Royal Society to Replace Busts of Famous Male Scientists with Artworks Depicting Women from TV

The oldest and most prestigious scientific society in the world – Britain’s 400 year old Royal Society – has announced that it is to replace busts of some of the most important male scientists from history with artworks depicting women, such as a popular TV presenter. The move comes after the hounding from his post of at University College London of Sir Tim Hunt over a throwaway ‘sexist’ joke.

THE Royal Society is to replace portraits and busts of some of Britain’s most renowned male scientists at its London headquarters with artworks depicting leading women.

In an effort to reverse its male-dominated image, the society plans to install a bust of Lucie Green, the television astronomer, at the entrance to its 18th-century romanesque building in Carlton House Terrace and portraits of other leading women scientists around its marbled staircases and other public areas.

Visitors will also be greeted by a bust of Mary Somerville, the 19th-century astronomer who became the first female member of the Royal Astronomical Society.

Athene Donald, professor of physics at Cambridge University, who championed the scheme, said: “It is great to see progress in changing the face of the society.”

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4 Comments on "Royal Society to Replace Busts of Famous Male Scientists with Artworks Depicting Women from TV"

  1. Jesus Fucking Christ.

    I see this as going as going BACKWARDS.
    Add female busts to supplement the existing male images, yes. But REPLACING THEM?

    Sacrilidge. After 400 years, the world is going down the drain. I wish Tesla could see this. Maybe he was right.
    If only this fascist society, as we know, collaspses; we could see things go back into its natural roots. Its the unnatural and the perverts that deviates everything!
    What did the “most renowned male scientists” do to deserve this?

    Fuck. Manwomanmyths videos are taken down and I can’t find his channel on Youtube. Maybe he has fallen victim as well ;( Why do you die?
    Fuck, I might as well download all other remaining videos for prosperity and preservation.
    Men, do not fear your Y-chromosome. (JockeVXO, 2011 February 1st, ManWomanMyth – Misandry – Man Bashing and Heroic Men, Youtube)

  2. They might as well keep them storage until the femihag Dark Age is over. That way, they’ll be preserved for future generations with more sense.

  3. The funny thing about their attempts to pervert science is that I have never, please correct me if I’m wrong, heard them mention Emmy Noether.
    She was responsible for one of the most, if not the most, important result of theoretical (classical) physics : Noether’s theorem.
    In a nutshell : You have those conserved quantities in physics : Momentum, angular momentum and energy. Noether’s theorem shows that those conserved
    quantities appear because of the invariance of a physical system with respect to position, orientation and time.
    And so it actually explains why conserved quantities appear for mathematical reasons, assuming only the invariance of a physical system.
    (The further question would be : Why is a physical system invariant? Because of the reduction of change to no-change?)
    I consider her one of the greats, to be mentioned alongside Einstein and Newton. So why is she so impopular with the feminists?
    Maybe an anecdote might help to explain this : When she taught mathematics at a university the guys loved her. Her students were so
    devoted to her they were called ‘Noether’s boys’. The women however were way less charmed. They kept criticising her appearance, her hair and
    the way she used her handkerchief etc. In short, guys loved her because of her mathematical abilities and women kept criticising her looks.
    Not that she was unattractive, she just considered appearance less important than her mathematical work.
    Or maybe it’s just because femi scientists are incapable of science, mathematics and actually deep philosophy because of their commitment to
    gender pseudoscientific idiocy.

  4. Would it not be somewhat more honest were The Royal Society to replace these men with Women’s Busts (say Sam Fox). That after all is what is being worshiped here, to hell with science; we want totty-worship.

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