‘MAP’ Is the Most Aspie Term Yet for Male Sexualists

Rather than ephebophile, hebophile, or herbophile, or even epherobile, it seems that MAP(Minor Attracted Person) is the growing term of choice for aspergics who feel a bit…special. This is the worst possible term imaginable, and if it becomes a synonym of ‘male sexualist’ then I’m sticking to plain old MRA even if I am in a minority of half a dozen (together with the ghosts of Ernest Belfort Bax, Angry Harry etc).

Firstly, the term ‘minor’ is ambiguous. It’s largely an imported American (feminist) term, just like others such as ‘statutory rape’, or ‘informed consent’. Feminists using language to control the debate, and to control young people, to which clueless pedospergs blindly adopt. A minor, in the context of sex and consent, can mean anything from 14 to 16 in Europe, but in the USA, largely has come to mean 18 and nothing but 18 – the legal difference between a child and an adult in virtually every sense. So when European ‘MAPs’ use this term they are doing several greatly damaging things to our cause. They are validating the absurd feminist/American notion that 17 year olds are children, and secondly, the idea that sex with 17 year olds is illegal (it still remains that nowhere in Europe except Malta is that the case, and it is only true in a handful of African and/or Muslim nations, other than the USA).

But most importantly, and most damagingly, these aspie asshats are actually pathologizing the attraction to 17 year olds, which every single man on Earth, who isn’t a genuine pervert into granny fucking or toddlers, shares. In that way it’s even worse than the made up quack terms of ‘ephebophilia’ and the rest.

To fellow men’s rights male sexualists – do you really want to go into battle with three dozen pedosperg ‘MAPs’, who are only grudgingly now even recognizing that feminists are persecuting them, or go into battle with potentially 3 billion men at your side? I appreciate that we need all the numbers we can muster to our cause at this stage, but if pedospergs want to join us (their only hope), then they need to do it on our terms.