Paul Elam on Kathleen Richardson and Sex Robots

Whether you hate Paul Elam or love him, and I know many readers of this site will genuinely loathe him, the following video of his is certainly essential viewing. Appearing just a week after I and Evind had our fight with him and his Honey Badger fake MRA ‘Hannah Wallen’, I can’t believe there is no connection between the timing, the content, and our Twitter spat. Fair play to Elam, it’s a tremendously researched and articulate statement on the subject of sex robots, and the attempts to further criminalize male sexuality through banning them by the likes of feminist campaigners such as Kathleen Richardson. In his words (or my words?) a woman ‘who can’t compete in the sexual market place’. So unreserved praise for Mr Elam for this video, but I do have to also point out that men in the UK and Canada are being imprisoned under child porn laws for purchasing sex dolls that look no ‘older’ than the one in the YouTube photo he’s chosen. Highlighting both what a tragedy, and a disgrace, his adamant and extreme position on discussion of absurdly defined feminist ‘child’ porn laws within the men’s rights movement is.

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