Scarlett Johansson Nude Self-Shot Pics

I won’t publish the pics but they are easy enough to find, and I’ve seen them – or at least one of them.  Trust me, you’ll likely be as dissapointed as I was,  In fact, I almost threw up.  Talk about having a life time’s sexual fantasy ruined.

You don’t just achieve every man’s wet dream of seeing Scarlett in the buff in these see her, well let’s just say – as she really is.  Nude and raw, with very little make-up, in very grainy and amateurish images.  And for me, anyway, it’s a big dissapointment.  If this is how the most beautiful 27 year old woman in the world looks in an amateur self-shot pic, then it becomes understandable why the gynocracy is resorting even to locking up teenage girls for…’victimising themselves’ an effort to stop the internet from becoming flooded with sexy nude jailbait pics.

The following link – The evolution of Scarlett Johansson – shows an image of Scarlett from nearly every film she has appeared in from her early teens.  You’ll see that she only really starts to turn into a vamp from Ghost World onwards, when she would have been 17 at the time of filming.  Furthermore, most men would probably think that she looks better in many of her subsequent films, in her twenties, even looking at her best in her last movie – Iron Man 2, at the age of 26.

At least I now appreciate what incredible things Hollywood make-up artists are capable of.

**Update : Actually, the one of her ass in the mirror isn’t bad, and I’ve fapped off to it three times whilst watching Ghost World, but the topless one is definately ewwww.

**Update 2 : The following chart displays level of Google search interest in ‘scarlett johansson nude’.  Unfortunately, the graph doesn’t extend back before 2004, but you can see that the interest in her nude gradually falls from the end of 2006 (until, of course, this week).

scarlett johansson nude

You can have a lot of fun with these graphs (  The following is the same graph for ‘Miley Cyrus Nude’ :

Miley Cyrus Nude

You can clearly see a spike occuring towards the end of 2010.  What event caused a sudden rush in the number of internet users searching for photos of ‘Miley Cyrus nude’?  Well, she turned 18, of course – legal.  It’s not clear whether the Googlers were hoping that Penthouse or Playboy had signed her up on her 18th birthday, or that any hacked self-shot pics would now not be classified as child porn.  What’s interesting is that after that ‘no longer jailbait’ flurry, interest in seeing Miley Cyrus in the buff has already fallen far below that when she was 15/16, and any successful search for ‘miley cyrus  nude’ would lead to a possible stretch of prison ass rape.

Incidentally, many of you will no doubt be searching for those nude pics of Scarlett via Google images.  Be Warned.  On the first page of results for the most obvious such search term, there is at least one nude self-shot pic of what could be a jailbait.  Given that likely 50 million people across the world have conducted similar searches over the last 48 hours, it makes you wonder just how impossible it is not to fall foul of draconian child porn laws these days.


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