PUA Falsely Accused of Touching Latina Girl’s Breasts – Infield Video

‘Cupid Player’ is a one man lesson in the dangers of approaching females if you’re physically unattractive – even fat fuglies like this girl and her mother. After nearly 500 approaches, he’s gotten zero lays and only a couple of numbers, but come close to being stabbed once or twice, and spoken to by security guards on multiple occasions. In this video, he actually becomes the victim of a false allegation. Cupid approaches mom and daughter in a computer store in Puerto Rica, and is typically blown out within seconds – then discovers that the mother has reported him to the security guard for touching her daughter’s breasts. A completely false accusation, as his spyglasses recording of the entire incident proves..

8 thoughts on “PUA Falsely Accused of Touching Latina Girl’s Breasts – Infield Video”

  1. Jesus – this brought back some real bad memories.

    When I was younger – I did not even have to hit on a woman to get into trouble with “security”.

    Case – I was in a bowling alley in Carson City – My friends and I noticed that this cocktail waitress was serving alcoholic beverages to minors (we recognized them from high school).

    I flagged down the cocktail waitress – and asked her for a beer (I was 19) – She didn’t card me for ID. I said, “What – you’re not going to check my ID” – she replied, “Should I?” – I replied – shouldn’t you be checking everybody’s ID?”

    She walked off.

    Security walked up – I got thrown out.

    And for what? Pointing out the underage drinking in the establishment.

  2. Normal men are the ultimate in weird, perverted scum if they find hot, sexy teenage girls hot and sexy.
    Caitlyn Jenner is a hero and role model, not a mentally ill freakshow.

    Stick a fork in Western society. It’s done.

  3. British MPs debate on whether to let 16 and 17 year old vote on the EU in out referendum. Read the following BBC article and count the number of references to ‘children’ or ‘children being giving the vote’ (clue – it’s less than one).


    Imagine if MPs were somehow voting on whether to reduce the minimum age for porn or prostitution to 16. Suddenly it would be ‘outrage as MPs vote on whether to let children star in porn and become prostitutes’.

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