Roosh V Wins the Battle of Montreal

Roosh V might not be everbody’s cup of tea, but it’s clear that nobody on the planet is doing as much to take it to the feminists as he is. The ‘Battle of Montreal’ might prove to be pivotal – it showed that manosphere tactics built up over the years (including here) such as standing one’s ground, fighting fire with fire, and shaming the shamers through Google Bombing, can prevail against the very worst that the SJWs have to offer (and in their very heartland too).


Shamefully disowned by the mangina ‘child abuse’ obsessed victimizing paedocrites at reddit/r/mensrights :

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  1. Fat-Troll has been rampaging about this all weekend; which led me to suspect Roosh must have done something right. He’s up to 4 articles so far, telling everybody that nothing important was going on lol

    As usual, Futrelle’s accusing Roosh of employing the same tactics he routinely employs.

  2. Concerned:
    True—in Mexico 15 is considered a grown woman and 12-14 is negociable. But American paedocrites like Obama have been trying to force femihag AOC/abortion/homo marriage onto Latin America as well; though they aren’t getting the success they’ve had in Europe or parts of Asia. Even in those places, it’s questionable how rigorously the laws are enforced.

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