‘Morality in Media’ Recording Your IP Address and ‘Illegal Access’ to their Site!!

Underneath his video response to a ‘Morality in Media’ woman’s hysterical attack on a man she ‘caught’ watching Asian porn on a plane, the Amazing Atheist left the contact page link for that organisation.  If you visit that page now, you see the following:

porn harms redirect

Underneath those two sentences is a third stating that your IP address has been recorded, together with your IP address (although they showed mine incorrectly).  You are then re-directed to another of their videos, and another of their hags explaining why pornography is evil (a video that has now over 1,400 downvotes and less than 100 upvotes).

This is the arrogance of the psychotic individuals who make up the myriad lobby groups of the sexual trade union.  They want half of the people on this planet to live in a world where any criticism of them, or of their laws on or attitudes to porn, leads you to fear having your door broken in by the FBI at 4 in the morning.  And the reality is that their influence is such that they will probably have that power very soon, unless they are stopped right now or in the very near future.

The clock is ticking, time is running out.  Do something now by e-mailing your thoughts to :

grassroots@pornharms.com (this is the sister site to Morality in Media)

Please be restrained and try to be reasonably civil, even though these people would have you raped and beaten in prison for simply questioning their assertion that porn is inherently evil.

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  1. Relevant:


    The term ‘pornography’ is censorious. The term should be ‘male erotica’. Romance fiction is ‘female erotica’ and there is no censoriousness about that. Just as male erotica celebrates the youth and beauty of the female body as, if you like, a ‘sex object’, so female erotica correspondingly celebrates men as ‘status objects’: both are what may be considered ‘objectifications’ of the other sex; both are natural, evolved firm views of the opposite sex, and there is no basis to claim that one is worse than the other. Indeed, given the contemporary glorification of excessive consumption, then if any view is problematical then surely it is women’s view of men as status objects rather than men’s view of women as ‘sex objects’.

  2. Thanks Nico, good link.

    This comment, by a woman from Glasgow, sickened me :

    “The number of comments from people saying they are scared to be branded a pedophile is pathetic & a sad excuse for their own ignorance!!! If we can’t help kids then who can we help, take a long look in the mirror!! – claire, Glasgow, 24/2/2012 9:02”

    Easy for her to say that, isn’t it?

  3. Epic comment

    Ah, the paedophile excuse. I don’t buy it for a moment. Truth is that people don’t give a damn any more. These are the same people that step over someone who has fallen in the street, bury their heads in their newspapers when someone is in need of a seat on the train etc and elbow you out of the way to get somewhere first. People don’t get involved because, God forbid they might have to put themselves out. Very sad state of affairs. – Rockbird, Epsom, UK*********I can bet anything you are a woman?That makes perfect sense,because if you are not a man you woulden’t understand.
    – HAMMERSMITHBABY92, London, 24/2/2012 09:46

  4. Although most of the mainstream media is a bunch or morally bankrupt, pants-shitting manginas or plain femonazis, there are a handful of presenters and commentators who will have the guts to stand up and question the doctrine. I think we should make sure whenever we hear one of them take the risk to put a reasonable view out there, to contact them and make our support known. Also, contact the network that owns their station and voice your approval of their stance.

    I really appreciate the way ‘The Antifeminist’ spends so much time running this site and getting the message out there. Politicians crap their pants at the thought of backing an unpopular policy and sites like this one help let them know that other views have wide support.

    There are a lot of shitted pants in this post. I’ll mix up a batch of Nappy San.

  5. Thanks Deano. After Alan posted that YouTube video of the Australian politician standing up for father’s rights, I had the thought that maybe we need a positive version of ‘Register Her’ to salute the men’s rights heroes of the mainstream.

  6. I have been doing a bit of deep thinking overnight about this little storm-in-a-teacup and after such deep reflection, have reached the conclusion that MIM’s Ms Dawn Hawkins fabricated the entire story, possibly to impress her peers or just to make herself feel important – watching her video, she clearly has self esteem issues, thus a very fragile ego.
    Firstly, I have over the past decade travelled very frequently in numerous types of jet transport aeroplanes, both domestic and internationally, in both economy and business classes and even once in first class from Bangkok to Sydney.
    As TAA pointed out in the early part of his initial response to her, it would be extremely difficult to see that a passenger seated in the seat directly in front of yours is even there, let alone what he /she is doing. It would be even more difficult to see what is displayed on the screen of an electronic device such as an iPad..
    I have travelled on many of the newer aeroplanes with those small displays that are embedded into the backs of the seats in front (about the same size as an iPad display), which allow passengers to enjoy all sorts of video media during their long journeys and I cannot without actually craning my neck (and making it obvious), see what a passenger seated right BESIDE me is watching on his / her display, although I can sometimes see what is displayed on a device such as a PDA, Blackberry or indeed an iPad, but only if they move the device momentarily – say when they put it down to do something else. If they are viewing something on it, I most likely would not be able to see what it is they are viewing… I think I have made that point clear? Well it wouldn’t be so clear if this comment was being displayed on an iPad and anyone who could be trying to read it, if the iPad wasn’t directly perpendicular to their line of sight…
    Secondly, I think like TAA that it is highly UNLIKELY that anyone (especially in paedo-hysterical America) would dare look at marginal ‘child-themed’ porn in any public place, such as an aeroplane’s passenger cabin. To most people who look at porn, they generally regard it as something quite private, especially ‘older’ men of the demographic she described; young guys are a little more open about it as they still regard it as something trendy or ‘cool’ and often openly discuss it among themselves when they’re in groups, but I think even they would stop short of viewing it in public.
    The reason she said that the cabin attendant treated her with indifference, the 50 something woman scolded her and the airport policeman more-or-less ignored her too, was that nobody would be able to find any of those three ‘witnesses’ for the purpose of verifying Dawn’s story. Had the cabin attendant or the police officer done something about it, some kind of written report would have surely ensued, thus making Dawn’s story ‘official’ and worthy of following up by at least the airline’s PR dept. or airport security or the police even; but nope: no follow-up by anyone…
    Finally, it seems a bit of a ‘coincidence’ that Dawn just so happened to be on her way to a MIM conference to discuss the ill effects of pornography on society and what does she ‘just happen to see’ on her way? You wouldn’t believe it: PORNOGRAPHY! Child-themed pornography at that!
    Yep, I am now 99.9% sure that Dawn’s story is worthy of publication perhaps in MIM’s Tall Book of Make Believe, but nowhere else, however it should be a lesson to her ( Dawn is the only one who knows if it was just a story she made up) that her LIE had the exact opposite effect she’d hoped for and she did her organization a great disservice as well as made a total fool of herself.
    From our perspective as MRA’s it makes no difference: whether Dawn’s story is truth or fiction, it had a very damaging effect on the MIM organization and on the sexual trade union overall.
    I also hope we can soon make contact with The Amazing Atheist, as he would be the equivalent of atomic bombs as a PR weapon in our currently very sparsely stocked arsenal of PR weapons, used for fighting the war on feminism.

  7. We know that feminists are compulsive liers, but it does appear to have backfired upon them in this instance, just as their sex trafficking lies surrounding sporting events have.

    The thing is we need to somehow maintain the pressure on ‘Morality in Media’. I hope this isn’t all forgotten in a few weeks and their websites are back up and their lobbying is as strong as before.

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