Masculinity Attacked from All Parts (Lui Marco Natural Bodybuilder – Great Video)

This guy is one of several natural bodybuilding gurus I subscribe to on YouTube.  When you see videos or articles like this, from men who are probably unaware even of the existance of the men’s rights movement (no name change from me), you realise what kind of growth in men’s activism is not only possible but inevitable.

1 thought on “Masculinity Attacked from All Parts (Lui Marco Natural Bodybuilder – Great Video)”

  1. I think Mr. Marco has grasped something that most media is either to unlearned about or too chicken to report on misandry and out-of-control 3rd wave feminism whose alpha male is the state.
    Seems only on-line can a true and fair discussion of this be held these days. Someone, with his views, is not allowed to speak freely as he should, given the importance of this subject. Interesting times indeed. Canada is a few years ahead of the US, but Europe could be even worse.

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