Lena Dunham Voted the Most Disgusting Paedocrite of 2014

lena-dunham-paedocriteIt’s now official – David Futrelle has finally been dethroned and Lena Dunham has been voted the most disgusting paedocrite of 2014!

Here are the final results of the David Fraudtrelle Paedocrite of the Year 2014 Poll :

Who was the most disgusting paedocrite of 2014? Choose TWO paedocrites!

  • Lena Dunham (49%, 59 Votes)
  • David Futrelle (35%, 42 Votes)
  • Rolf Harris (7%, 8 Votes)
  • Max Clifford (4%, 5 Votes)
  • Inclined Reader (4%, 5 Votes)
  • RalMCG (2%, 2 Votes)

Total Voters: 82

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david futrelle
This is what a paedocrite looks like

Most seasoned paedoc watchers had predicted that David Futrelle would easily retain his crown – for the fourth straight year. The master paedocrite had indeed been in outstanding form – continuing to libel MRAs and others as paedophiles for discussing paedohysteria, however long ago, yet refusing to even acknowledge, let alone apologize for, an article he wrote in the 1990’s defending the sale of a child torture porn movie in a gay sex shop.  In the now notorious article, Fraudtrelle mocked American police officers for arresting the owners of the seedy gay ‘bookstore’ for distributing a disgusting video depicting the anal rape, forced shit eating, torture, disembowlement, and murder of naked children (played by real child actors, one of whom later killed himself). On top of that, Futrelle publicly called for the webmaster of this site to be murdered after I revealed that one of his regular commentators was a sadistic ‘transgender’ paedocrite  psychopath who openly moderated a sick fetish website devoted to men turned on by the thought of crucifying women and girls (no doxxing took place on my part – ‘ralmcg’ was moderating the sick forum  (as ‘assistant executioner’) under the same username as he uses at Manboobz). Futrelle will shortly be standing trial on incitement to murder charges over this.

Although Futrelle exceeded even his own disgusting paedocrite standards in 2014, what he couldn’t count on was a truly stunning display of paedocrisy from Lena Dunham. The American actress and social justice warrior openly boasted in her autobiography how she liked to peer inside the vagina of her one year old sister only weeks after ranting that millions of men who looked online at hacked naked pics of celebrities were all sex offenders (and presumably each one deserved to be anally raped in jail). To top it all, Dunham is now in hot water after it was revealed that rape accusations made in her book were entirely bogus and were causing unfounded suspicions to fall upon at least one innocent man.

david-futrelle-2.jpgDespite finally losing his crown, the monster of Chicago can take solace from the fact that he received over twice as many votes as he did last year when winning the trophy (for the fourth successive time).  In other words, more people than ever think that Futrelle is the most disgusting paedocrite in the world.  No doubt he will be back even stronger next year, determined to re-claim his throne, even if he has to do it from a prison cell.

Rolf Harris, the Australian entertainer convicted (on extremely dubious ‘evidence’) for abusing children, including a 4 year old, trailed well back in a distant third place.  At the time when he was (supposedly) molesting children, he had gone out of his way to produce a video warning kids that all adults were potential perverts and paedophiles.  An undoubted master paedocrite in action, it was Rolf’s misfortune to have run up against a pair of paedocs who truly turned in ungodly performances in 2014.

To add to Futrelle’s humiliation, his transgender sadistic disciple ‘Ralmcg’ could only finish in last place.

13 thoughts on “Lena Dunham Voted the Most Disgusting Paedocrite of 2014”

  1. Not sure if I have any readers left, and the ones I do hate anything associated with PUAS/Roosh even when they agree with us 100%, but anyway – here’s an interesting discussion at the Roosh forum :


    Inevitable paedocrites rear their head almost immediately, but look at all the non-paedocrites standing firm…

  2. Congratulations to Ms. Lena—this year took some incredible doing to reach the crown, let alone upend the three-defending champion. I have a feeling that next year’s race is going to be even tighter.

  3. On the Roosh comments, I’m wondering if more men are starting to speak out and stand up to paedocrites and paedohysteria?

  4. @Eric – it definately appears to be the case. There’s obviously some tipping point that must be reached before the average guy responds to another male’s public admission of finding teens attractive with a ‘ so what, everybody finds teens sexy’ instead of ‘you fucking sick paedo’. Maybe in certain parts of the ‘manosphere’ we are close to that tipping point. It will take a lot longer in general society, of course, but it will be heartening to see it demonstrated that it only takes a certain number of non-paedocrites to stand firm and to speak out.

  5. Pretty white girl burned alive by her black boyfriend (it appears) :


    Remember when Spain raised the age of consent last year on the grounds that one older partner of a young teen killed her because her parents were angry about the relationship?

    Do you think any politician ever would use a story like this to make inter-racial relationships illegal?

    If they make political capital out of this story it will be just on the grounds of the age difference (she was 19, he is 31). Only conservative blogs will mention the interracial element.

    On that subject, if I have time I’ll put up a femihag of the year poll in the next few days. Anna Mato, the disgraced Spanish politician will be a candidate. As will David Futrelle – a chance to redeem himself!!

  6. Not sure if I have any readers left, and the ones I do hate anything associated with PUAS/Roosh even when they agree with us 100%,

    Well, I don’t have anything against it now – I used to after reading some comment he made a few years ago, that made it look like he kind of supported feminism, but that was only Roosh and only on that one comment. I didn’t know much about game or PUA at the time, but the more
    I read into it (here mainly), the more I think that feminism has actually necessitated it and continues to propagate it.
    Let’s face it, in our feminized world, any man who can penetrate their anti-male barrier of hostility and hate (as well as the same hostility from half-witted , aspie manginas – the majority of men), is someone all men of any age should view as a role model or hero. Feminism has made all Western women unapproachable – the enemy, thus any man who can score a desirable (anglo / western) chick, really has accomplished something these days: a remarkable feat and one to be proud of.
    Prior to the current 3rd wave feminist ruled society, it wasn’t necessary for most men – women were fair and tolerant, but above all they LIKED men and liked being ‘objectified’… They were normal and therefore desired NORMAL men, unlike today – despise them based upon the paedohysteria they’ve been brought up to believe and to FEAR, not to mention the large amounts of money they can easily make thanks to anti-male legislation.. Its far more profitable for them to hate men than to like them, let alone depend on them the way our mothers / grandmothers etc. used to.

    Therefore, No. I’m all in favour of game / PUA and those comments on his blog-post: ‘Age Difference’ are indeed quite encouraging. The most recent one also makes a point of how the most attractive are really only thug-chasers – a fact that most of us here are all too aware of, which is another ‘byproduct’ of feminism.

  7. The way I see it is that this site has 3 types of reader :

    1 / Younger guys who are into porn, pua, sex etc, but are too afraid to leave comments here because they fear being tracked and monitored by Big Brother for the rest of their online lives.

    2/ Younger guys who are a bit ‘socially unaware’ who are at the other extreme and don’t appear to have any appreciation of the potential harm their comments can do to themselves, myself, and other readers. Obviously, I’ve banned most of these.

    3/ Older guys who are just too long in the tooth to care anymore, and who in any case, probably expect to be dead before the sexual holocaust really gets going (example : Jack).

    The problem with regards to PUA at this site is that categories 2 and 3 are either too aspie or too old to gain much from PUA, and male human nature being what it is, will piss on anything that leads to other men getting more pussy than them – the REAL problem.

    This leads to the comments section here reading like PUAHate.com whenever pua is mentioned, when in fact, the majority of readers are quite in favour of PUA, and more importantly, can see that the fast growing PUA/Roosh section of the manosphere is one of our best hopes of avoiding a sexual holocaust.

    That’s not to say that criticism of PUA, or at least PUA culture and individual PUA gurus isn’t often valid, and I can see where Eric is coming from with regards to the ‘thug chasing’ criticism of PUA.

    Despite what I said in my previous comment, and despite hardly updating here for a month, I still do get a steady readership – as evidenced by the fact that this paedocrite of the year poll got over twice as many votes as last year’s poll. It’s just I don’t have many commentators – which isn’t a bad thing given the headaches that a large number of commentators brings the webmaster at a site like this, but it would be nice to get the occasional feedback and encouragement from different readers.

  8. I’m in the “older” category. My “red pill” moment was when trying to explain to a friend – a “mediator”, that her 25 year old daughter was not at particular risk of attack doing her rounds as a GP in a Scottish city, that in fact, figures showed that men were more at risk.

    As soon as I dragged the official figures into the conversation (I’m an avid reader of the real reports, not the re-hashed garbage the MSM feed us), her appalling ignorance was revealed. She is by nature a kind, thoughtful woman who wouldn’t harm anybody of either sex, and her strong religious beliefs lead her to “help heal people”. But this is the problem: she is a true believer, and cannot comprehend that she has been lied to by the feminist leaders. She hand waves me when I give her the true figures – such as how many women kill their babies (infanticide), laughing and telling me I shouldn’t believe the stuff I read on the internet. She tells me that government ministers would’t lie like that in public, and of course she is well-informed by such luminous publications such as The Guardian.

    Can I get her to read a single published official report? No. Too busy. I do wonder if it’s the old problem of “you cannot get a man to change his belief, if his salary or prestige depend on it”. To forgo her beliefs in either religion or feminism would be just too hard for her to do publicly, as she has woven her identity around these things. You can’t teach an old dog new tricks.

    I think this is a major problem, curing the 70’s and 80’s feminists of their delusions. At’s a religion, a faith, not a political theory to them.

  9. I guess I’m in the “old and past caring” category. Certainly not expecting society’s attitudes to change in time to do me any good.
    Best I can hope for is VR…

  10. Antifeminist:
    I think I’d fit into the third category, although in my case I had the misfortune to be born with no fear of death. LOL

    I don’t expect to be dead before the sexual holocaust gets going. I’m going down fighting if I go down at all!

  11. “Pretty white girl burned alive by her black boyfriend.”

    Even tough she was 19, a lot of people don’t see the connection between these kinds of crimes and AOC laws. It’s like gun laws—you outlaw weapons and only the law-abiding are left defenseless. The same happens when you outlaw or stigmatize men from the most desirable female age groups—the law-abiding and socially conscious are not available as boyfriends/husbands to these girls, but the thugs and psychos who don’t care about them, are.

  12. I don’t know if it’s just my browser, but when I type ‘david futrelle’ into Google now, at the bottom of the page ‘david futrelle salo’ is listed as one of the related search terms.

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