Paedocrite Of The Year 2018 – MGTOW Raging Golden Eagle

I know I’m very late with this, but I realized that this tradition of naming a paedocrite of the year had been unbroken since 2008 when I started this blog, and it would be a shame not to keep it going.

2018 was an especially rich year for paedocrite spotters. Sick bags had to be kept permanently by the side, as it seemed that nearly every day a new case that outdid all others appeared in the news. #MeTOO hysteria alone produced quite a selection of paedocrite manginas who discovered that being ‘feminist’ can’t save you when the scorned and money grabbing foid fingers start to point in your direction.

I haven’t got time to go through the many cases, but one individual stood out for me. Not because this person, an anti-feminist MGTOW YouTuber who talks a lot of sense on a lot of things, is particularly guilty more than others, but because he’s a good representative of a strain of paedocrisy that really is sickening to behold and which has a done a lot of damage to the Men’s Rights/Male Sexualist cause. And just like the MeToo male feminists, they’re going to discover that male sexual hypocrisy is ultimately no guarantee of safety from the feminist wrath, and is rather sheer cowardice.

The Paedocrite of the Year for 2018 is ‘Raging Golden Eagle‘.

Raging Golden Eagle

What’s my beef with this dude? Well, it has to be said, he is a very articulate MGTOW who talks a lot of sense on anti-feminism. He is also heavily into anime. If you look at his channel, you’ll see that, like a lot of the alt-right and MGTOW communities, this is a guy who spends most of his time fapping to wide eyed cartoon images of idealized pre-pubescent girls. And there’s nothing wrong with that. Except that this has absolutely nothing to do with paedophilia in his (and their) eyes. Except that ‘paedophilia’ has nothing to do with men’s rights in his (and their) eyes. Except that men’s rights activists and Male Sexualists like myself and Eivind are dirty paedophiles who want to have sex with 17 year old kids and who have infiltrated the MRM.

Except that fapping to cute anime cartoon pics of wide eyed young girls is going to be illegal soon, everywhere on Earth, just as illegal as fapping to pics of real busty 17 year old ‘children’ in bikinis, thanks to the United Nations of Femihags, and suddenly the feminist war on ‘child porn’ and ‘paedophilia’ is going to hit this guy and his fellow army of anime loving MGTOWs right between the saucer shaped fucking eyes.

If you remember when myself and Eivind were having a spat on Twitter with the disgusting Hannah Wallen, a prominent MGTOW by the name of ‘Turd Flinging Monkey’ stuck his paedocrite teen sex robot loving butt in to accuse both of us of being paedophiles trying to take over the men’s rights movement. This was simply for claiming that feminist age of consent and crazy ‘child porn’ laws were men’s rights issues.

The fact that anything to do with feminist definitions of ‘paedophilia’ has no place in the MRM for this and most right thinking American MGTOWs didn’t stop Turd Flinging Monkey teaming up with lolicon loving Raging Golden Eagle for a joint podcast last year. Maybe he just didn’t notice all those 8 year old cuties adorning Golden Eagle’s YouTube channel page?

But of course, for these arseholes, having an obsession with drawn 8 year old girls has absolutely nothing to do with paedophilia, just as ‘paedophilia’ – even men being jailed for owning bikini pics of 17 year old girls – has nothing to do with men’s rights.

Until feminists define their passion as child porn.

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