London Under SHEria Law – Muslim Mayor Bans Bikini Posters

The femislamisation of the West continues apace.   London’s recently elected Muslim mayor, the first such ruler of a Western city in over 500 years, has already began the implementation of SHEria Law by banning images of slim models in bikinis from advertisements appearing on the London Underground and elsewhere.

The mayor uses a feminist justification for the ban – the images of healthy young women showing bare skin ‘body shames’ the average female Londoner. Femihag campaigners have been trying to force such a ban since last year.  We will see more and more of this as Muslim political power grows – feminist lobbying leads to Muslim politicians enforcing modesty and anti-sex laws under the guise of ‘protecting women’.

Feminism is a Sexual Trade Union so similar to Islam that it is not needed in Islamic societies.  Islam may treat women badly in many ways, but in the thing that most concerns the vast majority of women – their ability to sexually compete with other women who are younger, prettier, and more available – it serves their needs very well. Certainly much better than the free sexual market of the secular West.

After the Orlando shooting at the weekend, the question again arises as to how left-wing ‘liberal progressives’ can be so retarded and schizophrenic as to fail to see that support for Islam is completely incompatible with support for gay rights.  But really, it’s not so much more retarded or schizophrenic as the inability of Manosphere Conservatives and ‘Islamophobes’ in general to see that Islam is entirely compatible with ‘women’s rights’.

The Left will continue to support the mass importation of millions of gay hating Muslims, even when it leads to massacres as in Orlando, because feminism is the tail that wags the Left-Wing dog.  And for the Sexual Trade Union, the gay rights lobby are at present simply useful idiots in the need to present a sexually progressive and tolerant face to the world whilst feminists wage a brutal medieval war upon sex, and male sexuality in particular.

Feminism is a virus that manifests itself in sexually open societies – you could almost call it an intellectual syphilis.  The only way it can be contained is by having a society that is not sexually open and that conforms to female evolutionary mating strategies – i.e.  strictly enforced monogamy.

The effect of the feminist virus is not only to kill sexual openness, but to weaken the host society so much that an even more robust parasite, genetically related to the feminist virus – Islam – can fully take over the corpse of Western civilization.

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  1. This is a very powerful message you should be congratulated for before any commenting.
    It’s always a consolation to note that critical thinking cannot be totally numbed.

  2. @Beckford -thanks 🙂 And at least somebody still read this blog!

  3. @theantifeminist Somebody apart from me that is. 😉
    Eivind Berge has returned from a long hiatus (since February) with two new posts, where one of them was only made today and it’s good to see he’s back in fine form. Rightly more pissed-off than ever, as are most of us these days…

  4. Jo Cox, the British MP killed the other day, worked for the NSPCC only a couple of years ago. She was also one of the leading campaigners in the Houses of Parliament for mass Islamic immigration.

    So campaigned for laws and hysteria that will criminalize and restrict the liberties of millions of men (and women and children), and further poison relations between generations and genders. And campaigned for mass Islamic immigration that will lead to the end of Western civilisation, thousands of deaths in Islamist terrorist atrocities, and likely civil wars across Europe that will make WW2 look like a tea party in comparison.

    Still – an absolute shocking tragedy.

  5. The likely next Prime Minister of Britain is a femiservative old hag who has gone on record as stating that Sharia Law is a good thing and would benefit the country. Oh my fucking God. I was actually jubilant at Brexit and the inevitable disintegration of the ShEU, now I’m starting to realize I could be trapped on that god forsaken island of femihags, mad muslims, and paedocrite fuckwits.

  6. The femiservative bag (Theresa May) actually states here that the only problem she has with Sharia Law is that it might discriminate against women (i.e., she wants the best of Sharia Law without the discrimination (such as men having it easier to divorce), but as we know, ugly old bags like her don’t regard forcing young women to wear burkas to be discriminatory anymore than forcing prostitutes off the streets is discriminatory – it’s ‘protecting’ women).

  7. One of the inbred jihadists who beheaded the priest in France had been convicted twice on terrorism offences and given ‘electronic tagging’. If he’d surfed the net for pics of 16 year old girls in thongs he’d probably been given a harsher sentence.

    I wonder how many of these and future atrocities would have been avoided if all the police resources that go into tracking ‘pedos’ (ie. harmless white guys showing an online interest in nubile teenage girls) was instead devoted to tracking muslim psychos who are planning to mass murder and who are inspired by a ‘caliphate’ which is selling thousands of children into sex slavery and would like to sell the entire young female population of Europe into sexual bondage? Oh, but we know the fake childrens charities ie femihag trade unions would be up in arms if any resources were diverted and it meant that one 15 year old girl had consenting sex with a man she met online.

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