In Mexico, Men are Being Routinely Skinned Alive. Feminists Denounce it as ‘Leading to Violence Against Women’. Call for Crusade Against ‘Femicide’

***WARNING (SERIOUS) – The links contained in this article, and even some of the descriptions I reprint, are truly horrific.  If you have never witnessed ‘gore’ on the internet (and if you haven’t you appear to be in a minority) then you need to be warned that a little bit of your soul and your humanity will be taken away, and a lot of your innocence.  If you do not want to be desensitised to human savagery, you would be advised to skip this article.  I do feel that writing it, together with the links, is necessary.


The film lasts seven minutes, in which a group of  masked men in military style clothing have hung a man by his feet.

This person was clearly still alive when the assailants castrated him. Music can be heard playing in the background as one of the men step in and strategically peels back the face and skin of the victims before decapitating  him.

After it is over, the people standing around joke and laugh while they take cell pictures of this gruesome act.

The video ends with the body being hacked up into pieces, and put into black plastic trash bags.

It’s actually worse than that.  The description above doesn’t mention that in between the castration and the skinning of his head, they disembowel the poor chap. 

Mexican drug gangs are engaged in a war of ever increasing barbarity.  In a kind of  ‘grown up’ game of schoolyard ‘you hit me, I’ll hit you back harder’ tit for tat, the rival narco gangs have gone from beheading each other to skinning their enemies alive whilst ripping their still beating hearts from their bodies (WARNING).  All to gain control of the multi-billion dollar drug route into America.

It might be slightly ‘re-assuring’ to think that the victims are ruthless psychopaths themselves, simply getting a bitter taste of karma, but many appear to be random men, often taxi-drivers, taken from the street and posed as captured rivals for publicity effect, and in order that the assassins can claim their $500 for each kill.  And there is little doubt that the narco gangs now increasingly look at members of the general population as potential enemies who need to be ruthlessly taught a lesson.  Recently, a Professor of Social Science was beheaded whilst his wife was forced to watch (although she was physically unharmed, the white knight commentators  underneath the piece claim that she had it worse than her husband!).

As a British citizen, I sometimes ruefully thought that America had a better deal than Europe in terms of its brown-skinned, but still Christian, demographic future. It appears that I was wrong.  Hell, I’ll take the worst horrors that a Eurabian religous civil war can throw at me any day, than face what’s probably coming shortly to an American town near you.

But one clear fact in the barbarity of 21st century Mexico, is that the vast majority of the 36,000 victims of the drug war are men.  And probably only a fraction of this number are actually ruthless Drug Cartel killers.  In fact, even an increasing percentage of the gangs themselves have been violently forced to become members, often before they are even in their teens.   The horror story currently gripping Mexico is the discovery of mass graves containing the bodies of hundreds of immigrants crossing over from South America, hoping to gain a new life in the USA when their buses were stopped by ‘Los Zetas’ and then all executed when they refused to join the most feared and bloodthirsty narco gang in Mexico. 

Female victims of the drug wars are extremely rare, and when they do occur, they stand out because of their very rarity.  This week, five sex workers were tragically found killed.  The uncommoness of this was such that it’s still a matter of dispute as to whether the killings were directly drugs related.

I had been meaning to write an article on the Mexican drug wars, discussing what lessons could be drawn from the unparalleld savagery resulting from it.  For example, does it mean that mangina trans-humanists such as Hank Pellissier and David Pearce might have a point regarding male violence?  Certainly, such violent tendancies would be better out of the human gene pool, but only if the disgusting DNA flaws in the female animal were removed as well (and that might be all that is required) – the female attraction to ‘bad boys’ that results in these drug gangstas having pussy dripping all around them, and which feeds the gang culture world-wide, which teenage boys are particularly prey too, and which the Mexican drug cartels are only the most extreme example of.

And what should be the proper punishments for drug users in America, the people who are the DEMAND that feeds the SUPPLY which CAUSES THIS  HORRIFFIC VIOLENCE?  After all, in the European Union, a man caught looking at a cartoon picture of a 25 year old fictional character in pigtails and a school uniform will soon face a minimum 2 years in prison.  In America, men can be sentanced to decades in prison, and now even told they must remain in prison after they have served their sentance.  All on the basis of spurious unproven ‘supply and demand’ arguments.  As mentioned above, teenagers and children are increasingly becoming the victims of the drug violence.  A 15 year old boy was recently found dismembered by the gangs.  Still want to get high in the club tonight?  To my mind, 15 year old Mexican boys being dismembered as a result of American dudes snorting coke, is far worse, and far more of a direct supply and demand, than is a man looking at a picture of a 17 year old girl (real or a cartoon) in a bikini.  Especially when it has been confirmed that ‘child porn’ actually reduces the incidence of real abuse. And what of the people who watch these videos?  I’m supposed to feel that I abused a child if I accidently clicked on a picture of a manga girl in a short skirt, but watching a man being castrated and beheaded has no causal relationship to the act filmed itself ??

 I don’t know, I’m not a feminist.  In other words, I’m not a mentally diseased child abusing animal.  Despite sexual trade union theory, I still can’t really get to grips with their twisted brood mare animal psychologies.

Thirdly, my original article was going to draw comparisons between violence over control of the multi-billion dollar drug trade, with the almost complete  non-violence involved in control over the supposed multi-billion dollar sex trafficking or child porn industries.  These Mexican savages obviously have no moral regard whatsoever for any human life, even butchering teenagers.  Anything that gets in the way of the billions of dollars profit available from importing drugs into America will be destroyed.  As the Professor of Sociology above, who apparently made some remarks about a drug gang to his class, and then promptly had his head sawn off in front of his wife, discovered.

Would such barbaric and utterly ruthless monsters really allow a relative handful of feminists stop a ‘multi-billion dollar sex trafficking industry’ if such beasts were in control of it (and of course, if such an industry really existed, they would be)?

Of course, if there really was an industry as profitable as sex trafficking, then you can be sure that any feminist in Mexico, and probably the USA too, would need 24 hour protection by a team of armed personal bodyguards.  And, equally obviously, they don’t.

However, even though this fact itself proves that sex trafficking as a multi-billion dollar industry is an evil feminist myth, it hasn’t stopped Mexican feminists from trying to pursuade us that women, non-existant sex trafficking victims et al, are the real victims of the Mexican drug war.

Marcela Lagarde, a Mexican academic who is considered one of Latin America’s leading feminist activists, said in an interview with Efe that the war on drugs being waged by President Felipe Calderon has led to more violence against women in Mexico.

“Everything that is happening favors violence against women,” Lagarde told Efe Thursday in Madrid, adding that the Mexican leader’s strategy “cultivates a very violent culture” and “establishes an ideology of violence, of defeat, of war.”

“That’s a very macho culture, very misogynist, and we women are left defenseless,” Lagarde said.

The activist, who has been calling for the inclusion of femicide in Mexico’s Criminal Code, has published numerous articles about gender identity, feminism, human development and deomocracy.

The BorderlandBeat article makes reference to Ciudad Juarez, the ‘capital’ of the Mexican drug wars :

Ciudad Juarez, Mexico’s murder capital, first gained notoriety in the early 1990s when young women began to disappear in the area.

In most of the slayings, the victims were young women from poor families who came to the border city from all over Mexico to work in the many assembly plants, known as “maquiladoras,” built there to take advantage of the North American Free Trade Agreement.

Investigators have not determined who is behind the killings, although there has been speculation that serial killers, organized crime groups, people traffickers, drug smugglers and child pornographers, among others, may be involved.

Over 500 women have been killed in Juarez since 1993, with the majority of the cases going unsolved.

500 women being killed in the most violent city on Earth over the last 18 years is a tragedy for every one of them and their families, but a ‘Femicide’ it certainly is not.  Not when 3,000 people, the vast majority of them men, have been killed in the same city in the last year alone, many of them brutally beheaded and dismembered, and increasingly, skinned alive, and even their hearts ripped out.

Of course, when I read this disgusting feminist beast today, I got very angry, and had to rattle off this post.  But really, I shouldn’t be, and nor should you.  Tragically, it appears that feminist fantasy and profitable sexual trade union ‘victim ideology’ is on a collision course with the unreconstituted reality of Azteca male violence in Mexico.  The ending is unlikely to be pretty.

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  1. If the U.S. government would stop making non-violent victimless “crimes” illegal in the first place, we’d be much better off. Legalize marijuana, fuck, legalize it all. Then we wouldn’t exactly need Mexico’s drugs so badly, because we could produce our own. And maybe we wouldn’t be #1 in the world in per capita incarceration rates – doubtful, seeing as there’d still be plenty of men in prison for the crime of being born in a misandric feminist state that hates them.

  2. Nuclear war would fix it all, and it’s the only thing that will fix it. Men are absolutly powerless and allied against eachother.

    No man will ever have what he desires: a nice young girl.
    He can’t even look at cartoon images of the idea.
    (The very idea is basically outlawed… because men learn what they actually wish to have through such things).

    Nuclear war is the only solution.
    Support an exponential up-ramping of the nuclear arsenal.
    If we have millions of nukes, the likelyhood of nuclear war increases.

  3. I agree Jay.

    And just as governments can’t seem to accept that they will never ‘win the war on drugs’, and will continue to stiffen penalties for victimless crimes in the attempt to do so, the sexual trade union can never close the free sexual market, no matter how many victimless crimes they invent and no matter how much disruption to society that their vain attempts cause.

  4. “That’s a very macho culture, very misogynist, and we women are left defenseless,” Lagarde said.”

    google “Female Cartel Member Decapitates Man Then Skins The Head” for more patriarchal poisoning of female minds.

  5. A black-hearted friend pointed out if the USA wanted to secure its southern border, it could use land mines.

    I lean to the previously mentioned solution – an end to prohibition.

  6. Disgusting but hardly surprising, after all feminist Hillary Clinton once declared that women suffer the most in war because…they lose their husbands, brothers, sons…apparently to her female grief is worse than male death. Going back further into the past you have the 1888 Match Girls Strike organized by Annie Besant which was a campaign to prevent the DISFIGUREMENT of female match factory employees (through better safety practices) while no mention was made of the male match factory employees who risked DEATH through phosphorous poisoning as they were tasked with far more dangerous work. Steve Moxon writes about the Match Girls Strike in Chapter 9 of the Woman Racket and he made the excellent comment that it seemed as though society was more horrified by INJURIES suffered by women than DEATH suffered by men. You also have feminist campaigns against “violence against women on television” even though the vast majority of onscreen violence is directed against men (as in real life as well).

    Unfortunately the “compassion gap” (as I like to call it) that men (particularily lower status men) suffer from may be in part biologically hardwired in BOTH men and women though it seems to be especially prevalent in “chivalric” men and femiservative/feminist types. What I find particularily offensive about feminist indulgence in Compassion Gap behavior is that thier battle cry is “equalilty between men and women” yet while they can throw hissy fits over “stereotypical” television commercials that show women doing housework or fight like tooth and nail for equal access to university sports for women…they are largely indifferent towards compassion gap issues that men face…or worse they may even perpetrate memes which can reinforce the disposibility of men…”equality between men and women” my ass.

  7. Women don’t see men being killed as terribly wrong. They’re absolutely narrow-focused on women only.

    Men do the killing. Therefore, when “men” get killed, it’s okay.

    The fact that each individual man is not “men” is irrelevant. Feminists are taught to see only in “categories” – so the general category of “men” are guilty. Therefore, if “men” die, then it’s okay.

    Animal rights activists are the same. When humans die – any humans – it’s okay. If poor campesinos are deforesting just to stay alive, they’re just as evil as corporate executives buying Brazilian beef or consumers unknowingly eating it.

    A few humans are bad, for various reasons – all humans are bad.

    A few criminal men are bad – so therefore we should protect women from all men. As a category, “Men” are evil.

  8. Illegal entry into the United States is a nonviolent crime. Jay Hammers thinks nonviolent crimes should be legal and we would be better off.

  9. As a employee for an anti-trafficking organization, could you please explain how the fact that women do not need “24 hour protection by a team of armed personal bodyguards” means that sex trafficking doesn´t exist? Please, do elaborate.

  10. I didn’t say sex trafficking doesn’t exist, I said it’s highly exaggerated and nowhere near the multi-billion dollar industry that it is portrayed as. In Mexico, police trying to crack down on the (real) multi-billion dollar drug trade into america are being skinned alive, journalists and even academics who write bad things about the drug barons have been kidnapped and decapitated. If the same ruthless gangsters are in control of a billion dollar sex trafficking industry into America, it does seem odd that anti-trafficking and feminist groups in mexico haven’t been targetted in the same way.

  11. one step forward,take a shot
    bury the dead
    one step forward, take a shot
    bury the dead
    it truly is as simple as that
    skinning people alive?

  12. Hello everyone,

    To respond to most of the comments,
    it is true that women are starting to overpower themselves with laws and leave normal men no choice then to start fighting back.
    But lets not run in front of the facts:
    Not all women are genderists, but it is a sad fact that studies have proven that 70% of the women are leaning towards genderism (female must come first stuff).
    Not all men are attacking women or thinking of sex and such…(studies have proven women and men thinking equally much about sex, but society doesn’t allow women to speak freely of it). If this was the case, there would always be chaos on the streets and so…

    Now a bit more to a conclusion:
    We are comming from a time that women indeed had less power and they had the right to get more power. But today, really alot of feminists are only thinking about getting more laws then men.

    They want equality, but what happens if a ship sinks? Men must stay, and women can go first? Or in a restaurant it is common for the man to pay, altough women mostly have jobs now to? That is not equality.

    I have even seen shocking video’s on the news about feminists rescueing women in developping countries and leaving the men alone in their problems.
    My moto is always: Live united or die divided.
    No genderism, racism, and so on… don’t look to the things that divide us, look to the things that unite us, then these things would not have happened in the first place.
    Think of it like this: Let one human try building a house, or let 100 try it.
    And i noticed my conclusion being a bit to long 🙂

  13. I agree with Bloodmoon. I am a woman and absolutely sickened by the stories I hear, by the statistics. Woman who refuse to believe that another woman could sexually abuse her children–who boo and decry the vivid and horrific testimonies from survivors–who don’t think it’s possible for girlfriends and wives to sexually, emotionally, or physically abuse their husbands, boyfriends, or partners. Who decry genital mutilation in the form of female circumcision in places like Eastern Africa, but see no problem in having their infant sons circumcised. Who hypocritically go beyond gender-equality into a ‘women are victims’ mentality, which is demeaning, and which contradicts itself by demanding that women ‘steal’ power ‘back’ from men.
    I believe Feminism should be focused on preventing gender-based discrimination, not on promoting this skewed image of women as Saintly instead of human. They are pushing equality back years, upsetting their own scales of justice.

    I know that’s not the total point of your article, it just gets me steamed to think about it. The atrocities happening in Mexico are a wound across the whole of mankind, regardless of gender.

  14. You say “We are coming from a time that women indeed had less power and they had the right to get more power”. Well, that’s the common wisdom but that’s not even generally true. It seems males have always been the disposable sex. A good example is how the persecutions of heretics have been presented as a “witch hunt” (a witch being by definition female) while all the time 90% of the victims were men. As we speak people think of Saudi Arabia in connection with the execution of adulterous women, although 9 out of ten heads that roll in that country for sex-crimes of blasphemy crimes are male.

  15. @shining deathstars

    I believe Feminism should be focused on preventing gender-based discrimination, not on promoting this skewed image of women as Saintly instead of human. They are pushing equality back years, upsetting their own scales of justice.

    Having said that, wouldn’t the best solution be just to forget ‘feminism’ and even ban it as an ‘interest group’ and expose it for what it really is: an undesirable and inhumane institution, that effectively advocates hatred towards and the persecution a target group; thus it should be equated to similar hate movements such as Neo Nazism or the Ku Klux Klan?
    Feminism in its current form focuses on strongly PROMOTING and endorsing gender-based discrimination.

  16. I would like to point out that the incident of the castration and beheading that the man was neither disemboweled nor had his face skinned. After he is castrated the killer starts cutting the throat and the victim has a yellowish adhesive tape wrapped around his mouth and head the executioner merely rips a piece of the tape on the lower jaw to hold him steady so he bled in the bucket once he bled out he finished the decapitation and right before they showed his removed head the rest of the tape was pulled off and the body was dismembered and placed in black trash bags. The face pealing is a common misconception due to most people that blog or writes articles never watch it and go by the description from others just watch it closely it’s poor quality

  17. @Duke

    No, actually, I’d rather not watch it closely thanks. Not that I’m judging you at all if that’s what rocks your boat. Pictures of 17 year old girls in bikinis – now THAT is what I call sick and depraved, and I’m sure every right thinking member of the public would agree with me.

  18. @theantifeminist
    Yes very depraved. And any sick pedo caught looking at such depraved child pornography should really get the same punishment as the Mexican man that Duke advised you to watch closely!

    Filthy Perverts!

  19. @Alan LOL

    It’s funny re-reading some of the comments under this (2011) post.

    JayHammers and MikeeUSA at the top.

    Jack and Highwayman making top notch comments that could have been turned into articles themselves.

    Columnist, on the other hand, making absolutely no sense whatsoever back then either with his little aphorisms.

  20. It’s funny re-reading some of the comments under this (2011) post.

    Funny, I was thinking almost exactly the same (especially Highwayman’s and Jack’s and was back in the days when Jay was still sane, or at least he was one of us).. I read the entire thread after submitting my little comment supporting your joke at ‘Duke’s expense…

  21. With all the violence going on… You can look up the execution videos published by the gangs and play GTA at the same time… without being accused of being a possible “murderer”.

    However, if you looked up a picture of a cartoon girl who looks “underage”, you’ll go to prison because it implies that you’re a child molester.

  22. We are living under some huge fundamental misconceptions. You are all wrong. We are genetically programmed to enjoy sex. Got sex organs? Why? Why not just cut them off? Please do!!! NOT ME!!! I am. Human!! I have sex organs, including my brain and hormones for a reason!! They are natural. Open your eyes!! It’s not lust! It’s GREED!! Men don’t kill for sex! Let’s eliminate money! Let’s demand that our representatives do so only without monitary or power compensation. A completely new governing format is required. But you are right about one thing, the chaos and violence will hit home before we decide it’s us or them. I hope we wake up in time!!

  23. Excellent article.
    Do you mind to share the link of the Seven minute video you were describing, so I can use it as research for an essay? Thank you. My left my email

  24. There are so many fucked up things in this article that i dont think i could even try to describe them all. I can just say you are a very ignorant person that needs to travel more and understand more about the world. For now i just have to say that there is a BIG buisnes of sexual traficking and especially child prostitution and porn in Mexico. We are actually the worlds biggest consumer of child pornography. You should investigate about Lydia Cacho and her investigation. Also, misogyny and gender violence in Mexico are a big deal and your gringo view point on it is completely irrelevant over ours

  25. Lol, I don’t want to travel to a country where men being plucked off the street and skinned alive or beheaded is a common occurance. Although I accept that women being leered at in the street in their micro shorts is a much bigger problem. My ‘gringo’ point of view might be irrelevant to yours but it doesn’t stop your femihag NGOs going cap in hand with your absurd tales of ‘femicide’ to fill their bank accounts with US dollars.

  26. Jesus tries to crack a smile but looks on and weeps. Man or woman, we are human being not animals. We humans can be both angels and demons co existing in the same person. Anyone is capable of killing or saving another. My point is society is to blame for all our problems it is the governments policies, it is the lack of education in the young and old. It is the averice of money and the lack thereof. As for all these hardcore fanatical fems, they are nothing more then women who have been wronged by men or man and now hate all men. Just know that hate cannot extinguish hate.

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