Round up 2016 October 25th

Cunts raise money for false-rape accusing cunt in an impressive show of cunt solidarity for the right of slutty cunts to falsely accuse men of rape

A blogger raising money for the woman who footballer Ched Evans was accused of raping says the campaign is intended to show her “love and support”.
Jean Hatchet, who writes under a pseudonym, told the Victoria Derbyshire programme she was asked to start fundraising by other women.
Mr Evans’s 2012 rape conviction was quashed in April, and he was cleared last week of raping the 19-year-old.

Sexbots conference banned from Muslim Asia finds new home in London

Malaysia blew a fuse over a conference on robot sex– so the show is moving to London.

The two-day December symposium on “sex bots” is set for east London’s Goldsmiths University after the second annual event was banned in Asia, it was reported Saturday.

The International Congress on Love and Sex with Robots will tackle subjects such as the use of “teledildonics,” or cyber sex toys, to human like robots that can achieve orgasm.

“I think robots could become our lovers in the future,” Goldsmith’s Kate Devlin told the Daily Star of Britain. “Does love have to be reciprocated to be valid?”

She wrote an essay last year titled, “In Defense of Sex Robots.”

Paedo-finder General Jim Gamble calls for funding for a ‘paedocrite army’ to hunt down other ‘paedophiles’.

Jim Gamble, one of the most notorious paedo-finder generals in the UK, has urged the government to create an army of vigilante ‘paedo hunters’ in the style of wife beating child abusing paedocrite and lover of underage looking girls Stinson Hunter.

HALF of all criminal charges in the UK now are sex abuse charges

Half of all the criminal cases going before juries in the Crown Courts now involve sex abuse charges, senior lawyers said today.
They said there has been a boom in sexual cases since the Jimmy Savile scandal broke and warned that trials of historic sex charges are ‘fraught with legal and practical difficulties’.
They called for a time limit on historic sex abuse cases so that no allegations based on events more than 12 years ago – or 20 years in the case of children – can be the basis for criminal charges.

*This was predicted by myself many times here. Within a decade or two, the vast majority of the prison population will be composed of ‘sex offenders’. This actually presents an opportunity for the politicization of such a growing ‘community’ (by a non-paedocrite men’s rights movement) – just as the growth in the muslim prison population is feeding Islamic radicalism. Meanwhile, it appears that virtual reality is a whole new lucrative field for the sex abuse industry….

Feminist nutter claims to have been sexually assaulted in virtual reality

Belamire who goes by a pseudonym to protect her privacy, was playing a game called QuiVr on her brother-in-law’s HTC Vive VR system. She was shooting zombies with strangers in QuiVr’s multiplayer mode when another player began to virtually rub her chest.
“I’ve been groped in real life, once in a Starbucks in broad daylight. I know what it’s like to happen in person,” Belamire, 30, told CNNMoney. “The shock and disgust I felt [in QuiVr] was not too far off from that.”

Finally, a cute video of Kim Kardashian taken in 1994 when she was only 13…judge for yourself is she looked better then.

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  1. One thing I have to comment on here in regard to the pedophile thing…

    After watching “Who Took Johnny”, I tried googling actual child abduction cases – in an effort to determine if boys get kidnapped more than girls. According to “Who Took Johnny”, BOYS were being abducted (there was a rash of them) – and being used to make SALO style porn.

    Anyway, I googled and googled – there was NO INFORMATION that I found to determine if boys get abducted more than girls.

    Of course, the dogma in our society dictates that girls are more of a target – but – ARE THEY???

    Everybody in these circles knows what REAL RAPE and REAL PEDOPHILIA are.

    Everybody in these circles knows that there is a HATRED OF MALES in our society.

    Put them together – I would guess that boys are abducted more often than girls and used for sick-faggot style porn like Futrelle’s favorite – Salo.

  2. @Scarecrow – it’s long been known that homosexual paedophiles are way more sadistic and violent than their heterosexual equivalents. In fact, it’s well known that bdsm and violent porn is a much bigger feature of gay culture per se. Could you imagine a film like Salo being ever sold in an ordinary (heterosexual) sex shop? Yet the gay sex shop that Futrelle frequented was allowed to rent out that filth with apparently no objections from the clientele, and with perverts like Manboobz publicly defending it as ‘homosexual art’.

    I doubt if the police, as well as the media, give as much attention to little boys being abducted. Especially in the 70s and 80s. Probably because as you say, the fact that boys are worth less in society than girls, and also perhaps that the police and media are riddled with pederasts such as Futrelle.

  3. Guys… It is also a dogma hate pedophiles and believe that they are pathological rapists and perverts.

    It’s funny when 80% of real child molesters are teleiophiles (that silly word) and not pedophiles, but situational abusers.

    If all of you hate pedophiles and believe that are real sick perverts so why you have the pedo Tom O’Caroll and holocaust21 (an advocate of pedophiles) as reference blogs of sex hysteria?

    It is well known as hebephiles (another word that seems a strange cult) throw pedophiles under the bus (like me some time ago) and ephebophiles (this word used by aspies) that throw people like you and me under the bus too because “sex with early teens is not ok, at 12 are very young children, they are sick, 17yrs old are women is ok!” and plain vanilla faggots/straights do the same with ephebophiles (aka aspies) because “underage sex is child rape”, this is not an invitation to advocate childsex is just to stop acting wantonly like Femi-Nazis. I really do not like the attraction to prepubescents because is dangerous but I do not make their stay on earth a hell and therefore provoke them to act.

    Finally homosexuals are the real pervs and they are more sadistic because they are an anal perversion of a degenerate civilization, where they appear this rabble, a civilization falling into the void, see ancient Rome, ancient Greece, current West. Fags and lesbians need to eliminate younglove to gain his gay rights. Country where fag marriage/sex is permited, marriage/sex with minors become prohibited. Your blog could be called TheAntiHomosexualist and would have the same effect.

  4. @FeldMarschall – I think you’ve misinterpreted my comment a bit. I don’t hate paedophiles and certainly don’t wish them hell on Earth. I simply meant that the number of violent homosexual paedophiles is known to be greater than the number of heterosexual paedophiles. This was in the context of Scarecrow asking whether it might be the case that more little boys are abducted and violently abused than girls. Also, I would define (real) paedophilia as the sexual fixation with pre-pubescent children, and keeping in mind that the average age of menarche in the West is around 12 (and can vary wildly).

  5. @theantifeminist
    You’re right, I admit pedophilia is fixation with prepubertal children, very different from the attracction to peripubescents since puberty fluctuates and is not fixed. I met (not in person) an homosexual pedophile and he liked that slanderous rubbish of Salo, because homosexuals are generally very sick from the physical point of view. But I also met heterosexual pedophiles who were equally degenerate with girls, but they enjoy the concept more about harm a weaker person than its frustration by the same-gender typical disability. And better not to speak of that incestuous sadistic pedophilia so characteristic of manipulative women, especially lesbians.

  6. One item you might want to consider adding to the roundup.

    Over here in the US it would appear that an investigation into the ‘sexting’ of underage girls by Anthony Weiner has led to a reopening of Hillary’s e-mail case.

    Rumor has it that this could spell the end of Hillary’s shot as the US’s first femcunt and chief not to mention jail time.

    Oh, what sweet irony that decades old feminist laws should play a hand in her undoing.

  7. Tom O’Carroll is an advocate for child molestation, he is a pathological liar and master manipulator. One of his paedophile friends was a sadist and write about punish boys, these paedophiles surely love to watch that type of trash like Salo. An authentic disgusting individual, and all who are like him, you should have a tour of his nasty paedo places like BoyChat where they speak up abusing little children and babies, justifying that little children and babies “can use simple consent”, like feminists hags they equalize to having sex with children to having sex with teens, but in their positive light. IT’S SICK.

    REAL PAEDOPHILES are pathological sick and with a cowardly fixation to beings who can not defend themselves and therefore poison our just struggle with his REAL SICK. Prepubescent children do not know about sex, can not consent, and also make fun of the victims. People hate these scoundrels and rightly so.

    Someone need facts? Pedophilia is a paraphilia or abnormal condition because normal humans like animals felt main attracted to puberty, which is the main cause of sexual arousal.

    Anyone want more evidence? On its website the most despicable breed of feminists gather to justify feminism and its crimes, a mixture of sick paedophilia advocacy and the feminist-apologist narrative of these typical aspie “ephebophiles”.

    Every normal person must condemn and reject this REAL SICK anywhere they are.

  8. I’ve been robbed and nearly murdered by armed bandits in Berbice, Guyana.

    What do the foreign NGO organizations do in response to poverty and crime in the Guyana region of the Caribbean? They want to increase the Age of Sexual Consent to beyond 18 to put more young men into jail, so when they get released from jail, they will end up robbing more businesses, while those Caribbean Voice fuckers are mooching off from American feminist mulah.

    Read this bullshit that they are posting all over Guyana:
    [Currently the age of consent for females to have sex in Guyana is 16 years while the age at which they become legal adults is 18. One result is an increasing among of teenage pregnancies, sometimes leading to suicide and more often than not, condemning mother and child to lives of hardship. The Caribbean Voice and its partners urge President Granger and his government to raise the age of consent to 18 as one way of tackling the teenage pregnancy and suicide rates as well as to help young women make more informed and responsible choices.]

    What about the Age of Consent for boys? I heard about female teachers in the U.S.A. fucking 13-year-old male students because they don’t get any jail time for doing that.

    But jailing more young men for fucking 17-year-old females, even when the female could have wanted the sex in the first place, it’s unfair for me because now I am planning to invest in more security for my business, because jailing young men for consensual sex will only lead to more crime against hardworking Guyanese.

    The fucking feminists abroad are picking on Guyana because Guyana is the only country in Latin America which speaks some English.

    How the fuck is implementing a law to jail more teens and young men going to stop crime from spiraling out of control?

    Caribbean Voice feminists are using Mental Health to spread their pro-feminist Age of Consent agenda.

    I can only be afraid what would happen when thousands of 18-30 year old men automatically become outlaws and criminals because of Age of Consent raised to 18?

    Caribbean Voice could be spending thousands of American currency to promote their feminist agenda in Guyana, but they only have 151 signatures to date, most of whom are signatories by old, white feminist cunts from Canada!

    Even the American people are questioning the motives of the petition, because raising the Age of Consent to 18 will create more criminals for an act which is currently legal in over 50% of the world.

    It reminds me about Trinidad & Tobago when white feminist bitches were forcing the T&T gov. to increase the sexual consent to 21. The T&T gov. eventually gave into the feminist concerns and increased the age of sexual consent from 16 to 18, but 16 for sexual touching. Contrary to the feminists, the gov. of T&T is under attack by feminists and atheists for exempting Muslims to marry at age 12, and for Hindus to marry at age 16.

    What the fuck is with these feminists bullying sovereign nations to increase the Age of Consent? Do these fuckers ever lived in Guyana or Trinidad to know what it feels like to be greeted with an AK-47 in your face late at night by a former convict who wants all of your money?

    Fucking feminists is going to increase crime in the Caribbean. The Caribbean Voice should be named the Feminist Voice.

    If you anti-feminists can help prevent the Caribbean from becoming a crime zone with all of those juveniles in jail for consensual sex, please help us out! These foreign NGO feminist fuckers are dominating the airwaves in the Caribbean with their militant Age of Consent campaign.

    These feminist fuckers aren’t going to even be in the Caribbean when their revised proposals will create more youth poverty and crie.

    Fuck Caribbean Voice and their Age of Consent feminism campaign!

  9. @ceser – I haven’t looked at his website for a while, but when I did he seemed quite reasonable and published some good posts about the Savile affair and so on. I didn’t see any specific references to (real) paedophilia but rather general points and arguments that apply to the current hysteria over sex with teens.

    As far as real paedophilia is concerned, you’re right, it is abnormal and it’s good to keep this distinction in mind. However, I doubt if it’s a sensible idea to join in and light the paedophile bonfires when, unjust though it is, the normal attraction to pubescents has been defined as paedophilia.

    I also doubt if all (real) paedophiles want to hurt children. There may be many psychological reasons why paedophiles are attracted to pre-pubescent children. Undoubtedly, some of them are the way they are because it fulfills their need for the sadistic feeling of power over the vulnerable (and are usually the biggest paedocrites).

  10. Hi EWM, it’s good to see you here again. Of course I’ve been following this story. It’s been quite surreal watching this election campaign unfold. Who would have thought that a man who was filmed telling 14 year old girls that he would be ‘dating them in a couple of years’ is within touching distance of the Presidency? Good to see the American alt-right abandon their paedocrisy and continue to champion him as the ultimate heterosexual alpha male that he is. And yes, it’s a delicious irony that after the flak the paedocrite democrats were giving him for that, that Hilary is going to be undone by Weiner and his sexting of an underage girl.

    I’m not sure if many readers will be aware, but Hilary played a huge part in getting the current definition of child porn set at under 18 worldwide.

  11. Why nobody creates an army of ephebophiles * as do the vigilante mob? Do not take me for a madman, I understand that an army of uniformed people and hierarchical type Nazi SA or Britain First is impossible, but if we did the same as watchmen and this type of rabble? If we attack and harass them, for example that state-paid feminist hags of Caribbean Voice, them would think twice before attacking us, also to harass online sting goons like Stingson and others, if that rabble knew that could end up pretty bad too they would think twice. If this rabble (let’s call this trash by name, deserve nothing but contempt) of vigilantes, feminist NGOs and extremist groups attacks paedophiles (ie normal people who doing normal things) and not real child molesters it is because we are the easiest target who exists, if you attack any other group of people you would get troubles!

    * I have denounced that word thousands of times, the concept is ridiculous, but as it is called those people who are aware of their attraction? you can find another word, for example, teenlover or whatever, but would be the same.

    Indeed, you know who used the modern concept of “ephebophile” for the “sexual attraction, especially male, to people aged between 15 and 21 years” (ie the almost entire human race)? Ray Blanchard, the same who invented the word “hebephilia” to convert the natural attraction to pubescent in a disorder such as pedophilia to make it more easier for sex offenders (of victimless crimes about sex/porn with teens) to be kept locked up indefinitely until they are “cured”. Nice.

    Now is used mainly by “Dr” Seto, a nutcase who has created a thousand and one chronophilias, and I not lie, the proof:

    Specialy attention to: “pubescent children”. Ephebophilia ends just in 18, this is real science? also “young, sexually mature adults” are those 18 to 30, not 15 to 17, they are just poor and vulnerable “adolescents”.

    In fact they are very clever these psychiatrists racketeers, they prefer to remove the classification of “paedophilia” for us, but instead of being now “ephebepophiles” (just paedophiles with other name) can normalize the concept that pubescents are children, not young adults. Therefore as “children” they can deny them their sexual intimacy. In fact this clasification is used mainly with the aim “to prevent sexual offenses with underage girls”, another of his nonsense is that these “hebephiles are approximately 2% of the people” paedophiles are 1%, pathetic. Psychiatry and psychology are another danger to us as feminism.

  12. Why nobody creates an army of ephebophiles

    Because as I’ve stated here in the past, such an ‘army’ would be about as much use as an army of disabled pacifists going in to try to liberate Mosul. The only army that might win against feminists is a non-paedocrite men’s rights/anti-feminist/alt-right movement. This is has been my goal for the last 8 years here, trying vainly to ensure that the MRM continues along the path of Angry Harry who created it in speaking out against sex hysteria and the demonization of normal male sexuality. And guess what? Now that I’ve given up hope entirely and largely abondoned this blog, an unrepentent heterosexual alpha male darling of the alt-right who lusts after pretty 14 year old girls and brags about banging them as soon as they are legal is about to become the President of the United States of America and the saviour of Western civilisation!

    As far as all of these crappy aspie labels – hebophilia, ephebophilia, heboephebophilia etc, they’re all complete autistic tosh. I’ve just come back from spending another month in the former Soviet Union. I rented an apartment next to the university. Every morning I walked past a stream of young students. In 5 minutes, I would literally pass by at least a dozen girls who any sane man would fall in love with and pledge life-long devotion to at the slightest return of affection. Now I’m back in Londonistan. Nearly every attractive girl I would so much as look at let alone marry is under 18. In the FSU, maybe 50% of attractive females are under 18. In the UK, it’s perhaps 90 – 95%. Does that mean I’m an ephebophile in the UK, but as soon as I board a plane to the FSU (former Soviet Union) I turn into a normal heterosexual male? Or does it just mean that I’m honest, and due to lifestyle and genetics 95% of attractive females in the UK are under 18, and in Russia etc it’s 50%?

    Recall the video of Kim Kardishan at 13? I think 99% of heterosexual males would struggle with their erections if they were alone with her lying naked on a bed. Does that mean that 99% of men are ‘hebophiles’ (not to be confused with ‘ephebophiles’, who would only find Kim attractive between the ages of 15 years 3 months and 16 years 8 months)?

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