Reddit MensRights Very Own Version of ‘Dear Woman’

In the very same week that Sharon Osbourne and her female audience chuckled at the horrific castration of a man, came up with its very own version of ‘Dear Woman‘, in an apparent attempt to show that whatever the misogynistic sins of the men’s rights past, under the leadership of Kloo2 the clueless, we are entering into a new era of higher consciousness co-creation with our fellow feminists :


This is what we are fighting for, my fellow MRAs – the right of women not to have to cancel their summer vacations because of inconvenient mistakes like this little fucka :

aborted baby

To be fair, Reddit mensrights might have been pushed into the defensive because of a  new anti-men’s rights sub-reddit  –  – formed by a group of feminists who are such retarded radical anarchists that they want anyone who questions feminist laws put in prison.  One of the ring-leaders is the trans-sexual ‘thepinkmask‘, formerly known as ‘catlebrity’, who earlier this year persuaded Kloo2 to agree that forcing 5 year old boys to dress up as little girls and be paraded around talk shows like a freak is an essential men’s rights cause.

Tomek77 left the most sensible comment underneath the men’s rights Dear Women post :

I upvoted this on principle, but we don’t owe anyone an apology or an explanation. We shouldn’t get shamed into “proving” that we are not “woman-haters” – doing so is playing by the rules of those who hate us (and no amount of apologizing for our gender will ever satisfy them anyway).

Considering that feminists advocating the extermination of men (like Mary Daly) are hailed as heroes by most mainstream media, and show hosts can laugh about sexual assaults and genital mutilation of a man wondering whether “he deserved it”, I think the burden of proof is on women to show that they support men’s rights (and so far I am not impressed).


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  1. “This is what we are fighting for, my fellow MRAs – the right of women not to have to cancel their summer vacations because of inconvenient mistakes like this little fucka :”

    They consider taking advantage of a drunk women to be a crime against humanity but not abortion.
    Imagine a picture with a (very clearly) drunk girl being rodded with the caption underneath “This is a war crime.” And beside it a picture of that baby with the caption “This is not.”

    I think when you hold feminist values regarding abortion up ALONGSIDE their values regarding rape the contrast makes feminists look horrible in a whole new way that to my knowledge has never been fully exploited.

  2. Hi Snark, one of your comments a few weeks ago was lost by the spam filter, sorry about that. I added your new site to my links as soon as I was aware you were blogging again.

  3. Thanks Evil, good to see an example of the mainstream being brave enough to mock feminism. Certainly brave on the part of Steve Buscemi. Actually, Ghost World is one of my favourite movies. Not only does it lampoon feminists in the form of a crazy art teacher, it has Buscemi (nearly 50 years old) banging an 18 year old girl.

  4. Exactly right, it’s really the comparison of values that should be highlighted. MRAs can have their own opinions on abortion, but what should appall everybody is the attitude that is an unquestionable right.

    Angry Harry is one of the few MRAs who has put up pictures of aborted fetuses in order to highlight the sick feminist value system.

  5. Regarding trolls, this was my comment at R/MR.

    “Stop giving attention to these people. They are doing it to relish in wasting your time. When you give them attention, they laugh at you, and you look more the fool. They are trolling you like champs.”

  6. I never knew there is such a pandemic.

    Considering where I’m from, lots of young women below the age of 25 are producing children at a healthy reproductive rate (within or without the wedlock)
    Abortion is fairly unheard of.

    You’re suggesting that there is a pandemic of women who would do these things, deliberately?

  7. hey, please let me know how you know thepinkmask = catlebrity

    i’m another person who’s interested in this, thank you.

  8. I’m not impressed either. The bias against men is so pervasive and endemic in Western society that many men themselves are either blind to it or even take part in it to gain female approval.
    I have yet to see any feminist say anything remotely logical that is not filled with irrational bile against men or which does not translate directly into “me me me, I want I want I want”.

  9. Yes….all women who have abortions do so because they don’t want to have to cancel their summer plans… Really?? You think that? I’m a happily pregnant woman who has NEVER had an abortion, but I know many women who have, and only know one who did it that late into pregnancy (like in the picture) and for an awful, selfish reason. Yes, it happens and is wrong, but the rest of the women I know who had abortions were in dire circumstances and agonized over the decision. Some of their lives were threatened by complications. Some carried babies who could not possibly survive outside the womb. Some WERE raped. When you know what it’s like to bear 99% of the responsibility for carrying a baby, instead of your 1% job of insemination, then I’ll consider your opinion. Thanks for the horrible picture of a dead baby at about the stage of development my baby is at. It was really traumatizing.

  10. I’ve read that 1/2 a million babies are aborted each year in the UK alone, so I can’t see how the majority of them were for anything other than trivial reasons.

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