‘MRA’ Hannah Wallen’s Troll Ally Jailed For Nine Years

Hannah Wallen

*TRIGGER WARNING* – This article contains graphic images of two of most evil femihags in the world.

Hannah Wallen MRA Honey Badger
Hannah Wallen – ‘Anyone finding 17 year old girls attractive should be anally raped’
It’s been a bad day for Hannah Wallen, the 50 year old hideous bag who claims to be an MRA and likes to attack real MRAs such as Eivind Berge for criticizing feminist sex laws.

One of her allies in those attacks on Eivind, an equally hideous middle-aged cuntrag called Sabine McNeill, was jailed today for nine years after officially being declared the ‘UK’s worst troll’. This was for her part in promoting Satanic abuse hysteria directed against innocent teachers, parents, and even children at a school in a middle-class suburb of London.

Sabine McNeill
Sabine McNeill

Hannah Wallen retweeted the Twitter account of the ‘vigilante’ group – OpDeathEaters – that Sabine and dozens of other hags and hardcore sadist paedocrites used to spread their evil lies and hysteria.

Astonishingly, she did this in an attack on Harvey Weinstein at the peak of the #MeToo hysteria, when the ‘OpDeathEaters’ vigilante group was claiming that Weinstein was a paedophile at the head of a Satanic abuse ring in Hollywood.

As if the poor guy wasn’t facing enough false allegations.

This is a woman who claims to be an MRA, and thanks to Paul Elam, appears to be now one of the leaders of the movement.

Enough. Just writing about this crap again tonight reminds me why I stopped for so long. In that older article I made the following comment about Hannah. It stands even more true today, and I can’t improve upon the words of it tonight, so I’ll end with publishing it again here.

This is what the men’s rights movement of Angry Harry has been reduced to by Paul Elam’s ‘Honey Badgers’. Infiltrated and now led by grotesque middle-aged femiservative women, promoting Satanic child abuse hysteria straight from the Middle-Ages, and joining forces with crazed paedophile child abusing ‘vigilantes’ to do so.