Paedocrite PUA Dan Cilley

Dan Cilley is likely the world’s worst PUA.  His ‘Game’ consists largely of approaching a random young female with the words ‘I like you’ and then after the inevitable rejection filming her butt whilst manically hollering to himself and screaming ‘I lOVE YOU!’ at the fleeing girl. This guy makes George Godley look like Krauser PUA.

Today Dan uploaded a video in which he reports lingerie chain ‘Victoria’s Secret’ to the police for ‘promoting paedophilia’ through the use of under 18 looking models in posters adorning their store windows.

But check out this compilation of the master PUA in action and judge whether or not Cilley is also something of a master paedocrite

What a fu**ing paedocrite!!!

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  1. “Dan Cilley is likely the world’s worst PUA”…
    “Stand up for what’s right”. Fucking Hell’s bells! Even said it’s ‘creepy’. The only thing I saw that’s ‘creepy’ in that clip was him!
    Indeed: What a fu**ing paedocrite!!!

    Well, I don’t think he would even make the grade to be called a PUA at all. Definitely a BLATANT paedocrite though, but surely he’s an incel and most likely a virgin to boot? If he continues with his current ‘Game’, he’s guaranteed to retain all of those fine character attributes for the rest of his depressing life too!
    I was embarrassed just watching those 2 clips and I could only stomach about 1/2 of the first one – his paedocrite footage!


  2. Yes, definitely not a paedocrite. He explains that his game is made all the more difficult, being a much ‘older’ guy, which is true, however he has one obvious advantage over any similar aged PUAs and it’s a phenomenon that’s been mentioned in many posts throughout this blog – he’s black and it seems that many, even most, anglosphere women fantasize about having sex with black men. I don’t think age would really be much of a hindrance to black PUAs, unless they are grossly overweight or otherwise unattractive. (many black men look a lot younger than their years too). If he were white, he would need to be about 20 years younger to enjoy anything like the same success.

    Ok, this guy Deepak (or Manish) isn’t a paedocrite, but did you read some of the comments below?
    😀 Talk about F***ING PAEDOCRITES!

  3. Our old friend Krauser PUA isn’t a paedocrite either, hehe :

  4. ” he’s black and it seems that many, even most, anglosphere women fantasize about having sex with black men.”

    Not just anglosphere women, unfortunately. I’d say it’s even worse in Eastern Europe (where Deepak mostly does his PUA).


    Thought you might find this interesting. It is about objectification, now sensible people know that objectification is just another way for feminists to shame men into not approaching younger women.

    What is interesting is that only one of the women in the article is remotely desireable. The others are over the hill or very close to it. Kind of confirms your theory about feminism being a sexual trade union for old women.

  6. @anon – when you think what’s happening to women in so many Muslim countries at this time and these ugly cunts are fantasizing complaining about being looked at by the opposite sex.

    I see the Guardian are deleting nearly every male non-mangina comment.

  7. Something very strange happened to one of my the newspapers in Guyana. My friend works at the same news agency.

    Somebody threw a grenade at his employer’s car. This was just a few weeks after feminatzis were posting threats to various media groups in Guyana advocating for what? Increasing the country’s age of consent from 16 to 18, and some even said 21!

    One of my friend’s colleagues was reluctant to have this article passed, but here it is after two days of feminist activism inspired by Aussies.

    Did feminatzis actually tried to kill the owner of a newspaper because we refused to publish all of this feminist garbage that they are writing to us?

    I’ve noticed that other countries in the Caribbean are receiving the same type of feminist propaganda, mainly from women living in Canada.

    I though that these “Age of Consent Warriors” were a joke, but I am afraid that they are throwing grenades because we were annoyed at the feminist propaganda coming from the US and Canada. Right now our country is fairly political stable, and we don’t know who threw the grenade. My friend believes that these “rights activists” might have done it because the government is taking long to increase the age of consent for girls from 16 to 18.

    I’m doing some investigation so I might keep you posted.

  8. Okay, so despite the pressure from feminist groups in Toronto, Los Angeles, NYC and Tampa—Trinidad and Tobago has taken a smart approach to dealing with criminals by not releasing such information to the public.

    The truth is that if a feminazi mob tries to do witch hunts at a house of a wealthy business family because the 18-year-old is a “sex offender” for receiving a sexy picture from a 16-year-old “child”, the armed para-military groups would have to defend that family.

    It’s only in Anglo areas like Canada/US/UK that people believe it’s right to attack and harass people who already served jail time for “sex offenses”.

    Now it appears that the feminazis are throwing grenades and committing terrorist acts to countries who are taking long to increase the age of consent from 18.

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