Scarecrow is Back!!

Our old friend Scarecrow has returned to blogging, and we can all be thankful for that. Although he’s never been keen on the label of ‘MRA’ (and who can blame him when the likes of Elam and the Hideous Honey Badgers have defiled the term?), he certainly is – like myself, Eivind Berge, and Rookh (‘Anglo-Bitch’) – one of the last true anti-feminists. And not only is he back, he’s back with an even harder and more unapologetic edge! Hehe. Here’s an example of a recent post.

An Apology for my Views on Harvey Weinstein

It has been brought to my attention that some people are upset with my last post. Specifically, my attitude towards Harvey Weinstein’s alleged victims.

Well, fuck off.

I will clarify now.

I do not give a shit what happens to any narcissistic sexual despots.

To be clear, if any of them were to catch on fire, I would laugh.

If they were drawn and quartered, I’d laugh.

These are the same vile cunts who askew me because I voted for a white man.

These people like the Vegas shooter, because he killed people they think are undesirable.

Now, I understand that there are fates worse than having sex with Harvey Weinstein – like saying something nice to a self-purported nice guy, or knowing that some man within 50 feet of you is a white Christian Heterosexual male and voted for Trump, but that is neither there or here.

What matters is, I don’t give a fuck what happens to some narcissistic sexual despots.

I just regret I don’t get to watch them suffer on a regular basis.

Sorry if I did not make that clear enough.

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