Male Commentator Gives Perfect Reply to Entitled Parasite Lauren Martin

A male commentator gives the perfect reply below the article of an entitled cunt princess, who whines that men are not what they used to be and are now simply pathetic wimps who don’t ask women out on dates or buy them free drinks. Be warned, it truly is a sickening article, but here is the priceless reader response :

look, princess… you are not entitled to free shit, you’re not entitled to have things done for you, you’re not entitled to dictate how and when we “grow up” and you’re not entitled to tell us how to dress.
you women pushed us away, you called us “pervy”, “creepy” when we didn’t have the requisite amount of cash/belongings etc.
instead of saying “I’m not interested” to men who ask you out that you don’t find attractive – you called us harassers and made utterly ridiculous claims that we were a part of “rape culture”
you make crass jokes about men being in pain, laugh when one gets his dick cut off,band together when one needs bullying and almost orgasm when one has his children ripped from him.
then there is the blaming shit you all seem to do – you’re doing it right now in this article – your bait is so unappealing and rancid that we’re to blame for not “having our shit together”
you want us to date you? you want us to chase you? you want us to pay for you? no, not anymore.

you say we’re scared of you. yes, you’re dam right we’re scared of you. who wouldn’t be scared of someone who can, with one false accusation (which seems to be happening more and more these days) ruin our entire lives. who wouldn’t be scared of a pathological lying psychopath!!?
The only time that women ever say good things about men is the day after they die.
you brought this on yourselves – it’s up to you to fix it princess.

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  1. but here is the priceless reader response :

    It is indeed a fantastically appropriate retort. There’s also a Fraudtrelle groupie in there, calling itself ‘Kelly Porter’ who seems rather pissed off about it and a few similar responses. LOL!!


    A struggling Ice Hockey team tries to boost attendance by throwing an after game playboy party and feminists throw a fit complete with complaints of “hyper sexualisation” and the like. This kind of negative reaction would have been unthinkable in French Canadian society 15 years ago. The sexual trade union is spreading its tentacles everywhere.

  3. Yuck. That article made me vomit. It exposes the ills of feminism and blames the men for it, like blaming the Jews for the holocaust.
    And that remark about maturity … women remain self-centered and narcissistic to the point of psychopathy, like an average six-year-old,
    until they lose their unlimited power over men. When they ‘hit the wall’, in other words. Women nowadays are such psychopaths that the lust
    doesn’t compensate. They are just too disgusting as people.
    I love women. I hate what this society is turning them into. I hate that I have to avoid most of them like the plague. That is the denial of love.

  4. The problem is that modern women, especially of academic descent, expect men to be absolutely docile and submissive.
    And then they are no longer sexually interesting even if they were initially. Hence they get friend-zoned.
    The trick to being with one of those horrible things is to be non-docile and submissive yet to be able to hide it by posing as a feminist supporter.
    Usually this means posing as a responsible house father. But you cannot object to her psychopathic behaviour towards other men therefore you have to be a
    psychopath as well.
    Hence we have the prototype for a bully, a two-faced psychopath. Empowered by his horrible bitch.
    (You see them a lot in the ICT industry. They usually call themselves consultants and peddle management pseudo science like Agile/Scrum etc.
    Those working in ICT know what I mean. This is also the reason for excess workplace mobbing.)

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