Screwed by pigs

UK man has home raided for looking at pictures of sex with animals

When Jacqui ‘Pig’ Smith criminalized the viewing of bestiality last year, I didn’t seriously expect the boys in blue to actually start forcing their way into people’s homes over it.  The Met Police have a limited budget that is being drastically cut.  It costs an estimated £1,000+ to send off just one seized computer to be checked by forensics.  Surely there are enough sick people watching 5 year olds being raped to worry about men who, for whatever bizarre (probably non-sexual) reason, occasionally choose to look at a St Bernard getting lucky with a porn actress? 

But breaking down such people’s doors at 4 in the morning, is exactly what they appear to be doing. 

This law, and its application, tells us a lot about the rationale and deciet behind feminist sex laws.  Incredibly, laws against bestiality porn are justified on the basis that they are ‘abuse against animals’.  Now, if we lived in a vegetarian society, in which all forms of animal abuse were criminalized, this might be slightly sane, rational, or plausible.  Given that we slaughter countless millions of animals each year, often after suffering barbaric conditions, simply for a few minutes olfactory pleasure, this justification is so clearly a lie that I shouldn’t need to labour the point. If a pig filmed squealing in delight as it pounds some hot model’s pussy is animal abuse, I guess torturing it in a factory farm its entire life and then butchering it to be served at McDonalds with french fries is a far greater form of abuse.

The real reason, of course, is restricting and controlling human sexuality. 

I argue here repeatedly, that the major objection feminists have to porn lies in its voyeuristic quality and the consequent fact that it provides men with an alternative sexual outlet to a real relationship.  However, in the case of bestiality, the fetish is so tiny as to be relatively insignificant, in terms of posing a threat to female sexuality and power over men for that reason.

The real reason is something that was pointed out in a comment left by a reader to one of my other posts on pornography.  Porn reveals women to be sluts (and I don’t use the term slut pejoratively) who are just as capable as men are of divorcing the physical pleasure of sex from any form of love or moral context.  Porn is a great big 2+2=4 in the face of the feminist/religious lie of women’s virignity or sex being something sacred, something so intimate to a woman’s very being that men can never understand it, and something that if  given away too easily will result in unspeakable, horrendous trauma for her.

And, of course, no porn does this to such an extreme extent as videos of women happily letting themselves be fucked by dogs or horses in order to earn a few dollars.

In fact, thousands of women don’t even need to be paid to enjoy bestiality and to show the entire world their love for it.  Until recently, amateur tube sites were full of home-made movies featuring women fucking their pet dogs, videos these women were only too happy to upload to be viewed by millions. (one more reason I have long since stopped surfing for porn and suggest to all my readers that they do least if you live in the UK).

The campaign against animal pornography, just like every other feminist campaign against porn, has nothing to do with concern over the welfare of the alleged exploited victims (in this case animals), but rather everything to do with preserving female sexual power over men.

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  1. “The real reason is something that was pointed out in a comment left by a reader to one of my other posts on pornography. Porn reveals women to be sluts (and I don’t use the term slut pejoratively) who are just as capable as men are of divorcing the physical pleasure of sex from any form of love or moral context. Porn is a great big 2+2=4 in the face of the feminist/religious lie of women’s virignity or sex being something sacred, something so intimate to a woman’s very being that men can never understand it, and something that if given away too easily will result in unspeakable, horrendous trauma for her.”

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