JudgyBitch – ‘In “defence” of pedophilia’

In 100 years time, when future historians are looking back at the feminist driven ‘pedo’ inspired sexual holocaust against men, the great crime against humanity of the 21st century, one of the most intriguing and disturbing questions they will be asking is ‘how was this able to take place against the backdrop of the emerging men’s rights movement?’ When those same historians see that there were a few individuals within that movement as brave as Janet Bloomfield (JudgyBitch) able to speak out against it, the question will seem even more puzzling..


Pedo-hysteria has absolutely nothing to do with “protecting” children and everything to do with demonizing male sexuality. It is perfectly natural for adult humans to find other adult humans who have matured to the point that secondary sex characteristics are visible, sexually attractive. Germaine Greer herself had no problem perving out on extremely young men and most of North America continues to turn a blind eye to women who sample very young men sexually.

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  1. She was also one of the few who defended Jimmy Savile.

    It’s unbelievable that the so-called ‘Men’s Human Rights Activists’ have nothing to say about men being locked up for acting on normal sexual impulses. In fact, they mostly agree with the femihags.

  2. An example of how utterly insane and out of control the paedohysteria is getting in the UK – internet rumours are rife about a ‘satanic paedo ring’ operating in North London.

    It’s based on a video which has gone viral in which two young children repeat claims that they were sexually abused by their school teachers. The children are clearly being coaxed to make these badly acted claims in front of the camera. Not sure why the paedocrite interviewing them hasn’t been arrested for ‘sexual activity with a child’ :


    At least the judiciary in the UK retains some grasp of reality :

    The video actually states at 0:20 – “Anyone who strangely tries to discredit these angels are themselves paedophiles or sympathisers.”

  3. One of the comments under the YouTube video from a Millard Fillimore :

    NSPCC is a cover org. Chriss spivey blog….learn oh so much more about what’s done and whats NOT done about it….NSPCC is the problem and social services…read all about it…the nonces that dominate the UK…..where does it come from…The very TOP.pf the government. It’s been this bad for generations. I don’t know if you can stop it now without guns, torches and pttchforks between this, austerity, Paki gang rapes, starving Brits while more foreigners pile in everyday and the false flags.

    ‘..guns, torches and pitchforks’.

    This honestly isn’t satire.

  4. Her post gives me so much hope. Gentlemen, we will win. I will be at the next ICMI, but this time I won’t be alone.

  5. I’m bugged as much as the rest of you about Judgy’s need for a small age gap, but having a popular voice the least bit sympathetic is a win.

    I emailed her requesting to discuss the age issue. She replied suggesting a radio show or podcast with me. She’ll be busy for a few weeks, but I’m looking forward to it.

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