trends, more people search for porn in the Ukraine, where porn is illegal, than do in Russia, where porn is not illegal.

  8. Looks like Spiked’s prediction could be coming true:


    “Troubled by an anti-gay movement in Uganda and across much of the world, the US is launching a new effort to combat what Secretary of State John Kerry described Wednesday as a threat to human rights.”

    Kerry also went on to compare African gays to Holocaust victims. “Atrocious! And flat out morally wrong!” Lurch huffed to an audience of assorted mass-media perverts. “It was wrong then and it is wrong now!”

    Not a peep about heterosexual men unfairly imprisoned by femihag laws, though.

  9. Kerry also went on to compare African gays to Holocaust victims. “Atrocious! And flat out morally wrong!” Lurch huffed to an audience of assorted mass-media perverts. “It was wrong then and it is wrong now!”

    And yet not one single person will invoke Godwin’s law on him either.

    Yet I’ve had my own reader aspie DogMeat accuse me of it for claiming that a sexual holocaust is on the horizon.

    And here in the UK people are being crucified for even discussing whether men should be able to have sex with 14 year olds back in the 1970’s, when ‘paedophilia’ hadn’t been invented as a (feminist fake) concept.

    It’s little wonder that Esmay and Elam and crew want to be part of that corrupt global homosexual human rights movement.

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