Kat Banyard Training Feminism’s Next Wave

Kat BanyardKat Banyard, probably the most prominent and active feminist in the UK (and possibly the most active feminist in the world) is determined to take feminism unashamedly back to its social purity/suffragette routes.  Not content with leading protests against Playboy clubs and publishing books lambasting the ‘sexualisation’ of society, Banyard is now holding ‘Suffragette training camps‘ to teach the next generation of feminists into the art of ‘non-violent’ protest.  The original suffragettes were, of course, violent terrorists, who engaged in a great deal of violent protest, including firebombing the home of British Premier and War Hero David Lloyd George.

Banyard is prompted to talk a little about how the economy is forcing a smaller government, thereby hitting the jobs of female public sector workers, but it’s clear where her real concerns lie :

“Because of the ease with which people can share pornography on their mobile phones, it has never been easier to access really violent or degrading images of women,” she says. “We are being confronted with it more and more — things like upskirting on mobile phones.

“This all adds up to an urgency. It should be a political priority, but these issues are sidelined and not seen as the disaster that they are. Most people believe in the idea of equality between the sexes; notionally, people support it, but we are a long way from realizing that aspiration.”


Yes, yet more laws enabling the government to seize virtually any man from his home in the middle of the night.

Like most feminists, Kat Banyard was probably dismayed by the slut walks.  These training camps could be more realistically seen as a way of re-educating slut walker young feminists.

She continues :

The summer camp will help women — and men — channel their impatience at the slow pace of change into noisy protest. Campaigners are already planning when to put their new skills into action. Politicians should expect some form of yet-to-be-revealed mass feminist action outside the House of Commons in late October. More imminently, Ms. Banyard says, delegates at a European trade gathering for the pornography industry, due to meet for an annual conference at a London hotel, should also be bracing themselves for protest.

As well as providing lessons on how to occupy a public space during a protest, the summer camp aims to be an upbeat meeting place for a group of campaigners who still feel resented.

“Feminism can be quite isolating because it is so stigmatized,” Ms. Banyard says. “It can be quite hard to tell people you don’t know that you’re a feminist, because of these persistent stereotypes — people think feminists are anti-men, are humorless, have to dress in a certain way — so the very act of coming together can be quite powerful.


See also : http://www.the-spearhead.com/2012/08/28/feminists-to-open-riot-school-in-uk/

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  1. Antifeminist:
    I have seen a similar trend going on in the United States. The Social Conservatives over here seem to be taking on a proto-feminism not unlike Ms.Kat is advocating. There is ‘Social Purity’ all throughout the American version, with a heavy dose of neo-Puritanism thrown into the mix.

    There is a huge contingient of Conservative White-Knights over here who give support for the trend: like Thomas Fleming, William Bennett, and numerous pastors and commentators.

    Part of the problem in America is that the population here doesn’t distinguish between the social and the political well—most people can’t see Socon Feminism for what it really is. They assume that since it’s politcally and socially conservative—it MUST be anti-feminist as well. Nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, I think Socon Feminism is even more dangerous, because it hides its misandry behind a mask, whereas Radical Feminism is open about its intents.

  2. “Feminism can be quite isolating because it is so stigmatized,” Ms. Banyard says. “It can be quite hard to tell people you don’t know that you’re a feminist”

    Thats because FEMINISM IS FEMALE CHAUVINISM, U half witted sexist!

    “The summer camp will help women — and men — channel their impatience at the slow pace of change into noisy protest.”
    Feminism is the root cause for the slow pace of social change. Their persistent support of paternity fraud and female chauvinist family laws is slowing social progress.

  3. Women really are funny, so given to hysteria and grand dramatic gestures that go so far as to become comical – best tack to take with these Slut Walking, Suffragette Training Camp attendees is simply to laugh, or ignore, since what they really, really crave and need is attention. Period. Laugh or ignore, or both.

    You’re right on the money, Eric, about the SOCONs. They’re both competing with radical feminists to channel more men into marriage – feminists do this in order to shoulder the financial burdens of their lives onto men and so do SOCONs – both of these camps positively hate to see man living free, just hate it.

    Why should Tom have a paid off house, car, motorcycle and have the time and leisure to start building wooden boats in his spare time, while Tammy, Sue or Peggy should be living in his house, spending his money supporting kids they banged out with other men, long gone. He should be pulling a plow, either for feminism, or raising a family steeped in SOCON traditions – anything else is unacceptable, most especially that he should be free, well off and happy outside those two paths.

  4. Alex:
    I’ve seen these Socons popping up all over the MRM from time to time. Socon women will adamantly deny that they are feminists—because they believe in marriage and oppose abortion. They say they don’t hate men, but peer below the surface and listen to them, and entirely different picture presents itself.

    Their attitudes remind me of antebellum Southern plantation owners. All of them denied that they hated blacks—which they ‘proved’ by showing how many slaves they owned, housed, fed and provided for. Socon women have the same attitudes about men. As long as we men ‘remember our place’ they’re willing to have one (or more). Sort of like the gender-supremacist version of the ‘White Man’s Burden.’

  5. Absolutely, right, Eric. SOCON women just want men to provide for them financially, on a one to one basis, while feminist want government to take from men, and redistribute to women, regardless of which man they’re with – only difference between them.

    What’s more, SOCON preachers acknowledge that men are getting the shaft in marriage – one that comes to mind is Rev/Pastor Driscoll. He tries to shame men into marriage with single mothers in their 30s, and his logic breaks down to this: yes, you will marry a woman who has banged ass for the past 10 years with players until her looks start declining, you will support another man’s children, and you will risk a 50% chance of divorce and financial ruin.

    Why should I, as a man, sign on? Because, he rationalizes, by doing this you will increase the numbers of SOCONs through the children you raise, and so assure a more conservative tomorrow through your sacrifice. So I’m supposed to flush my life down the crapper to serve a political/cultural cause, my happiness means nothing. Yeah, no thanks.

    To quote Mel Gibson in Braveheart, “Freeeedooommmmmmm!”

  6. Alex:
    Driscoll is fairly representative of all of them.

    His logic is a perfect illustration of just how bad the quality of American women really is. The only way the Socons can encourage men to marry is by appealling to their patriotism! American women can’t attract any decent man unless he’s forced or shamed into a relationship.

  7. @theantifeminist,
    Yes I endorse will’s comment: The ridiculousness of it
    Yes Indeed, I think this one’s almost enough to qualify as a featured article.

  8. MRA:
    Fat acceptance is a feminist hoax. Women like Gloria Steinhem, Jessica Valenti, & Melissa Gorga know full well that men don’t find fat women attractive. The whole idea behind ‘fat acceptance’ is create more fat, unattractive women, so that the sexual value of attractive ones like the three mentioned above goes up.

    Socon feminists have figured this one out. They advertise relatively attractive women like Sarah Palin as alternatives to ugly radfems. But the man-hating, ‘Momma Grizzly’ is lurking beneath the Socon’s lipstick and high-heels.

    On issues like paedohysteria, the Socon Grrrlz line up in lockstep with Team Woman; and none of them ever talk about anything but white-knight men as the ideal.

  9. Just read this article today – http://www.huliq.com/10282/women-think-good-men-hard-find-among-metrosexuals-nerds-and-jocks

    If you don’t want to read it, I’ll shorthand it for you: women bitching that they can’t find ‘good men’ for themselves or their daughters – society is supposed to wring their hands over their problems, men are meant to hang their heads in shame and man up/step up and bail them out. Har, har, har….

    Instead of training women how to create scenes, feminists should train women in how to make good wives if they want things to change.

    p.s. – this made me laugh my ass off > “She’s doing alright,” quips Cynthia, while noting that her daughter Peg has been divorced two times and only 32.

    Who wants to sign up for that basket case: 2X divorced daughter, so you know she’s got some mental & commitment issues, probably some kids you’re supposed to spend money supporting if you’re a ‘real man’ and the old bird, the daughter’s mom, is also looking for a man. Sound like a generational dysfunction.

  10. Alex:
    Well, the obvious answer to the grrrlz’ question is that the reason they can’t find a ‘real man’ is because no real man would bother with any of them. Given their obvious dyfunctionality, I would imagine they’ve been avoiding real men themselves for quite some time.

    If they want to know where the real men are, they’re in South America, Asia, and Europe forming real relationships with real women. LOL

    I remember once on another blog, some hateful ‘tradcon’ feminist flew into a rage after I suggested that women’s track-records of broken marriages and past histories of thug-chasing disqualified them as suitable marriage material; and that any man who wanted to get married should find a younger, more stable foreign girl for the purpose.

    ‘Yes! We all have issues!’ she snorted ‘But that doesn’t mean we hate men! A real man would overlook all that and realize that we’d matured! Blub! Blub! Blub! Blub! Those younger women have no life experiences! You have nothing in common with a girl that age!’

    ‘What we have in common is that she wouldn’t hate me for being a man, and we’re both mentally stable and working together to a common purpose. IOW, she wants a husband instead of a therapist.’

    ‘What!?! Why you bitter loser, you’ll never find anyone with attitudes like yours!’

    ‘Then I’ll leave you to the kinds of men who are OK with your ‘issues.’ Ever thought about what kind of man that would be?’

    That drew down a torrent of abuse from the Sisterhood that it’s probably best to draw a veil over. The point being, though, that the ‘Sexual Trade Union’ really needs to improve its own quality, if it doesn’t like foreign competition.

  11. I applaud your initiative, Eric. When you speak of debating feminists and trying to reason with them, well, that’s an act of a generous spirit, trying to point out the problem in their equation so they can fix it and live happier lives – but every man gives helpful advice to the women in his life, trying to help, and they all ignore it, “I just want you to listen”, or in your case, they go on the attack. It’s like preaching to a wall, not worth your time.

    I feel sorry for them: most of them are in pain, at some level really just looking for love and acceptance, but it’s like a Cadbury Egg, the creamy custard is covered by a chocolate shell, only in this instance the shell is arrogance, childish petulance, and a gross sense of entitlement. In earlier times, Western women had a more humble attitude, would work at keeping themselves in shape out of self-respect and a desire to please t heir husbands, knew their families were important, etc…

    Now you have fat, sweaty, loud mouthed wives in sweat pants, who make a man’s life miserable with their endless demands until they divorce him and rape him financially for 20 years with alimony and child support, or in states where there is no alimony, the court just grants outrageous child support orders, to accomplish the same end, of getting the husband’s money into the hands of the woman. So women should not be surprised that there are not ‘good men’ for them to marry – what confuses me is, do they just not see cause and effect in action here, or do they see that they’re the cause, but refuse to change because that would mean they’d have to give up too much.

    Anyway, I won’t beat this to death, I just thought to link to that article shaming men, for your overseas readers – one or two come out every week, week after week, and it’s always men at fault, that women are not living the lives they want to live. I actually get a laugh out of every article.

  12. Jonas & Alan:
    And when somebody points out that: ‘yes, there are good women—just not in the feminist Anglosphere’ then the feminist hate-speech breaks loose on the ‘exploitation of ignorant and poverty-stricken third world women’ LOL.

    A client of mine married a woman from Italy not long ago. Somehow, Rome doesn’t sound much like a third-world, sex-trafficking backwater…LOL

    And feminist bigotry aside, I once had a girlfriend I met in Peru. She started working as a salesgirl in a wine shop when she was 16 to earn money for school. But the time I knew her (age 24), she’d become such an expert on wine that she was promoted to a top wine-merchant position. Last I heard from her, she was in Portugal as a wine appraiser.

    So much for the uneducated slave-girls the ‘Third World’ produces too, LOL.

  13. Alex:
    Feminism is an illogical system, so these things happen. One the one hand, it tells women that they’re entitled to a relationship—with no committment or obligations on their part—to a high-status men. Then it tells them that even high-status men aren’t really good enough for them.

    Then, if a woman does meet and marry a high-status or decent man, feminism teaches her to feel resentful that she ‘needs a man’ for anything; and that good men just exploit them and keep them down; and they are entitled to immediate revenge against the man for being so good to her.

    The nearly 70% US divorce rate stems from exactly that logical process.

  14. Seems to me like this article is either a true story from a mangina who thinks he may have a chance of scoring with a feminist hag, or an old feminist hag who hates that men her age prefer younger women.

    I am an 18 year old male, and got into reading anti-feminist stuff a few months ago, and I must say that this is some scary shit. My first thought is to move to Japan and just hide from all these traps. Marriage with a white woman in west-europe or America seems like a minefield with 70 out of 100 spots being mines. All the laws are against men, regardless on how you look upon it.

    I live in Norway, and I recently saw a documentary about a man who’s wife got busted for assault and stealing. They got a divorce, and she still got to keep the kid. She fled to Spain illegally with the kid, and still got contributions from the state, as she was entitled to keep the kid…

  15. Jonas:
    Your description of the minefield is accurate. In America, 70% of the spots are mined, and the other 30% are places nobody, outside of the lowest mangina, wants to go either.

    Eivand Berge is really doing some good articles over in Norway. I started reading him after his case got world-wide attention.

    I’ve always liked Japanese women too, but haven’t been to Japan. The consensus of people who have is that feminism is taking an unhealthy root there too. If you like Asians, a good option might be Singapore or Taiwan instead.

  16. Girl is a moron. I love, LOVE LOVE when stupid feminists go on a crusade against strip clubs, playboy,etc. These women, knowingly and willingly exploit their sex appeal for monetary gain.

    Go up to a swimsuit model making a million+ a year and ask them about how they like being “exploited” they’ll laugh at you and then buy your house just to burn it down.

  17. Sadly, a poverty-stricken country, or a country too humid, doesn’t seem much of a realistic alternative to me. But, really? REALLY? The feminist hags got to Japan too? This is why we can’t have nice things.

  18. Jonas:
    I’ve heard good things about south-eastern Europe and Turkey. The poverty’s not too bad there and the climate’s good too.

  19. David,
    You’re absolutely right, but what motivates those morons is nothing other than entrenched and overwhelming envy.
    Kat Banyard and her ilk all know they could never be ‘swimsuit models, making a million + a year’ and they are very JEALOUS of those who can.
    That’s essentially what feminism is really all about and it’s also the purpose of this blog to expose that fact to any reader, or ultimatelty: the world!

  20. I believe feminism is rather strong in Turkey Eric. Also has the highest age of consent in the world, thanks to having its laws produced by Islam and feminism.

    The likes of Serbia and Croatia on the other hand…

  21. Antifeminist:
    I didn’t know that about Turkey. But some of the girls I’ve met from Serbia & Montenegro…yeah, that wouldn’t bad place to look. They’re good cooks too LOL

  22. I was in Croatia several months ago…keep meaning to make a post about it. The females were the most stunning I’ve ever encountered. Even the teenage girls wear pretty dresses instead of Jeans. I’ve heard that Serbia is even better.

    I’m still on vacation btw until Tuesday, and still have awful internet connection.

  23. Antifeminist:
    Southern Europe and the Western Mediterranean countries are often overlooked by men seeking responsible and real women. Even a lot of the western European countries (outside Britain and Scandanavia) have women who are fairly normal outside of the feminist enclaves in the cities.

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