Sabrina Vaz Voted Most Beautiful Female in the World (Brain Bleach)

Some readers have complained that the gruesome images contained in the previous Femihag of the Year poll have left them permanently traumatized.  So as a form of therapeutic brain bleach, here are the official results of the Most Beautiful Female in the World (informal) poll we had in the comments section a few days ago.  Our panel of experts have decided!

The Most Beautiful Female in the World for 2014 is…Sabrina Vaz!

The lovely Sabrina is a remarkably talented 18 year old singer and song writer from Canada.




A very close second was the lovely 17 year old Russian figure skater, Yulia Liptnitskaya.





In third place, was Yulia’s fellow Russian skater, the 16 year old Elena Radionova.





And Yulia and Elena together!


26 thoughts on “Sabrina Vaz Voted Most Beautiful Female in the World (Brain Bleach)”

  1. Just wanted to mention that Yulia is still 16. I wondered when I saw that age and looked it up. I was going to correct you on Elena as well, but apparently she just turned 16 this month. Man time flies by so quickly…

    Also, the other day, a russian figure ice-skating profile shared a picture of yulia with a few other girls that are pretty as well:

    Mariya Sotskova

    Evgenia Medvedeva

  2. Beefhambone:
    I’m not a big fan of drawing tattoos on women, but I could imagine that if I were anywhere near Sabrina’s legs, I would lose my concentration too. LOL

  3. I could hardly read the comments after Sabrina’s video. I will cast a vote though that she looks better as brunette.

    It was funny looking at some of the femihags’ photos. I’ll bet a lot of them read Manboobz.

  4. I saw a dead ringer for the blonde version of Sabrina today in McDonalds. Loads of girls in Eastern Europe look like Yulia and Elena, but it’s rare to see a Sabrina double here.

  5. I saw a girl who looked like Sabrina in Seattle awhile back. I think there’s a small segment of teen girls trying to cultivate the ‘Sabrina Look.’

    It’s too bad Sabrina isn’t as famous as Katy Perry or Miley Cyrus. We could use more girls like Sabrina and way fewer trying to be like the other two Ameroskanks.

  6. I am so proud of my beautiful grandaughter Sabrina, the video is great I love it.
    Go for it girl you deserve it, and God be with you always.
    Love you vovo

  7. Sabrina is the REAL role-model for today’s women (of any age)

    She is indeed Eric, and after seeing the support she has from her loving family and friends, I can understand now how she remains so unfazed by the jellies who leave nasty comments under her YouTube videos.

  8. It’s also interesting that this is the only MRA site holding her up as a role model, when she’s exactly what MRAs say women should be like.

  9. @Eric
    LOL, Yes agree, it is rather ironic. Maybe it’s becsuse all other MRA’s and the MRA sites they post comments to are afraid she might look a little young and don’t want anyone thinking they’re pedos or creeps, so figure it’s best not to comment at all about those ‘women’…

    Much safer to go totally gah-gahs and comment accordingly, over some lovely looking sheila, such as the stunningly goregeous Ms TyphonBlur TyphonBlue for instance…

  10. Alan:
    It may be also connected with some of the latent homoeroticism in much of the Manosphere.

    And Ms. Typhon does strike me as being somewhat of a ‘Butch’ lol

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