The Ten Most Powerful People in Men’s Rights

1 : David Futrelle

david futrelle mens rightsIt’s tempting to dismiss David Futrelle as a buffoon, or at worst, an irritant to the men’s rights movement. His ‘critique’ of the radical notion that men and boys are human beings with rights consists of little more than quote harvesting, often of bloggers, or even blog commentators, who have never even identified themselves as MRAs, and whose words are then taken out of context and commonly and deliberately mis-interpreted. The most controversial sound bites from around ‘the manosphere’ are directly quoted and then interspersed with crude mocking and lazy attempts at schoolboy humor.

All this in a blog that some might claim to be a thinly disguised scheme to get David laid with some of his mentally disturbed and emotionally vulnerable female readers ( via ‘Manboobz Meet-Ups’ which Fraudtrelle was organizing within weeks of setting up shop). David also seems to forget that his attitudes to certain controversial issues were a lot different (think polar opposite) back in the 90’s when he authored hundreds of articles that should provide countless hours of fun for any MRAs wishing to experience the joys of malicious quote harvesting for themselves.

And yet there is no denying the impact that this ‘man’ has had on the men’s rights movement already – chiefly through his major ‘coup’ of persuading the Southern Poverty Law Center, a prominent but seemingly corrupted ‘anti-hate group’ organization, to launch an attack upon us. Within a few months, virtually all of the leading sites associated with the men’s rights world, and listed in the SPLC’s ‘hate report’, had either disappeared, changed their name, or embarked upon a more ‘moderate’ editorial policy. No other individual has had such a radical influence upon the MRM in such a short space of time.

Of course, Fraudtrelle’s pernicious power to wreak havoc doesn’t just extend to the men’s rights movement. The SPLC are taking a huge gamble in getting into bed with a man who is walking in the shadow of other notable career male feminists such as Hugo Schwyzer (who once attempted to kill his girlfriend and is a self-confessed serial seducer of his college students) and Kyle Payne (who filmed himself violating a schoolgirl who was in his care, and then downloaded child pornography after being released from prison). Fraudtrelle has clearly persuaded the SLPC that in order to continue being able to pay generous staff salaries, and in the absence or decline of traditional racist ‘hate movements’, the MRM represents a financially lucrative new target. The SPLC still maintains a proud reputation, and even takes credit for effectively destroying the once powerful Klu Klux Klan. Fraudtrelle will not only bring shame upon the SPLC if he ever becomes the latest male feminist involved in a sex abuse scandal, but if the men’s rights movement does continue to grow and become accepted as a legitimate human rights movement, then the decision of the SLPC to follow Fraudtrelle’s advice and target it will have tarnished its own reputation forever.

2 : The Amazing Atheist

This might be another controversial choice, but there is no doubt in my mind that the Amazing Atheist is the one anti-feminist who has the potential right now to transform the Men’s Rights Movement from a collection of angry bloggers waiting passively for the day we get silenced by new ‘hate speech’ laws, to a real million man activist movement which could shake the Gynocracy to its foundations.
The facts speak for themselves. Close to 1/3 of a million subscribers on YouTube (when the top MRAs without breasts have about 5,000 each) the Amazing Atheist can get websites shut down within hours of uploading a video making fun of them.

Led by the Femiservative Dawn Hawkings, PornHarms is the leading anti-pornography lobby group in the world. It has succeeded in getting a written assurance from Mitt Romney that he will do all in his power to completely ban pornography in the USA if he is elected as president. Dawn Hawkings personally believes in the ‘demand and supply’ argument that requires not just the publication of pornography to be outlawed, but the simple viewing of it criminalized as well. If her wishes are granted then virtually every male in the United States of America will be criminalized and face prosecution as a sex offender. You would think this imminent and nightmarish possibility might just be considered a men’s rights issue, but unfortunately it appears not to be….except, thankfully, to the Amazing Atheist. Earlier this year he posted a video on to YouTube – ‘Porn on a Plane‘ – describing Dawn’s experience of reprimanding a fellow passenger for viewing legal pornography on his laptop during the flight. Within hours it had received hundreds of thousands of views, and within one day her lobbying group website had been taken down.

No other figure associated with the men’s rights movement comes close to possessing this power. Unfortunately, likely due to his primary identification as an atheist, and his (male) sex positive views, as well as perhaps jealousy, he is largely shunned and ignored by the movement that could fast forward itself by a decade in one bound if it only had the sense to embrace him.

See also : It’s Only Sexist When Men Do It (1 1/2 million YouTube views).

3 : Angry Harry

Considering our notoriously fractious nature, the fact that so few (if any) MRAs have anything other than respect for Angry Harry, the father of the modern men’s rights movement, says it all. Although he seems to have taken something of a well-earned break recently from regular involvement in the online movement, it’s likely (and to be hoped) that even if he is semi-retired his rich archives from over a decade of writing on the subject will continue to define what Men’s Rights is and ought to be.

4 : Paul Elam

While Paul isn’t to everybody’s taste, there’s no doubt that it’s already difficult to imagine what the men’s rights movement would currently be without him – if it could even be called a movement. Still the man most likely to successfully transition the MRM from a loose collection of opinionated and heretical bloggers into an effective political force in the offline world.

5 : Heartiste

Similar to and perhaps more so than the Amazing Atheist, Heartiste isn’t an ‘MRA’, or at least not self-identified as one.  But through sheer popularity, his strong anti-feminism, and through writing on issues that relate to surviving as a man in a feminist world, there’s no disputing his influence.

6 : W F Price

Took ‘The-Spearhead’ to the position of number 1 men’s rights site (although he doesn’t accept that it is a ‘men’s rights’ site) within weeks of launching it. Welmer’s thoughtful and varied articles are still essential reading, and the comments section still amongst the most entertaining.

7 : Warren Farrell

Author of the Bible of the Men’s Rights Movement – The Myth of Male Power. Began as a feminist but gradually came to see that society wasn’t acknowledging the disadvantages faced by men, both historically and through the changed gender roles of today.

8 : ‘Ignatiusloyla’

Long time moderator of the Men’s Rights sub-reddit which recently achieved its 50,000th subscriber. For most of its history he ran r/mensrights with only the infamous and clueless Kloo2Yoo as a fellow mod. Attracted criticism for failing to stop feminist trolls and co-opting, whilst simultaneously banning men’s rights activists for ‘misogyny’ or for posting articles discussing clear MRA issues such as absurdly draconian and broadly defined feminist laws on child pornography. Finally forced to admit other moderators, but still likely the most powerful influence on what is inescapably the largest and most important men’s rights community online.

10=: David Benatar

Author of ‘The Second Sexism’ published this year – the most rigorously argued defence yet of the idea that men face disadvantages in society on account of discrimination.

10= : Steve Moxon

Brave author of the anti-feminist classic ‘The Woman Racket‘ which uses evolutionary psychology to explain how and why women, rather than men, have the power in society. One of the few MRA’s since Angry Harry with the courage and integrity to place the ongoing feminist rape of male sexuality and resulting legislative creep at the heart of any plausible notion of male disadvantage. Given his communication skills, media experience, and broad knowledge of evolutionary psychology, Steve Moxon would certainly be at the top of this list if he ever decided to assume a Paul Elam style role in a pro-male sexuality men’s movement.

10= : ‘The Futurist’

Also known as ‘The Fifth Horseman’, has to be in this list because of the outstanding and widely read ‘Misandry Bubble’. Some MRAs have questioned the level of originality, but no-one can dispute the way the Futurist has assembled the main themes and arguments of the movement into an academic standard essay, together with his own spin that manages to combine traditionalist pro-family sentiment with conclusions upon the inevitability of sex bots and virtual reality porn and their dire consequences for feminism. One of the very few must read articles in the Mansophere, and one that repays repeated study.

Other notable names (I’m aware I’ve probably unintentionally omitted some glaring ones – please leave suggestions in the comments below) :

ManWomanMyth – set a new standard in men’s rights documentary making.
Eivind Berge – started a national discussion in Norway on Men’s Rights. Again, one of the few MRAs brave enough to speak out against feminist sex laws.

—— Added mainly after being reminded by esteemed readers :

Neil Lyndon (author of influential ‘No More Sex War’), John the Other, GirlWritesWhat, Fidelbogen, John Waters, Kevin Myers, Lionel Tiger (author of ‘Decline of Males’ and promoter of ‘Male Studies’ as an academic discipline), writers at Spiked Online for attacking abuse hysteria and identifying it as an attack on men and on families, Glen Sacks…

35 thoughts on “The Ten Most Powerful People in Men’s Rights”

  1. In Ireland, the two most influential people would probably be two columnists:
    John Waters [] and Kevin Myers . John Watters’ main interest is in fathers’ rights but he does sometimes talk about more general issues. Kevin Myers doesn’t have a special interest that I know of but regularly criticises academic feminists, feminist non-governmental organisations, etc.

  2. Thanks for the suggestions One Irish Man. I agree completely with the Neil Lyndon nomination and I’ll add him to the article, as well as Lionel Tiger for ‘The Decline of Males’. The two Irish journalists are very worthy suggestions too.

  3. I haven’t read all the works listed here so I can’t really comment on the appropriateness of the Top Ten, but I do want to voice the danger in placing David Futrelle at the top. Whether or not anyone agrees that this imbecile has influence the fact of him appearing on anyone’s list of influential bloggers, especially if it is a declared anti-feminist blogger will make it seem like the feminists have a true champion in their fight against the MRM (whatever that might be). Feminists do not care about irony or satire, if they could even recognise it. They will misrepresent this listing to paint their cause in the best possible light. Why write their propaganda for them?

  4. So you’re saying we just continue to pretend he’s nothing more than a harmless buffoon whilst at the same time radically softening our language and editorial policies in order to appease him?

  5. Whether we like it or not, Fraudtrelle is a leading voice in the Manosphere. So are the other guys listed here, although I could pick out three or four others from the list too who are having about equal positive and negative effects.

    At this point, I don’t think that the Manosphere is in very healthy condition. However, the trends seem to indicate that men like Eivand Berge, Steve Moxon, and Fidelbogen (and our own Antifeminist?) are going to displace some of the current 10 in the future.

  6. I should have considered Fidelbogen.

    I honestly don’t share your optimism Eric.

    I mean look at the following comment to my article from Inatiusloyla – the moderator of r/mensrights :

    TyphoonBlue more influential than AngryHarry??

    Are you aware of the website of ‘Toy Soldier’, Eric? He’s an allegedly top MRA who devotes his blog entirely to the ‘forgotten male victims’ of child sexual abuse. And he doesn’t just focus on cougars banging ‘lucky’ boys, he seems to think that the victims of the Catholic priests have been ‘forgotten’?? Eh? The media have been obsessed with it for the last…ooohhh….twenty years or so.

    The feminist concern with female victims of child sexual abuse has nothing to do with women’s rights or even ‘treating the abuse of boys less seriously’. It’s almost entirely about generating hysteria that demonizes men and justifies laws restricting sexual competition from younger females.

    These attempts by the MRM to just copy wholesale the feminist child sex abuse industry totally sickens me.

    Ernest Belfort Bax must be turning in his grave.

  7. Antifeminist:
    Well, you called him correctly on the fact that his list was composed only of North Americans. Some of those people, like ‘Toy Soldier’ I’d never even heard of.

    As far as optimism goes, my belief is that non-American blogs are going to replace American ones as the most influential in the future. I don’t think that feminism has any future in Scandanavia after the Berge and Assange cases; and given Britain’s cultural affinity with Scandanavia, the anti-feminist trends are likely to spread there as well.

    I have a theory that, more and more, feminism is being equated with American cultural imperialism. In the US, though, this seems to be having the reverse effect: the MRM here is moving closer to feminism. Really, outside of Fidelbogen and Keonigalt, there’s hardly an American MRA blog that isn’t leaning, or trending towards, neo-feminism, fathers’ rights, or social conservatism. So, about the future here, I’m not at all optimistic.

  8. Brian Rothery –
    Inquistion 21 deserves some recognition, since he much like Steve Moxon: doesn’t actually identify himself as a MRA or claim any association with the MRM. Also like Steve Moxon, he isn’t in the least afraid to dissent and question Draconian man/boy oppressive feminist law, or to use his actual words: “to question the dominant narrative”

    He has recently posted a couple of very interesting articles on the Jimmy Savile witch-hunt as well.

  9. Mel Feit is another from the 90s who’s still plugging along. I first met him on a nationally televised talk show about sexual harassment. Victor Smith had a huge impact on the fathers rights movement. If I remember right, Lisa Scott was the first to articulate the idea of parental alienation syndrome, which has had a major impact. Roy U. Schenk is a name almost nobody knows, yet his 1982 book, The Other Side of the Coin: Causes and Consequences of Men’s Oppression, has withstood the test of time. Fred Hayward is considered by many of us almost-old timers to be a contemporary of Warren Farrell. And, honestly, I expected Warren to be #2, right after Herb Goldberg. There may be a top 10 in the currently most influential, but the history of the MRM/FRM is replete with the contributions of hundreds of names of men and women who contributed ideas, arguments and analysis, advocacy and activist organizations, like Christina Hoff Sommers, Cathy Young, and several men and women whom I had the honor to know, whose contributions were made anonymously. If I had the time, I could list at least 100 more. I’m not talking about followers, either, but leaders who broke the ground upon which so many of you tread. Like Richard Doyle, Gene Hopp, Ewalds D’Sylva, Dave Ault, Raj Kumar Singh, “PC Seldom,” Paul Shaner Sr., Peter Raeside, “Wade Balder” and dozens more. Armin Brott, Asa Baber,…okay, I’ll stop ranting, at least for the time being. 🙂 Wait, one more: Rich Zubaty!

  10. Roy U. Schenk — the “Madison Madman”! that is going back…

    man you kick the wrong littlle dog, what you get is roy schenk on your ass for thirty years, whoo hoo lookit The Doggie go!

    goldberg, farrell, zubaty, doyle — rod van mechelen’s site, couldnt have been more than 5 or 6 “mra pages” around then, way before blogs

    bly was also a modern influence, tho it got misdirected into stupid warrior drumming workshops. . . . .hemingway was an early mra, the poor fuck

    bob dylan was a massive mra esp in early years , when the heat was really on .. bur t cummings of course, lotsa others

    a.h. got his teeth in it pretty good there…

    it’s been fun to watch your movement, v entertaining indeed, thank you

  11. Thanks Rod for those suggestions – I’ll certainly be looking up the names from it that I’m not familiar with.

    The list was really intended to be fun and provocative as much as serious. I only began a real interest in men’s rights about 5 years ago, so I’m by no means authoritative on the history of the movement.

    BTW, your site is highly regarded around here – keep up the good work!

  12. Thanks Alan – Brian should certainly be mentioned. I’ll take a look at his articles on Savile now.

  13. @Eric

    And I think 4 of his list are women too.

    I’ve certainly noticed that Europe seems more able to produce MRAs that aren’t from a father’s rights background – for example Eivind Berge, Steve Moxon, or indeed, Angry Harry (obviously Angry gives a strong focus for father’s rights issues, but he himself has stated that he is unmarried and without children).

    I certainly hope that there will be more Eivind Bergs emerging from Scandinavia (I don’t mean making supposed threats against cops, but angry young men devoted to fighting feminism).

    BTW, if you look at the comments section of the latest article at Manboobz, you’ll see that the Boobettes have caught sight of my top 10 list and are now screaming for a ‘Manboobz Meetup’ to get at his ‘King of the manosphere’ ‘alpha’ bad boy cock!

    I think this article might have backfired!!

  14. You’re right. Fruitloops Futrelle is just a boring writer and nonentity who is redundant and has no influence outside of the dozen or so fugly boobettes and cat hoarders who sit on his blog all day because they have no lives and don’t even understand that they are about as important as a gnat on an elephant’s arse in the real world. Fruitlops trolls around readdit and obscure blogs that no one has heard of looking for something to mock (he may even write the stuff himself but the boobettes are too stupid to see this) There are a billion people on the Net so it’s no problem to collect a handful of freaks who delude themselves into thinking they actually matter. The only thing you’ll find on Fruitloops’ blog are examples of abnormal psychology and freaks.

  15. Gentlemen, let’s avoid gender neutral terms like “people” when these 10 guys are clearly MEN.

    These men are (by good criteria) the 10 most infuential men in MRA circles!

    We’re men first, gentlemen, and people second!

  16. Gentlemen, let’s avoid gender neutral terms like “people” when these 10 guys are clearly MEN.

    I honestly chose ‘people’ because ‘The Ten Most Powerful Men in Men’s Rights’ sounds a bit repetitive (of the word men).

    Also because I don’t consider David Futrelle to be a man.

  17. You’re right. Fruitloops Futrelle is just a boring writer and nonentity who is redundant and has no influence outside of the dozen or so fugly boobettes and cat hoarders who sit on his blog all day

    He does seem to have influenced the SPLC, and the SPLC does seem to have achieved quite a marked influence upon the men’s rights movement over the last year or so.

  18. Yeah, the second one’s the best – a sort of autobiography of one of the former inmates – ‘Anna Raccoon’, of one of the institutions where Savile allegedly abused young girls. You won’t find anything (about the Savile allegations) until the 4th of about 7 parts – here.
    This Anna Raccoon lady confirms more-or-less what I think, what you probably think and what Steve Moxon has at least been fair minded in his commentary about, all along.
    (Unlike me: Steve doesn’t actually say it directly that they are most likely making the whole thing up), but this ex-inmate could and should, certainly embarrass a few of the accusers!

    BTW: Brian Rothery also links to the Spiked Online articles about ‘child abuse’ abuse. What’s more commonly referred to here as paedohysteria…

  19. Fruitloops has no influence outside of is own deluded mind. And the SPLC has done nothing either, or do they have any power to censor blogs. They don’t even have standing to sue or request an injunction due to something a blogger wrote and if any bloggers ran away or changed their names then they are just cowards.
    As far as Fruitloops, he’s best ignored so that the few freaks who go to his site will just degenerate into showing cat videos and transvestite rights lol
    And if Fruitloops or the SPLC attempted any covert harassment then there are ways to deal with them.
    Fruitloops and the other dummies on his site are typical lower class slobs who aren’t afraid of being sued because none of them have a pot to piss in or any assets worth going after so they think they are judgement proof. These are the types when sued would not have the money to even defend a lawsuit and would lose by default still believing it means nothing since they’re broke but I could still get a lot of info by filing subpoenas and also filing information subpoenas concerning his assets which would really piss him off,and if he doesn’t comply I’d get an Order to have him arrested for contempt of court. And if the lawsuit was defended (very unlikely)we’d get to see who is backing him and other personal info on him.

  20. Guess you’re right. 😉

    And, I suppose, the 10 most powerful men are bound to be the most powerful people anyway. Conversely, the most powerful people are bound to be men.

    I think culture has a long way to catch up with the obvious.

  21. Led by the Femiservative Dawn Hawkings, PornHarms is the leading anti-pornography lobby group in the world. It has succeeded in getting a written assurance from Mitt Romney that he will do all in his power to completely ban pornography in the USA if he is elected as president

    yeah, good analysis exposing that alliance

    it’s a typical example of the right-wing of the matriarchy using one of their politicians to advance collective female psychosexual agendas

    pathological agendas, often

    this tool romney is supposed to be the ideopolitical alternative to superfeminist obama — yet heres romney setting the gynogulag’s table for another profitable bloodfest on men

    one of the best things that could happen to u.s. males right now is banning of pornography, including all forms of internet sexual depictions — just not allowing service providers to carry the content, or shutdown

    the more that men, especially young men, think about sex, the less power they have vis a vis women

    ban porn, but dont criminalize it — thus take out the profit and power motives for government, police, women etc

    of course, thats not the intent of Dear Dawn and Rommie — they want to ban it so they can further criminalize and scapegoat males, to feed the many, many mouths of the Ma Sheen . . . of which these two are prominents parts

    so american boys and men have got romney on one side, and psychofem obama on the other, who just said that the destiny of america WOULD be in womens’ hands

    cant send a message much clearer than that


  22. Antifeminist:
    Maybe not. The more of these ‘manboobz meetups’ that happen; the greater chance of a false (or maybe not false, in his case) rape accusation to surface.

    After all, if they’d take the word of mentally unstable women against Jimmy Savile…

  23. Dr. Pell:
    I think that you’re underestimating both the power of Futrelle (or more accurately his media wire-pullers); and the SPLC. These groups have no actual power—on paper. But they DO have considerable ‘unofficial’ powers; such as the SPLC’s recognition as an FBI ‘asset’. Same with the media moguls behind Futrelle. There’s no official government policy in the US to promote paedohysteria, for example; but it’s definately being promoted with official sanction and heavy financing by vested interests.

  24. Ray:
    Let’s not forget either that it was the ‘conservative’ George Bush Jr. who signed VAWA and IMBRA into law here. He also issued an Executive Order banning pornography at overseas military bases and tried to pressure the German government to enforce American statuatory laws on our servicemen.

    And Condi Rice was just as aggressive at promoting global feminism as Hillary Clinton has been. I remember Condi saying that liberating Afghan women made the whole invasion justifiable (apparently a Pearl Harbor style attack that killed 4000 US civilians wasn’t justification enough!)

    As for Romney: his VP, Paul Ryan is practically worshipped by Socon White Knights like Thomas Fleming and William Bennett. His campaign manager is Michael Chertoff, one of the architects of the paedohysterical 1993 Waco Massacre. As former head of DHS, Chertoff also executed the infamous FLDS Compound raid and was clearly prepared to carry out another slaughter then too. Fortunately, that raid backfired on the paedocrites somewhat, though Murdoch covered up the scandal afterwards.

  25. hi eric, indeed the bush administrations were radically feminist — it’s just that they seem “conservative” when compared with the open and gleeful femfascism of the obama debacle

    this binary dynamic is contrived…. rather like the Good Cop/Bad Cop scam (see? we’re still kicking you, but we’re not kicking you as hard as that other party! arent we wonderful? vote for US)


    thx for filling me in on the ryan connections with the matriarchy; it illustrates that there truly is no political escape from the gynogulag; the only issue at question between the “two parties” is how fast boys and men will be bled-out and destroyed

    rupert’s time is almost up, may God deliver him into my hand, so i dont have to go looking . . . in any case, be very certain that neither he — nor any of the collaborators with the gynarchy — will escape their futures


  26. Ray:
    While surfing the Manosphere today, I came across an article on the paedohysterical blog, ‘Toy Soldiers’ which Antifeminist referenced recently. It seems that Delaware Senate candidate, Eric Bodenweiser, is in jail over allegations that he had sex with a 13 y/o boy about 25 or so years ago.

    It looks to me like these allegations are a political smear: coming up just before an election. On the other hand, Bodenweiser has been fanning paedohysteria himself for a long time. This sounds a lot like the story of the man who invented the guillotine becoming one of its victims.

    These Socon social-purity neo-feminists should take careful note that this is kind of fire they’re playing with.

  27. Maybe not. The more of these ‘manboobz meetups’ that happen; the greater chance of a false (or maybe not false, in his case) rape accusation to surface.

    Very true Eric. I’d love to see that happen. Couldn’t happen to a nicer manboobz.

  28. Dr. Pell:
    I think that you’re underestimating both the power of Futrelle (or more accurately his media wire-pullers); and the SPLC. These groups have no actual power—on paper. But they DO have considerable ‘unofficial’ powers; such as the SPLC’s recognition as an FBI ‘asset’. Same with the media moguls behind Futrelle. There’s no official government policy in the US to promote paedohysteria, for example; but it’s definately being promoted with official sanction and heavy financing by vested interests.

    I imagine that you (Eric) and Alan and the rest of the regular readers understand that I put Fraudtrelle at the top as something of a dig at the way many men’s rights sites have apparently allowed the paedocrite to dictate their policies.

    Again, I’m not necessarily knocking these sites, as I wasn’t put on the SLPC list myself, and I don’t know how I would have reacted, but we can’t ignore the fact that that list has quite significantly changed things.

  29. I imagine that you (Eric) and Alan and the rest of the regular readers understand that I put Fraudtrelle at the top as something of a dig at the way many men’s rights sites have apparently allowed the paedocrite to dictate their policies.

    Makes a lot of sense to me: the title of your post is: “The Ten Most Powerful People in Men’s Rights”, not “The Ten BEST Men in Men’s Rights” or the “Ten Most Loyal, Antifeminist Men”…
    It’s all about those with the most influence on others in the MRM, (and outside of it – the real world, MSM etc.), whether that influence evokes positive or negative reactions from others within the movement is immaterial: it still attracts attention to the MRM.

    Negative or destructive power is still power and those that wield it are still ‘powerful’…

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