Philippines outlaws cybersex and webcam sex chat

The rapists of the sexual trade union have won a momentous victory in the Philippines with the news that the government there has banned 'cybersex' and 'cam girls' :

The Philippines has outlawed cybersex and online sex video chat.

Cybersex involves women - "cam girls"- chatting and performing sexual acts in front of webcams for internet clients.

It is a growing industry in many parts of the world, and often young women and under-age girls are forced into it.

Anyone breaking the law faces a fine of 250,000 Philippine pesos ($6,000; £3,700) and a jail term of up to six months.

The new legislation is part of the Cybercrime Prevention Act of 2012, signed by President Benigno Aquino on 15 September.

The act defines cybersex as "the wilful engagement, maintenance, control, or operation, directly or indirectly, of any lascivious exhibition of sexual organs or sexual activity, with the aid of a computer system, for favour or consideration".

One of the authors of the law, senator Edgardo Angara, said the act was needed to detect, investigate and suppress cybercrime such as hacking, cybersex, identity theft, spamming, and child pornography online.

The National Bureau of Investigation and the Philippine National Police are now meant to set up a cybercrime unit "to exclusively handle cases involving violations of this act".

89 thoughts on “Philippines outlaws cybersex and webcam sex chat

  1. Alan Vaughn


    Unless he pays for it…or at least pays jailbait looking girls $5 to pretend to be his girlfriend on facebook and the like :

    Paedocrite for sure.
    Are you sure he ISN'T David Fattroll with a wig and stick-on beard?

    Yet over at AVfM, he's one of their highly esteemed and respected guests...
    As I said about the disgusting attack he launched on 'JdL' at the time (who would be most welcome here of course): I'll say again now: are commentators who make statements like that and argue the ridiculous 'It IS rape, because 17 year olds are too immature to give their consent' feminist diatribe, really MRA's?

  2. theantifeminist

    Post author

    ‘Three churches have converted to Masculinism’

    What he is even talking about? He left three out of the four comments on that thread, I couldn’t make any sense out of anything he said.

    Sounds like he inhabits a complete fantasy world. I stand corrected if I'm wrong, but unless he's provided proof of this, then together with the fact that he's paying (and humiliating both them and himself) what appear to be teenagers (or young women posing as jailbait teens) five measly dollars to pose as his facebook girlfriend, whilst claiming repeatedly that jailing 19 year old boys as child rapists for having sex with 17 year old sluts is 'men's rights', then I really think it needs to be considered if this is the type of guy we need in the MRM. Imagine the damage it would do if and when this guy gets busted? Particularly to the American conservative anti-sex father's rights branch of the MRM.

    I see he claims that women couldn't keep their hands off his cock from the age of 9. Oh yea, I heard David Futrelle lost his virginity at 12 as well. If you count jerking off to his mother's lingerie catalogue that is.

  3. theantifeminist

    Post author

    Aside from his jailbait collection, did you happen to check out his gallery of fellow ‘manly men’ on the same link?

    I was too busy checking out 'alliemadison12's video :

    I don't know if I prefer her or 'Cherry Pop' :

    BTW, I didn't discover this through hours of trawling - just Google 'aoirthoir'. I wouldn't be surprised there's worse to discover, but I didn't get past the first page - the human mind can only take so much nauseating hypocrisy (or rather paedocrisy) in one day.

    I remember when Paul Elam put up his video attacking Jay Hammers ('Killing the Cause'). One of the most outspoken 'men's rights' commentators was screeching that all under 18's are children and that Jay Hammers was a paedophile who should be drummed out of the movement. I clicked on this guy's profile, and as you'd expect, his friend list was full of jailbait teens.

  4. theantifeminist

    Post author

    He's definately going to be a frontrunner in the forthcoming 'world's biggst paedocrite' contest.

    are commentators who make statements like that and argue the ridiculous ‘It IS rape, because 17 year olds are too immature to give their consent’ feminist diatribe, really MRA’s?

    Even in Europe, which is basically run by radical feminists now, we don't legally define or describe men who have underage sex with teens to be 'child rapists'.

    For example, the NSPCC fairly recently forced the EU to introduce a directive requiring member states to make adults having sex with children below a certain age 'rape' whether the 'victim' was willing or not, and it was rather controversial at the time even in the UK. In the UK they set it at 13, I believe in Germany it is 14. Only in Malta is even the age of consent now higher than 16. Angry Harry has written an article denouncing this abuse of language, which leads to teenage boys being charged with 'child rape' for having sex with willing teenage girls.

    So these 'MRAs' go further than radical paedohysteric feminists - or at least further than what those feminists have managed to thus far achieve.

  5. Jack

    In the same line, Barbarossaaa suggested in one of his Youtube videos that the Irak was, among other things, a feminist war against a non-feminist stronghold. Much as I dislike the Mullahs and religion in general, I cannot help thinking these wars (Irak, Afghanistan, Lybia, next Iran) indeed follow a feminist trail.

  6. A very interesting twist of Age of Consent is that if teenagers cannot consent due to adult pressure, young Muslim women cannot consent to wear hijab, or head scarves, because of the threat of tournante, or gang rape.

  7. Eric

    Admittedly, Allie Madison caught my attention too, although it would be a toss-up between her and Dannister.

    It's depressing, though, to realize that the only American women who look like that are slutting around online and probably think they're too good for any decent man...blah.

  8. Eric

    'Are you sure he isn't David Fatroll with a wig and stick-on beard?'

    It is uncanny how all these male feminists and paedocrites all seem to look and behave alike. I'm certain there's a thesis here for a psychology student (but of course it would never get published).

    I doubt that he's Fatroll since Davey already has a collection of female groupies doing 'meet-ups', and wouldn't need to be shelling out five bucks for the virtual stuff.

  9. Eric

    Maybe the next time Aoirthur starts in on one of his paedohysterical rampages, someone should post a link to his webpage and watch the Fathers' Rights guys go ballistic on him.

    The other link on the page had a gallery of his fellow 'masculinists' advertising various services for 5 dollars (a real enterprenuerial bunch LOL). Those guys look like the same guys who would tear down posters for the Femistasi in Vancouver!

  10. Eric

    LOL, nothing like a little civil disobedience thrown into the mix! Maybe this was part of his missionary endeavors to Indonesia, trying to look like a Buddhist priest or something.

    On a more serious note: I wonder how much of this is 'posturing'? The same way Futrelle poses as a pro-feminist to divert attention away from his own 'indrescretions', maybe this guy's trying to suck up to the Fathers' Rights MRAs so that nobody thinks to peer behind the curtain at his other activities.

  11. Alan Vaughn


    So you think this was all in vain, LOL :

    Well now that you and Eric have followed up my otherwise typical AVfM story and opened up a huge can of worms: no not at all!
    However, it isn't really too surprising (I was too disappointed or 'deflated' at the time to even think of going any further because he was and still IS regarded by all those mRAs there as some sort of men's right's super hero).
    Also when somebody makes a comment like this:

    Fuck off JDL. It IS rape when someone is forced to have sex against their will, or when they are incapable of consenting. A child is incapable of consent.

    It does not cheapen the word rape to call an act of rape, rape. Go fuck yourself and the rock crawled out from under.

    It speaks volumes to me that he has something to hide.
    As soon as I saw his first retort to JdL the first thought that entered my mind was: 'what a paedocrite!'
    What made me feel even more hopeless was all the upvotes Aoirthoir was awarded and JdL TOTALLY downvoted, except the single upvote he received from Yours Truly.

    I also chipped in with a very tactfully worded comment, but then realized it just couldn't be done, no matter how 'softly-softly' I approach them, thus abandoned the idea of trying to help them 'see the light'.
    Instead, I just came back here and whined about these mRA's and hoped you'd be back from your holiday soon!

  12. Alan Vaughn


    Those guys look like the same guys who would tear down posters for the Femistasi in Vancouver!

    And that's probably one of the services they provide for 5 bucks. Per DAY, but the real reward they earn would be the privilege of getting to have sex with some fat, ugly Canadian femihag cougar, but only if they tear down a minimum of 1000 posters...

  13. Eric

    Looks like my earlier post about the video fell victim to the spam folder...oh well.

    To restate it a little: I'm wondering if this guy isn't sucking up to the Fathers' Rights MRAs to divert attention from what he's really doing behind the scenes...much like Futrelle's pro-feminism keeps the femihags from investigating him too closely.

  14. theantifeminist

    Post author

    LOL, nothing like a little civil disobedience thrown into the mix! Maybe this was part of his missionary endeavors to Indonesia, trying to look like a Buddhist priest or something.

    On a more serious note: I wonder how much of this is ‘posturing’? The same way Futrelle poses as a pro-feminist to divert attention away from his own ‘indrescretions’, maybe this guy’s trying to suck up to the Fathers’ Rights MRAs so that nobody thinks to peer behind the curtain at his other activities.

    It's classic paedocrite behaviour alright.

    From what I gather, the guy certainly isn't a father. I doubt if he's ever had sex with a woman.

    Posing as an anti-sex 'masculinist' missionary would also provide a good cover for a sex tourist.

    Not sure what the hell adopting feminist abuse victim culture has to do with 'masculinism' anyway. It was habitual for Ancient Greek males to be taken up the ass as boys by older men, this didn't stop Alexander the Great from conquering half the world by the age of 25, or 300 Spartans standing firm against half a million Persians and saving Western civilisation. Not to mention inventing science, philosophy, theater, democracy etc etc I'm not belittling the double standard or condoing the sexual abuse of boys, but I know that adopting feminist myths - such as that unwanted (or even wanted) touching by an adult as a young teen will 'destroy you for life' - has fuck all to do with men's rights.

    As their name suggests (masculinists) these mangina creeps want to turn the MRM into 'feminism for males'. Feminism is about protecting the sexual interests of older women in a free sexual market. Aping feminism, and adopting feminist values, has no rewards for men, and will simply lead to the criminalization and demonization of more and more men and unnecessary harm for boys.

    EDIT: As Highwayman has pointed out, mirroring the sexual trade unionism and fake sex abuse victim culture of feminism might have (sexual) value for ugly beta males such as you know who - or at least they may believe that it does.

  15. Jack

    I think this guy is playing several games at once. I remember some of his posts in AVFM as relaxed and playful, others as kowtowing to the party line (eg in an exchange about age-of-consent where Alan was involved if I remember right). In the following youtube video he sets up AVFM as an example of a non exclusionary MRA site:

    When pressed on this by a commentator he remains cleverly non committal:

    Commentator: "You really think AVFM? is a good example of a non exclusionary MRA platform? Uhm ...."

    Aoirthoir An Broc: "Do I??"

  16. Eric

    Not only that, but it was also customary in ancient times for fathers to take their young sons to prostitutes. The fathers considered this to be a necessary part of the sons' educational experience. In Rome, there were prostitutes who specialized in 'breaking in' younger men. The Romans don't seem like a race of men who were carrying around a lot of emotional baggage, somehow.

    That's a good point about the missionary stuff being a cover. Isn't there a lot more feminism to fight here than in the Phillippines? He was bragging in the Indonesia article about setting up a DV shelter for men over there. I haven't heard of any epidemic of abused Filipino males---unless they're counting going INCEL with all the female expats.

  17. You're dog meat Brady

    They started using the term "population bomb" around the the early '70s. I'ts a pretty military notion when you think of it-likening people to bombs. OK, they're being considered as an aggregate and not as individuals, but still.
    I hate abortion. I don't know whether outlawing it does any good or not because outlawing things mostly only seems to make the problem worse, but yeah, it is pretty rich for Clinton to be promoting killing one group of females while supposedly protecting others.
    As far as this Philipino thing goes, it's a seen-to-be-doing-something exercise by people who I'm sure are far sleazier than most of the webcam customers.
    BTW I'm going to put an open letter to ECPAT as a comment on this blog when a relevant article gives me the opportunity to.
    Don't worry, it won't be too long.

  18. Alan Vaughn


    That’s a good point about the missionary stuff being a cover. Isn’t there a lot more feminism to fight here than in the Phillippines? He was bragging in the Indonesia article about setting up a DV shelter for men over there. I haven’t heard of any epidemic of abused Filipino males—unless they’re counting going INCEL with all the female expats.

    This story is just getting more and more incredible almost by the hour!
    You're right about what you said about the presence of any abuse of Filipino men too. Unless he considers some typically lazy chronically unemployed bludger being yelled at by his wife or mother, or father or anyone to: 'get off your arse and do something to help yourself and your family, you lazy sack of shit', is abuse or DV?
    Be rest assured, there is no threat to any man there from Feminism!
    At least not yet...
    Some Filipino girls who completed their education in US, UK and Australian universities (yes they completed their degrees in 'gender studies'), returned to the Philippines and tried to convince their local women to become involved in feminsm...
    They were practically kicked out of town and told to return to those western democracies where they belong!
    The local Filipino women were not interested in any ideologies that practice such hatred and the teachings were widely rejected by most of them...
    Apparently these academics try it almost on an annual basis and all end up returning to the feminist police states from whence they came...

  19. The Highwayman

    QUOTE: "one reader here does believe that ephebophilia is real and is not afraid of that label."

    LOL! I assume you are talking about me.

    QUOTE: "ephebophiles would surely be a prime demographic that would be as desperate to destroy feminism"

    Unfortunately Ephebophiles do not have the same incentives to activism as other sexual minorities do such as homosexuals. The reason being that most ephebophiles have AT LEAST SOME degree of attraction to adult females thus many ephebophiles may focus exclusively on trying to find an adult female with characteristics that he likes (youthful appearance, gracile physique, emotional softness..etc) and neglect making any effort to challenge the legal and cultural barriers that prevent them from pursuing the females that they most desire.

    Also unlike homosexuals who could engage in acticism hand in hand with those they love counterpart to ephebophiles would be "adult attracted minors" i.e. teenagers with a strong sexual preference for adult males...there is no real incentive for AAMs to engage in activism at all since thier condition (being unable to form relationships with older males due to legal and cultural barriers) is only a temporary one and as soon as they hit "magic age" they begin to BENEFIT from those same legal and cultural barriers as they shelter them from competition from younger women.

  20. The Highwayman

    QUOTE: "It’s also been my experience that men who admit to having a preference for teenage girls are similarly very much white knights and supporters of feminism, even if explained to them that it is feminists who have criminalized them."

    I does not surprise me that many ephebophiles would be like this and this is unfortunate. The preference that SOME ephebophiles may have for adolescent girls may be rooted in an attraction to vulnerability in females (teen girls have more gracile physiques and are generally softer emotionally) and the desire to protect vulnerable females....hence the White Knightism. In other situations this White Knightism might be well....less than genuine...a sort of an attempt to gain acceptance for their preference by trying to outdo other males in knowtowing to feminist/femiservative demands. Lord knows males love to throw each under under a bus to gain female acceptance and many males are perfectly willing to throw ephebophiles under a bus to please feminists/femiservatives, its no surprise then that some ephebophiles would resort to similar tactics. Please note that I DO NOT CONDONE these tactics in fact I find them revolting, giving a reason as to why some people do certain things is not the same thing as making an excuse for it. The White Knight tactics used by some ephebophiles are shameful as are the White Knight Tactics employed against them.

  21. Jack

    The word "ephebe" is awkward. I prefer the good old "teenage" and "teenager" because they are unobjectionable from a legal point of view. Teenagers are assumed to be of legal age unless otherwise stated. (Teenagers get drafted into war insofar as they are unlucky enough to have been born on the male side of the sexual curtain.) People squirm at the T word because they know they can't - as yet - turn it against you. That's why raising AOCs from 18 to 21 is such a noxious semantic shift even if it has become largely irrelevant in the West since the redefinition of rape.

    Yaveh has thus spoken: "Ye fatherly morons, you didn't want to draw a line in the sand. It was OK, wasn't it, for a woman to remain jailbait after she'd been menstruating for a decade? Your stupidity is rewarded. By now any any woman of any age can cry rape whenever she chooses and have you thrown into the same ass rape concentration camp you would land into if you'd bedded an 13 year-old. There!"

  22. The Highwayman

    QUOTE: "But the few I’ve happened to come across online certainly 1/ don’t give the impression that they could even see feminists as the enemy and 2/ are generally so pathetic, spineless, and useless that we wouldn’t particularly want them on our side."

    There is a fellow named "Gannon" whom you may or may not find interesting. He does not identify as an ephebophile but clearly has a strong preference for teenage girls and he is quite the anti-feminist. That being said his ideology differs quite a bit from ours: he believes that the feminist capaign against adult men having sex with teenage girls is rooted in a feminist "anti-family" campaign to ruin marriage (due to the fact that marriages between older men and young girls are more conducive to healthy marriages in Gannon's opinion) therefore he does not give as much weight to sexual trade union theory. Also he is not supportive of general youth emancipation like some of us are and is fine with disallowing older men to patron teenage prostitutes whereas some of us (including yours truly) believe that 16 and 17 year old girls should be allowed to work as sex care workers. Anyway here are some links:

    You will find Gannon's writings in the comments sections. I am really surprised that he has not made his way over to this site yet.

    Another person I would like to introduce everyone to is Dissident, a very prolific internet ephebophile activist (he prefers the term "hebephile"). You can read some of his excellent essays here:

    Dissident argues against pedohysteria from a youth liberationist platform, he is a big fan of Dr. Robert Epstein (as are some of us) and he believes in giving teenagers more rights AND responsibilities as well ending all legal and cultural barriers against sexual relationships between adults and teenagers. Unfortunately Dissident does have some feminist tendencies (but he is no white knight, read his essay where he talks about predatory teenage girls who can milk older men), he also tends to place most of the blame for pedohysteria on the desire of the state to increase it's power and on the desire of parents to have as much control over thier kids as possible (and I agree that these ARE important factors), he does not give as much weight to sexual trade union theory as we do. I would like to point out that in comments that Dissident has left on web based discussions he has expressed his view that jealousy and a desire to be sheltered from competition is what motivates many women to oppose sexual relationships between older men and young girls. He is also somewhat critical towards feminism at times but he makes false distinctions between "bad" and "good" feminists (like many people do) and in his view it is only "victim feminists" that are the problem. I really wish he would find his way over here too maybe then he would give more weight to STU theory.

    Two other clourful characters whom unfortunately you are never likely to meet are Swedish Ephebophiles Cain and Nacho. Both of these guys took a 2 fisted stance in support of Ephebophilia on the english language forums of the swedish website "Flashback Forums". There was one debate in particular where Cain and Nacho took on a feminist and a white knight type and what transpired was IMHO a classic in ephebophilia apologetics...a masterful debate going on for pages and pages. Unfortunately the english language forums on flashback have been taken down.

  23. Alan Vaughn

    I just wonder if ‘our demographic’ – the type of man who loves porn, who thinks there is nothing shameful about sex, who admits that teenage girls are a work of divine art – are, sadly, more inclined to white knightism and ‘princess pedalisation’ than even the average man?

    Well I certainly fit with 'our demographic' like a glove, but I've also been vehemently opposed to feminism all my life and have never behaved in a manner that could be described as 'white-knightish'.
    What makes it all the more difficult though is our society and its embedded taboos. It's not only the fact that it is now in the firm grip of rampant paedohysteria, its also now a taboo to discuss things like pornography with anyone outside your family and many would be reluctant even to talk about it with them.

    I.e. I work at a place where 95% of the total workforce are men. All of us own at least one computer and all have fast internet access from our homes. Many of those men are divorced and live alone. We all know that we like to look at online porn and one of my colleagues even admitted to me once when we talking about the internet, that he only bought a computer so he could look at online porn.
    Apart from that isolated case: NOBODY talks about it, yet we all know that all but one of us* surfs the net for porn.
    *I stopped looking at porn when I started leaning of how men were going to prison for possessing so-called 'child-pornography', especially in Australia where it can mean almost anything that vaguely resembles anything that's under 18 years old!

    I think if average men weren't so candid about their sexuality generally, (no thanks to naming & shaming and other feminist indoctrinated beliefs / taboos), there would be a lot more of 'our demographic' here and in the MRM overall...

  24. theantifeminist

    Post author

    Good points Highwayman.

    Given all these reasons for the lack of activism, and the lack of willingness to fight or even identify as the enemy, feminism - do you not think that even acknowledging or using the term 'ephebophile' is probably more trouble than it's worth (in the context of this site and in a sexually positive men's rights movement in general)?

    I mean, we all agree that finding teenage girls sexually attractive is a normal part of male sexuality, and perhaps a majority of us would even state that, for example, (leaving aside social conditioning and other artificial factors) it is normal for a man to find a 16 year old girl more attractive than a 23 year old woman.

    So if ephebophilia does exist as a category apart from normal male sexuality, it only barely does so - and then only as a slightly 'heightened' or 'more focused' form of normal male sexuality (i.e. not in any way a perversion).

    So I'm still doubtful of its value, tactically speaking.

    It's most obvious use is in distinguishing the attraction towards pubescent teenagers from the perverted preference for pre-pubescent children (real paedophilia). But as the 'former' paedophile and sex predator David Futrelle understands when he mocks us, the average person won't 'split hairs' over any word ending in 'philia'.

    On the other hand, recognising the attraction towards teenagers as a specific category of human sexuality might have legal advantages. For example, the EU charter of human rights forbids discrimination based on sexuality (although that doesn't stop them persecuting paedophiles, including amongst them 'ephebophiles'). It might equally valid to argue that there is a better chance of legally defining the human right to find teenagers attractive as part of a normal male sexuality (and probably have a better chance of succeeding in the context of a powerful men's rights movement that could legally challenge feminist law making).

  25. Eric

    One thing I've done personally when writing comments here and elsewhere is to refer to teenagers as women or ladies as opposed to 'girls' and also the same with men. I try to avoid use of the term adolescent, except in its clinical context.

    I've found that using those terms in that way are useful for reinforcing the message.

  26. Eric

    LOL---according to some authorities, Yahveh said just the opposite. Here's a quote you might find useful to cite when speaking to religious Socons on the subject:

    'At the age of thirteen and half years, having grown considerably for her age, our most charming Princess, our most pure Mary, had another abstractive vision of God...the Most High now made known to her, by commanding her to accept a husband for her protection and company. Mary had desired and resolved all her life not to have a husband...nevertheless at this command, the most prudent Virgin suspended her judgement'

    ---From 'The Mystical City of God' by St. Mary of Agreda

  27. Eric

    There DOES to be a growing field of highly suspicious circumstances wherever this guy goes. Could you imagine what Fraudtrelle would say if Paul Elam was making extended trips to SE Asia to promote 'fathers' rights' over there?

  28. Alan Vaughn

    And what Yaveh said is the very reason this should be men's rights issue number 1, but they are too stupid to see the timber for the trees so to speak and that's what I was tactfully trying to (begin to) impart to those 'fatherly morons' at AVfM.
    Human Stupidity was also trying to help them see the light as you were when you made a comment supporting him.

    However they'd much rather listen to and hero-worship total paedocrites such as Aoirthoir An Broc Pedarist Masculinist and at the same time dismiss the likes of us as sickos, paedos or perverts, simply for daring to question the validity of feminist Draconian and misandrist laws...


  29. Alan Vaughn

    You asked:

    Could you imagine what Fraudtrelle would say if Paul Elam was making extended trips to SE Asia to promote ‘fathers’ rights’ over there?

    If FraudTROLL dug a little deeper than his usual cheap MRA blog trolling / quote-mining tactics, he probably would have dug up all the dirt on this despicable 'Aoirthoir' paedocrite extraordinaire and many others like him, as you and theantifeminist did and so easily too!

  30. theantifeminist

    Post author

    @Highwayman Thanks for the links, I'll look forward to reading (and studying) Gannon's articles in particular.

    BTW, please don't think I'm suggesting a 'comments guideline' or editorial policy' regarding the term 'ephebophilia'. I did promise a long time ago to write an article discussing whether ephebophilia was real and seperate to normal male sexuality, and whether it was tactically a good move to treat it as real even if it is.


    I think the choice as to whether to describe nubile female teenagers as 'women' or 'girls' is a bit of a double edged sword. You could also argue that it re-affirms the feminist dogma that only women are sexually attractive (with it being understood that teens are mere 'girls'). I feel awkard in my personal life even referring to a legally aged 'girl' in a sexual context now - which is absurd. And when I do use the term 'girl', I have a feeling that I'm re-claiming it from feminists.

  31. theantifeminist

    Post author


    Fraudtrelle probably has no problem with paedocrite MRAs. I'm sure he has a sense of brotherhood with them!

  32. Eric

    Alan & Antifeminist:
    More likely, Fraudtrelle doesn't want to expose MRM paedrocrites for fear that they'll retaliate by exposing him.

    I can see the dynamics of this a lot more clearly now---it's sort of a male version of the STU. Male feminists like Futrelle and feminism-for-men masculinists like Aiorthor are two sides of the same coin: they fan paedohysteria to reduce competiton for younger women because they themselves couldn't compete on an equal field with better men.

  33. Eric

    That's a good point. In American parlance a 'girl' traditionally referred to any unmarried female. The problem with all these semantics is that the feminists and paedocrites have so blurred the definition of everything, that there's no way to express a term without it being misunderstood in one way or another.

    To make it even worse, the Obamanogs here have thrown considerable gasoline onto the fire by defining in the Healthcare Bill 'dependent children' up to the age of 26. Already we suffer from the absurd national 21 legal drinking-age (which, like the social purity movement, was instigated by a gang of femihags in the 1980s; supposedly to stop drunk-driving).

    Some of the Socons over here have been agitating to raise the AOC to 25 but the proposal hasn't been able to get much traction. However, with all the ill-defined age barriers, some pundits are proposing that the US adopt a national age of majority, and the yardstick that Obama set is starting to generate more interest in the subject.

  34. theantifeminist

    Post author

    That’s a good point. In American parlance a ‘girl’ traditionally referred to any unmarried female.

    I read a while back that feminists in France were actually getting the use of the term 'Mademoiselle' (which means more or less the same thing) made illegal.

    My fear is that most people (with the encouragement of feminists) will still think that, say, a 40 year old female is more of a 'woman' than a 19 year old female. So in a way, it could even re-inforce cougar culture! (ewwwww!!)

  35. Eric

    I hadn't considered of any of this. I like your idea of reclaiming the term 'girl'. Admittedly, though, referring to teenagers as 'women' does get the paedohysterical crowd seeing red in a hurry!

    Another thing I've occasionally tried is bringing back the archaic word 'lady'. Speaking of a 14 y/o lady is a little bit less loaded than 'girl' or 'woman', but it's also somewhat equivocal. It implies adulthood without actually saying it.

  36. Alan Vaughn

    Yeah, it is and if they did enforce it: hundreds of thousands of poor and innocent little children would literally starve, even to death. The single mothers of such kids earn a meager income form that 'industry' because it's not only an inexpensive business to set up, they can do it from their homes, often while their parents or siblings keep an eye on the kids. (Most single mothers in the Philippines don't have their own home, but live with their families).

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