Protecting Boys From Sexual Abuse – A Men’s Rights 5 Point Plan

Placing the prevention of the sexual abuse of boys at the top of the men’s rights agenda seems like a no brainer to me.  First of all we save boys from a lifetime of abuse, trauma, and destruction.  Period.  Secondly, it will give mainstream legitimacy to our movement.  Given that the protection of girls has historically been one of the leading activist goals of feminism since its origins in the 19th century Social Purity Movements, highlighting the sexual abuse of boys will demonstrate to the world that the men’s human rights movement is simply the male equivalent of feminism and part of the mainstream progressive human rights movement.  Thirdly, it will attract more women into the movement, something that we all agree is needed, and once again, will provide legitimacy to our cause.  Good women care about children, and putting the protection of boys at the top our agenda will attract the sort of women that we need, and that our society needs.  Finally, highlighting the sexual abuse of boys will increase donations from the public and possibly even win our cause funding from government.  There is a reason that child protection agencies such as the NSPCC spend a disproportionate use of resources in tackling sexual abuse, even when their own research tells them that problems such as bullying and parental divorce are affecting children much more.  Sex sells, and the sexual abuse of children sells most of all.  It would be foolish of us as a pragmatic and progressive human rights movement to ignore that fact.  The inevitable cash flow can then be used to both prevent the abuse of boys, as well as a diverse range of other men’s human rights concerns ranging from fairness in family courts to awareness of gay rights.

That stopping the sexual abuse of boys may be a no brainer, but how to incorporate that goal into successful Men’s Human Rights Activism is a more difficult challenge.  As a preliminary to further debate, I suggest the following 5 point plan :

  1. We commence a campaign with a snappy logo (such as ‘1 in 4 – Boys Count Too!’) together with banners and buttons linking to a donation page and encourage all genuine Men’s Human Rights Sites to display them.
  2. We demand that age of consent laws reflect the fact that boys mature later than girls, physically, emotionally, and sexually.  Feminists performed one of their few good deeds when they raised the age of consent from 12 to 16 or 18, but such ages do not reflect the reality that boys need protecting further.  We therefore propose that the age of consent be raised to 21, for both boys and girls (this is necessary to ensure equality).
  3. We reach out to feminists and feminist child protection groups in an effort to build bridges and to demonstrate that we share a common goal – the protection of childhood innocence.  Gender politics should never stand in the way of protecting the most vulnerable in our society – girls AND boys.
  4. We commission University research (paid with by, say, 10% of our donations) to prove the already demonstrated statistic that 1 in 4 boys have been sexually abused, including non-contact sexual abuse*.  We also fund the training of specialist therapists who are able to understand and treat the particular trauma that teenage boys go through when molested by their female teachers.
  5. We pursue a policy of total exclusion on those supposed men’s rights activists who question the sexual abuse of boys or girls and who call for discussion on such nauseating and suicidal topics as the age of consent.  These monsters are hijacking our cause and have no further place in a progressive men’s human rights movement.

*Credit goes to the sterling work of activist and Home Run hitter TyphonBlue

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Interesting factoids of the day – annual income of leading UK children’s charities :

NSPCC : largest ‘child protection’ charity, deals almost entirely in the sexual abuse of teenage girls by male sexual predators, with the physical abuse of boys and girls by their fathers a distant second. Everything else is ignored. Total Yearly Income : £ 135 million

Children with Cancer : One of the largest children’s cancer charities in the world.  Spends money on helping children with cancer lead better pain free lives, as well as funding research on fighting cancer.  Total Yearly Income : £ 11 million

According to the NSPCC’s own research, bullying is by far and away the biggest problem facing children and young people today, and according to young people themselves.  Despite this, the NSPCC rarely promotes anti-bullying campaigns, and whenever they do mention bullying, it is almost always in relation to supposed ‘sexual bullying’ or sexual behaviour that might ‘lead to bullying’, such as ‘sexting’.  There are also very few charities in the UK devoted to bullying.  One of the few that I found posted latest accounts revealing a yearly income of just £626.

Act against Bullying : One of the very few anti-bullying children’s charities in the UK that hasn’t closed down in the last couple of years due to lack of donations and funding.  Total Yearly Income : £626  (yes that’s just 626 pounds, compared to the 135 million pounds that the NSPCC, which deals almost exclusively with teenage sex, draws in).

Lesson learned?  Any MRA who thinks we aren’t going jump at this cash cow like a repressed Catholic schoolgirl finding a dildo under her bed, is living on another planet.

1 in 6 men and boys experience sexual abuse

“The creatures outside looked from pig to man, and from man to pig, and from pig to man again; but already it was impossible to say which was which.”

(George Orwell, Animal Farm)

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  1. “We therefore propose that the age of consent be raised to 21”

    Wow! Just wow! Why not higher, 23 maybe? Just to make sure. Presumably they can lose their voting rights too, and driving licenses? I thought that AVfM was meant to be about increased accountability and adulthood. Is a 20 year old not to be regarded as an adult now??

    In fairness from their perspective they want to get results, if they allow anything in their movement to sound like their “rape apologists” they are finished before their started. Therefore for pragmatic reasons its better for their cause to disassociate from sites like this one. To gain any foothold in the mainstream they gotta do it.

    So looks like they’ve offically outed themselves as fully fledged manginas and will eventually join the fembots and socons in the demonisation of the male sexual drive. Happy days!!

    Has anyone ever read a mainstream article or tv programme about the joys of the male orgasm via masturbation? Probably not I would think. Given that it is one of the genuine pleasures in life its fascinating that it is socially taboo, and can only be addressed clinically, comedically or criminally!

    Ive read on here numerous times about this being a conscious/unconscious mating strategy for basically low SMV people, which I’d agree with.

    Seems to me that it should be added that “civilisation” cannot accept a man being sexually satisfied cheaply. His sexual desires always must have a high cost, to leverage his efforts. I’ve often wondered how motivated I would actually be if I was able to have regular sex with highly attractive women on a regular basis with zero effort.

    The whole “romantic love” meme, the whole “marriage thing is just a way to leverage the male sexual drive for the benefit of society at large. I wonder if worker productivity drops on average as a direct result of males having “cheaper” access to sex? That the reason for men doing worse in university etc etc is their gradual disinvestment from the rat race mentality due to easier access to sexual satisfaction. Why strive and strive if its sitting right in front of your tv screen?

    Id say that one aspect of our emergence from primitive cultures is the suppression/repression/sublimation of the male sex drive and that the liberalism of the twentieth century is gradually undermining that, as with the breaking of other taboos. The unfortunate result of freeing women from the “chains of patriarchy” was that it freed men from the worship of the feminine sacred, and for the need to “man up” and marry a good woman.

    The fembots, manginas, socons and whoever else fancies a stab, are trying to put it back in the box! Problem is if you chuck all the good stuff out of marriage and worship of the feminine then men are gradually going to drop out and they will invest less and less as a result, MGTOW etc.

    The grinding, work ethic man with decency and civility at his beck and call slips away. As the biological male organism becomes less and less invested in society the less he works and supports the society around him. A state of nature where men are idle, and seek to satisfy immediate primal needs and nothing else.

    Sounds good anyway!

  2. Only 1 comment – nice dream Schop, now wake up!
    You’re in the wrong game – comedy appears to be more your forte…

  3. I’ve just spotted this article on Reddit. Maybe an explicit title like “Promoting male sexual victimhood is self-defeating and imbecilic” would’ve been better for the average redditer mind to grasp. Let’s see.

  4. Protect the boys… from the legal system under the command of the Dries. (Sexting and Statutory Rape)

  5. ’ve just spotted this article on Reddit. Maybe an explicit title like “Promoting male sexual victimhood is self-defeating and imbecilic” would’ve been better for the average redditer mind to grasp. Let’s see.

    I posted it with the intention of shaming r/mensrights – I assumed it would be mass upvoted because mRAs would think I was being serious, or wouldn’t even bother reading it and just upvote it because the title refers to protecting boys from sexual abuse. I was pleasantly surprised to see that wasn’t the case, and even had someone comment straight away that it was outrageous that I was suggesting to raise the age of consent and ban MRAs who discussed lowering the age of consent. I also added all the stuff about the relative donations to children’s charities after I had already submitted it to reddit.

    BTW, the reason why I posted this today, is because I don’t know if you guys have noticed, but Dean Esmay has just published the official men’s rights manifesto at AVfM – and it explicitly states that the reason why the sexual abuse of boys is (allegedly) taken less seriously than that of girls is because of the disposability of males (i.e. Esmay excludes the possiblity that everybody knows it’s all a pretence that teenagers – boys or girls – having willing sex with older partners is abuse, and it is in fact the injustice to male ‘paedophiles’ by the feminist state that demonstrates the disposability of the male).

  6. @Jay

    The Dries wants to make this world into a nightmare.

    Imagine when people can’t consent outside of marriage, so anything outside of marriage is considered statutory rape.

    Imagine a world where you’re getting arrested by law enforcement officers and sentenced to prison for posing no danger to society for looking at cartoon images online.

    Imagine a world where a couple fake tears and a story in court will be able to put to in prison for years and destroying your life with the registry after that.

    Imagine a world where you, your wife and children must live under the fear of them being a target of the Dries. Anyone can be a target for the Dries, as long as you live a successful and happy life, you’re a potential target. You see the Dries aren’t really after anything, they’re after the happiness and pleasure of other people, motivated by the fact that they lack the very thing, they decided to make all the bullshit reasons to take away other people’s joy by force.

  7. Dean Esmay has just published the official men’s rights manifesto at AVfM

    I’ve had a look at that too. To their credit male victimhood is part of the manifesto but it is only one of the points. It could have been worse.

  8. @Larner

    Imagine a world where you’re getting arrested by law enforcement officers and sentenced to prison for posing no danger to society for looking at cartoon images online.

    We don’t have to imagine anything! Of all of those scenarios you’ve mentioned – nearly all of them are already occurring now, especially the the one I quoted!

    As far as I know: only your first point isn’t law yet, but no doubt it will be very soon…

  9. Jay:
    ‘Why not to 23?’

    LOL—it’s well on the way to 26 in the US! Obamacare defined that as the age of ‘dependent children.’ There have been moves over here in state legislatures to raise the AOC to 25 and a few attempts to redefine statuatory rape to include age differences. A lot of political pundits are all on board with these policies.

  10. Jack:
    I checked out the ‘Manifesto’ on Esmay’s blog. BTW, he mentioned earlier that femRA ‘Wooly Bumblebee’ was one of the leading contributors to this affront.

    Esmay writes: “Others feel that defeating feminism is the only goal. Our view is that even without feminism, many of these issues would still remain.”

    IOW, androgeny is their ultimate goal. The entire ‘manifesto’ reads like Feminism for men, too. I can fully understand why lesbians would want and support such a document.

  11. Elam and Esmay’s attempts to hijack the mens movement and impress it into the service of feminism will fail.

    When you have Angry Harry, Bernard Chapin, Eivind Berge, W.F. Price, Rookh Kshatriya, Rob Fedders, Antifeminist, and several others saying that the MRM is going the wrong way with Elam & Co., they’re the ones to whom men will listen. Men aren’t herd animals like females (except for femmie-men like Dean Esmay and David Fatroll), men tend to think for themselves.

  12. @Alan

    If we let them take control…

    Freedom as we know it will be a thing of the past, most people are just frogs in a cup of water slowly boiling, they have no idea what’s going on and will cheer for Tamed such as John Walsh to pass laws in order to make us safer!

    Thank you John Walsh, I guess punishing teenagers that peed in public for life and make sure there is no future for them what so ever is good for our society.

  13. Jay Hammer’s society already exists. Muslims kill their own “sluts”, and groom/pimp non-Muslim “sluts”.

  14. Paul Elam rightly outraged over Facebook banning his page criticising feminist ‘1 in 4 women raped’ claim…

    ..but.. apparently Paul Elam thinks that 1 in 1,877 is the true figure. Seems not unreasonable to me, certainly as plausible as the 1 in 4 figure.

    But I’m not sure how he squares this with his support for TyphonBlue’s frequent quoting of the 1 in 6 men raped figure.

    1 in 1,877 women are raped and 1 in 6 men are raped??


  15. 1 in 1,877 women are raped and 1 in 6 men are raped??


    Just another example of what a ‘true phoney‘ the man is and why, unless somebody here points to a particularly controversial post: I don’t visit the blog anymore. Apart from things like these sorts of inconsistencies, the forum is exactly what Eivind said it is in the introduction to his post which was in effect, his critique of the site (which essentially points out that it has little or even nothing to do with Men’s Rights:

    AVfM purports to be an MRA site but is actually a cesspool of feminist filth, where they worship radical feminists like TyphonBlue. She is a particularly nasty promoter of the feminist sex abuse industry including the lie that women are equally culpable for sex offenses…

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