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  1. It’s almost embarrassing that the British media has sunk so low that they needed a study to tell them that (but if they’re like the US media, they’re mostly into same-sex stuff and may not have been aware of what normal men find attractive).

    And—they acted shocked!

  2. I know, Eric, it’s funny really! I mean, I’m presuming they’re are SOME hetero blokes left in the media these days!

  3. Does anyone have the source of that graph? I want to know how it was conducted. It’s a bit strange that the age of 20 occurs most often yet there are no ages under that. It looks to me like the voting options had a lower limit of 20.

  4. From the Daily Paedohysteric* story:

    It’s no secret that men tend to see younger women as more attractive, but the extreme to which this holds true is somewhat alarming.

    Hahaha! Alarming?? Really?
    Perhaps it didn’t occur to them that ‘men tend to see younger women as more attractive’, simply because it’s the undeniable and unavoidable TRUTH…

    *Thank you Aashley – I like that new name… 😀

  5. Ha, 20 years old is the youngest they put on the graph? SMH, as much as we can be thankful for hetero males in the media still, they are still a bunch of pushovers. They don’t dare push an article saying that a 14-18 year old is the most attractive to them. See, they don’t even have to say anything about sex. They just have to admit their attraction to a girl and their careers are ruined. Let us hope for a day when the dailymail finally promotes such a piece.

    Still, funny they used the caption “depressing data” for men. Also notice how they are trying to show that women are more “mature” because they choose people their own age. It is obvious this article was supposed to make men look bad (the usual “older men are creepy going after younger girls” narrative). Yet another thing to notice is that they are trying to make women look more “mature” simply because they choose someone their own age. Obviously these figures are skewed if you look at any kind of vacation resorts where women find a young man to be with on the weekend.

    As my personal life experiences continue to show that younger girls are often the kindest people around (not all, but the ratio is much better than girls my own age), I am likely going to be single unless I move to another country.

  6. @ Alan-no worries mate!

    It’s almost as though the idea of 18-19 year old women, let along younger, going out with men of any age, is so unthinkable that they choose to ignore it.
    That would be because of gay reporters plus of course wanting to pander to their femihag demographic.
    Clearly enough I think, the way they omit under 20 year old women, even 18 and 19 year olds, has the unfortunate effect of softening up the public for a debate about raising the AOC to 21.

  7. LOL Jon. Yeah, that is pretty absurd. I thought to myself that 20 seemed fairly unlikely as the 100% ideal.

    And yes, it is hilarious how much they don’t like the glaring light of reality. Guess 50 ain’t the sexiest age after all, is it ladies? Ha ha!
    What a joke it all is.

  8. Antifeminist:
    The Daily Mail article and variations have been popping up in the US media now lately too. I’m starting to get suspicious about this…

    I can only see two reasons why the femihag-dominated mainstream media would be giving attention to the older man/younger woman meme:

    1.) They’ve come to believe that we were right all along; they’re admitting that paedohysteria is a bad policy and they’ve given up trying to fight men and our natural impulses and now it will become more socially acceptable.

    2.) They’re bringing the issue into the public spotlight to lay the groundwork for an upcoming anti-male Jihad; by trying to prove there’s an ‘epidemic’ of creepy older men preying on younger women; and now an even greater and more intense crackdown is needed.

    My intuition tells me that #2 is probably the more likely scenario.

  9. @Eric
    I’d say reason 2 offers the ONLY possible explanation for it.
    Sorry to have to contradict you – reason 1 is simply impossible!

  10. @Aashley

    Clearly enough I think, the way they omit under 20 year old women, even 18 and 19 year olds, has the unfortunate effect of softening up the public for a debate about raising the AOC to 21.

    And before that happens, it helps to maintain and further reinforce the dominant narrtive that any (perfectly normal) man with good sexual health (as God Himself wants all men to be), is a sick pervert that deserves to hang or die slowly in prison. They advocate this, KNOWING there’s no shortage of brainless & gutless paedocrites, all ready and willing to point accusing fingers at other men, even their own fathers, or brothers…
    And that’s what makes these filthy, ugly & JEALOUS old hags, along with their manipulated MSM (i.e. The Daily Paedohysteric), truly EVIL!

    We’re now living in a real totalitarian state, where apart from websites and forums such as here: nobody dares to question what they’re doing or the real motives underlying it all.

  11. Let me see if I have got this right. Sixteen year old girls are today voting in the Scottish referendum; mature enough to make an informed choice as to the future of the 307 year Union between England Scotland, a decision which may affect the lives of those of us on both sides of the border for decades to come, but not old enough to decide whether they want to be photographed nude; nor old enough to decide whether they want to sleep with their teacher, (nor for that matter old enough to drive a motor car).

    Should she sleep with her teacher or allow you to see the photographs, the teacher or the viewer will go to prison and be placed for lifetime shame on a register of perverts even though she is clearly capable of proper consent as evidenced by the weighty matter of the Referendum (and even though she looks the same as any other woman – though fitter – and is objectively highly desirable sexually – as she does not have any parts that sag nor jaded after a period on the Alpha Cock carousel) but the adults over seventeen have to live with the consequences of the immature political judgement of schoolgirls (who may sway the vote) without recourse.

  12. The hypocrisy is enough to make you tear you hair out, isn’t it Opus?
    This is what happens when you let idiots run the world.

  13. I see that the government is once again to raise the minimum school leaving age; this time to eighteen. I predict that with half of eighteen year olds already going on to University that we may well see some sort of compulsory Versity-attendance within a few decades.

    This will not, of course, stop youngsters having sex but it will have the effect (surely) of driving up the ages of consent to twenty-one. One can, after all, hardly marry if still in education and the age for having sex and for marrying seem to be tied together. The Jail-Bait is going to look increasingly mature.

  14. I’m fond of my uncle, but he’s a bog standard mangina and there’s nothing I can do for or about him or any of the other men in my family.
    He was telling some story about going to a restaurant and the waitress was a “little girl”. By that he means in the current idiotic fashion, a young woman of 18 or 20.
    I bet he’s a paedocrite, too.

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