Krauser PUA’s Anti-Feminist Thought of the Day

This is why Krauser is one of the few PUAs I like:

Marriage: working every day like a dog to support a women who every day looks increasingly like a dog

Meanwhile, here is Roosh V explaining why London in miserable November sucks for American PUAs :

Actually, London has many advantages for PUAs, especially newbies. It’s the largest city in Europe, you can game 100 women each and every day and still unlikely to be recognised as ‘the creep who approaches women’. It’s the most cosmopolitan city in the world, so at least if you approach significant numbers of women here you will find out which countries have the most attractive/friendliest girls*. And even the idea that the local girls are ugly isn’t completely true – wealthier areas such as Chelsea and Hampstead have some of the most beautiful totty in the world, as you’d expect given the number of billionaires and supermodel wives breeding in those places.

*BTW, here’s my international ranking of totty from 20 years of living in cosmopolitan London :

Premier League : Russia, Croatia/Serbia, Ukraine, Bulgraria, Slovakia, Argentina, Venezuela, Columbia, Israel, Estonia, Armenia/Georgia/Azerbejan.
First Division : Brazil, Scandinavia, Germany, Mexico, Poland and rest of Eastern Europe
Second Dvision : France, Italy, Japan
Third Division : Spain, Netherlands, China, South Korea, Canada, Australia

Non League : Africans, Americans

The only country I’ve visited in the Premier League is Croatia, and it confirmed my London observations. I would honestly say that 1 in 3 of females in Zagreb between the ages of 14 and 22 would turn the head of an average heterosexual male if they were walking down a London street. (the average in the UK is probably 1 in 50 at most – and then only if she is wearing see through leggings or something).  Hell, even the ‘cougars’ in Zagreb are hot.

And this is Roosh’s controversial recent article comparing women to bread, that caused such a stir amongst paedocrites recently :

4 thoughts on “Krauser PUA’s Anti-Feminist Thought of the Day”

  1. I often wonder whether or not Roosh has actually ever been outside the US. For that matter, even his own neighborhood. It’s true that American women are nothing to brag about, but we have a sizable immigrant population that’s well worth checking out. And, given the xenophobia that the US media fans alongside paedohysteria, there’s not as much competition as one would expect either.

  2. After reading Roosh’s article though, I see why Fatroll likes reading him…the comments are about on the same level as Futrelle’s commenters!

  3. X:
    Well, an American idiom is that a pregnant woman ‘has a bun in the oven’. But I don’t think they take that seriously either.

    The problem I have with Roosh’s analogy is that it is incredibly stupid. One, puberty doesn’t begin at 18; and two, he forgets that most false rape accusations are brought out by 18-24 year-olds. And THAT is a really bad case of ‘food poisoning’ for any man.

    Not only that, but comparing healthy male sex to some fat, Futrelle-like slob gorging himself at the local bakery is rather revolting.

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