Spiked On the Rolling Stone False Rape Story and the Hysteria it Represents


At Columbia University, which hosts the journalism school, there is a campaign to expel a male student who is accused of rape, simply on the word of the accuser, who carries a mattress around campus in protest. At campus rallies, demonstrators shout ‘I believe!’ to indicate their support for all women who make accusations. Erdely essentially adopted that same outlook in researching the UVA story. Trying to defend her lack of inquisitiveness, she said that Jackie was ‘a person I found credible’ — as if that sufficed, and meant no verification from other sources was needed.

Five Reasons Why the ‘East European Women are Easy’ Claim is a Myth

A popular myth that aspie PUA hating trolls like to tell themselves and each other, over and over, is that guys like Krauser and Roosh travel to Eastern Europe because it is supposedly easier to get laid there – simply because all East European countries are apparently such Third World hellholes that even attractive women will sleep with the first Western man who stops them in the street in the hope that it will be a ticket to a better life.

Here are five reasons why this is absolute tosh.

1/ The most obvious reason why PUAs travel to Eastern Europe is because the females there are not just more attractive on average than Anglo-girls, but more attractive by several orders of magnitude. If the ‘average’ American/English female aged 16-25 is a 6, then the average Serbian or Russian is an 8 or 9. In a typical English town, in a couple of hours walking around the city center during lunchtime, you might see one or maybe two girls who would turn guys heads. You might not see any. In a city like Prague or Belgrade, you will likely see a dozen in the same time frame. I’ve never visited Russia yet, but I’ve been informed that the level of beauty there is even higher, and that certainly fits in with my experience of meeting Russian females in London and elsewhere. You still rarely see even chubby girls in Eastern Europe, let alone obese, which is almost becoming the norm in Anglo-skank countries. And not only are East European women ridiculously better looking, they are more feminine, and in some places, such as Croatia, far more friendly too.

2/ With one or two exceptions, East European countries are far from being Third World. True, the wealth gap between Western and Eastern Europe was great for a number of years after the collapse of communism, but this has long ceased to be the case. Yes, there is still some catching up to do, but it is nowhere near the levels of First/Third World disparity, and the idea that an average Englishman could go to a city like Prague or Krakow and get laid with a local woman simply because of his percieved relative wealth is absurd as believing that a Swedish man could find it similarly easy to get laid with English women. Take a look at the following GDP per capita figures :

Norway : $79k
Sweden : $44K
United Kingdom : $37k
Czech Republic : $34k
Croatia : $21k

Somebody should clearly have told Eivind Berge, formerly the most famous incel blogger in the Manosphere, that all he needed to do to get laid was take a flight from Oslo to any English city, daygame a few local women only too willing to open their legs for a piece of the Norwegian oil wealth, and all his problems would have been solved. Hmmmm.

3/ The experiences of PUAs tends to confirm that the wealth of a country has little or no bearing on ratios, at least as far as Eastern Europe is concerned. The most popular East European destination for English/American PUAs is Prague, by a long way. Prague is the most expensive and wealthiest East European city outside of Russia. Serbia, one of the ‘poorest’ East European countries is popular with many PUAs, but only because of their ridiculously beautiful and impossibly long-legged women. By all accounts, they are notoriously difficult to lay, and the blowouts tend to be particularly brutal.
According to the GDP figures, neighbouring Croatians are four times as wealthy as their former Serb masters, but from reading PUA blogs and forums, Croatian women are actually easier to lay, and my limited experience is that they are certainly far more approachable and receptive then Serbian women.

4/ PUAs are already infamous in every East European country, and just about any girl approached by a Western man on the street in any East European city will be fully aware that she is being Gamed by a man who is wanting to claim another notch with a ‘HB8′. In other words, she does not think ‘my God, how romantic – a wealthy Englishman wants to talk to me in the street because he thinks I’m beautiful. Maybe he will want me to marry him and live with him in his expensive London home? I might even get to meet Hugh Grant’. Hmmm…no, she thinks ‘Oh ho, another English PUA wants to pump and dump me then maybe blog about it – is that his mate with a hidden spy cam lurking over there..?’ Even if a PUA is lucky and stops a girl who genuinely hasn’t heard of his breed, and interprets her experience as romantic, when she excitedly tells her friends you can be sure one of them will quickly dispel her delusion and inform her that she has been stopped by what is known as a ‘Pick-up Artist’. Then perhaps she’ll Google ‘PUA’ and she’ll find…well, Google it for yourself and see whether the results will lead her to think she’s won a ticket to a lavish Western lifestyle. On top of this, in most East European cities, British men in particular have a loutish reputation on account of the behaviour of their tourists and stag party weekenders.

5/ And not just for the reason above, PUA is objectively harder in Eastern Europe. Even in Prague, the majority of young females do not speak English very well, if at all, and that is not an advantage unless you have mastered sign language Game. Eastern European women are also more traditionally minded, less likely to have casual sex than their Western peers, and often have very large and aggressive boyfriends who are exceedingly possessive.

PUAs head to Eastern Europe not because East European women want to get laid by Western men, but because PUAs want to get laid with beautiful East European women.

China Cracks Down on Feminists

A group of feminists has found out to their cost that China is in no hurry to follow the West into an early Cultural Marxist grave – continuing to detain a network of so-called ‘guerilla’ feminists after several weeks, and despite a predictable ‘outcry’ from femihags worldwide.


They are a group of feminists who are dedicated to campaigning against sexual abuse and domestic violence.

They frequently carried out guerrilla-style protests to raise awareness about their cause.

For one protest they wore wedding dresses splattered in red paint to symbolise the plight of abused women.

In another they called on the government to provide more female public toilets.

They thought they knew how to avoid problems with the authorities.

To mark International Women’s Day on 8 March they planned to hand out leaflets and put stickers on public buses and subways to raise awareness about sexual harassment.

But before the protest even took place about 10 activists were rounded up by the police.
Li Tingting, pictured in the middle at a protest against domestic violence, is among the women detained
Wang Man, third from left, protesting in front of a court trying a domestic violence case. The sign reads: “Zero tolerance for domestic violence”

Almost a month later, five of the women – Li Tingting, Wang Man, Wei Tingting, Wu Rongrong and Zheng Churan – remain in custody.

…They face public disorder charges – a catch-all law that is often used by the authorities to silence dissidents….

Despite growing international criticism, China is refusing to release the activists.

Speaking last week, Hua Chunying, a spokeswoman for China’s foreign ministry, said: “No one has the right to ask China to release relevant persons, so we hope that relevant people will stop interfering in China’s judicial sovereignty in such a manner.”

Femislamization Latest – France to Make it Illegal for Women to ‘Dress Like Prostitutes’

SHEria law moved a step closer in France today with the news that plans are being drawn up by feminists to make it illegal for women to ‘dress like prostitutes’.


The legislation is aimed at cleaning up red-light districts such as Pigalle in Paris, long a notorious area of the French capital, where streets are lined with hookers.

French sex workers’ union, Strass, said the law was a “huge step backwards.”

“It is making criminals of women for how they dress, and victimizing prostitutes for doing their job and aggravating their working conditions,” said spokeswoman, Chloe Navarro.

French politicians will vote on the law next week.

Meanwhile, a Nevada Femihag has proposed that a new sex trafficking bill be amended to allow for the physical castration of ‘sex traffickers’.


Study Confirms Paedocrisy – ‘Men downplay their attraction to adolescent girls’

Scientists have finally gotten around to studying paedocrisy, one of the most interesting sociological/psychological phenomenons of the 21st century. And what did they find? That men downplay their attraction to adolescent girls, rating the same girls hotter when told they were older. Whoever would have predicted that?


[T]he consistent finding that the same photographs of younger females, but with different age labels, were assigned significantly different levels of attractiveness suggests that cognitive factors beyond biologically driven sexual attraction were involved in making these ratings. In all the three samples, apparently younger girls were rated as less attractive than older girls despite being the same photographs. We hypothesize that this difference reflects some self-censoring mechanism involved in making such judgments. This may involve a form of comparison between participants’ own sexual attraction to the individual girl and the likely social norms surrounding this judgment.

Thus paedohysteria and the coming sexual holocaust is built on a lie.

Men find adolescents sexy, but deny it for fear of being labelled paedos. As I said, no surprises there, you only have to read the comments section even here to see that sexual hypocrisy is part of what it means to be a man, as much as having a dick.

It would be interesting if a further study is made to investigate equally obvious links between the men who displayed the biggest discrepency in ratings (i.e. rating the girls lower if thought to be younger) and the most strongly held views on ‘paedos’.