Premier League star cleared of gang rape hits out at women who he claims target wealthy footballers

It would be interesting to know the exact number of footballers who have been falsely accused of rape during the last few years. In the UK alone it seems to happen at least once or twice a month. And this doesn’t include those such as Chad Evans who have clearly been falsely convicted. Of course no action will be taken against the false accusers. They didn’t win the lottery this time. Maybe next time…

A Premier League footballer cleared of gang rape allegations has lashed out at women he sees as targeting wealthy footballers as cash cows.

French international Loic Remy, who plays for Newcastle United, says wannabe WAGs go after players like him for their cash – however they can get it.

‘These girls are vicious and greedy,’ he told The Sun’s Rachel Dale, in his first public comments on his ordeal since he was first arrested nine months ago.

Twenty-seven-year-old Remy was one of three men last year accused of the champagne-fuelled gang rape of a 34-year-old woman at his rented flat in Fulham, West London.

He denied the allegation, and last month the Metropolitan Police finally said there would be no further action taken against him.

He admitted he should have been smarter, but said: ‘When you’re a footballer, single and want to have fun, you can have any girl you want.

‘Before it was not like that. I see things that make me afraid. I see these girls – what they can do.’

Notice also the line – ‘he admits he should have been smarter’.

A newspaper printing that line in relation to a woman who had been raped (‘she admits she should have been smarter’) would be faced with hysterical outrage for suggesting it was her fault. But even when men are falsely accused of rape and their lives turned upside down and potentially destroyed, it is at least in someway down to being stupid (i.e. ‘womanizers’).

2 thoughts on “Premier League star cleared of gang rape hits out at women who he claims target wealthy footballers”

  1. “I should have been smarter”

    +1 for rationality. Even though men aren’t to blame for being falsely accused they’re rational enough to realise they can minimise the chance of it happening by taking some common sense precautions.

  2. Yes, men can take some common-sense precautions, but greedy women who target wealthy men with false accusations of rape should be held criminally liable in the most extreme sense. I also think of another scam women target wealthy sports men for: Using them to become pregnant (no marriage necessary) and then soaking them for huge child support payments, so they can live parasitically in comfort (the tragic case of Rae Carruth comes to mind). Until female criminals are held accountable, nothing will change, because reinforced behavior recurs.

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