6 thoughts on “Karina M. – Russian Pop Starlet”

  1. I found out a little about her – these videos were made in 2006 when she was still just 13!!!

    The lyrics to the first video are vague and obviously refer to the two being forced apart by the older guy’s military service, but they refer to each other as ‘brother’ and ‘sister’. I don’t know if that’s because even in Russia in 2006 a pop video depicting a 13 year old girl’s heartbreak over her older lover going to war would be controversial.

    Karina M apparently made some more videos in 2011 (at age 18) – you can see she has updated her look, not for the best I would say : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4ejgGkC8yyk

    Only another 6 or 7 years before she reaches peak fertility and Inclined Paedocrite can feel comfortable watching her.

  2. wow, she looks really cute in that first video. Perhaps after everyone is tired of Yulia (personally I will never be ha) you can do photos of her for the background?

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