More Mother Teen Daughter Jealousy Exposed

What it feels like for a mother to see her little girl turn into a woman :

The other evening, I walked in on my 15-year-old daughter as she lay soaking in the bath. Somehow, I held onto the gasp I wanted to emit at the sight of her: that beautiful young body, with its impossibly pert breasts and taut midriff, surely belonged to a woman and not my little girl. “Darling, I’m so sorry,” I said quickly, making to hurry out of the bathroom. “I’ll leave you in peace.” For the first time since she was born, seeing my child naked had left me feeling embarrassed, awkward and, oh dear, rather jealous.

With her incredible figure, long and naturally golden hair, and sculptured features, it was plain to see that my eldest daughter’s beauty eclipsed my own. I always knew that three pregnancies, and the simple passing of time, had had an impact on my own looks and shape. Now, as I compared myself to my woman-child, it struck me just how much. “It’s fine, Mum,” my daughter laughed, oblivious to the depressing epiphany she’d just provoked. “Stay and chat.”

Only I couldn’t. I needed to go away and process how I felt; to shake the green-eyed monster hanging off my back, before my darling girl picked up on how I was feeling. I’d have been mortified if I’d inadvertently ended up making her feel bad, too, so I made my excuses and left — and promptly told my husband that it was about time we fixed a lock on the bathroom door.

Yet increasingly, any man who even takes a second glance at a 17 year old girl, let alone that beautiful 15 year old who inspires such jealousy in her own mother, is the worst pervert imaginable, a nonce, a sub-human paedophile, to be locked away to be beaten, spat upon, and raped for the rest of his life. And some of you think this isn’t men’s rights. And some of you think the only thing that matters is proving that as many female monsters as men break statutory rape laws that were created by ugly, sexually jealous, middle-aged feminists in order to protect their own selfish sexual interests (if you don’t believe me, just read the above one more time, eh, and consider that women like this have criminalized millions of men as ‘perverts’ for clicking on a fucking cartoon picture of a female who MIGHT look as though depicting a girl of 17!!!!).

Meanwhile, the Daily Express, seeking to win away the crucial female 35+ year old readership from the equally odious, deluded, and paedohysteric Daily Mail told it’s target audience exactly what it wanted to hear :

50 and Fantastic : Rise of the Quintastics


The major change taking place is in our attitude to ageing. “In our generation all the messages about women’s validity after 50 have completely changed,” points out Quilliam. “We are now free to do what and say what we want when we want; 50 is no longer the downturn that marks the end of a useful life. Now women work, the benchmark for the end of youthfulness is retirement. These days you can make love when you want to, go out when you like, learn a new skill or enjoy yourself how you please.”

To which I’m reminded of a brilliant photo signature I spotted beneath the posts of a forum member at (the girls are the two beautiful 16 y.o. singers Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato).

Demi Lovato Selena Gomez
"To All Women - This is who we are looking at on the beach"

7 thoughts on “More Mother Teen Daughter Jealousy Exposed”

  1. Yes, as astonishing as it seems, children actually grow up to become adults! However, it doesn’t happen gradually like it used to. Nowadays, babies remain at 7 pounds, unable to walk or talk and completely dependent on their parents right up until their 18th birthday (in certain countries this varies quite a bit). Suddenly, on the day specified by local laws, they go BANG! and turn into adults complete with years of growth and development experience instantly infused into them. This is a far better method than the old system – where kids had to grow up gradually and learn about human relationships through trial and error and learning about sexuality at a rate comparable to their natural development. Such a time consuming, inefficient process!

    We should thank the feminists and their mangina servants for ridding todays younger generation of this burden. That’s why there are so many well balanced, happy, confident young people around today – apart from the ones that commit suicide and take drugs and live on the streets and support themselves with crime etc – apart from them that is.

  2. I think a mother should be proud that her daughter is turning into a woman as much as the father is ecstastic to see his son growing into a man (and not remain a boy for too long).

  3. this is the dumbest thing that i have ever read.
    you have no decency nor any hint of respect for women.
    men may have a natural desire for young women, primarily because of the intrinsic necessity of reproduction and producing healthy offspring, but in this day and age you would think that men would be able to distinguish a young, immature teenager who’s still enjoying adolescence from a grown woman who understands and is ready to handle sex. it seems sick that men in there 20’s and beyond look at teenagers as sexual objects. no teenager, or adult for that matter, deserves that.
    i dont care how hardwired it is in you to fancy young women- keep it in your sick, filthy head and stop spreading your BS around like it’s your job. we’re not monkeys. we have reason and rational thought and we can control ourselves. so stop acting like one, you horny bastard.

  4. @anonymous – you seem to miss the point of the article. If finding teenage girls was immoral, then it would not be my business to promote immorality here. However, given your lack of arguments as to why it should be wrong, then a clearer reason is presented as to why society (through feminism) holds it to be wrong – female sexual jealousy.

    Secondly, if we are hardwired to find young females to be attractive, it is because the genes of those who found young nubile girls attractive (and indeed acted upon that attraction) predominate in the population. In other words, you are here today to write such crap because your ancestors fucked young girls, throughout our evolutionary history. If there was something about such sexual relationships that left teenage girls psychologically harmed and compromised in their ability to function as mothers (and bear more children) their genes would not have survived. The idea that there is something inherent in a sexual act between young girl and older man that would leave her damaged is a feminist fiction that has no basis in science or empirical study.

    And don’t give this shaming canard of ‘we are not monkeys’. It is you and your feminist scum sisters who are the monkeys – unable to divorce sex and your own broodmare needs from morality and in fact reifying your most basic and primitive physical needs and desires.

    (i see also from your fake e-mail address that you’re pretending to be a man) .

  5. we’re not monkeys. we have reason and rational thought and we can control ourselves. so stop acting like one, you horny bastard.

    You mean monkeys capitalize the first word of sentences? Men do too, you know.

  6. “To All Women – This is who we are looking at on the beach” LOL Ain’t that the truth.

    These endless “so hot at 50, 60, 73 (!)”, “hasn’t aged a day” articles are so delusional as to be absolutely hysterical.

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