Full Backup of Angry Harry’s Site

Our great friend Scarecrow has made a complete RAR archive Angry Harry’s site. You can download it at :


In the words of Scarecrow :

This link contains a RAR archive of everything downloaded from his site.

It is in its RAW form – java scripts, css and all.

Feel free to download it – or – download the AngryHarry web pages yourself.

Huge thanks to Scarecrow for doing this, from myself and I’m sure all of my readers too.

Angry Harry

Most of my readers will have heard the sad news that Angry Harry, father of the men’s rights movement, has passed away.

Personally I’ve never felt such grief at the passing of somebody that I have never met, or who wasn’t a member of my family or a close friend. Harry lived in London, like myself (and several others), and did propose to meet up with me last year, but I took his assurance that he would understand if I was too worried about my anonymity being risked as an excuse to temporarily decline the offer. Actually, I wasn’t worried about any risk to my privacy, as Harry was the one person in the anti-feminist movement I would trust absolutely, in his case not only with my real identity, but with my life. I was simply worried that I would disappoint him as I was in awe of him that much. It will be one of the biggest regrets of my life.

I’ll always be proud of the fact that Harry supported my position in the men’s rights movement right from the start and that this site was always one of a select few that he linked to in his sidebar.

Of course, I should make clear that Angry Harry did not share all of the positions held at this site, and he told me so himself in one of his e-mails (‘a bit too liberal for me’ were his words) but he most certainly did recognize that the core argument made here – that feminist sex hysteria hurts both men and children (and indeed, many women) – is not only a valid men’s rights issue, but one of the most important ones. He also recognized that equality of injustice is no kind of justice for men or boys, and a grave error that many ‘men’s rights activists’ have started to make over the last few years.

Oddly, we were just discussing Angry Harry’s absence here recently and I sent him an e-mail 2 or 3 weeks ago (Harry actually passed away in February). He had ‘gone quiet’ for a spell a couple of years ago, and I e-mailed him then and he replied assuring myself and others that his health was fine and that he was only taking a break from men’s rights. Consequently, I wasn’t overly concerned when he went missing again, although I should have tried to contact him again earlier than I did. Another big regret.

The fight against feminism is certainly lonelier without Angry Harry, but we should honour his memory by resolving to keep the struggle alive. I imagine that at least a few MRAs will be archiving his site – it will certainly be a tragedy if any of his essays are lost. Perhaps over the next few weeks I’ll re-post some of his classic articles. Readers may like to nominate some of their particular favourites or the pieces that have most relevance to the issues we see as important here (and which, unintentionally or not, may be ignored by other MRAs seeking to ‘preserve’ his works).

This site has always had a category devoted to him : http://theantifeminist.com/category/angry-harry-2/

RIP Angry Harry, a truly great man.

Steve Moxon – ‘Utterly crazy sex law exposed by Adam Johnson’s sentence – indeed, his conviction, and that he was ever charged’

Bit late with this re-blog but reader Alan wanted an article on Adam Johnson (an England international footballer jailed for 6 years for kissing and fingering a 15 year old girl), and Steve Moxon’s is better than any I could write.


Adam Johnson has done absolutely NOTHING wrong. He was vigorously pursued by a female who was several years beyond the age of puberty, who knew perfectly well what she was doing, and was well equipped (as evolution has equipped all girls) to deal with it. In most other countries she would have been over any ‘age of consent’. She facilitated and very willingly engaged in not sex but merely a mild sexual fumbling. The girl chalked this up as a sexual feather in her cap that she used to get her a lot of brownie points within her peer group. Enter the police, CPS and judiciary, and suddenly the girl was put in the position of inadvertent anatagonist to a famous footballer. As is so often the case, the queen bee and wannabes of her peer group seem to have decided she needed to be brought down a peg or two, and turned on her to invert her female prestige to ‘slut’ status, and consequently, with the collusion of the police and the CPS, she backtracked to try to make out that a little sexual fumbling with a A* male she found supremely attractive, somehow was ‘damaging’ to her and even non-consensual. It was, in no respect whatsoever, either. She suffered zero damage of any kind from Adam Johnson. Any damage — and clearly there was damage to her — was from the peer group she’d been so keen to impress and, most particularly, by the police, the CPS and the judiciary.

It is a 100% travesty that there was any charge against this man, let alone a trial, never mind a conviction and criminal injuries compensation paid to not the party who was the victim here. The victim was Adam Johnson. Everyone else involved were the perpetrators in this case.

With the average age of female puberty having fallen since Victorian times from 17 to ten, yet the legal ‘age of consent’ has remained at 16, then the law is an abomination and will have to be changed. It is scientifically illiterate to claim that a 15-year-old is a child. Not only have her bodily changes complete, but mental changes ensue actually before physical ones, so the claim of sexual immaturity is completely false. And why is the ‘age of consent’ 16 when the age of criminal responsibility is just ten? The answer: age ten is rationally deemed to be the end of childhood per se, whereas the additional six years beyond age ten represents deep-seated anti-male prejudice and sexual prudery.

We live in not neo-Victorian so much as uber-Victorian lunatic times where all men are considered far game to punish severely simply for having male sexuality. It is an atrocious disgrace, and the extreme hate-mongering ideology behind it is not long for this world

See also :


Paedocrites Out of Pocket

It’s been a bad week for the finances of three of the biggest paedocrites on the planet.

Gawker Media has been ordered by a judge to pay Hulk Hogan 115 million dollars for a voyeuristic sex tape they published without the wrestler’s consent. Gawker posted the sex tape at a time when they, along with master paedocrite David Futrelle, were running a successful self-righteous campaign against voyeuristic reddits such as r/creepshot and r/jailbait. Gawker has a history of publishing indecent upskirt pictures of female celebrities but even more disturbingly than this, also made a large percentage of their revenue from advertising revenge child pornography as I documented here : http://theantifeminist.com/when-gawker-staff-wages-paid-revenge-child-porn/
Somewhat bizarrely, my article never went viral, even at the height of the GamerGate wars.

The David Fraudtrelle 2015 paedocrite of the year Simon Danczuk has also found himself out of pocket. The shameless sleazeball and child spanking fan, who made his name accusing deceased political opponents of being child spanking perverts, has agreed to repay over £11,000 in expenses he falsely claimed as a Member of Parliament.

Finally, things just keep getting worse for arsonist, domestic abuser, and anti-paedophile vigilante’ Stinson Hunter. The subhuman piece of garbage was planning on holding a ‘live show’ in Coventry, England this month, but ticket sales for the paedocrite meetup have apparently been abysmal. Perhaps not surpising given that claims have emerged that the convicted arsonist, who recently uploaded a video of himself urinating on the underwear of his 14 year old looking girlfriend, allegedly once sang about his intention to suck the the penises of small boys whilst a member of pathetic punk band ‘Ubercuntz’. Even hardened paedocrite fans of Stinson couldn’t apparently stomach that.

Kieran Parsons (Stinson Hunter) Accused of Abuse by Former Teenage Lover

Self-proclaimed ‘paedophile hunter’ Kieran Parsons (‘Stinson Hunter’)  has been accused of abuse by his girlfriend and appears to have fled the country.  The girl, who was a vulnerable and extremely young looking teen when Parsons exploited his ‘fame’ and apparently initiated the grooming process by contacting her uninvited on Twitter, claims that the convicted arsonist controlled and manipulated her immediately.  It’s also claimed that the delinquent Parsons, who spends entire days role-playing as a schoolchild in online teenage chatrooms and has a conviction for burning down a school, recently filmed himself urinating on the girl’s underwear and clothes. There are fears that Parsons could be hiding out in France (age of consent 15), Germany (age of consent 14), or Italy (age of consent 14) – countries in which girls who look almost as young as his alleged abuse victim are legal. Well at least as long as you don’t slap them up, control them, upload videos of yourself pissing on their lingerie etc.

Kieran Parsons relaxing after a hard day spent inside teen chatrooms roleplaying as a naughty schoolgirl, obviously hoping to find perverted men interested in teenage girls. *Although his teenage lover looks around 12 in this photo, she had apparently started puberty and was (barely) legal when Parsons began the alleged abuse


This is what the defender of the nation’s jailbait does when a Christmas Tree arrives for his barely legal girlfriend’s little son :

Bookmakers have refused to take further bets on Kieran Parsons/Stinson Hunter being voted the 2016 David Fraudtrelle paedocrite of the year. It is believed the only person who can stop Parsons winning the crown of turds this year is the master paedocrite himself, and International Business Times writer, David Futrelle. Futrelle is a child snuff porn apologist and victim blaming abuse advocate who stayed loyal to a depraved reader of his caught openly running a forum sharing fantasies of raping, crucifying and murdering women and girls.

Did the Guardian Really Run This Headline??!! – “Would you bet against sex robots? AI ‘could leave half of world unemployed'”


Surely this couldn’t have been accidental?! The first half of the headline is reporting an idea briefly mentioned in the article – that of sexbots. The second half, that Aritificial Intelligence ‘could leave half of the world unemployed’, refers to a broader claim made by the same AI expert that half of the world’s population could become unemployed as more powerful and intelligent machines increasingly lead jobs to being automated.

But put it together, and the headline reads as a single rather unguardinasta claim – that sexbots will put half the population out of a job (and we know which half). An editing error on the part of the Guardian? Or somebody there with a wicked sense of humour?


Why do Feminists Create Global Witch Hunts Against Supposed ‘Rape Advocates’ Like Roosh, Yet Remain Silent On the Real ‘Rape Culture’ Created by the Refugee Crisis?

In the midst of the ongoing global witch hunt against Roosh V, it’s been vainly noted by a few Manosphere commentators that the same feminists and their MSM servants attacking Roosh have been almost completely silent over the mass rapes and assaults that took place against women and young girls in Cologne and elsewhere, committed almost certainly by ‘refugees’ to Europe.

Sometimes this contrast in attention given respectively to Roosh – a blogger – on the one hand, and the ‘Rapefugees’ on the other, and the very real ‘rape culture’ present in much of the muslim community in Europe, both established and recent, is almost beyond ironic. For example, the feminist politician who first demanded Roosh be banned from entering the UK happens to be the Member of Parliament for Rotherham – the ‘English’ city in which over 1,000 underage white teens were raped by networks of Muslim men. The MP before her had been noneother than Simon Danczuk, the ‘anti-paedophile campaigner’ who specialized in digging up dead white males from their graves and accusing them of ‘historic child abuse’, including the spanking of children, and yet who threatened to have anyone who focused on the fact that the Rotherham abusers were Muslim arrested on ‘hate speech’ grounds. Danczuk was recently caught texting a minor and asking her to let him spank her naughty schoolgirl ass cheeks. In Germany, the same media which deliberately tried to cover up the mass assaults in Cologne, went out of their way to stir up feminist and white knight lynch mobs against any anti-feminist men who dared to meet-up to discuss masculinity :

However, the Manosphere commentators who raise this startlingly obvious point over the media double standard seem shy themselves of stating explicitly why they think it is happening. Or perhaps they think that the answer is so clear, it doesn’t need spelling out. Feminists are simply batshit insane harpies. They certainly don’t really care about stopping rape, that much is clear. Perhaps the subtext which most manosphere readers are expected to already understand is the idea that feminists are simply the result of ‘Cultural Marxism’. Ultimately, the reason why feminists try to have a writer such as Roosh beaten to death for questioning female sexual behaviour and ‘rape culture’, and yet stay silent or indeed proclaim ‘refugees welcome’ when it comes to importing millions of single young Third World muslim men into Europe who will and have already spiked the sex crime rate, is because Jewish intellectuals, particularly in the mid 20th century, wanted to destroy the moral fabric of white European civilisation that they detested. Feminism (and mass immigration) is simply the tool of these Jewish intellectuals. Dont expect a logical intellectually coherent movement when feminism is simply a poison invented to destroy the West.

Hmmmm, well o.k. But isn’t there an alternative explanation that is even more fucking obvious and less ‘Elders of Zion’ conspiracy like? I put it to you that there is, one that fits in with the entire Three Wave history of feminism, and of course, my readers will already be aware of it.

Feminists don’t care about rape and child sexual abuse in the slightest. What they do care about is preserving the price of pussy, especially feminist (aging/ugly) low SMV pussy. They do this by, in fact, inventing the myth of ‘rape culture’ (and creating ‘paedohysteria’) and discouraging promiscuous behaviour, especially among the young, through the unrealistic fear of being raped (and the realistic fear of being falsely accused of rape), and finally through the consequent passing of draconian anti-sex laws and widening legal definitions of rape and abuse that this atmosphere of fear permits.

However, ‘rape culture’ has increasingly been questioned, particularly of course, by the ‘manosphere’. The creation of a real rape culture through the mass importation of virtual entire Islamic 7th century societies into the heart of Europe will work much better than any previous fake hysterias over rape and child abuse. Already German politicans are advising women and girls not to go out alone, to avoid talking to men in the street, to avoid ‘provoking’ refugees by dressing in mini-skirts etc. At the same time, what better way to distract attention from what is really happening in Europe, with regards to the refugee rape crisis and its feminist supported consequences, than to create an absurd hysteria over the man who led the movement that was questioning the feminist false rape hysteria, as well as teaching men how to ‘pick up’ attractive young women – Roosh V?