One of the Most Evil Feminists in the World Arrested

names and shamed rebekah brooks

Rebekah Brooks has been arrested on suspicion of conspiring to pervert the course of justice.

The arrest is part of the Metropolitan Police’s investigation into phone hacking by News of the World reporters whilst she was serving as the paper’s head.  Reporters at her newspaper hacked into the mobile phone of missing 13 year old Milly Dowler (later found murdered) in order to satisfy the British public’s insatiable appetite for paedosleaze – potentially hampering the police investigation and putting Milly (if she had still been alive) and other children in danger.  News of the World reporters also targeted the parents of Sarah Payne, whose random murder at the hands of a psychopathic sexual opportunist led to the onset of paedohysteria in the UK, stoked and exploited by Rebekah Brooks with her infamous ‘Name and Shame’ campaign against convicted sex offenders.

Rebekah Brooks is an avowed feminist, and also launched campaigns against domestic violence which demonised men – despite being a husband batterer herself.

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  1. Zorro,
    In the unlikely event she is convicted, you will know for sure. Unlikely being the operative word. Being a somewhat influencial and powerful feminazi, she’ll probably wriggle out out of this one without too much difficulty, especially since the whole controversy was essentially related to finding, then exposing another one of Britain’s most despised sub-humans.
    To many, even most Britons: she will be perceived as some kind of ‘folk hero’, as well as all the other sleazy members of the same team of witch-hunting trashy journalists, photographers and other heartless, self-promoting glory-seekers that were involved; simply because they were trying to do their best to ‘protect more children’ from those monstrous paedophiles that started invading their lives, their homes, schools, shopping malls and their entire civilization about 15 years ago…

  2. OT: Feminists magistrates are trying to crack down on prostitution in Belgium. You should have a look at the trial of “Dodo la saumure”, the notorious pimp whose name appeared in one of the DSK cases.

  3. I posted this comment on the Spearhead:

    OT: Feminist magistrates are trying to crack down against prostitution in Belgium.

    A (female) prosecutor required that notorious pimp “Dodo la Saumure” spend ten years in prison for “human-trafficking”.

    (The man became famous a few months ago because his name appeared in one of DSK’s cases)

    There are allegedly 3000 brothels in Belgium. The authorities tolerate them. “Human-trafficking” is widespread in Belgium.

    “Dodo” is just one among them and his practices are similar to the other brothel owners. Apparently the feminist magistrates used a minor pretense to indict him and are now trying to make an example out of him in order to scare other brothels into closing their doors.

    Brothel managers have used the gray areas of the law to develop their business, while the authorities turned a blind eye; and now feminist magistrates are using the same trick, they use the gray areas of the law to push their ideological agenda.

    Unfortunately, some magistrates believe their job is to twist the laws voted in the parliament.

    Dodo la saumure was known to be a thriving brothel owner since the beginning of the 1990s’. He still owns a dozen brothels along the border with France. And now, out the blue, the justice seems to discover that his activity was illegal.

    One of the reproaches that are being made to him by the feminist prosecutor is that his activity was “systematic” (in her feminist mind, systematic apparently means “organized like a mafia”). But the accused developed his brothels like any other business. If you want to develop a business beyond your kitchen, you ‘d better be “systematic”. This is why businesses are called “organizations”.
    I don’t know the details of the case, but from what I read in the French medias, this trial is clearly an ideological crusade against prostitution led by feminist-minded magistrates who parrot feminist gibberish and concepts.

    I have some sympathy for the man because he is outspoken about his business and he wanted to set up a trade union of Belgian brothel owners in order to defend themselves and lobby for a clearer statute for everyone. He seems to be a legalist (but of course, feminists won’t have none of it).

    Moreover, he wanted to lobby for “sexual assistance” (the right for men with a major handicap to have a sexual life, which exists already in some country like Switzerland and Holland).

    I have Dodo la saumure’s email address (he gave it to a journalist to be published with his interview). Apparently he likes to talk to journalists.
    I think it would be interesting to have his analysis of his situation. Maybe we could ask him to write a point of view or something?

  4. Like Yvonne van Hertum in the Netherlands. Believe it or not, there is even a man who is both a Fathers’ Rights Activist, AND a Paedophile Hunter, a certain Jos Aalders.

  5. Has he been managing some of the clubs in Arlon (rue de Luxembourg). If he’s the man I think he’s harmless enough. As you say, just someone who tries running a business. Note that the cops can be a real hassle in Belgium. They would come at the small hours and insist the club should be closed by 2 am according to the law. How can you make a profit in such a field if you have to close at 2 am? Again, I suspect the cops do so to hint they need some money to change hands to turn a blind eye. I also hope this affair doesn’t lead to the closure of the swinging clubs on the Belgian side near Lille (Minoi + Only-for-you). They function as brothels on week-days.

  6. I sometimes think there is no one else who know more about women nature than the MRM

    @Theantifeminist you were the first one who came to my mind after reading this….

    “Cindy Crawford to her daughter: ‘You have my old legs, I want them back!'”

    “Supermodel Cindy Crawford admits she gets a little jealous of her 10-year-old daughter, Kaia.”

    Her daughter is already suffering the jealous feelings from her mom, being so young at 10 years old.

  7. Good link MRA, and thanks for the compliment.

    It’s important to remember that at this point in time a majority of MRAs would still refuse to even admit that 17 year old girls are better looking than their mothers.

    It’s no wonder that women, and feminists in particular, have absolutely no respect for men.

    And to go back to a comment that Alan made yesterday about executing (real) paedophiles, I doubt if many Men’s rights bloggers (apart from you, me, and several others) would have any problems with feminists executing men who give in to temptation with a 17 year old girl, let alone a precocious 10 year old girl.

    I don’t think anyone apart from this site even mentioned the Dawn Hawkins/Amazing Atheist videos. This is an organisation (Morality in Media) that wants to criminilize 99% of the male gender for looking at any porn – and have signed pledges from all the Republican presidential candidates agreeing to do just that if elected. But myself, and my readers here, are apparently the only people in the men’s rights movement who can see the connection to men’s rights.

    Meanwhile an atheist YouTuber with 1/3 of a million subscribers, who has actually made a men’s rights video (that was slightly mocked by ‘our’ leading MRAs), forces Morality in Media’s website to go offline within hours of mentioning them.

    Sometimes we have to be honest and admit that, at this point in time, there still isn’t a men’s rights movement – just a collection of angry bloggers loosely related and often having diametrically opposed political views (aside from a dislike of feminism).

    I know you’ve already seen this article :

  8. And to go back to a comment that Alan made yesterday about executing (real) paedophiles, I doubt if many Men’s rights bloggers (apart from you, me, and several others) would have any problems with feminists executing men who give in to temptation with a 17 year old girl, let alone a precocious 10 year old girl.

    Sorry AF, I forgot to mention in my reply to your comment regarding executing ‘toddler bonkers’: that I PERSONALLY OPPOSE vehemently even the legal death penalty (as in the USA), let alone executions imposed by and carried out by any psychopaths in prisons who think they’re God! (Or think they’re the ‘Paedofinder General’ – did you see the U-Tube that Andrew posted)? 🙂
    I may have been a bit general in that comment where I said I don’t think there’d be too many MRA’s ‘crying foul’ or anything. And I’m sure there wouldn’t be (as you’ve covered in your reply here to MRA), however, please be assured that I would NOT be anywhere near that ‘camp’ of MRA’s advocating the death penalty for any crime, let alone a crime that did not involve the taking of another person’s life (homicide). I am totally against the death penalty for the same reasons as you are too (false accusations), but also becuase I believe that NO human being has the right to take the life of another, regardless of the reasons. As far as I am concerned, anyone (i.e. a Judge in a US court or other country that imposes the death penalty), would be no less guilty of homicide than the perpertrator he may sentence to death…
    Just wanted to make that clear…

  9. Thanks Alan for elaborating.

    There’s also the problem of the slippery slope, as I suggested in the article on the Chinese feminists. I’m sure it won’t be long before men are being executed there for having consensual sex with 17 year olds etc.

    I believe also that at least one American state has tried to introduce the death penalty for downloading child porn.

    It is interesting though, that I’m pretty sure that if you asked 100 random people in the street ‘are you in favour of the death penalty being restored?’, maybe 40% or 60% (or whatever) would say yes. If you asked the same 100 people ‘are you in favour of the death penalty for paedophiles?’, I imagine 80 or 90% would say yes.

  10. In order to get the steam off the issue, I suggested once that people who penetrate children younger than five, like Robert M. in the Netherlands, should be euthanized, regardless of their mental state. My friend looked at me as if I advocated child molestation.

  11. After becoming famous and rich making millions of men specially boys pumping testosterone, masturbate the brain out of them thinking about her, after selling poster like many would wish to sell and be place in every college boy in the 60s, after losing the body which make her the SEX SYMBOL she WAS, after no men pay attention to her for her body even having balloons as tits and many lift on her face to look YOUNGER than her actual age, after RAIDING the cock carousel enjoyed the sexual liberation at the same time she became famous and fucking many high profile dicks in the industry….
    after no longer looking like this

    She come complaining about the sex selling and porn industry, shaming male sexuality.

    Typical post menopause woman. The same is where many second wave feminists are now…date-pussy-expired.

    FUCKING hypocrite

  12. Columnist,
    One of the comments offered was from me and it was in the top rated of the LOWEST rated, last time I looked.
    Most of the comments are by jealous femi-hags and their like minded (brainwashed) mangina puppets, so I (and 1 or 2 others) saw it as an ideal gathering of ‘pigeons’ amongst which the proverbial cat should be released…

  13. @Columnist

    If she starts dating a barely legal 18 years old muscle guy she will say she liberated and will be posted into the cougar culture in Hollywood and the “you go girl” will be listen in the moon.

  14. I believe also that at least one American state has tried to introduce the death penalty for downloading child porn.

    Yes I think I saw that somewhere recently too, so it looks like America is almost a totalitarian state already. Death penalty for mere thought crime. Just defies belief, the 21st century inquistion is actually more barbaric than the last one of the 16th century and it’s all down to the Oprah Winfreys, the Hetty Johnsons, Esther Ranzens, MIchelle Elliots and hundreds more very high profile misandry propagandarists that together, whipped up the total nonsensensical paedo-hysteria that has directly destroyed the family unit and our entire society. But worst of all: these demonic monsters have given all children in our society nothing, but a life of misery and mahem to look forward to.
    Beam me up Scotty…

  15. Yes, cute alright – these bitches have no limit to their self-centredness and clearly no sense of humour at all; except when something happens to a man of course. I don’t remember any men making a fuss about that misandrous gaggle of them on that popular American all women current affairs program when they discussed the Catherine Kieu Becker incident, which had the stupid show’s host: Sharon Osborne, all her invited misandric guests and the entire studio audience, almost rolling on the floor in stitches, with their ghoulish laughter…
    You can also see the video here

  16. I came across this blog, while exploring my study in Anti feminism.
    Though I’m not pro anti-feminism nor pro feminism, I can’t but be confused as to whether you hate feminists or hate modern women in general-
    I do believe the feminism is no longer necessary in a lot social aspects, that its pinnacle moment has been achieved and should no longer be lamented on.
    If you cant agree that women should be allowed to vote or work, then I do question your principles and theories- well I wont go into that.

    However I do agree that if I (a women) like to check men out, then why cant men, lets not fight the nature of attraction- we’re not robots. But I do follow the “look, don’t touch” scheme.
    My point isn’t to taint your vendetta, but I am curious to what your response is to equality with out anti feminism or feminism?

  17. I don’t wish to see a return to traditional roles, not least because any attempt would be futile. I do see the granting of the vote to females as a mistake, given the way that women have abused that right to commit increasing injustices against men.

    I’m largely just trying to explain what feminism is. A sexual trade union driven by the loss of female sexual power due to social change which itself is driven by technological innovations.

  18. However I do agree that if I (a women) like to check men out, then why cant men, lets not fight the nature of attraction- we’re not robots. But I do follow the “look, don’t touch” scheme.

    The “look, don’t touch” scheme is more of a scam than a scheme, we are not allowed even to “look” at certain things – i.e. ‘children’ under 18 years old (or whatever the local age of consent happens to be in the particular part of the world one resides in)… If a man is found in possession of images of such ‘children’ he is charged with possessing child-pornography and in many US states now, it is punished with a MINIMUM sentence of 10 years in prison, where during that 10 years the ‘paedophile’ is subjected to REAL rape (by other violent inmates) and being beaten to a pulp on a daily basis (often fatally). It doesn’t end there: for the rest of his life, he is named and shamed and duly shunned / ostracised by society, by way of publicly accessible sex-offender registries. Many, if not most, understandably commit suicide. The penalties handed down for these mere thought crimes (that means despite what the gynocracy have convinced the world to believe: victimless crimes), are tougher than those convicted for ACTUAL child molestation and homicide. There is one state in the US that recently introduced a bill (for discussion only at this stage) for the death penalty to be used to punish men who look at child-pornography…
    We consider this not only demonization and criminalization of normal male sexuality, but as a true crime against humanity, not unlike the holocaust enacted by the Nazi’s against the Jews and other non-Aryan races during the 1940’s.
    And no, we are not misogynists, most commentators here are happily married to, or at least involved with REAL women – meaning: NON-feminists…

  19. Exactly. P.S. to anonymousfemale (and any female reading this blog) : even if you hate all male strangers, would you like your father, brother or son to be raped in jail for 10 years just for downloading a pic? Then help us do something before it happens!

  20. That’s dead right Columnist, but it’s just another thing that we can thank the sexual trade union and their partners in the media for (Oprah Winfrey, Chris Hansen and those types): The rampant, in fact highly destructive (to families and whole society) paedo-hysteria that they’ve stirred up; over the last decade especially.
    I would imagine those paedocrite inmates we often discuss here, will be the next feminist branded paedophiles and I believe that there has already been 1 or 2 instances in the US, where a once prison bully or paedo-hunter vigilante, returned to prison as one of his own former persectuted targets, for a ‘taste of his own medicine’…
    I’s certainly shaping up like former inquistions, where eventually EVERYONE became the ‘damned’. Witch hunters lynching and executing other witch hunters.
    A strong indication that this trend is already unfolding is the ridiculous situation in the US, where they are branding those that they proclaim their psychotic, misandric laws are supposed to protect: CHILDREN!

    Also see this on the same issue, courtesy Inquisition 21

  21. Alan Vaughn on March 21, 2012 at 9:35 pm said

    Yes, and the rich, powerful men who enable these laws are likely to be pedophiles themselves. You cannot understand society if you do not understand class struggle. Cultural “Marxism” is in fact highly reactionary, and the work of bourgeois intectuals.
    As regards Oprah Winfrey, we should understand that Black women ARE an oppressed group, and need more abortion rights! Trust Black Women!!!

  22. How do the people in prison think about men having legal girlfriends far younger than themselves, i.e. a 44 year old man having a 22 year old girlfriend? If they are all fine with it, we could become paedocrits ourselves, and hunt down criminals with far younger, but legal, girlfriends.

  23. Yes, that’s very much inevitable I think… They’re always lobbying to increase the age of consent, for no other reason than to increase the age that a [female] remains a ‘child’, i.e. asthis recent example in Britain attest’s; thereby augmenting the likelihood for millions more men that would naturally engage sexually with any such [adult] children, of being convicted of ‘child abuse’ or paedophilia…

  24. And if what you’ve suggested eventuates, I may become one of the hunted paedophiles too, because my wife happens to be exactly the same as in your example: 20 years younger than me, yet both of us are 10 years older than your hypothetical couple where the man is 44…
    I would NEVER become a witch-hunter or a paedocrite either, simply because I ignore the feminist hyperbole and paedo-hysteria, (always have and always will), understanding that paedophilia defines a state of sexuality in adults with a strong sexual interest or preference for PRE-PUBESCENT children. Not post pubescent teenagers and young adults!
    I would therefore, never subscribe to the totally twisted feminist indoctrinated mantra that normal men attracted to such physically developed, young adult women are anything other than sexually normal men…

  25. And what to do with adults with a strong sexual interest or preference for PRE-PUBESCENT children?
    Robert Mikelson is still protected by the Dutch government. WN/Christian/Feminist “Paedo”-hysteria is only one prong of the fork. The other prong is that people who rape 19-DAYS-old infants get hardly punished.

  26. I’ve noticed with increasing frequency the argument used that the brain doesn’t fully mature until age 25 or so. I see this a lot in comments left by women online whenever somebody (usually a guy) challenges current age of consent laws.

    When I first read of this scientific ‘fact’ (I think Esptein challenges it in ‘the case against adolescence’), I thought it would be an argument against the assumption that adolescents can’t consent to sex. I mean, if you’re basing your argument for statutory rape laws on the premise that somebody with a less than fully developed brain can’t consent to sex, then you should be in favour of an age of consent of 25 – which is absurd.

    I really think that feminists are trying to create an intellectual and moral environment in which calling for the age of consent to be raised to 25 isn’t so absurd.

  27. Surely, some individuals are protected in exchange for keeping quiet about other, more important people who were involved. By the way, what should we think of those well-known philanthropists who work for bodies such as UNIC*F? They have a kind of diplomatic immunity to work with and near (real) children. I wouldn’t put it past them to … Enough said. Paedohysteria has transformed childhood into the new gold. What has the higher street value, a 30-pound child or 30-pound of first-grade coke? The child is easier to smuggle through borders.

  28. There’s a reason why the media actually gives MORE prominance to stories of men having consensual sex with 14 and 15 year olds, rather than toddlers being sexually abused.

    It’s the same reason that ‘To Catch A Predator’ wouldn’t have had half the ratings of ‘To Catch A Toddler Fiddler’.

    It’s also the very same reason why Muslims do not require pre-pubescent girls to cover themselves up.

  29. Columnist, that is really my point: current child-sex offence law and its resulting paedo-hysteria is so exaggerated and designed to criminalize normative male sexual behaviour, the original definition of paedophilia and the laws that once applied to ‘toddler fiddling’ have practically been abandoned or forgotten, thus situations concerning REAL paedos are becoming less serious.
    As I said yesterday, a man caught with images even depicting fully dressed 16 year old girls, can now be incarcerated much longer than a real paedophile – toddler fiddler, or even a murderer.
    The new laws have effectively TRIVIALIZED truly HARMFUL sex offences.
    That’s why these ridiculous and misandrous laws, thus feminism is rapidly destroying our once socially functional Western society.

  30. But if 24-year old women are incapable of judging things, then their parents should decide whether they can have an abortion, or whether they should marry, and to whom. I think the feminists get played by the social conservatives.

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