Kieran Parsons (Stinson Hunter) Accused of Abuse by Former Teenage Lover

Self-proclaimed ‘paedophile hunter’ Kieran Parsons (‘Stinson Hunter’)  has been accused of abuse by his girlfriend and appears to have fled the country.  The girl, who was a vulnerable and extremely young looking teen when Parsons exploited his ‘fame’ and apparently initiated the grooming process by contacting her uninvited on Twitter, claims that the convicted arsonist controlled and manipulated her immediately.  It’s also claimed that the delinquent Parsons, who spends entire days role-playing as a schoolchild in online teenage chatrooms and has a conviction for burning down a school, recently filmed himself urinating on the girl’s underwear and clothes. There are fears that Parsons could be hiding out in France (age of consent 15), Germany (age of consent 14), or Italy (age of consent 14) – countries in which girls who look almost as young as his alleged abuse victim are legal. Well at least as long as you don’t slap them up, control them, upload videos of yourself pissing on their lingerie etc.

Kieran Parsons relaxing after a hard day spent inside teen chatrooms roleplaying as a naughty schoolgirl, obviously hoping to find perverted men interested in teenage girls. *Although his teenage lover looks around 12 in this photo, she had apparently started puberty and was (barely) legal when Parsons began the alleged abuse

This is what the defender of the nation’s jailbait does when a Christmas Tree arrives for his barely legal girlfriend’s little son :

Bookmakers have refused to take further bets on Kieran Parsons/Stinson Hunter being voted the 2016 David Fraudtrelle paedocrite of the year. It is believed the only person who can stop Parsons winning the crown of turds this year is the master paedocrite himself, and International Business Times writer, David Futrelle. Futrelle is a child snuff porn apologist and victim blaming abuse advocate who stayed loyal to a depraved reader of his caught openly running a forum sharing fantasies of raping, crucifying and murdering women and girls.

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  1. Parsons apparently isn’t a very fair minded man either. The Tamworth Herald report on his former incarnation as an arsonist mentioned among many things:

    TAMWORTH ‘paedophile catcher’ Stinson Hunter has hit back at recent media reports exposing him as a teenage arsonist. The 32-year-old is urging members of the public not to judge him based on an “act of stupidity” he carried out when he was 17…

    Wow… He doesn’t like to be judged based on a past act. I really feel for him… NOT.
    Yet he not only JUDGES people who have harmed nobody, he also appoints himself as Jury and Executioner of normal and innocent men based on their acts of normal male responses and behaviour, where NOBODY was hurt and where no damage to any property was ever involved, let alone wilful damage of an institution for children’s education.


    He must be possessed by an overwhelming sense of shame and guilt: All this merely to deflect attention away from his own (normal) sexual preferences for attractive, nubile and fertile young females, which the feminist state has convinced him is something to be ashamed of… (Brainless paedocaspie)!

    He obviously subscribes to feminist dogma and is really a feminist serving mangina too – out to impress the frustrated and jealous old bags (he should perhaps also be sexually attracted to), but of course he’s normal and can’t help it. So he feels he has to hide his sexual preferences by shaming other (normal) men…
    This might well be the reason why he abuses young Kirsty: He is in effect, ashamed of her: his overwhelming guilt is in control: His instincts say “Yeah! She’s an ideal mate go for it!” However, his paedohysterical, feminist indoctrinated mind tells him it’s reprehensible and perverted to be attracted to a girl ‘so young’. He also knows that the paedohysterical society, which he is part of, will condemn him as a paedophile. Talk about ‘caught between a rock and a hard place’!
    So, he feels he must convince the paedohysterical lynch mob that he’s not a ‘paedo’ by going to the extreme lengths he does: very publicly shaming other (normal) men through entrapment.

    Fraudtrelle has no hope against this vile piece of paedocritical SHIT!
    Kieren Parsons is already winner of the David Fraudrelle Paedocrite of the CENTURY

  2. Haha, excellent comment Alan.

    I was doing some research on the paedocaspie scum last night and it appears that when he came out of prison he quickly established a new life for himself as an internet troll. Disturbingly, he appears to have targeted young children on a number of occasions. I assume this would be in violation of his parole conditions. He started his ‘paedophile hunting’ simply as part of this hobby of his of trolling and bullying people online (including children). No doubt the paedocrite got a kick out of posing as young kids in teenage chatrooms too.

  3. No doubt the paedocrite got a kick out of posing as young kids in teenage chatrooms too.

    Indeed. In fact I would bet that he not only trolled them, but also ‘groomed’ a few (underage) Hot Babes from there, hence his over zealous commitment to his new self-appointed position as PaedocritePaedofinder General.

  4. According to this news report, not only did he serve 10 years inside for burning down a school, he also served a sentence 6 years ago for ‘common assault’, presumably on another ex-gf :

    And here :

    And this piece of subhuman garbage has actually won a BAFTA, as well as praise from the police. What a fucking cuntry this is now when pond life like him are national heroes.

  5. And this piece of subhuman garbage has actually won a BAFTA, as well as praise from the police. What a fucking cuntry this is now when pond life like him are national heroes.

    Absolutely true. It’s a pity that all this was only divulged now (thanks to his punching-bag REAL abuse victim and barely legal ex-partner). If only you had been made aware of it all, or even some of it prior to January 30, you could have made a comment to that effect in this EXCELLENT reply.

  6. Adam Johnson faces 5 years in prison for touching a 15 year old girl :

    If touching a 15 year old girl who’s obviously ‘up for it’ warrants 5 years in prison, then surely the age of consent should be at least 21? Or does she somehow over the space of 10 months or so acquire the mysterious ability to consent to sex?

  7. Yes that’s 5 years of absolute hell for that [NON]-‘offence’. Where NOBODY complained, NOBODY was hurt, NOBODY was even offended. Now, two perfectly healthy, emotionally stable and happy young people – now REAL victims, have been destroyed – indeed, actually and REALLY traumatized for life…
    Their lives now ruined for no reason other than a mere collective whim, purported by the sick minds of a bunch of bitterly JEALOUS old hags!

    Unbelievable when you consider it all. Total INSANITY. And this is REAL – it’s actually happening in our technologically advanced and informed society, not 300 years ago, but right now – today! It’s SCARY.

    Just to put it all into proportion of punishment to fit crime:
    If it’s 5 years for this [NON]-‘offence’, surely the GREAT self appointed Paedofinder General: Mr Kieren Parsons should be hanged in public just for the real crime (among many), of wilful damage he committed, in his efforts at impeding children’s education?

    But NO! We can’t do that! He’s a national hero because he entraps filthy paedophiles, those ‘predators’ similar to Adam Johnson: where NOBODY was hurt, NOBODY complained etc. – no REAL offence ever committed by anyone…
    And of course being a text book paedocrite himself, who better for the role of Paedofinder General than Parsons?

    (Yes, you’re right: I absolutely DESPISE that character and anyone else like him). WHAT A FU**ING PAEDOCRITE!!

  8. I see the men’s human rights manginas on twitter are complaining about the injustice of the sentence when women regularly get suspended sentences for fucking 12 year old boys – which is true of course, but why the fuck don’t they have the balls to state that the ‘crime’ and punishment itself is nonsense?

  9. The Daily Femiservative article mentions among many things:

    Social media guidelines are being updated by the Crown Prosecution Service to cover cases where offenders create false online accounts and websites.

    Therefore what you say about this being bad news for the great Stinson Hunter aka Kieren Parsons, should be true: He sets up such false online accounts under the guises of fictitious school children, for the illegal purpose of entrapping (other) ‘paedophiles’. (All in his pathetic and futile effort to deflect attention away from his own preferences for ‘children’, because he is himself, by feminist legal definition: also a paedophile)…

    However, my gut feeling is he will be allowed to continue to abuse social media resources, with total impunity and with the full support of the brainless, paedohysterical and pitch-fork wielding British public, who all look up to that disgusting parasite as a national hero.

    This world’s really in a fucking mess…

  10. Check out the comments!!!! Especially the top comments. Seems Daily Mail readers are also fans of these days!

    Yes indeed. Such as this one:
    “Just phoned the coppers regarding a gang of 15 year olds drinking, smoking outside our local co-op. I raised my concerns these ‘children’ should be at home with their families…line went dead”.

    However, this one certainly set a cat among the pigeons, from a woman too:
    Sarah_W, Leeds, United Kingdom, 17 hours ago
    “If I classed my 15 year old daughter as a child, then I, as a parent, would know my child’s every single move, ensuring she isn’t using the Internet unsupervised. I’d also be asking my child why, if she thought this man was dirty and she felt unsafe, why she sent him bikini pictures and why she told her friends she was going to “ride him”. Does not sound like a scared, timid child to me.”

    Well said Sarah LOL!

    There are too many in there and didn’t have time to find them all, but I’m sure there are some better ones than those two samples.

  11. Ok, I couldn’t resist, had to say something…
    Here is my Reply to a commentator calling himself ‘El paca’:
    Al Paca, Coleshill, United Kingdom, 22 hours ago

    We are witnessing mass mob hysteria in this country and it is becoming dangerous. He did wrong but calling for 7 to 10 years is completely disproportionate.

    BTW: his comment so far has 400 UP-votes (71 DOWN-votes)

    My Reply:
    “Indeed I call it ‘paedohysteria’. Completely disproportionate and TOTALLY RIDICULOUS! Less than 30 years ago, this wasn’t even an ‘offence’. It only is now because bitterly jealous feminists keep changing the law in order to persecute NORMAL male sexuality. Okay the LAW (feminist founded) says the girl is a ‘child’. Ludicrous… My great grandmother was LEGALLY married with a child (my grandfather) at 15… The only problem I have with Johnson is that he betrayed his wife and young family, however nothing that he did makes him a ‘paedophile’. ‘Paedophilia’ used to mean (BEFORE feminists twisted it and fought for new (male persecutory) laws relating to it), having a sexual interest in PRE-PUBESCENT children – i.e. under 10 years old.
    Not so long ago, this would not even have been a court case, let alone the media circus we’re seeing here!
    It’s 2016, yet the paedohysterical public are behaving WORSE than our pitch-fork wielding Inquisitional ancestors of the 16th century witch-hunts.”

    I’m almost certain it will not be published, but we can only try…


    Sex Attacks: Feminists Blame Men, Ignore Race
    January 8, 2016 by TNO Staff— in Europe · 21 Comments

    Far left feminists have been hypocritically silent on the racial origin of the refugee-criminal mass sex attacks in Europe—despite usually being at the forefront of attacking such behavior as “male dominated sexism.”

    An article in the UK’s Spectator magazine—itself a far left propaganda outlet of note—has noticed this obvious hypocrisy in an article titled “Why are feminists refusing to discuss the Cologne sex attacks?”

    Completely ignoring the obvious racial aspect to the attacks, this feminist mouthpiece went on to say that a “curfew for men” would “say, unequivocally, ‘The problem is you, men. You are the problem, and therefore, it is you who must be stopped.’

    The feminist rant went on:

    Think of it as a mass grounding for men. After a designated period of time, we’ll allow them back on the streets after dark to see how it goes. If the sexual assaults and harassment continue, well, it’s back to the curfew.

    I mean, really, they asked for it.

    This refusal to mention race as the primary driving factor in all social behavioral patterns, history, psychology, and the construction of society itself, is the reason why feminism—and its ideological allies: liberalism, communism, and social democracy—are all doomed to failure and collapse.

  13. This refusal to mention race as the primary driving factor in all social behavioral patterns, history, psychology, and the construction of society itself, is the reason why feminism…

    Well of course they are going to ignore race. Race is not their issue. Their target is not race but sex (or ‘gender’ as they prefer to call it). Specifically the MALE gender. They are using this refugee crisis as the perfect excuse to again tar ALL MEN with the same brush, so this should not surprise anyone with even a basic understanding of the feminist’s despicable agenda…
    Your comment is also a bit off topic: had you read this recent post, discussing the issue you’ve just raised, where theantifeminist himself even offers a detailed explanation of the reason why they are in fact welcoming those races into Europe, (to whom rape is almost a normal part of their 7th century culture), I think you’d agree that your comment would have been more appropriate there.

  14. KATIE HOPKINS: Put away the rope, Adam Johnson broke the law – with a girl who knew EXACTLY what she was doing – but he’s not a paedophile and he doesn’t deserve prison and a Twitter lynching

    By Katie Hopkins for MailOnline

    Published: 14:29 GMT, 7 March 2016 | Updated: 17:54 GMT, 7 March 2016

    Read more:

    Eight hundred and thirty-four Whatsapp messages. That’s the sum of it: 834 messages, sent between Adam Johnson and a teenage fan so besotted by a footballer she stood waiting for him on his birthday with a cake.

    When she finally got to meet him in his car, she even recorded their sad fumblings in the dark, so she could prove to her mates she had only gone and done it — only snagged herself a footballer, a footballer who made it quite clear the next time they met he would be looking to get her jeans off and do much more then kiss.

    She looked way older than 15 and acted way older than 15, something ‘everyone told her’ all the time.

    But now, thanks to a bit of healthy overdramatising of the affair and the baying mob on Twitter, she is the victim.

    Instead of being a hormonal teen stalking someone famous for attention, desperate for a chance to have something her friends do not, she’s a tiny little child so prepubescent and naive that he’s the ‘paedo’ and she’s the one who has been groomed.

    And the Twitter mob and the press is buying her story. Inexplicably, they love the idea she is just an innocent child behind a screen, sat there in a training bra and ankle socks, looking for nothing more than a signed shirt and a season ticket to Sunderland.

    They gather with their stones, waiting to throw them at the ‘dirty nonce’, reinforcing each other’s daft logic, goading each other to give him a beating, kick him whilst he’s down, watch him lose everything they never had but always wanted.

    Look around at these people. They are no different to the nutters of ISIS gathering to watch gay men thrown from buildings. ‘Civilised’ society condoning human barbarity only because the law is on its side — no matter if the law is an arse.

    ‘He’s guilty because he said he did it.’ So many people naively believing that how you plead has any relevance to what actually happened.

    Yes, the girl in this case was 15. But can we truly define the age of sexual consent by something so arbitrary as a number?

    A third of all 14 to 16 year olds are sexually active. You might argue that most of this activity won’t be with grown men. But in in Italy and Germany, where the age of consent is 14, they clearly define our young persons’ march into adulthood a lot more progressively then we do here in the UK.

    Read more:
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  15. Thanks Concerned, I was going to post a link to that article a few days ago but didn’t get round to it. Excellent and brave piece. Shame there aren’t more women like her brave enough to speak up.

  16. @Alan – no, but I’ll take a good look at it later, thanks for the link.

    BTW, things aren’t looking good for Eric – he hasn’t even contacted Scarecrow for a good few weeks now. I hope he’s o.k.

  17. Yes I’ve also been wondering (and worrying) about Eric over the past few days and haven’t seen any new comments from him on any blogs where he normally has plenty to say. Certainly strange. I think Scarecrow might know him personally (in real life – offline). If he does, maybe he can call him on the phone or even visit him at his home?
    I went very quiet myself for a while, however the main reason for it was almost a complete lack of Internet access – working in a very remote part of the world, then I had some serious personal problems that basically robbed any interest I may have had in matters discussed here.
    Hopefully something similar will also explain Eric’s absence…

  18. I think they are in contact by e-mail and Scarecrow stated on his blog that he had serious worries about him as he hadn’t heard from him for a while. I think it is health issues – he mentioned them here himself and Scarecrow confirmed this.

  19. I am worried. I contacted him like a month ago – he did not respond. The last I heard, the doctors were running tests on him.

    We do (or did) communicate via E-mail.

  20. What a joke – Stinson Hunter has ‘joined the hunt for missing 14 year old schoolgirl’

    So the police are now admitting they are really that INCOMPETENT that they actually have to place their hopes on the detection skills and ‘intelligence’ (IQ about 55) of low-life shit like him?
    He’s nothing more than a stereotypical useless and violent criminal thug, complete with tattoos, piercings and all other physical attributes of such pond-life. He should be back in his cage, where he belongs, but now he’s a national hero. Un-fucking-believeable!
    What the fuck is WRONG with the British sheeple?? Do they believe already that there is only one crime: ‘paedophilia’? (Which in most of their ignorant and stupid, paedohysterical minds is just normal male attraction to nubile and fertile teenage girls).

    It just gets worse and worse with the passing of each day. I, in stark contrast to the rest of the frenzied mob, would quite happily pay money to see their hero, Stinson Hunter convicted violent criminal and child abuser: Keiran Parsons hanged by the neck until dead.

  21. WOW! Nice theme.
    I hope it solves the mystery of around one in 20 comments vanishing into… God knows where?

  22. Not sure if this is the right topic but a few, including Tom O’Carroll himself have a bit to say about the vile piece of shit in the comments section of this article. You’ll have to read the comment thread, but it’s near the top (I can’t seem to link to specific comments which is odd for WordPress), where you’ll find the conversation about him – where Parsons can even make public death threats on Facebook (and cheered on by all his moronic fans), yet Facebook admins don’t think he’s in violation of their policies, while TOC’s account has been blocked.
    The whole article and the comments are certainly quite scary to read – particularly the paedohysteria being propagated in Australia, by that disgusting so-called ‘Current Affairs’ show: ’60 Minutes’, which I haven’t watched since about 1996.
    But if you want to see it (60 Minutes), there are links to it in the comments of Tom’s article.
    I REFUSE to watch it.
    They were in deep shit only a couple of weeks ago over a botched child abduction attempt (trying to be white-knights) for the purpose of publicly scapegoating and attempting to demonize a Lebanese man who LEGALLY took his own children back to Lebanon.
    That is the typical class of sleazy ‘reporting’ (more like a sideshow at normally at someone’s expense), they always screen on the vile, lower than tabloid journalism class of television, the sick program is. Even when they failed to abduct the kids, all the padeohysterics and feminist brainwashed fans (i.e. 90% of the Oz population) thought the scum that they are, were all heroes, deserving of some special recognition or accolades.
    They should be locked up for what they tried to do. But no! The stupid, paedohysterical man-hating Oz public think this team of CRIMINALS did the right thing and hero worship the c***s!

    If the tables were turned and the Lebanese father came to Australia to try and abduct them, he would have been almost immediately, sentenced to at LEAST 5 years, for sure!

    Sorry, I digress. Tom O’Carroll is a VERY brave man and he’s damn lucky to be alive – the (paedo-hating) police PIGS certainly won’t protect him or have any sympathy for him…

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