PUA Falsely Accused of Touching Latina Girl’s Breasts – Infield Video

‘Cupid Player’ is a one man lesson in the dangers of approaching females if you’re physically unattractive – even fat fuglies like this girl and her mother. After nearly 500 approaches, he’s gotten zero lays and only a couple of numbers, but come close to being stabbed once or twice, and spoken to by security guards on multiple occasions. In this video, he actually becomes the victim of a false allegation. Cupid approaches mom and daughter in a computer store in Puerto Rica, and is typically blown out within seconds – then discovers that the mother has reported him to the security guard for touching her daughter’s breasts. A completely false accusation, as his spyglasses recording of the entire incident proves..

PUA Arrested for Getting Rejected by Girls

Somebody at the anti-pua forums at SlutHate.com is claiming to have been arrested for ‘harassment’, aggressively handcuffed, and given an on the spot $300 fine, simply for politely approaching uninterested members of the opposite sex.

The notorious incels/aspies on the forum are divided as to whether to give sympathy to the PUA, as it indicates that ‘sub 8 men’ are now criminalized if they dare try to speak to a member of the privileged caste uninvited, or whether in fact the PUA deserved to be arrested for taking the advice of ‘scam artists’ and attempting to cold approach women in the street in a futile attempt to get laid.


I used to be really into simple pickup and thought that I could get my first gf from doing direct daygame like they did on simple pickup.
I did 189 approaches and got rejected everytime. Then I fucking got arrested at a public park for telling a girl “Hey this is random, but I thought you were adorable and I had to meet you” – That was all I said and I was at least 3 feet away from her and never touched her, and I got arrested, handcuffed, and fined 300$. Everyone at this public park treated me like a monster and when I sat in the police car I realized that life was a scam and Elliot Rodgers was right, this was before I found sluthate.

I’m white and tall but don’t have a 8+/10 face.

Here’s the citation I got, I had to blackout the parts such as my name and social security number:


The PUA claims that he was polite and that the girl he approached before he was arrested simply walked away from him uninterested after a brief conversation.

No, the girl I was talking to never told me to leave, she told me her name and then said she had to eat and just walked away from me. At that point, I decided to leave the park and started walking back to my car that’s when the police man, who must have already been at the park stopped me, took me to a bench, and then called another police man on the radio and that police man told me to put my hands behind my back and arrested me.

This alleged incident occured in Pennsylvania, USA. Most European countries have recently passed feminist ‘sexual harassment’ laws that could easily allow the police to arrest men for stopping women in the street – even, in fact, for looking at a member of the opposite sex in the street if the ‘victim’ feels ‘harassed’ or ‘objectified’. In this case, the police officer used the legal definition of harassment in Pennsylvania which includes the following : ‘ engages in a course of conduct or repeatedly commits acts which serve no legitimate purpose’.

In other words, the policeman appears to have observed an unattractive unskilled PUA getting repeatedly rejected by the girls he approached and used that as a reason to arrest him for behaviour that supposedly constituted harassment.

In the following video uploaded to YouTube this week, two notoriously ‘uncalibrated’ PUAs stop an attractive chick in a shopping mall, who then talks to them, if rather disinterestedly, for 5 minutes, smiling occasionally. They then attempt to instadate her, and she appears willing to walk alongside them. Unfortunately, as soon as she spots a security guard, she runs to him and makes a complaint of harassment.

Femijunk Stat of the Day Debunked – ‘Girls With Eating Disorders’ Vs ‘Obese Teens’

The number of British girls admitted to hospital with eating disorders has doubled in just three years, with the media inevitably putting the blame on social media and ‘body image’ pressure. But how does the figure compare to the number of girls suffering from obesity, or even so obese that they have been hospitalized?

Number of teens aged 13-19 hospitalized because of eating disorders : 1,800

Number of teen girls considered to be obese : 405,000 (2.7 millions*15%)

Number of British teens admitted to hospital because of obesity : 1,601

Note that the number of British teen girls considered medically to be overweight is over double the obesity figure, i.e. over a million teenage girls in the UK are overweight. That figure is nearly 1,000 times greater than the number of teenage girls admitted to hospital for eating disorders.

The WHO has described childhood obesity as the greatest social problem facing the Western world.

Britain's fattest teenager, Georgia Davis, 15 and over 600 lbs.
Britain’s fattest teenager, Georgia Davis, 15 and over 600 lbs.

Feminists and so called ‘child protection’ charities such as the NSPCC have absolutely nothing to say about childhood obesity, and if they ever do, it is to absurdly claim that obesity itself is the result of ‘body image’ pressures.

The rise in the number of teens admitted to hospital over eating disorders is likely due to media hysteria and parents/doctors being under greater pressure to diagnose and treat eating disorders. The idea that social media pressures could have resulted in a doubling of the rate in just three years is patently ridiculous.

There are other explanations possible as to why a tiny minority of adolescent girls develop eating disorders. In a paedocrite society such as the UK, it must be confusing for a girl who is turning into a sexual being, and who is suddenly attracting looks and attention from the opposite sex, to be repeatedly told by older (jealous) women that she is a non-sexual child and that any men who look at her are subhuman perverted paedophiles (and that she herself is a slut victim if she does anything to attract the attention of ‘perverts’).

The rise in eating disorders could indeed be linked to the rise in obesity, in that it may be a natural reaction in a number of young girls to the repulsive sight of their hideous, piggish, obese peers all around them, and a desperate and understandable desire not to look like them.

In The Woman Racket, Steve Moxon makes the interesting suggestion that anorexia is form of subconscious rebellion against the onset of puberty.

Telegraph Writer Describes How She Was Groped by a Man’s Knee On the Tube..

Supporting calls for more men to be arrested and caged for ‘manspreading’, Telegraph writer Louise Burke fantasises recounts how she was once ‘groped by a man’s knee’ on the London underground, leaving her feeling as though she had been raped and traumatised for life. Or, as one reader commented, ’50 Shades of Testicle Envy’.

The suit-clad knee was jamming into my thigh so hard I could feel the quickening pulse of its owner through the fabric.

I edged sideways until my legs were awkwardly pushed up against the wall of my window seat on the train, but still his limb strayed up against mine. He opened a broadsheet newspaper across his lap – and half-way across mine – and pretended to read.

Mortified and trapped, I held my breath as I tried to decide what to do.

The passengers around me had no idea what he was doing – the paper was blocking the view of his leg and even if it hadn’t been, he probably just looked like any other careless bloke taking up too much leg room.

But at close quarters, his nervous breathing and the pressure of his leg betrayed the thrill he was getting from making me his target…

..I stood at the carriage doors without looking back until I reached my station, then walked home, checking regularly that I wasn’t being followed. I felt dirty and ashamed I had been too cowardly to say anything.

This sorry experience resurfaced as I read the news that two men have just been arrested for manspreading on the New York metro


Social Media and Tinder are Leading to A Rise in STDs

Rhode Island is currently experiencing what health experts are calling an “epidemic of sexually transmitted diseases”—and hookup apps may be partially to blame, officials said.

From 2013 to 2014, infections of syphilis increased 79%, gonorrhea cases went up 30% and new HIV cases increased by about 33%, according to data released by the Rhode Island Department of Health.

The agency noted that the uptick could be sparked by better medical testing and more people having their STDs checked out and reported. However, the agency also acknowledged the role of high-risk behaviors, including “using social media to arrange casual and often anonymous sexual encounters, having sex without a condom, having multiple sex partners, and having sex while under the influence of drugs or alcohol,” the agency wrote in a health alert.


I should make clear that I’m NOT highlighting this story in order that Manosophere conservatives can tut tut at another sign of civilizational decline at the hands of feminists. Feminists did not cause the sexual revolution, feminists did not invent the pill, and they did not invent Facebook or Tinder. Feminists are, however, leading a brutal effort to turn back the tide of cheap and easy sex for men that new technology is increasingly giving us, a futile but ever more desperate backlash that might ultimately even lead to a Sexual Holocaust. That is unless a ‘Red Pill’ movement arises that is truly positive about sex, the male desire for sex with multiple partners, and that has a willingness to fight anti-sex feminist puritans.