David Fraudtrelle Paedocrite of the Year 2015 Nominations Invited

It’s that time of year again when we sort through hundreds of loathsome contenders and decide upon a select few worthy candidates for the ignominious title of the most disgusting paedocrite in the world.

Readers are invited to leave their nominations in the comments section below. I’m very busy at the moment so I’m not sure if I’ll run the femihag of the year poll, but you can leave nominations for that as well. I was even thinking of adding a ‘paedo-finder general of the year’ award, but not only do I not have time but I’m not sure I have enough readers left to make running more than one poll worthwhile. But feel free to leave your paedo-finder nominations as well.  I’ll add every valid nomination left in the comments section and start the actual poll/s in the New Year.

david-futrelle (2)
David Futrelle

David Futrelle – The ‘child torture snuff porn can be art’ advocate sunk to new depths of paedocrite depravity, seemingly determined to regain his title at all costs after last year’s stunning reversal at the hands of child abuser Lena Dunham.  The discredited Chicago blogger still refuses to withdraw his support for the ‘right’ of gay sex shops to openly disseminate as fap material paedophile produced images of naked children being anally raped, forced to eat shit, and then graphically and slowly tortured to death. But even worse, he chose to stay loyal to his favourite transvestite sadistic paedophile reader – ‘ralmcg’ – months after I revealed that the pervert ran a forum dedicated to sharing fantasies of crucifying, raping, torturing, and murdering women and schoolgirls. Things took on an even more sinister turn when Futrelle’s paedophile sadist followers started doxxing opponents of the Chicago gay child porn apologist, including the 6 year old daughter of a leading MHRA. Futrelle also fed his depraved bdsm transvestite groupies a link to the doxxed real identity of female anti-feminist ‘Judgy Bitch’.. Both Futrelle and Ralmcg are currently under investigation by the FBI.  WHAT A FU**ING PAEDOCRITE!!

astrokidnjAstroKid NJ – The MHRA with the creepy handle that says it all.  When reading some of AstroKid’s comments validating feminist child abuse laws, you get the strong impression that all he wants to do is sodomize really young boys, but knows it will never be legal in his lifetime, and thus takes out his frustration by victim labelling 17 year old students lucky enough to have had sex with their female teachers, as well as shaming true MRAs for admitting that attraction to teenage girls is part of normal male sexuality and only criminalized because of feminists.  WHAT A FU**ING PAEDOCRITE!!

ferdinand-bardemuThe Ghost of Ferdinand Bardemu – The ghost of Ferdinand Bardemu.



jonJon – Whilst not technically a paedocrite perhaps, reader Jon was definitely getting into dangerous territory.  WHAT A FU**ING PAEDOCRITE!!


facebook-profile-picThe Anti-feminist – The loathesome slug of a webmaster hardly bothered to post all year, and even then not all of his posts concerned the age of consent.  As this site sunk further into manosphere obscurity, the obvious ephebohebophebophile was even seen extolling the virtues of women in their mid-twenties!



Femi-hag of the year nominations :

Kathleen Richardson (sexbot ban woman), woman who tried to have Roosh banned from Canada (can’t remember her name), Angela Merkel (for rushing forward the Femislamization of Europe), Alison Saunders (for continuing to undermine the principles of British justice, and in persecuting old age pensioners for alleged sex ‘crimes’ that may or may not have taken place up to half-a-century ago).

Paedo-Finder General of the year nominations :

‘Hunter Stinson’ (anti-‘paedophile’ vigilante), Jim Gamble, Mark Williams Thomas (‘exposer’ of Jimmy Savile)

Mangina of the year nominations :

Erik Billing (sex bot ban Swedish mangina), David Futrelle



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  1. I’ve been wanting to nominate Jared Fogle, bosom-buddy of Michele Obama, and former head of the Jared Foundation which promoted childhood health. he was arrested on child-porn charges recently. I remember reading in the news some time ago that his group was a ‘partner’ with NCMEC; but the problem has been that the NSA or somebody has scrubbed all the links, so I can’t find proof.

    Another Obama supporter, Terence Bean, would also be a good nominee.

    Meanwhile, the paedocrites at AVfM are giving Manboobz some competition by running stories about gay men needing to be liberated from feminism while still fighting the idea of straight men having relations with younger women.

  2. http://www.inquisitr.com/2270443/phillip-kirk-sicko-begs-politico-to-legalize-sex-with-children-declares-self-openly-a-pedophile/


    When Kirk asked Mr Hunter if he had ever done anything ‘dirty’, Mr Hunter replied: ‘I’ve never done anything like that with anyone tbh [to be honest] x.’
    Kirk, of Orchard Drive, Oswaldtwistle, then wrote: ‘Well you’re only 14 lol xxx.’
    Kirk went on to explain that he had just finished his policing studies at university and hoped to join a force ‘when they start recruiting’.
    When discussing where the two could potentially meet, Kirk said: ‘Bit awkward ain’t it being seen with you being 14 lol x,’ and later described Mr Hunter as ‘sexy boy’.
    Mr Hunter was previously involved in the conviction of Accrington schoolteacher David Simpson, who believed he was meeting a 15-year-old girl for sex.
    He rose to fame after his self-financed vigilante documentary, The Paedophile Hunter, was screened in 2014.
    It won the 33-year-old and its director, Dan Reed, the Best Single Documentary category at the Royal Television Programme Awards.
    He has more than 570,000 Facebook followers and earlier this year scooped two BAFTAs

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3098974/Would-policeman-fetish-lads-white-socks-caught-trying-groom-14-year-old-boy-Paedophile-Hunter-Stinson-Hunter.html#ixzz3gddwaDUH
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  3. Stinson Hunter sounds like an obvious pervert into young boys. It’s noticeable that he does seem to prefer ‘role playing’ the part of young teenage boys with his fellow pederasts. Throw into the pot his obvious sadistic delight in hounding lonely men into prison or even their graves, and you get a classic homosexual paedocrite sadist.

    Unfortunately, it is a testemant to the utter limp wristed aspiness of ‘ephebophiles’ that people like Hunter can exist.

  4. Speaking of Russia and exposing paedocrites, former Italian prime minister Sergio Berlusconi—caught in paedohystrical witch hunt a few years ago, has been offered asylum and a governmental position from Russia. I wonder if Russia will start offering a haven for straight men in the future?

  5. Anyone know what’s happened to Angry Harry? He hasn’t posted anything on angryharry.com this year, or does he have another site now?

  6. He stopped updating his website over a year ago and his Twitter went silent for a while as well so we were all concerned for him here. Then after a few weeks he turned up on AVoiceforMen.com giving regular podcasts and became active on Twitter again (https://twitter.com/AngryHarrysPage/with_replies). As I don’t visit AVoiceforMen.com anymore I sort of assumed he had decided to concentrate his efforts there in an effort to reach a wider audience. I think he did state that his site (AngryHarry.com) was becoming a bit irrelevant as the mrm and manosphere grew (sort of how I feel about this site now).

    However, I see that he doesn’t appear to have made any podcasts since around this time last year, as well as no further tweets since that time as well.

    I assume people like Paul Elam would be aware if he had died (God Forbid) or anything had happened to him and would have let the MRM know. Have you left a comment at AVfMen or contacted Elam?

    I know he had been suffering with health problems for quite a while.

    I had been thinking of him recently and was going to check on whether he had been active online anywhere. I just checked his site registry and his domain name renewed a couple of months ago, but that might have been automatic.

    We’ve had others disappear for a while and then pop up and assure us they are alright and then disappear again (a reader of mine – Alan Vaughn).

    I have Harry’s e-mail address so I’ll try contacting him. I hope he’s alright and I feel a bit guilty now that I haven’t checked on him before now.

  7. ”How they can possibly get away with dictating this to adults is absolutely fucking beyond me. ”

    Today’s adults are tomorrow’s children

  8. ”As this site sunk further into manosphere obscurity”

    The action is at the Red Pill and the reactosphere. Age of consent is not really interesting to focus on.

  9. The action is at the Red Pill and the reactosphere. Age of consent is not really interesting to focus on.

    I was actually being a bit sarcastic. I like to think that this site discusses the rape of male sexuality by feminists in general, and that is an important topic if not the most important (I think it is). I think what you mean by ‘not really interesting’ is – ‘not something few of us have the balls and honesty to discuss’.

  10. Just in time – this guy is surely the front runner now!!

    One of the chief paedo finder generals in the UK caught exchanging sexually explicit messages with a 17 year old schoolgirl!


    “Labour MP Simon Danczuk has been suspended by the party after newspaper allegations about his private life.
    The Sun alleged he exchanged explicit text messages with a 17-year-old girl….
    ..The backbencher has been a strong critic of Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn and his predecessor Ed Miliband, and has carried out a high-profile campaign to expose historical child abuse.”

    What a fu***ng Paedocrite!!!

  11. A damn pedocrite for sure, but is it illegal to sext a girl above age of consent ? He hasn’t even fucked her and what if he had ? On what ground could he be expelled from his party ? Besides, judging from the photo published the girl could well be 25 !

  12. I’m not sure why the police got involved – unless they judged it might be a case of him ‘abusing a position of authority’ over her as an M.P.

  13. I don’t even want to think about what the other pedo finder generals such as Tom Watson are getting up to.

  14. Jonathan King puts it nicely : http://www.kingofhits.co.uk/index.php?option=com_kunena&Itemid=65&func=view&catid=2&id=141460

    When I was released 10 years ago one of the decent police “keeping an eye” on me asked me to let him know the URLs of trolls – I just deleted and ignored them. “It’s always the ones who shout loudest who are secret abusers” he said. “They think it covers them – it doesn’t. It exposes them”. It was the same in prison – the boys shouting NONCE were always found to be the worst abusers, in there for precisely the crimes they claimed to loathe. Write a book about a dead man being a paedophile? You’re guaranteed to find karma very quickly. Didn’t we all wonder about Karen?

  15. We’ve had others disappear for a while and then pop up and assure us they are alright and then disappear again (a reader of mine – Alan Vaughn).

    Yes indeed I disappeared yet again for a while and although I can still assure you that I am alright, this (extended) absence was for a much more serious reason than mere lack of Internet access, responsible for my previous disappearance.
    Without going into all the sordid details: my health is fine, albeit only my physical health.
    Emotionally, I’m near breaking point.

    Today being the first day of 2016 coincides with my first visit to your site since my last comment back in about April or May, when you all thought I’d died (or worse) 😉

    Great to see the BEST MRA site is still alive and well.


  16. Really good to see you back Alan. Keep your chin up and I’m sure you’re going to survive whatever you’ve been through and come out stronger. Happy New Year!!

  17. @theantifeminist
    Thanks for your kind thoughts – I sincerely hope so.
    It’s nice to know that I was missed during my long absence.
    I’ve been clicking around (archives) for the most part of today trying to catch up with things, but I’ve obviously missed an awful lot.

    The first thing I noticed was your nomination of Jon for the Paedocrite Of The Year title.
    I read through many comments on a few posts, but thus far still have no idea what he said or did to qualify as a nominee for this prestigious award…
    I’ve always thought he was with us, therefore vehemently opposed to paedohysteria, so I was somewhat surprised to see his name in the list; not too much unlike the surprise I felt when former esteemed commentator Inclined Paedocrite suddenly revealed his true colours of blatant paedocrisy to us here, during the last Winter Olympics.

    Has Jon been barred from here too?

  18. Jon didn’t do anything quite so treacherous as the Inclined Paedocrite, but he did make the rather odd comment that men who have ever found a 13 year old girl attractive are in his opinion ‘perhaps not technically paedophiles, but definitely getting into dangerous territory.’ Now given many of his other comments, including his request that I change the background picture of ice skater Yulia (when I had it up a couple of years ago) to that of a 13 year old Russian singer whose pop video I posted here once, I found that a bit much, especially as it triggered an unseemly ‘I’m less of a real paedophile than anyone else here’ bidding war that is one of the REAL problems in my opinion. He also then appeared to claim that being a good Christian he has no sexual attraction to teen girls, and that he merely finds them ‘cute’.

    There’s a balance to be had between being careful to distinguish real paedophilia (ie. sexual preference for pre-pubescents) from the feminist inflation of the term as a means to demonize normal male sexuality (i.e. the sexual attraction to females who have started puberty), and having the honesty to admit that even very young teens can be sexually attractive.

    Yes I have banned him, I just can’t put up with the stress involved in moderating comments from readers like him, who do such things as leave links to instagram accounts of girls who look barely older than 13 and with only a few hundred followers (there’s a difference between that and linking, for example, to Yulia with a million followers), complaining that I don’t write about the age of consent enough, and then claiming that he himself has no attraction to girls that age and that anyone who does is ‘perhaps not technically a paedophile’. It’s a big reason I rarely post here anymore.

  19. He also then appeared to claim that being a good Christian he has no sexual attraction to teen girls, and that he merely finds them ‘cute’.

    LOL! Yes, I remember him saying something along those lines and while reading the comment, actually thinking something like:
    Hmmmm… Isn’t merely finding them cute really the same as saying, or admitting you’re attracted to them? And when discussing ‘attraction’ to another person, especially one of the opposite sex, such attraction is ONLY sexual.
    Dangerous territory indeed – skating on very thin ice, covering a vast lake of paedocrisy.
    Seriously though, what other types attraction can one possibly have to a nubile teenage girl apart from sexual?

    You did well to ban him. He also irritated me when he tried to use that Christian hat as a sort of shield, which he implied would protect him from any ‘improper’ thoughts. LOL. Christian men love sex – many, if not most father huge families!

    Like so many paedocs men, he is simply too afraid to admit that he’s a mere mortal – a normal human male. Cannot admit (or accept) that it is perfectly normal for a normal man to be attracted to a post-pubescent female, irrespective of what the law tries to force him to think.

    He has nothing to be ashamed of, nor should he apologize for being human, which was what I always sensed he was doing, whenever reading many of his comments…

  20. The above pingback to Human Stupidy’s site is certainly a good one, however, HS also links to your post for Paedocrite Of The Year Nominations, via a hyperlink worded:

    Antifeminist: please nominate Hillary Clinton “Pedocrite of the Year” For saying “rape survivors have to be believed” but attacking the survivors of her husband’s alleged rapes”

    Does he understand the meaning of the word Paedocrite? I don’t think he does…

    Whilst the great Ms Clinton is certainly a blatant hypocrite, to my knowledge she has never accused anyone in particular of being a ‘pedo’, or any particular group of being pedos, nor do I believe her to be trying to mask (via pointing an accusing finger at others) any of her own hidden (sexual) desires towards any children. (Including feminist legally defined children, i.e. ‘children’ under age 18).

    While the quotes from the articles he has posted on his site do affirm she is a blatant hypocrite who should be laughed off the stage at any election campaign (yet we’re talking about America, so that isn’t too likely an outcome), they do not indicate any of the typical behavioral characteristics common to all paedocrites.

    If HS or anyone can tell me otherwise, I’d be most interested in learning more about that side of the vile femihag piece of sh*t…
    What I gleaned after reading the articles he quoted from: Ms Clinton could and SHOULD easily win first prize for Femi-hag Of the Year.

    BTW: is HS still barred from here?

  21. Human-Stupidity’s article seems to be a bit of a mess and requires a some background reading to make any sense of it. If I’m reading him right, he seems to be suggesting that Bill Clinton has been accused in the past of raping children, including a 12 year old girl for which he sat a lie detector test and which he failed, and despite this Hilary Clinton stuck by him. I have honestly never heard anything of this before, and I would have thought such accusations would have been global headlines, but HS gives a link to ‘Breitbart’, so I’l check out that article.

    And yes HS is still barred from here.

  22. BTW, the winner of the paedocrite of the year contest has been announced, so it’s too late for further nominations. I didn’t receive a single nomination or even reader’s comment for a week so I assumed I didn’t have enough readers/interest to hold a poll. And the paedocrisy of Simon Danszuck rather left any poll meaningless anyway.

  23. BTW, the winner of the paedocrite of the year contest has been announced, so it’s too late for further nominations. I didn’t receive a single nomination or even reader’s comment for a week so I assumed I didn’t have enough readers/interest to hold a poll. And the paedocrisy of Simon Danszuck rather left any poll meaningless anyway.

  24. AstroKid NJ – The MHRA with the creepy handle that says it all. When reading some of AstroKid’s comments validating feminist child abuse laws, you get the strong impression…

    Did he post many such comments here and if so where? I’m curious to know because I have a vague recollection of railing into him about how he and his paedocomangina cohorts are validating femihag child abuse etc, or possibly about the way the mangina’s Human Rights site he frequently posts comments to (AVFm), are sleeping with the enemy; but don’t remember when or under what topic. I could only find this comment that you immediately took him to task over, which was his pathetically sardonic criticism of what you and this blog have contributed (or, according to him: haven’t contributed) in support of the manosphere.


  25. I think that was the only comment AstroKid left here, but he recently stated his opinion elsewhere that the only reason I have an interest in men’s rights is because ‘I want to bone really young girls’, lol.

  26. Hahaha… Well that’s gotta be better than his ‘want to bone really young’ BOYS, or worse: an AVFm ‘Lovely looking sheila’ lol.

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