Paedocrites Out of Pocket

It’s been a bad week for the finances of three of the biggest paedocrites on the planet.

Gawker Media has been ordered by a judge to pay Hulk Hogan 115 million dollars for a voyeuristic sex tape they published without the wrestler’s consent. Gawker posted the sex tape at a time when they, along with master paedocrite David Futrelle, were running a successful self-righteous campaign against voyeuristic reddits such as r/creepshot and r/jailbait. Gawker has a history of publishing indecent upskirt pictures of female celebrities but even more disturbingly than this, also made a large percentage of their revenue from advertising revenge child pornography as I documented here :
Somewhat bizarrely, my article never went viral, even at the height of the GamerGate wars.

The David Fraudtrelle 2015 paedocrite of the year Simon Danczuk has also found himself out of pocket. The shameless sleazeball and child spanking fan, who made his name accusing deceased political opponents of being child spanking perverts, has agreed to repay over £11,000 in expenses he falsely claimed as a Member of Parliament.

Finally, things just keep getting worse for arsonist, domestic abuser, and anti-paedophile vigilante’ Stinson Hunter. The subhuman piece of garbage was planning on holding a ‘live show’ in Coventry, England this month, but ticket sales for the paedocrite meetup have apparently been abysmal. Perhaps not surpising given that claims have emerged that the convicted arsonist, who recently uploaded a video of himself urinating on the underwear of his 14 year old looking girlfriend, allegedly once sang about his intention to suck the the penises of small boys whilst a member of pathetic punk band ‘Ubercuntz’. Even hardened paedocrite fans of Stinson couldn’t apparently stomach that.

Kieran Parsons (Stinson Hunter) Accused of Abuse by Former Teenage Lover

Self-proclaimed ‘paedophile hunter’ Kieran Parsons (‘Stinson Hunter’)  has been accused of abuse by his girlfriend and appears to have fled the country.  The girl, who was a vulnerable and extremely young looking teen when Parsons exploited his ‘fame’ and apparently initiated the grooming process by contacting her uninvited on Twitter, claims that the convicted arsonist controlled and manipulated her immediately.  It’s also claimed that the delinquent Parsons, who spends entire days role-playing as a schoolchild in online teenage chatrooms and has a conviction for burning down a school, recently filmed himself urinating on the girl’s underwear and clothes. There are fears that Parsons could be hiding out in France (age of consent 15), Germany (age of consent 14), or Italy (age of consent 14) – countries in which girls who look almost as young as his alleged abuse victim are legal. Well at least as long as you don’t slap them up, control them, upload videos of yourself pissing on their lingerie etc.

Kieran Parsons relaxing after a hard day spent inside teen chatrooms roleplaying as a naughty schoolgirl, obviously hoping to find perverted men interested in teenage girls. *Although his teenage lover looks around 12 in this photo, she had apparently started puberty and was (barely) legal when Parsons began the alleged abuse

This is what the defender of the nation’s jailbait does when a Christmas Tree arrives for his barely legal girlfriend’s little son :

Bookmakers have refused to take further bets on Kieran Parsons/Stinson Hunter being voted the 2016 David Fraudtrelle paedocrite of the year. It is believed the only person who can stop Parsons winning the crown of turds this year is the master paedocrite himself, and International Business Times writer, David Futrelle. Futrelle is a child snuff porn apologist and victim blaming abuse advocate who stayed loyal to a depraved reader of his caught openly running a forum sharing fantasies of raping, crucifying and murdering women and girls.

Did the Guardian Really Run This Headline??!! – “Would you bet against sex robots? AI ‘could leave half of world unemployed'”


Surely this couldn’t have been accidental?! The first half of the headline is reporting an idea briefly mentioned in the article – that of sexbots. The second half, that Aritificial Intelligence ‘could leave half of the world unemployed’, refers to a broader claim made by the same AI expert that half of the world’s population could become unemployed as more powerful and intelligent machines increasingly lead jobs to being automated.

But put it together, and the headline reads as a single rather unguardinasta claim – that sexbots will put half the population out of a job (and we know which half). An editing error on the part of the Guardian? Or somebody there with a wicked sense of humour?

Why do Feminists Create Global Witch Hunts Against Supposed ‘Rape Advocates’ Like Roosh, Yet Remain Silent On the Real ‘Rape Culture’ Created by the Refugee Crisis?

In the midst of the ongoing global witch hunt against Roosh V, it’s been vainly noted by a few Manosphere commentators that the same feminists and their MSM servants attacking Roosh have been almost completely silent over the mass rapes and assaults that took place against women and young girls in Cologne and elsewhere, committed almost certainly by ‘refugees’ to Europe.

Sometimes this contrast in attention given respectively to Roosh – a blogger – on the one hand, and the ‘Rapefugees’ on the other, and the very real ‘rape culture’ present in much of the muslim community in Europe, both established and recent, is almost beyond ironic. For example, the feminist politician who first demanded Roosh be banned from entering the UK happens to be the Member of Parliament for Rotherham – the ‘English’ city in which over 1,000 underage white teens were raped by networks of Muslim men. The MP before her had been noneother than Simon Danczuk, the ‘anti-paedophile campaigner’ who specialized in digging up dead white males from their graves and accusing them of ‘historic child abuse’, including the spanking of children, and yet who threatened to have anyone who focused on the fact that the Rotherham abusers were Muslim arrested on ‘hate speech’ grounds. Danczuk was recently caught texting a minor and asking her to let him spank her naughty schoolgirl ass cheeks. In Germany, the same media which deliberately tried to cover up the mass assaults in Cologne, went out of their way to stir up feminist and white knight lynch mobs against any anti-feminist men who dared to meet-up to discuss masculinity :

However, the Manosphere commentators who raise this startlingly obvious point over the media double standard seem shy themselves of stating explicitly why they think it is happening. Or perhaps they think that the answer is so clear, it doesn’t need spelling out. Feminists are simply batshit insane harpies. They certainly don’t really care about stopping rape, that much is clear. Perhaps the subtext which most manosphere readers are expected to already understand is the idea that feminists are simply the result of ‘Cultural Marxism’. Ultimately, the reason why feminists try to have a writer such as Roosh beaten to death for questioning female sexual behaviour and ‘rape culture’, and yet stay silent or indeed proclaim ‘refugees welcome’ when it comes to importing millions of single young Third World muslim men into Europe who will and have already spiked the sex crime rate, is because Jewish intellectuals, particularly in the mid 20th century, wanted to destroy the moral fabric of white European civilisation that they detested. Feminism (and mass immigration) is simply the tool of these Jewish intellectuals. Dont expect a logical intellectually coherent movement when feminism is simply a poison invented to destroy the West.

Hmmmm, well o.k. But isn’t there an alternative explanation that is even more fucking obvious and less ‘Elders of Zion’ conspiracy like? I put it to you that there is, one that fits in with the entire Three Wave history of feminism, and of course, my readers will already be aware of it.

Feminists don’t care about rape and child sexual abuse in the slightest. What they do care about is preserving the price of pussy, especially feminist (aging/ugly) low SMV pussy. They do this by, in fact, inventing the myth of ‘rape culture’ (and creating ‘paedohysteria’) and discouraging promiscuous behaviour, especially among the young, through the unrealistic fear of being raped (and the realistic fear of being falsely accused of rape), and finally through the consequent passing of draconian anti-sex laws and widening legal definitions of rape and abuse that this atmosphere of fear permits.

However, ‘rape culture’ has increasingly been questioned, particularly of course, by the ‘manosphere’. The creation of a real rape culture through the mass importation of virtual entire Islamic 7th century societies into the heart of Europe will work much better than any previous fake hysterias over rape and child abuse. Already German politicans are advising women and girls not to go out alone, to avoid talking to men in the street, to avoid ‘provoking’ refugees by dressing in mini-skirts etc. At the same time, what better way to distract attention from what is really happening in Europe, with regards to the refugee rape crisis and its feminist supported consequences, than to create an absurd hysteria over the man who led the movement that was questioning the feminist false rape hysteria, as well as teaching men how to ‘pick up’ attractive young women – Roosh V?

Kathleen Richardson Voted Femihag of the Year 2015

Dr Kathleen Richardson is the winner of the Femihag of the Year Award for 2015.


The self-styled ‘anti-sexbot campaigner’ is lobbying governments to pass laws to put men in prison to be raped and beaten as sex offenders if they purchase robots for sexual purposes.

Disturbingly, her explicit motivation for doing so appears to be that if men have the option of sexbots, they will be less likely to pursue sexual relations with women and that this amounts to ‘exploiting women’.

In most cultures, attempting to obtain sex through force is regarded as attempted rape.  Of course, when feminists do it, rather than attempted mass rape, it becomes magically transformed into ‘protecting women and children from exploitation’.

She explained to El Reg that it was in investigating the manufacture of sex-robots that she initially became concerned about the philosophy going into the creation of robo-whores.

“The relationship that is being imported,” by the sex-bot developers is one that has come directly from that between “prostitutes and johns” according to Richardson, who finds it “very disturbing”.

In a paper titled “The Asymmetrical ‘Relationship’: Parallels Between Prostitution and the Development of Sex Robots”, Richardson proposes “that prostitution is no ordinary activity and relies on the ability to use a person as a thing and this is why parallels between sex robots and prostitution are so frequently found by their advocates.”

Asked whether it it might be more appropriate to consider robo-whores as sex toys, which would most typically be considered a private and solitary part of human sexual activity, Richardson stressed the opposite.

“To call them toys is to understate the issue,” she said. “It’s not as if it’s a Barbie.” Dr Richardson also surprisingly offered the idea that there may be some form of exploitation involved in the manufacture of My Little Pony dolls.

“The better term is ‘sex object’,” said Dr Richardson, who emphasised that the objectification of prostitutes in the prostitute/john relationship is one that’s mimicked in the relationship between sex-robots and their owners.

Questioned whether objectification was worthy of concern when actual objects were involved, rather than people who were treated like objects, Richardson turned away from the actual issue of banning robots – stating again that sex toys, and sex robots, exist because of prostitution.

“We must abolish prostitution,” she said.

“80 per cent of women are prostitutes,” she added, but confirmed that actually she had meant that the other way round. The remaining 20 per cent she suggested were made up of children and transgendered men.

‘Anti-Paedophile’ Campaigner Simon Danczuk Named David Fraudtrelle Paedocrite of the Year 2015

In a stunning last minute grab for inglory, leading Paedo-Finder General anti-paedophile campaigner Simon Danczuk has been named winner of the David Fraudtrelle Paedocrite of the Year Award for 2015!!!

On the last day of 2015, the British media widely reported that Danczuk, who had led a campaign of digging up respected and dead politicians out of their graves and forcing the police to declare them to be possessed by the nonce spirit, admitted sending perverted and sexually explicit texts to a 17 year old schoolgirl, including texts that revealed his fantasy of spanking the young tender innocent bottom of such a vulnerable child. The Labour party, which introduced laws under Tony Blair which makes it a criminal offence to look at a photo of a 17 year old girl in so much as a revealing bikini, let alone being spanked by a middle-aged paedo-finder general, immediately (though no doubt grudgingly) suspended the ‘paedophile’ hypocrite from their party.


What a f***ing paedocrite!!!

In second place is disgraced blogger David Futrelle. The Chicago gay child snuff torture porn apologist did everything he could in 2015 to make the title his again, but staying loyal to a transvestite commentator at his site who openly runs a forum devoted to sharing fantasies of crucifying, torturing, murdering, and raping women and schoolgirls just wasn’t enough in the light of Simon Danczuk’s stunning paedocrisy. Nor was even encouraging his perverted paedophile transvestite sadistic groupies to doxx his opponents, including the six year old daughter of a leading MRA.


What a f***ing paedocrite!!

I’m sure we can look forward to a stunning year of paedocrisy in 2016, with hopefully some of the other paedo finder generals and ‘vigilantes’ being outed as the sick furtive paedophile hypocrites that most of them no doubt are.

In the meantime, HAPPY NEW YEAR to all my (5) readers!!

On a final note – Jonathan King framed the fine and ignoble art of paedocrisy very well with regard to the Danczuk scandal :

When I was released 10 years ago one of the decent police “keeping an eye” on me asked me to let him know the URLs of trolls – I just deleted and ignored them. “It’s always the ones who shout loudest who are secret abusers” he said. “They think it covers them – it doesn’t. It exposes them”. It was the same in prison – the boys shouting NONCE were always found to be the worst abusers, in there for precisely the crimes they claimed to loathe. Write a book about a dead man being a paedophile? You’re guaranteed to find karma very quickly. Didn’t we all wonder about Karen?

Previous winners of the David Fraudtrelle Paedocrite of the Year Award:

2008 : David Futrelle

2009 : David Futrelle

2010 : David Futrelle

2011 : David Futrelle

2012 : David Futrelle

2013 : David Futrelle

2014 : Lena Dunham

David Fraudtrelle Paedocrite of the Year 2015 Nominations Invited

It’s that time of year again when we sort through hundreds of loathsome contenders and decide upon a select few worthy candidates for the ignominious title of the most disgusting paedocrite in the world.

Readers are invited to leave their nominations in the comments section below. I’m very busy at the moment so I’m not sure if I’ll run the femihag of the year poll, but you can leave nominations for that as well. I was even thinking of adding a ‘paedo-finder general of the year’ award, but not only do I not have time but I’m not sure I have enough readers left to make running more than one poll worthwhile. But feel free to leave your paedo-finder nominations as well.  I’ll add every valid nomination left in the comments section and start the actual poll/s in the New Year.

david-futrelle (2)
David Futrelle

David Futrelle – The ‘child torture snuff porn can be art’ advocate sunk to new depths of paedocrite depravity, seemingly determined to regain his title at all costs after last year’s stunning reversal at the hands of child abuser Lena Dunham.  The discredited Chicago blogger still refuses to withdraw his support for the ‘right’ of gay sex shops to openly disseminate as fap material paedophile produced images of naked children being anally raped, forced to eat shit, and then graphically and slowly tortured to death. But even worse, he chose to stay loyal to his favourite transvestite sadistic paedophile reader – ‘ralmcg’ – months after I revealed that the pervert ran a forum dedicated to sharing fantasies of crucifying, raping, torturing, and murdering women and schoolgirls. Things took on an even more sinister turn when Futrelle’s paedophile sadist followers started doxxing opponents of the Chicago gay child porn apologist, including the 6 year old daughter of a leading MHRA. Futrelle also fed his depraved bdsm transvestite groupies a link to the doxxed real identity of female anti-feminist ‘Judgy Bitch’.. Both Futrelle and Ralmcg are currently under investigation by the FBI.  WHAT A FU**ING PAEDOCRITE!!

astrokidnjAstroKid NJ – The MHRA with the creepy handle that says it all.  When reading some of AstroKid’s comments validating feminist child abuse laws, you get the strong impression that all he wants to do is sodomize really young boys, but knows it will never be legal in his lifetime, and thus takes out his frustration by victim labelling 17 year old students lucky enough to have had sex with their female teachers, as well as shaming true MRAs for admitting that attraction to teenage girls is part of normal male sexuality and only criminalized because of feminists.  WHAT A FU**ING PAEDOCRITE!!

ferdinand-bardemuThe Ghost of Ferdinand Bardemu – The ghost of Ferdinand Bardemu.



jonJon – Whilst not technically a paedocrite perhaps, reader Jon was definitely getting into dangerous territory.  WHAT A FU**ING PAEDOCRITE!!


facebook-profile-picThe Anti-feminist – The loathesome slug of a webmaster hardly bothered to post all year, and even then not all of his posts concerned the age of consent.  As this site sunk further into manosphere obscurity, the obvious ephebohebophebophile was even seen extolling the virtues of women in their mid-twenties!



Femi-hag of the year nominations :

Kathleen Richardson (sexbot ban woman), woman who tried to have Roosh banned from Canada (can’t remember her name), Angela Merkel (for rushing forward the Femislamization of Europe), Alison Saunders (for continuing to undermine the principles of British justice, and in persecuting old age pensioners for alleged sex ‘crimes’ that may or may not have taken place up to half-a-century ago).

Paedo-Finder General of the year nominations :

‘Hunter Stinson’ (anti-‘paedophile’ vigilante), Jim Gamble, Mark Williams Thomas (‘exposer’ of Jimmy Savile)

Mangina of the year nominations :

Erik Billing (sex bot ban Swedish mangina), David Futrelle



Irishman Gets 7 Year Sentence for Consensual Sex with a 16 Year Old Girl

Even MHRAs might feel a little sense of injustice at this.

A former fireman with an “unblemished” 30 years serving with Dublin Fire Brigade has been sentenced to seven years for having a sexual relationship with a child.

Ron Tulie (57) met his victim while teaching a first aid and fire safety course in 2008, when she was 16-years-old.

Garda Declan Sherlock told Dublin Circuit Criminal Court that the teenager, who had felt in love with Tulie, suffered severe long-term psychological effects from the incidents.

Judge Desmond Hogan ruled that Tulie’s position of authority over the girl was an aggravating factor in the defilement.

Tulie, a father-of-four of Pinevalley Park, Rathfarnham, Dublin pleaded guilty to four counts of having sexual intercourse with a child under 17 years at the Dublin Mountains between June 1st and July 27th, 2008. He has no previous convictions.

Tulie held his head in his hands and wept as the judge handed down the sentence. Judge Hogan noted that Tulie will be registered as a sex offender, named in the media and has lost the support of his family.

Speaks for itself really. 7 years in prison, disowned by his family, his name as a ‘child molestor’ at the top of Google forever, all for something that is only a crime in two other EU countries – Malta (who are currently reviewing their age of consent laws) and Cyprus.

This inhuman punishment clearly breaks the EU’s Fundamental Charter of Citizen Rights which forbids sentencing that exceeds the gravity of the offence. If this isn’t even an offense almost anywhere else in Europe, and involves consensual sex with a ‘child’ only just under the extremely high age of consent in Ireland, 7 years in prison clearly exceeds the gravity of the offence.

The most barbaric sentencing and attitudes to sex with girls this age only exist in those backward countries, such as Ireland, Turkey, and of course the USA, which are unfortunate enough to be bedevilled by both crackpot religion AND ‘liberal’ feminism. As the growing power of Islam intersects with the feminist sex cartel all over Europe, we can increasingly expect to see such sentences (or worse) handed out in Germany, France, the UK.. And if a man can be sentenced to 7 years of anal rape and beatings for consensual sex with a 16 year old, is it really so difficult to imagine feminists and Islamists succeeding in raising the age of consent to 21 or beyond?

Garda Declan Sherlock told Dublin Circuit Criminal Court that the teenager, who had felt in love with Tulie, suffered severe long-term psychological effects from the incidents

Well no shit Sherlock. Shame that Mr Sherlock hasn’t the common sense to understand that if you label a 16 year old as an abuse victim, force her to undergo ‘therapy’ and tell her again and again that she’ll be fucked up for life, and then force her to testify against her lover in court which leads him to being anally raped and beaten for 7 years and his entire life destroyed, then yes, she’s going to be well and truly fucked up. What’s the average IQ in Ireland again?

No doubt the paedocrite judge – Desmond Hogan – handed down such a particularly harsh sentence because of the man’s age (57), jealous at Ron Tulie’s impressive feat, and knowing that he himself could never get lucky with a nubile 16 year old at any age.