Richard Dawkins On Reading Fairytales To Children

But he admitted that he had been sexually abused at his prep school in Salisbury.

Dawkins told the audience how fagging, bullying, cold showers and bruises, which left their mark for three weeks, were common.

He also revealed that a master at the school once “put a hand down his shorts.”

“I got quite a bit of stick for saying that it did not have a big impact but to say that it did would be an indecency to those people whose lives have been ruined by experiences that have been much worse,” he said.

The author of The Selfish Gene and The God Delusion has previously said the had could not condemn the ‘mild paedophilia’ he experience as a boy.

Prof Dawkins, described how a master at his Salisbury prep school “pulled me on to his knee and put his hand inside my shorts”.

He wrote that the episode was “extremely disagreeable” and that other boys were molested by the same teacher, but concludes: “I don’t think he did any of us any lasting damage.”

However his comments were described as a ‘terrible slight’ by the NSPCC.

5 thoughts on “Richard Dawkins On Reading Fairytales To Children”

  1. What would the NSPCC child mind rapists like Richard Dawkins to say, I wonder? That his life was destroyed by his teacher putting his hand up his shorts? He can hardly say that when (whatever you think of his views on religion) he’s lived such an obviously highly successful life.

    And to femihag imbeciles like Emma, I’d point out that I’m not saying that the teacher did not do something very wrong, but what’s had the best outcome for Richard Dawkins? Interpreting his experience as nothing much (which is the view he took), or seeing it as something that would fuck his entire life up? Obviously the former.

    Clearly the high salaries of the NSPCC could not be paid if most ‘child abuse victims’ took the same view.

    BTW, reading those Angry Harry pages again makes me realise what a disaster to the community it would be if we have lost him.

  2. Can ANYONE doubt that paedophiles are the new witches/communists? I suppose the historical parallel is comforting in a sense in that those hysterical witch hunts did ultimately come crashing down (albeit not before destroying many lives) but isn’t way past time this was happening here?!

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