Sargon – Prostitution and Patriarchy

YouTuber Sargon of Akkad takes apart a repulsive femihag who rationalizes her rapist’s desire to inflate the price of pussy through state violence as ‘protecting prostitutes from the patriarchy’.

You may also have seen this week the corrupt ‘liberal progressive’ ‘human rights’ group Amnesty International declare that it was in favour of the legalization of prostitution – of course, soley because it would obviously (to anyone but femihags) help keep prostitutes safe. Naturally, whether locking up thousands of men, often lonely INCELs, physically deformed or disabled, to be anally raped as sex offenders for paying for sex with a whore (who may be legally enticing him) is not a human rights issue. Even when these laws are built on femirapist junk theorizing, ‘science’, and outright lies.

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  1. I watched the video, and something about it bothered me.

    I had to watch it again – and – I was less bothered – but still bothered.

    The women (prostitutes) are making money. The men (johns) are spending the money.

    I’d say that prostitution exploits men, not women.

    In the video, he BRIEFLY mentions that at around 9:00 or so – but – just briefly. I think that the video should have focused more on how men are exploited by prostitution, NOT WOMEN.

    I remember the first time I heard that women in “PlayBoy” magazine were “exploited” I scratched my head…”Aren’t those women getting paid truck loads of money???”

    This is a tired feminist cliche – now that we are in a post feminist society, few people point out the obvious – that women are exploiting men via prostitution. The men pay money, the women earn money – the exploiters make the money, the exploited spend their money. (see also – perpetual victim status – yawn)

    Also, comparing people to animals is just stupid. That was the first thing about the video that rubbed me the wrong way.

    I have no intentions of walking around like a penguin in order to find a prostitute. 🙂

  2. What I especially liked in this video was the observation that prostitution occurs in a species whenever there is a surplus of wealth in the community. It demonstrates the
    paradoxical nature of sexual behaviour, a requirement for an evolutionary stable system. And German brothels really are awesome!!!

  3. @Norman
    I work in IT as a developer. The problem with IT is that the hierarchy is usually inverted. The people who know the least, are the highest in the pecking order and as a developer
    you are the lowest of the low. A grunt, a soldier. The management considers us ‘lacking in soft skills’ but that’s usually because it’s hard communicating with people
    who lack the level of thinking required to understand what we are talking about. That’s just how it works with technical subjects. Just open a book on any developed technical subject.
    It takes years to master a subject like C++, for example. Don’t be surprised if I can’t explain it to you in five minutes, that’s not a lack of communication skills.
    Since most women are complete idiots nowadays, the anti-intellectual is at an advantage with them. This is the real reason for the apparent lack of social skills in
    intellectually more developed people, and why the idiot comes out on top in the social hierarchy. The idiot looks like a master, and the developed individual must be considered a
    pathological case. It can’t possibly be the general lack of personal development in women, right?
    Cheerleaders on the work floor sounds like a typical air-headed management idea in line with ‘developers are pathological’. Disgusting. Especially because those hot cheerleaders
    in that situation just end up fucking one of those management types anyway. They’re not going to fuck developers if developers are considered pathological, have no power, so the whole
    thing is going to be like the Torment of Tantalus for them. This is just going to decrease their sense of self-worth even further.
    And so you can see it’s not about helping poor socially lacking developers at all, it’s about increasing the power of the management even further. Did you expect anything else from
    those snakes-in-suits?

  4. But who is with her in the sex tape? Presumably Eivind? Shouldn’t A Voice for Manginas be worried about whether he gave consent? Equal injustice for revenge porn laws!!

  5. I don’t know…I noticed that ‘Apargus’ was the name of the uploader, so presumably Eivind’s account was used.

    I doubt if AVfM will comment on it. It would make the Sheilas jealous—or worse, inspire them to make videos of their own!

  6. After that paedocrite made a spectacle of himself, I wonder how many drone-owners will wonder: ‘Why didn’t I think of that?’ LOL

  7. Revenge porn laws aren’t just targetted at the ex-boyfriends who upload the nude photos of their former girlfriends, but also the webmasters of the sites who host them. Most of these sites don’t know how or by who the photos were uploaded in the first place – they may have been circulating around the web for years and most of them are uploaded by the sluts themselves (originally). However, a webmaster could become liable under these ‘revenge porn’ laws for hosting just one photo that a woman claims was uploaded without her consent.

    It’s really just another attempt to stem the tide of free fap material online that reduces the sexual market value of the average pussy.

    Just feminism being feminism.

  8. Emma makes a valid point that revenge porn laws only make sense in a society in which sex and nudity are seen as shameful.

    It’s not so much that sex and nudity are seen as shameful, it’s that giving away sex and nudity for free is seen as shameful, something that Emma actually agrees with.

    Sexual trade unionists, ‘mummy’s baby daddy’s maybe’ manospherians, and of course muslims, also all agree on that.

  9. I saw that a woman in the UK (lesbian, obviously) was jailed this week for uploading pics of her former girlfriend.

    As far as I know, this hasn’t led to calls from thousands of women to scrap these laws, fearing that they could be next.

    And only ‘equality of injustice’ MHRA morons would be surprised by this.

    A 14 year old boy was also put on the sex offenders register for sending a naked pic of himself to his 14 year old girlfriend.

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