Richard Littlejohn – ‘First They Came for the Telly Presenters….’

Our loyal and esteemed reader Dogmeat was quite correct when he recently speculated that the ‘establishment’ is beginning to feel the heat of out of control paedohysteria, which increasingly is coming too close to home for their liking.
Here is Richard Littlejohn, probably the most popular newspaper columnist in the UK, known for his political incorrectness, and once a prominent supporter of paedohysterics, talking about Operation Yewtree (see also his excellent piece above this one regarding girl guides).

Thanks for your response to my last column, ‘Arrest first, ask questions later’, on the heavy-handed tactics being used by police investigating ‘historic’ sex abuse, phone-hacking and payment to public officials.

I’ve heard from a number of lawyers and ex-coppers, who point out that the standard policy of mob-handed dawn raids and ransacking homes is not only over the top, it’s probably unlawful.
Under the Police and Criminal Evidence Act (PACE) a person who is willing to attend a police station to be interviewed does not need to be arrested.

The arrest code was amended last October to make this point crystal clear.

In February, the parliamentary expenses cheat Lord Hanningfield successfully sued police who raided his Essex home at 6.45am. He was awarded £3,500 damages.