MRA Veteran ‘Factory’ on the Killing of Angry Harry’s Cause by AVfM

MRA veteran ‘Factory’ in an eloquent YouTube rant on the corruption of the men’s rights movement by lefties, manginas, SJWs, and abuse hysteria validators at AVoiceforMen and Reddit/r/mensrights. Things have gotten so bad that the likes of Paul Elam now slander our old friend Bernard Chapin as the ‘right-wing equivalent of David Futrelle’, whilst Elam’s partner in crime Dean Esmay accuses MRAs who criticize feminist sex hysteria of being ‘rape apologists’.

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  1. Excellent rant! He’s just said everything we’ve been saying here since Mr Male opened the doors to feminists, particularly the vile femRA typhonblue and started endorsing feminist PC ideology, almost 3 years ago. I wonder if he knows about our views here? He would definitely have nothing to fear from us ‘crossing the battle lines’ – we’d always stick to his side – the side that OPPOSES (not condones) feminism and its sickening PC dogma and feminist abuse industry validation along with that ridiculous 1 in 5 men and boys are sexually abused mantra.
    So, he’s understandably very upset about how they have allowed these trojan horses, full of feminists, gutless manginas and SJW’s and of course led by feminist abuse industry Validator in Chief Esmay, who have already taken over what were once the best hope the MRM really had of instigating change AGAINST feminism.
    It was really an act of TREASON.

    I just wonder though, if Factory would be uncomfortable (I think probably yes), with our views on feminist rape of the male and how we advocate against feminists targeting male sexuality in order to oppress, thence ultimately destroy us – the REAL men’s rights issue that MUST be opposed?
    He shouldn’t be – the mangina organizations he was ranting about certainly oppose such views therefore he should tell them to get fucked and run with us…

  2. Leftists, Social Justice Warriors, Political Correctness…

    What is wrong with the good old fashioned word “FAGGOT” to describe the clowns at AVFM?

    Most of them are just that – FAGGOTS.

    FAGGOTS have been and and always will be tools – or dare I say – one of the driving forces – behind HETEROSEXUAL MALE HATRED.

    One reason I distance myself from the MRM – is just that. Society is dealing with a hatred of MALE HATEROSEXUALITY. The MRM repeatedly fails to point that out. They suggest that men in general are hated. NOT TRUE. It is politically incorrect to hate homosexuals – it is fine to hate heterosexuals.

    FAGGOTS are viewed as comedy relief in most popular TV shows.

    STRAIGHT MEN are viewed as villains and the EXPLOITERS OF WOMEN in most popular TV shows.

    Why doesn’t the MRM ever address this?

  3. STRAIGHT MEN are viewed as villains and the EXPLOITERS OF WOMEN in most popular TV shows.

    Why doesn’t the MRM ever address this?

    Well, we’re very much aware of that here Scarecrow and we also address a lot more on the topic of male sexuality and how the paedohysterical sheeple, spurred-on by the femihag manipulated media love to demonize it, while the rest of the ‘MRM’ choose to avoid it. In fact it is really THE MOST IMPORTANT issue affecting men as far as we’re concerned. You’re right though, the bulk of the so-called ‘Men’s Rights Movement’ don’t even want to go there, for reasons you have summed up perfectly – the FAGGOTS you refer to are just another bunch within the mass of our dumbed-down society’s sheeple and are all subservient to feminist dogma, which essentially is what upset genuine MRA Factory enough to prompt him to record and publish his hard-hitting You Tube rant, above.

    A Voice for manginas’ webmaster Paul Elam, not only worships fags that validate feminist abuse hysteria (i.e. 1 in 5 men and boys are sexually abused baloney), he even allows FemRAs (who are really just feminists – effectively trojans), to infiltrate the former men’s rights arena, but then gave it to them to manage! Unbelievable act of betrayal. It’s equivalent to treason.

    Again you’re right: to distance yourself from the ‘MRM’. What’s left of that movement has little, if anything, to do with the rights of men, but much more about validating feminism and particularly: feminist abuse hysteria, embracing homosexuality and the institutionalized hatred of sexually NORMAL men. With this new mission statement in place, they are now moving forward in leaps and bounds towards accomplishing their ultimate goal: making men into feminist fearing and subservient faggots.
    I’m with Factory – they can all go fuck themselves…

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