Joan Bakewell on the ‘Raunch Culture’

Joan Bakewell 1968
Sex is Good!

Joan Bakwell used to be a ‘sex positive’ feminist back in the day – when she was young and mildly attractive (and earned the tag – ‘the thinking man’s crumpet’).  Now a wizened old hag, she spends most of her time trying to justify becoming a fully paid up member of the sexual trade union, slut shaming British tweens at every opportunity.

So what is there to complain about? It is the availability – indeed, the marketing – of such raunchy videos to the young and impressionable that disturbs me. Something has shifted in our culture to bring sub-teens within the orbit of suggestive sexual activity. T-shirts with cheeky, even lewd slogans – jokes that only adults can understand – are designed and sold to the under-10s. Children can hunt on a multitude of television channels for something that looks vaguely adult and vaguely transgressive. Can it be good for them? I for one would not be prepared to take the risk.

Now, there’s nothing particularly wrong with arguing that under 10’s are exposed to too much sexual imagery.  The problem with the ‘sexualisation of children’ debate is twofold.   Firstly, the way feminists ignore the distinction between the sexualisation of pre-pubescent children and the ‘de-sexualisation’ of post-pubescent teenagers (which is what most feminists are really after).  Secondly, the infringement of liberties and sexual freedoms that any measures to end the supposed sexualisation of children inevitably entail.

joan bakewell 2012
Sex is Bad!

But what occurred to me whilst thinking about this today is that there seems to be something amiss here with the very notion that ‘children’ can be sexualised at all.  At least, it appears to me, that it is inconsistent with the idea of ‘informed consent’ that lies behind feminist statutory rape laws.  The reason why feminists hold that 15 or even 17 year old girls are unable to consent to sex is that they do not know what they are doing when they get into bed, at least with an older partner.  They do not understand what sex is – they do not have ‘informed consent’, this mysterious thing that a 15 or a 17 year old girl doesn’t have, but an 18 year old or a 21 year old does.  This thing that is so mysterious and esoteric, that it could not possibly be written down and taught to an underage child, in order to give them the capability of informed consent.  And even if it could, presumably a child’s brain is either so innocent or immature, that they simply couldn’t understand this knowledge.

Yet the viewing of a raunchy MTV video can somehow turn an innocent child into a sexually experienced whore.  A 10 year old girl who sees Lady Gaga opening her legs on screen will suddenly turn into an 18 year old slut walker, eight years too early.  According to Joan Bakewell, a pre-teen who overhears a comedian telling a sexy joke will have her sexual innocence corrupted.

But doesn’t a child’s supposed lack of ‘informed consent’ regarding sexual matters mean that she simply can’t understand what the joke is about, or why it is that all the men are looking at Lady Gaga when she opens her legs or wears a skimpy outfit?  If that’s the case, why the fuss over the ‘sexualisation of children’?  If the feminist theory of ‘informed consent’ is correct, a ‘sexualised child’ is a contradiction.  If little girls are dancing ‘sexily’ in their bedrooms across the land after watching Lady Gaga, they are merely imitating their favourite pop star like parrotts.  But they don’t and can’t understand what they are doing, or what Lady Gaga is doing, because they are incapable of sexual knowledge.  So what exactly are feminists worried about?

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  1. It’s the same old story all over again. Women between about the ages of 50 and 70 (and in some cases younger than that) were the first generation who enjoyed unprecedented sexual freedom in postwar society. The sky was the limit for them, they were the first women to be free to choose their sexual partners, to deny their husbands consummation of marriage, and to decide, thanks to modern birth control and loosened abortion laws, if and when they would become mothers.

    They had it all.

    And now that they have aged, they gradually have to realize and come to terms with the fact that these freedoms become increasingly worthless for them and exist in theory only, once women (in particular) have passed a certain age. The same freedoms that their very generation fought long and hard for, the self-gratificational promiscuity and hedonistic sex lives which they enjoyed in their prime and the power they had over men simply by virtue of their youthful bodies — all that is now perceived by them as a threat because young women of today demand those same freedoms for themselves… they demand them for their own generation, and find willing participants in men of all ages (the latter is perhaps one of THE key points here).

    So now all of a sudden, a twenty- or thirtysomething man who has a 17-year-old sexual partner is a pedophile, while Mandy Smith back in the day shagged Bill Wyman at the tender age of 14, at a time when Wyman himself was past his mid-30s. (I’m not saying it’s by any measure a good idea for a late-30s man to get in the sack with a 14-year-old, but still). Mandy Smith is a perfect example by the way. Having enjoyed notoriety as the precocious lolita groupie (who went on to become one of The Sun’s bare-bosomed Page Three Girls at just 16), now she has “found God” and has joined the crusade against the “sexualization of children”. Perhaps also because the mid-40s Mandy Smith of today might have trouble even finding another virile late-30s man to get it on with these days… who knows.

  2. Yesterday I watched a documentary by French ex-pornstar Ovidie.

    According to Wikipedia:

    “At the time that Ovidie became an adult film star, she described herself as a “very active militant feminist”.[4] She first viewed pornography to get a sense of the injustice that was being perpetrated on female industry workers. She found herself surprised when female porn stars, who she once felt sorry for, impressed her with their powerful sexual images. Wanting to attain this same kind of sexual strength, which seemed compatible with feminist ideals, she began acting in pornographic films.[4] She told The Times Magazine “I am interested in these sort of experiences not just because I am perverse, which as you have seen I can be when I want to be. No, it’s because not everyone can achieve them.”[2]”

    She decided to retire a few years ago, thinking that it was time to look for prince charming in order to start a family. Much to her dismay, she discovered that she wasn’t worth much on the market as a long-term mate, although she did meet guys who pretended to be interested so as to fuck her a few times before dumping her.

    She feels very bitter about it. She feels “discriminated”. She thinks this is another proof of rampant “sexism” and that we still live under patriarchy.

    In the documentary, she mentions the case of a former male pornstar who boasts 8000 sex partners but had no difficulty finding a wife and having a family once the glorious years were over, as a clear proof of double-standard.

    It’s a shame the documentary is in french. Some quotes are hilarious. Here’s the link anyway:

  3. Ummm the green light good to go England Age of Consent has been as high as the age of 16 for over a Century. Being a British paper & website, one has to wonder if these Sexual Trade Union commentators are brain dead fossilized brain Neanderthals crawling out of their cave to mumble something incoherent before retreating or even able put their pants on & feed themselves in the morning… The woman is 17 & most all UK females of age 17 are sexually .

  4. While I agree with you, it’s not just feminists though, you often find many men taking the same lines and that’s what annoys me the most. If men did not support feminism, it would have never made such an impact.

    And while I agree that prepubescent children should not be having sex, is it wrong for them to watch nudity, erotica, or even porn? I don’t think so.
    Children watch lots of activities of adults on TV (and often want to become like certain adults when they grow up), why is it suddenly so horrible to a watch a bit of nudity? To me it seems a demonization of nakedness itself.

    And I am not sure about even prepubescent kids being completely devoid of sexual feelings. By the time a kid is 10-11, most are already highly attracted to erotica and opposite sex.

    And one thing that I never really understood is why is it wrong for anyone under 18 to be naked in a movie? It’s not like they are having sex.

  5. Double standard? Ovidie’s case is a typical example of the stupidity of feminist logic.

    Is it men’s fault that men don’t like “used” women? It’s probably evolutionary , since men can never be sure whose child it is with such women. Women, on the other hand are always sure of their child.

  6. AB wrote-
    “And one thing that I never really understood is why is it wrong for anyone under 18 to be naked in a movie? It’s not like they are having sex.”

    Quite right. To a healthy mind, a naked 10 year old is just a kid without clothes. But to a sex-starved perverted feminist, it is highly sexual and pornographic. They imagine everyone else is as warped as them. As far as I know, no feminist has ever encouraged any laws that protect children from non-sexual physical abuse. That pretty much sums them up.

  7. @AB

    If “Blue Lagoon” was made today, it will be banned arguing the pedophieteria.
    heck, we are talking about a movie with teenagers having sex and living naked in an island, someone call the police.

    Meanwhile the young and lovely Brook Shield to help you forget any feminist picture.

  8. A lot of the beautiful women (and teen girls) from the 70’s 80’s and even 90’s just look ridiculous to me now. I can’t even watch 80’s porn because of the dodgy hairstyles and so on.

    Images of the young Brooke Shields, however, continues to blow me away. She must possibly be the most beautiful female that a camera has ever recorded.

  9. Generally speaking in most Nations, international “Hollywood”, Art-House, documentary & scientific films are allowed to show nudist/naturist non-erotic nudity of under 18s, sensual-erotic context nudity of under 18s AND believe it or not, in many jurisdictions simulated or even alledged actual sexual activity of actual (not body double) under 18s. The reason is of course if Parental/Guardian/Court approval takes place, scene being integral to the film & being an artistic subset of the film taken as a whole (Miller type tests etc.).

    I recall the UK has uniquely the harshest laws against age 15 & under sensual nudity & simulated sex in “Hollywood” type films & will censor in some cases the theatrical cinema release, and if not that, will always censor the DVD release (1990s “Protection of Children” Act). The USA has ambiguous laws – The Feber decision only covered hardcore 8mm/16mm stag porn loops (homosexual adolescents in fact), not “Art”, which is subject to the Miller Test thus putting actual under 18 “R-rated” sensual nudity & humping scenes in mainstream cinema in a gray middle zone.

    On a related note the following links are Safe for Work:

    your typical “legal boilerhead” quote:
    “The Naturist documentaries and books that we sell are legal in every city, every state and every county inside the United States. They are protected by the First Amendment and are not subject to local obscenity laws or ordinances. The depiction of adults and children nude in the visual media has enjoyed constitutional protection in the United States since 1958, when the Supreme Court vacated a Court of Appeals finding that Sunshine & Health magazine could be obscene (Sunshine Book Co. v. Summerfield, Postmaster General, 355 U.S. 372). The right to depict adults and children in innocent nude poses has been upheld without a pause for 41 years. In case after case, the Supreme Court and lower courts have always upheld the constitutionality of “nudity without more,” specifically referring to the nudist depiction as a fully constitutional form of expression. Our documentaries are widely sold in all of Asia, Europe, South America, Canada, Australia and Africa.”

    T&A simulated “hard-R” humping sex with age 14/15 & under actresses (and actors) is shall we say frowned upon (though dozens of mostly continental European “Hollywood” films were made in the late 1960s thru the 1990s with such scenes) & most commercially available DVDs sold in the USA (and certainly UK) have those scenes censored out. Scenes with nude actual 16 & 17 year old actresses getting sexually manhandled, tits sucked & humped in bed tend to get a free pass: the barely 17 year old Italian actress getting fondled & kissed by 31 year old Al Pacino in The Godfather. The 17 year old American actress making out with nearly 50 year old Michael Caine in Blame it on Rio. The 16 year old (when filmed) Spanish actress Penelope Cruz getting sucked & humped in Jamon, Jamon. The 15 year old American actoe Christian Slater getting humped by a 22 year old Argentinian actress in the Sean Connery vehicle The Name of the Rose. Natasha Kinsky at age 17 getting humped in the couple of films following her age 15 full frontal nude debut in To the Devil a Daughter.

  10. Anti-Sexual Trade Union Classics of “International Hollywood” Cinema…
    featuring female actresses between age 12 thru 17 in sensual nude scenes & simulated sex with Male co-stars from between pushing thirty to 80something years young… or at least in most of the other cases age 18 to 25 year old actresses playing teenagers with Male co-stars from between pushing thirty to 80something years young:

    Over 19 year old Jane March (playing a 15 year old) with a 32 year old man – The Lover (1992).
    19 year old Maria Schneider with 48 year old Marlon Brando in The Last Tango in Paris.
    16 year old Tatum O’Neil with 54 year old Richard Burton (playing 60) in Circle of Two (1980)
    Barely age 17 Natasjja Kinski (born in 1961) with 53 year old Marcello Mastroianni in Stay as You Are (filmed in 1977, released in 1978).
    19 year old Carole Bouquet & 21 year old Angela Molina (both playing 18 year old virgin) with 59 year old Fernando Rey in That Obscure Object of Desire (pre-1977).
    12 or 13 year old Katya Berger (playing 11) with 35 year old Pierre Clementi in Little Lips (Piccole labbra 1978).
    Egon Schiele – Karina Fallenstein (plays 15) and Mathieu Carriere playing late twenties Austrian Artist around WW1.
    Lulu by Walerian Borowczyk stars 15* year old Anne Bennent as a turn of the century Parisian prostitute, who get bent over the billiards table by a number of old guys. (*There are reports it was filmed in 1978, and released in 1979 in Europe)
    12 year old Brooke Shields with 28 year old Keith Carradine in Pretty Baby.
    15 or 16 year old Ariel Besse (playing 14) with 34 year old Patrick Dewaere in Beau Pere (1982)
    Miss Teen Sweeden (17 when filmed) playing highschool girl with many middle aged famous actors in Candy (1968)
    David Hamilton’s “Laura” with 16 year old Dawn Dunlap (playing 14) with a man in his thirties.
    Age of Consent – Helen Mirren (plays 16) and James Mason
    Baby Love – Linda Hayden (15) and Ann Lynn
    Black Venus – Florence Guerin (17) and Josephine Jaquiline Jones with an older guy
    Egon Schiele – Karina Fallenstein (plays 15) and Mathieu Carriere
    Erendira – Claudia Ohana (19) and several tricks
    Erotismo – Katja Bienert (13) and Antonio Mayans
    Kenn ich weiss ich war ich shon! – Katja Bienert (13) and an older guy
    Lilian – Katja Bienert (16) Antonio Mayans and Lina Romay
    For Your Love Only – Nastassja Kinski (16) and her teacher
    Falsche Bewegung – Nastassja Kinski (13) and Rudiger Vogler
    Desideria – Lara Wendel (14) and a couple older guys
    Il Falco e la columbo – Lara Wendel (15) and Fabio Testi
    Descente Aux enfers – Sophie Marceau (18) and Claude Brasseur
    Police – Sophie Marceau (17) and Girard Depardieu
    La Fille de 15 ans – Judith Godreche (15) and Jacques Doillon
    Love, Math, and Sex – Julie Delarme (15) and her teacher
    Le Voleur d’Enfants – Virginie Ledoyen (14) and Marcello Mastroiani
    Stirie di Vita e Malavita (Prostitution Racket) several teenage prostitutes with their tricks.
    Tales of Ordinary Madness – Katya Berger (16) and Ben Gazarra
    Nana – Katya Berger (17) and several customers
    The Games Schoolgirls play A “15 year old” and and older couple
    The Girl – Clair Powney and Franco Nero
    Beatrice – Julie Delpy (16) and her “dad”
    Twice a Woman – Sandrine Dumas (15) with Bibi Anderson and Anthony Perkins
    Une Adolescente (aka Shojo) – “15 year old” girl with 50 year old policeman
    Teenage Keira Knightley gets naked with forty-plus Sam Neill in the remake of Dr. Zhivago
    Leigh Taylor-Young cavorts with a middle aged guy in “The Big Bounce
    Rosauri Marchi is felt up by a graying dude with a limp dick in “La Moglie vergine (1975)
    Amaliya Mordvinova has sex with a bald old guy against a fence in “27 Missing Kisses”
    Vanessa Paradis in “Noce Blanche (1989)”–sex with senior citizen
    Sophie Marceaux and another old fossil in “Joyeuses Pâques 1984”
    Christina Lindberg (23) gives an old guy a non-explicit blow job in “Anita – ur en tonårsflickas dagbok (1973)”
    In “Schalken the Painter (1979) (TV)” a naked Cheryl Kennedy (32) rides her husband John Justin (62) – after he’s died of old age.
    67-year old Tinto Brass, director, producer, writer, all-around pervert and God to all us female butt-lovers around the world a lot older than Yulya Mayarchuk fingers her hair pie under her skirt in “Trasgredire”
    Cristina Garavaglia and Franco Branciaroli (46) in “The Voyeur (1994)” (L’Uomo che guarda). I couldn’t find a birthdate for Cristina, but she can’t be older than 25 in this flick.
    Senior Citizen Burt Lancaster masturbation scene with teenage girl in the film 1900.
    Linda Van Dyck (34 playing 30) seduces her 16yr old cousin (played by a 17 year old) in “Two Queens and a Consort (1981)”
    Karina Krawczyk humps an old guy in “Heinrich der Säger (2001)”
    Caroline Hoermann lets a grey haired geezer help himself to lunch in “Flesh for the Beast (2003)”
    Tendres cousines (1980)
    Nineteen Eighty-Four (1984)
    BlueBeard (1972)
    Up the Creek (1984)
    Chinatown (1974)
    Tobacco Roody (1970)
    Castaway (1987)
    Star Maps (1997)
    Serial (1980)
    Killing of Sister George, The (1968)
    Chained Heat (1983)
    The War Zone
    An Awfully Big Adventure
    Hot Spot (1990)
    Hong Ying Tao (1995) aka The Red Cherry
    Hardbodies (1984)
    Eyes Wide Shut (1999)
    American Beauty (1999)
    Toolbox Murders (1978)
    The Cheerleaders (1973)
    Sonny (2002)
    Not Another Teen Movie (2001)
    Life of a Gigolo (1998)
    Pretty Maids all in a Row (1972)
    Hung Jaak Yin Ji (1998) aka Beauty of the Haunted House
    Poison Ivy the New Seduction (1997)
    Amy Fisher Story, The (1993) (TV) (home video version only)
    Office Girls (1972) – aka Eros in the Office
    The Turn-On (1985)
    Inga (1968)
    The Inheritance (1980)
    Jour et la nuit, Le (1997)
    The Lady In Red (1979)
    The Lonely Lady (1983)
    First Love (1977)
    The Sensuous Nurse (1976)
    Gojitmal (1999) aka “Lies”
    Naughty Cheerleader (1972)
    Jours tranquilles a Clichy (1990) aka Quiet days in Clichy
    East End Hustle (1976)
    “Child Bride (1938)”–Shirley Mills does a nude swim and shows pubes at age 11 or 12.
    Isabelle Adjani in “Été meurtrier, L’ (1983) …. Eliane dite ‘Elle’
    Dennis Hopper (59-60) and Amy Locane (24-25) in “Carried Away (1996)”
    Harvey Keitel (52+) in . . . “Bad Lieutenant (1992)”. With some young hookers and teenage girls.
    Supposedly 15yr old Lisa Grant hops into bed with her obviously over thirty step-father in “”Menage a Trois (1969)” aka “Two Girls and a Golden Rod”
    Jennifer Jason Leigh and some old crone in “The King is Alive”
    “The Old Man’s Bride (1967)”–definitely 40+ age difference
    “The Garden”–Melanie Griffith and and old dude romp thru a forest (she’s naked, he isn’t)
    Agnes Soral and old man in fruit of the looms in “”Un moment d’égarement (1977)”
    Vanessa Paradis in “Noche Blanche”–30+ yr age difference
    Leigh Taylor-Young cavorts with a middle aged guy in “The Big Bounce”

  11. Don’t leave out Jurassic Park with 13 yr old Ariana Richards.

    Speilberg knew what he was doing when he puts those scenes in!

  12. Of course any man can take revenge on women by saying that even at the age of 70 men can travel to some places in the World and have their head between the legs of a gorgeous 18 y.o. woman within 2 hours of their plane landing. And that’s what drive women crazy, this notion that aging is unfair between the sexes.

    What should be realized however is that an older man (usually) has a much diminished sex-drive. At 52 I could afford to visit prostitutes 3 times a week in the prostitution haven where I live. I’ve lost interest though. Haven’t been able to bust a nutt wearing a condom for 2 decades anyway. Aging is unfair regarding mate value but not that much regarding the ability to enjoy sex.

  13. It’s been more than a month since I posted. Thanks for all the replies and sorry for the belated reply.

    @Andrew (and others)

    You listed a lot of movies with underage nudity. Europe – except for a few exceptional countries – seem to have much greater acceptance of nudity and even sex.
    But has there been movies like those in the recent times – like post 2005 era? Most of the movies that you listed are much older.

    I must admit that Brooke Shields was very pretty in The Blue Lagoon. However, even in that movie she had her breasts covered with her hair and I heard they had to testify in court that a body double was used because she was underage.

    Nonetheless, the there seems to be a growing uproar about underage nudity in many countries. That’s why I want to ask if there has been such movies in recent times. I know that many artists who worked with adolescent models have been labeled as perverts.
    There are nudist websites, but there doesn’t seem to be artistic nudity or film nudity of underage girls from recent times.

  14. @AB

    Of course the list above was a non-comprehensive listing of films with an actual level of erotic action beyond dialog showing make-out scenes and nudity; or Hard-R theatrical simulated(?) sex scenes between under 18 WOMEN (or 18+ WOMEN portraying under age 18) & MEN in their late twenties to eighties.
    The list for the most part did not include Theatrical films with under 18 MALES (or 18+ MALES portraying under age 18) in make-out scenes and nudity; or Hard-R theatrical simulated(?) sex scenes with WOMEN or MEN in their twenties to eighties, or with just older teens/younger Adults (Sweet Seetback’s Badass Song, Y tu mamá también, Maladolescenza, Salo, Fat Girl, City of God, The Reader, The Name of the Rose, The Godfather, The Tin Drum, Amarcord, Fellini’s Satyricon, Come and See, KIDS, Lolita 1997, Friends, The Last Picture Show, Romeo+Juliet, Zefirelli’s Romeo and Juliet and the original 6 hour long underground edition of Guccione’s Caligula). Nor did it include films between under 18s & older Adults with just erotic dialog & clothed simple kissing/underwear, or with similar age teens (You, Me and Everyone We Know, Taxi Driver, Wierd Science, Hardcore, Houndog, Bastard out of Carolina, Gummo, Thirteen, My Girl). Nor did it include mildly expoitative black comedy documentaries (Schulmadchen Report film series). Nor did it include Nudist Naturist documentaries/nude beauty pageants of under 18s (enature, Russian Bare, Holy Nature, Nudism2000). Nor did it include coming of age films with non-erotic nudity, bathtub, dressing nudity & “playing doctor” with under 18s ( many French, German & Swedish & Scandinavian films, Cleopatra/Elizabeth Taylor: dancers).

    Some States in the USA (in the wake of Pedohysteria/Chris Hansen/”erotic” Child Modeling local muck-racking press) have passed potentially unconstitutional/defacto unconstitutional legislation against under 18s being filmed in a sexual context or even Nudist context within that State, which would apply to new Hollywood productions attempting to film in that State, thereby producing a chilling effect & bad local publicity from femservatives/femnazis.

    For a recent new controversy: “A Serbian Film”
    at the wikipedia entry

  15. I have to say most post 2002 films (coinciding with the past decade rise of UK tabloid/Chris Hansen “pedohysteria”) for example: Me and You and Everyone We Know, Hounddog, Thirteen, Accepted!, Saved!, The Reader etc. no longer show teens in sexual situations with Adult men, regardless whether real under 18s are used or conversely 18 & overs playing the part of “minors” are used. And even the nudity is usually underwear nudity or sex with older teens implied/shot out “off camera”.
    Sexual themes with Adult women & youth/kids get a much freer pass today (The Reader/Me and You and Everyone We Know).
    Actual under 18 nudity or implied sex with older men generally went out with American Beauty, the recent remake of Lolita, Bastard out of Carolina, The Hole, City of God (older woman BJ), Y tu mamá también (real 17 year old simulated sex) etc. around 2000 or so.
    Of course there were scores and scores of Teen sex comedies, coming of age films, Nudist films, “documenteries”, dramas & Art House films with real under 18 nudity, or erotic nudity, or sexual situations (with fellow teens only) aside from my earlier posted list which was just dealing with Older men/Younger “girls” films.

    Some States in the USA have in fact passed laws just recently forbidding the making of a film in which an actual under 18 is nude or in a sexual situation, thus putting a chilling effect on Hollywood/Indie film crews.

    Those outside the USA & UK sometimes really push the edge still:

    See the wiki article on “A Serbian Film” and the controversy in Australia/UK over another Latin film which had a scene where (the under 18?) actress was being prostituted by having the men in the village literally masturbate standing around her naked body.

  16. For American & UK films the closest recent film to almost meet the criteria is Ken Park by Larry Clark… and possibly The Dreamers…. but like Clark’s earlier film KIDS, he uses “18”s portraying 12 to 17 year olds somewhat convincingly. Although even earlier he did art photos of actual under 18s in intimate/sexual activity… rough/gang youth

  17. By definition Raunch Feminism advocates are female chauvinists who propose feminist ideals but portray strong sexual behaviour and strong sexual attitudes either publicly or privately. What the movement expected was a woman who accepted that a woman’s sexual identity was what she created for herself not what she created for men. It advocated a sexual identity was not needed to be a woman. The ultimate purpose of feminism was very simple but strategically concealed by most advocates. They wanted to take control of the employment dollars generated in the labour market by desexing women to make them competitive in the market and desexing the employment market it self.

    They recognised the number of jobs would not double so therefore they would have to take the jobs held by men. The feminist definition of equality has never really meant social equality but instead financial equality in that women would be the “Master” of their own financial circumstance. Feminine laws or policies have been ultimately about money or capital and ease of access to it. Over the decades the agenda though has moved from the feminist financial agenda to Female Chauvinist social control agenda.

    The feminist agenda has not threatened capitalism. It did not threaten government GDP strategies and if anything enhanced them. Let’s ask ourselves who are the biggest consumers in our societies? Is it men or women? Women have to be in control of their expenses to be encouraged to spend more. Feminism as a movement encouraged consumerism and enhanced GDP achievement.

    Feminism has always been splintered. There have always been women who have believed they can have a sexual identity and be in control of their own finances. There have always been women who like the idea of being able to turn men on and willingly applied themselves to sexual activities. Liberation for many women was sense of self first and then somewhere along their list of priorities was financial liberation. The rank and file agreed with the idea of self but believed everything else was secondary to controlling all avenues to the labour marketplace.

  18. Raunch Femminism and its view of women being able to possess a sexual identity is not the only threat to feminism. A major tool of feminism has been misinformation, selective information focus, and sensationalism. Feminism has focused on cognitive capital to achieve its social goal and changes to human capital. What it has not been able to control is change to technology or women’s participation within technology itself.

    Some dot com industries are a threat to the overall strategy. Raunch feminists of all ages have recognised technology such as the internet allows them two things. Firstly to generate their own finances without having to enter the labour market as demanded by the rank and file. Secondly it allows them to be a libertine if that is their choice. The internet itself unlike many suggest has only a minor level of pornography while the rest of it’s content is shared knowledge, electronic information services, or opportunities for traditional commercialism. It is suggested to have over a billion sites already and growing daily. In consideration of the symbolic modeling it is capable of and the freedom of access to it by young women rank and file will be becoming worried. I suspect the internet censorship push is coming from the rank and file. It is their preference for young women to adopt rank and file values not Raunch Feminist values.

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