Paedohysteria Starts to Eat its Own : Max Clifford Arrested On Suspicion of Sexual Offences

Max Clifford, the British publicist and one of the chief promoters of paedohysteria in the UK, has been arrested on suspicion of sexual offences by the same team that is investigating Jimmy Saville’s alleged offences. Amongst other things, Clifford took personal pride in, and credit for, the jailing of pederast pop mogul Jonathan King.

24 thoughts on “Paedohysteria Starts to Eat its Own : Max Clifford Arrested On Suspicion of Sexual Offences”

  1. To anyone with a brain, this story SHOULD tell them that this whole sexual abuse hysteria is nothing really other than that (hysteria) and perhaps it should not be taken seriously.
    However, we’re dealing here with a feminist (very lucrative) social engineering indoctrination project, so no matter how ridiculous, the paedohysterical public will even resort to reverse logic just to make themselves believe something that clearly belongs on the shelves of a children’s fairy-tale library.

    They should also (again, assuming they actually possess a brain), realize that the men making all the noise and pointing accusatory fingers at other men are far more likely to be nothing more than nervous and anxious paedocrites and they should perhaps be more suspicious of them and of their motives for making such dreadful allegations; even against DEAD men.

    However, they don’t have brains anymore so feminists and their new partners in crime (the US mRM) are determined to use paedohysteria to (fallaciously) create more ‘abuse victims’ and ruin even more lives, to ensure their own sexual validity is elevated just a little more; while the co-opting socon mRAs are no longer under the spotlight as suspected perverts…

    History is almost repeating itself, as they (society in general) now appear to be once again: believing things that our witch-hunting Inquisitional ancestors explained with stories of witch-craft, magic, goblins and fairies etc. It is no less ridiculous.

    Anyway, I digress.
    This story proves that paedohysteria is not only widely upheld, it is upheld because the brainless and totally stupid, ignorant public are so hopelessly addicted to it – anything for a bit of paedosleaze, no matter how outlandish the story, or who is named: they must be persecuted, even if an accusation is clearly nonsense to any reasonable individual…

    The bottom line: NO MAN is above suspicion in today’s paedohysterical society.

  2. Alan:
    Even more to the point, the male paedocrites don’t even realize that they’re being used as ‘cats-paws’ by these Radfem/STU gender supremacists. Clifford is going to be made into an example.

    The feminists all believe that men are ‘slaves to their penises’ and that sexual lust and aggression motivate men. This is same premise behind Clifford’s arrest, as well as their persecution of Savile. The idea being that ‘no female is safe around any man’.

    Now, the co-opted mRAs should take careful note of what happened to Clifford because his present condition is likely going to become their future. They’ve effectively double-bound themselves where they either have to join the feminist witch-hunt wholeheartedly (because they’re going to become expendable like Clifford the minute they don’t seem zealous and fanatical enough); or repudiate the witch-hunt (in which case they lose the support of their new-found allies in the mainstream media). Like men caught in a cesspool, their only choice now is to whirl around in it or sink. Better to get wise and realize that they are sunk anyway, so swimming against the tide is their best option.

  3. Incidently, Dean Esmay, the AVfM Breakthrough guy has a blog called ‘Deans World.’

    It’s interesting reading through the articles there. Besides his Huffington Post ‘breakthrough’, he’s also written an expose on college hazing as a form of male rape.

    Here’s a gem from November 6th:
    ‘The deplorable sexism of the Obama Administration is one reason I will be shuddering as I reluctantly vote for Obama this year.’

    November 1st:
    ‘I no longer believe in the (US) Constitution.’

    October 26th: He takes Ann Coulter to task for ‘insensitivity’ in calling Obama a ‘retard’. (He then calls Coulter a whore).

    October 1st: ‘AVfM has just a new record for fundraising, in large part due to the astonishing increase in women who have contributed…it’s heartening to see a growing number of women actively involved.’

    I’m sure there’s more, but I haven’t the stomach for it right now…LOL

  4. @Eric – you want to be sick?

    This should do it :

    And this is the stunning Typhon Blue :

    Now you may want to re-watch a Sabrina Vaz video as a form of brain bleach and to calm your stomach.

    BTW, the comment appeared under a fine and worthy article by Paul Elam on the Uni of Toronto hate activists, but it’s still a repulsive comment.

    I’m increasingly beginning to think that Highwayman is right – the Men’s Rights Movement is forming into a male version of the sexual trade union. If the average MRA worships at the feet of the likes of Typhon Blue, I can’t imagine how needy and desperate these beta males must be.

    Despite being in my forties, if it was legally and socially acceptable, I could still have realistic hope of pulling a teenage girl as beautiful as Sabrina Vaz (at least for one night, ha). They probably think Typhon Blue is out of their league, but not quite so out of their league that they can’t turn her and her skanky tattoos into an aspiration representing their pure and ideal dream woman.

    Explains the difference in attitudes to the age of consent question and paedohysteria.

  5. @Alan

    We don’t know for sure if Max Clifford’s alleged offences involve children, but if they do, then I think even Fatroll is going to be hard pushed to win the David Fraudtrelle Paedocrite of the Year Award 2012.

  6. @theantifeminist
    Yes, Jack and I have always suspected that they upvote their comments BECAUSE they are women, this true-blue Aussie white-knite mRA: Dr.F simply confirms it for us in that sickening and embarrassing comment.
    And if they’re what he honestly believes are attractive women (that typhonblue sure looks a real barrel of laughs) as well as a ‘lovely looking sheila’, no wonder he’s a mRA… F… me dead!

    These guys are real f…ing losers!
    I wouldn’t touch ANY of those women they worship if they paid me and I’m in my mid 50’s!!
    If one of them came on to me, I’d probably have to concede that maybe they’re right after all – there is such a thing as male victims of female abusers and not only older female abusers! I just MIGHT feel like a traumatized victim if that typhonblue propositioned me – YUK!

    Even though it is totally embarrassing to read and I was cringing (yeah I’m sure Eric will be sick because I nearly was), I must say it’s nice find and thanks for sharing it!

  7. And here’s the co-opter doing what she does best in an article published today at AVfM :

    I’m not going to spend too much time analysing her pile of turd, but it seems she’s blatantly stating that the female culture of victimhood is toxic, and then at the same time claiming that men who were ‘sexually abused’ and do not recognise it are in denial :

    ‘Note that this “forgetting” does not mean that there is no psychological effect; only that the source of that effect is buried, becoming a silent trigger for self-destructive behavior.’

  8. Antifeminist:
    “I can’t imagine how needy and desperate these beta males must be.”

    As much as I dislike Game, I may have to re-think what the Gamers say about ‘Omegas’ if Typhon Blue is the Fathers’ Rights ideal of a sex symbol. BTW, I think that’s also her holding the knife in the article you linked.

    She looks about like streetwalker whose taken a few too many hits of ‘Blue Cheer’. LOL

  9. Interestingly too, Fatroll has brought up the subject of Esmay, although he discreetly leaves out the Huffington Post interview. According to him, MRA Bernard Chapin has also been banned at AVfM.

    I don’t follow Chapin’s blog, but I do see that Antifeminist links to him.

    Judging the by the tone of the article, it like Fraudtrelle is more than a little nervous over this co-opting and the fact that AVfM has invaded ‘liberal’ territory. When he says things like:

    “Chapin argues that AVfM…has been taken over by leftists and radical feminists, some of them possibly agents for the Southern Poverty Law Center. Really, he seems actually to believe this!”

    I detect a note of genuinely deep concern on Manboobz’ part. After all, guess who’s going to become expendable when the femihags take over the American MRM? No doubt he’s seeing his own face in Max Clifford’s mug-shots and wondering which of his mentally-unbalanced groupies is going to ‘come forward’ first.

    A bit of advice, David: Switzerland’s not a bad place to live!

  10. @Eric I rmember Paul Elam and Bernard Chapin having a rather vicious falling out a few years back, when Chapin was writing for MensNewsDaily and Elam was the eitor. If I recall correctly, Elam refused an article of Bernard’s because it referred to feminists as pigs.

    To be fair to Paul Elam, although he was editor, he was working for somebdoy else, and that person had made it clear he didn’t want the site looking extremist and getting banned from Google News (I think MND was the only ever ‘men’s rights’ site to be an official source of Google News.

    Unfortunately, Bernard Chapin is almost as dogmatic as Paul Elam on the issue of paedohysteria and age of consent issues, despite being very much against government attempts to ban porn and prostitution.

    Bernard Chapin was also my first supporter when I joined the men’s rights movement and we were also in regular correspondence for a while, even to the point of agreeing to meet up next time he was in London.

    Ironically, me and Bernard fell out over the Jay Hammers fiasco, when Paul Elam obviously decided to rope him in (he and Chapin were allies again at that time) and persuaded him to give me a friendly warning in one of his videos. Unfortunately, he did it in a manner which I found difficult to forgive.

    BTW, here’s John the Other ripping into r/mensrights over the subject of Paul Elam and Dean Esmay being banned :

    Looks like the men’s rights movement is having bit of a free for all at the moment!

    UPDATE: JTO makes some very good points, such as that the number of ‘mras’ at r/mensrights – over 50,000 is suspicious in itself. If you look at the number of people who comment on the leading men’s rights blogs, it’s hard to imagine that there are more than 2-300 English speaking men’s rights supporters at most. Most of those 50,000 men’s rights redditors are double accounts, redditors who aren’t really interested in men’s rights at all, and of course, probably thousands of actual feminists.

    He also writes :

    “the image of the MRA” is an illusion. We are nearly universally despised, and the rhetoric “they’re a hate movement” is so common it’s almost faded into background noise. However, we are no longer excluded from the public discourse on sexual politics, and we are having a growing influence where we focus our attention. If Im a “bad man” by public consensus – I dont care – I know I dont support hate or violence, and those who oppose us know it too, their lies and antics serve us almost as well as any content we could produce ourselves would.

    I agree 100%. So why is AVfM bending over backwards to accomodate the wishes of the fat paedocrite David Futrelle and the SPLC? And why refuse so dogmatically any discussion of feminist ‘child protection’ laws even in the comments section? Is he really saying that such discussion would suddenly exclude us from ‘public discourse on sexual politics’? It obviously didn’t stop Warren Farrell, and it hasn’t stopped Steve Moxon (speaking at a parliamentary committee on the gender gap in boardrooms. etc).

  11. I agree 100%. So why is AVfM bending over backwards to accomodate the wishes of the fat paedocrite David Futrelle and the SPLC? And why refuse so dogmatically any discussion of feminist ‘child protection’ laws even in the comments section?

    Perhaps it’s because they actually agree and genuinely believe that anyone wishing to discuss these issues really is a pervert or a paedophile; or a ‘creep’ and they want to join the paedophile vigilantes and feminist white-knights (paedocrites) to help them further stigmatize and scapegoat them and ultimately: exterminate the ‘filthy paedos’..?

    As far as these (AVfM) mRAs are concerned: anyone wanting to protect paedophiles can only be a paedo themselves. They are therefore not men with any human rights, thus not worthy of positive discussion, anywhere on any ‘men’s rights activists’ blogs…

    They don’t want any ‘bad odors’ such as paedophile apologists hanging around their feminist and socon friendly forums.
    I mean anyone who genuinely believes that a ‘skank’ such as ‘Typhon Blue’ is an attractive or sexy woman, surely would have a similar mindset to a totally brainless, dumb-fuck, paedocritical, paedophile vigilante anyway?

  12. Back when I was celibate and frustrated, Typhonblue managed to say this about me, in response to another girl commenting that “Eivind/Arpagus is fucking HOT.”:

    “IMHO it sounds like he’s processing(badly) some sort of overwhelming sexual trauma from his past.

    I’m not saying that disqualifies him from being hot, but likely off-limits for the duration.”

    If you don’t believe it, here is the link:

    These people are so thoroughly indoctrinated with feminist sex abuse hysteria that it is literally their only explanation for everything, including sexual frustration…

  13. Words escape me Eivind.

    With her attitudes towards ‘sex abuse’, Typhonblue claiming to be a men’s rights supporter and a ‘feminist critic’ is about as convincing as a born again atheist mocking his former Christian beliefs.. whilst still dogmatically claiming that those who fail to take Jesus into their hearts will burn in everlasting hell..

  14. BTW, I recall that the psychopath Denise Romano, who wanted you castrated simply for your views on rape, also wanted PUAs criminalized as rapists.

  15. Antifeminist:
    Thank you for info on the Chapin story. Speaking of Fraudtrelle BTW, he’s run four straight articles this weekend against AVfM; Elam, John the Other & Typhon Blue.

    I told he was getting nervous! LOL

    The “Hate Movement” rhetoric appears in about every other sentence. I think Fatroll’s a lot more concerned about the Huffington Post ‘breakthrough’ than he’s letting on. After all, if the American feminist establishment thinks it can get more mileage from ‘equalizing the misery’—guess who becomes expendable?

    I think Fraudtrelle should be spending a lot less time blogging and investing instead in a good speedboat that will carry his fat ass across the Canadian border because it’s only a matter of time before the ‘hot and sexy’ Typhon Blue becomes the ‘new face of feminism’ and one of Fraudtrelle’s unbalanced groupies takes Typhon’s blathering about the abuse epidemic seriously. What REALLY happened at that Manboobz Meet-Up? LOL

  16. Eivind:
    On the bright side though, you weren’t so frustrated in the past that you actually found Typhon Blue appealling (unlike her slobbering male groupies at AVfM). If you had settled for her when you could have had Emma, that probably would have made things a lot worse.

    In fact, it’s men who settle for women like Typhon Blue who are the most jealous paedohysterical fanatics and go after other men with wives & girlfriends like Emma. And the viciousness THEY display makes everything they’ve accused you of saying look mild and moderate!

  17. Alan:
    And remember too that Ms. Typhon considers teenagers ‘too young’ to understand the consequences of their sexual actions. The real consequence they all fear of course is that teenagers will stop being ashamed of their sexuality and become competition for them.

  18. I think Fraudtrelle should be spending a lot less time blogging and investing instead in a good speedboat that will carry his fat ass across the Canadian border because it’s only a matter of time

    When the feminist establishment decides to ditch Fraudtrelle, all they have to do is dig up his old 90’s articles and portray him as a ‘paedophile apologist’ and ‘sex abuse denier’. The sex abuse industry never forgets, as it has shown with Savile and Farrell. There’s no reason to believe he doesn’t still hold the same views as he did back then, apart from his manipulative and paedocritical outrage at the likes of Farrell, and of course myself and Jay Hammers.

    You’re 100% right about TyphonBlue set to be the ‘new face of feminism’. In 5 or 10 years time I can see the likes of her being held up as the new ‘reasonable’ face of feminism, that can begin to have an ‘equitable’ dialogue with men over true equality and fairness for both sexes. Meanwhile, 3 or 4 million men in Europe and America will be being raped and beaten daily in prison as sex offenders, and TyphonBlue and Dean Esmay will be heading a United Nations ‘taskforce’ examining ways to protect 20 year old girls and boys from being ‘abused’ by adults and how existing ‘perps’ can be punished even more severely (but equally!!!).

  19. Eivind:
    On the bright side though, you weren’t so frustrated in the past that you actually found Typhon Blue appealling (unlike her slobbering male groupies at AVfM). If you had settled for her when you could have had Emma, that probably would have made things a lot worse.

    Haha, you always give me a cause to laugh when I get up in the morning and check the comments Eric!

    Not only are the commentators at my site real MRAs, you all have a much better sense of humour than the rest of the mRM. I guess we need it though!

  20. Antifeminist:
    I don’t doubt that what you say about the media grooming of Typhon Blue (and she seems to have generated a few clones already) as the future ‘reasonable face of feminism’ who can reach out to men.

    The same thing happened over politically in 2008 and 2010. Sarah Palin, a social purity feminist by any definition, was held up by media White Knights as the antidote to Hillary’s more radical feminism. She’s faded from the limelight (because of her obvious mental instability) although she still has a number of male groupies and spawned several female imitators. Palin herself named this faction of Socon feminist politicians the ‘Mama Grizzlies’.

    Women who go around comparing themselves to she-bears should start making any man start thinking VERY careful about their characters; but these Socon White Knights are too infatuated by this new type of ‘strong woman’ to think clearly.

    I think most of these White Knights, including the Fathers Rights mRAs, suffer from what Rookh calls ‘Pedestal Syndrome’:

    “Since Anglo-American culture is puritanical and sexually repressive, it reflexively villifies men as sexual beings while idolizing women as the ‘owners’ of sex. This is what renders Anglo-American conservatives so ineffectual in the face of misandrist Anglo feminism; they reflexively defend what they profess to attack.”

  21. As a postscript on Dean Esmay’s contributions to the new face of feminism, here’s what he had to say about the Supreme Court’s decision to uphold Obama’s HealthCare Plan—which, recall, defined childhood as up to age 26:

    6/28/2012: “I am sorry for you who are angry about this, but I believe that the court has ruled rightly and am very happy about this. Although the best and most important parts have not been enacted yet, I believe this will be a huge improvement in the lives of all Americans.”

    I wonder if Dean’s Fathers’ Rights allies feel the same way? As Welmer pointed out at the same time, he and other divorced dads are going to be on the hook for child support until the kids are 26!

  22. Two quotes from the Wikipedia article on Max Clifford:

    Clifford says what motivates him is much more than just money. He says he cannot stand hypocrisy in public life, and reserves a particular disgust for lying politicians

    On 4 May 2006, Clifford announced his intention to expose politicians who fail to abide by the standards expected of them in public office. He called his team of undercover investigators ‘a dedicated and loyal bunch’


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