Men’s Rights Supporters have taken over Guardian Comments

I recently posted how even Guardinistas were acknowledging the growth of the MRM via our ‘overbearing’ presence on the comments sections of the British voice of cultural marxism.  Check out the comments left under this feminist piece : Polish Feminism is No Longer Ridiculed

“Why require parties to place 35% women on election lists and not the 50% as originally demanded?”
Did the feminists also demand that 50% of trashmen, coal miners, high-rise construction workers and fishermen be women? Funny how the dirty and dangerous jobs do not warrant the same feminist attention to equality as electoral lists. BTW, why not go further and declare that 35% of neurosurgeons must be women? This goal could be easily achieved by relieving women from the whole “outdated”, “patriarchal” duty of going through medical studies, the way women are relieved from the “outdated”, “patriachal” burden of having to compete for votes in an open election. In plain English, a 35% quota for women means that 35% of men are held back by law so that they can’t compete on a level ground. Doesn’t the Polish constitution prohibit gender discrimination? Hello, Constitutional Tribunal of Poland, anybody home?

7 thoughts on “Men’s Rights Supporters have taken over Guardian Comments”

  1. One reason for this is because the URLs @ Urinals campaign is working.

    Go out and post flyers!! I have posted dozens by now, and so have others. This is making more and more men aware (which is the only way we can make progress).

    Do it!!!!!!!

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