6 Comments on "Sabrina Vaz – Crowded House Cover"

  1. They may be wearing pyjamas, but I won’t be able to sleep after watching this LOL

  2. Speaking of pyjamas, the American media was running a glowing report yesterday about some NY fashion designers who are marketing underwear that’s ‘gender neutral’.

    America’s going down the toilet—and in a unisex bathroom too! lol

  3. America’s going down the toilet—and in a unisex bathroom too! lol

    Funnily enough I visited London’s newest McDonalds restaurant today – just opened last week, and full of ‘state of the art’ features such as ordering your meal at a touch screen rather than at the counter. It also features unisex toilets. Presumably this will increasingly be the norm, with male/female toilets seen as sexist or validating patriarchal concepts of gender, or discriminating against transgenders or some other progressive bullshit.

  4. All anybody has to do is look at Bruce Caitlyn Jenner (one look is enough: that specimen could raise even Typhon Blue’s SMV); and the way the media’s glorifying that creature as what these STU types have in mind for the future. No more Clint Eastwood men or Sabrina Vaz women: all of us like Fat-Troll and his wig-wearing groupies!

  5. I was recently served by a transgender in an East European McDonalds restaurant. Russia is truly the last remaining hope for Western civilization.

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