Jimmy Savile Estate Sued by Alleged Sex Abuse Victims

Latest news from the Bannana Republic of the UK.  Old hags who were allegedly groped by Jimmy Savile when he was an Alpha Male stud and they were attractive naughty schoolgirls half a century ago are now suing his charitable estate for all its money.  Money that would have gone to helping children dying of cancer etc.  Not sure how they can legally snatch that money out of the hands of cancer stricken children when he’s 1/dead and 2/it’s not possible to prove any of the allegations when he is dead.  But, hey, this is the UK in the year 2013 we are talking about, where basic principles of civilisation are no longer relevant and those who supposedly uphold justice merely a bunch of out of control psychopathic thugs, more criminal and violent than any other gang in town.


The estate of Jimmy Savile and the BBC are being sued by alleged sex abuse victims of the late DJ and presenter.

Solicitor Alan Collins, of law firm Pannone, said a writ had been issued at the High Court on behalf of 31 alleged victims.

All claimants were taking action against Savile’s estate, while up to eight were also suing the BBC, he said.

More than 90 people are pursuing legal action in the wake of allegations of abuse by Savile.

The cases had been put on hold until the outcome of a series of inquiries by the police, the BBC and the NHS amongst others.

Mr Collins said that the number of people getting in touch with Pannone over alleged abuse still “grows on a daily basis”.

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  1. well being dead makes Savile the ideal sitting duck for all the femifascist fervor. As you said he’s dead and can no longer defend himself. Which means he won’t attempt to clear his name or even so much as fight the allegations or even succeed in proving even a single one of them false. The feminazis can just run all over him and annihilate any remaining shred of collective good memories about the man.

    Common decency would command that somewhere along the way you would stop “kicking a dead dog”, as we say here… but I guess all is fair in the war against the male gender.

  2. It just proves what we’ve been saying since the whole disgusting affair ever hit the news – they are not interested in justice or anything else: if Savile was a poor man AND one or two allegations were made, we’d never have heard of him. They know he (his estate) has money so they can make an allegation and get a substantial share of it. This is simply one manifestation, of many, of Britain’s world famous feminist owned and operated abuse industry.

    Those solicitors make MILLIONS from scandals like this one and as long as feminists are given the power they have and the gutless, piss-ant manginas in governments continue to allow it, it will only get worse, if that’s possible, but it is because we’re talking about feminist hatred and men: ANYTHING’s possible, if this sort of thing is allowed and fully endorsed by our paedohysterical lynch mob society – suing DEAD men based on evidence furnished by a pack of lies, then anything can happen…
    We should all be feeling somewhat afraid!

    This level of shameful dishonesty and downright misandry is effectively what the femRAs, mRAs and paedocrites on mRA sites like AVfm are advocating to make even more powerful (by validating the feminist’s abuse industry with their feminist approved “Equal Injustice for All” demands) and why I have NO TIME for those manginas at all.
    They would look a lot more at home on blogs like manboobz or Jezebel than anything purporting to be a men’s rights forum.
    They are not MRAs they are witch-hunters who, like all of them, are all hooked on paedohysteria.

  3. This is the same thing that happened here during the great Catholic priest witch-hunt. All of these ‘victims’ (most of whom were suing over dead priests) were perfectly willing to forgive-and-forget after the Church forked over sufficient extortion (I mean ‘out-of-court settlements).

    A number of Catholic Dioceses were forced to file bankruptcy, and the social services they were providing (like running orphanages) were forced to close.

    If I remember from history correctly, weren’t the same people who were conducting witch-hunts in Britain also paying bounties on Catholic priests?

    Welcome back to the 17th Century! LOL

  4. Alan:
    Speaking of Fat-troll, he’s up to his old tricks again. Yesterday, there was a shooting in a Delaware courthouse; I don’t know all the details, but it had something to do with domestic violence.

    Just like the December school-shootings, Fraudtrelle immediately pounced on the story to denounce all the MRM as ‘a hate group’ and called for investigations into inciting violence, &c.

    With his usual hypocrisy, he actually accused the MRM of inciting its ‘angry and mentally unstable’ groupies to violent action!

  5. Eric – Re Catholic witch hunt. Yes! The taxpayer funded, very PC Australian Broadcasting Commission in Oz has been working overtime in attacking the Catholic Church over abuse claims. The fact that only men can be Priests in the Catholic Church = easy target.

    I’m not a Catholic nor do I follow any formal religion but I’m feeling very sympathetic towards the Catholic Church lately. The ABC will use old file vision of Catholic Churches or Priests whenever they mention child abuse on their news and current affair shows. They would have us believe that the Catholic Church has done nothing else but abuse children for it’s entire history. None of their charitable works or the fact that they have probably saved countless children from abuses of various kinds is ever mentioned.

    I’m sure abuse actually did occur in some instances. But the way a mere claim is now enough to convict tells me this is a campaign with motives quite removed from protecting children.

  6. There’s a link in the Daily Mail about Cuntstable Collette Carpenter to an extraordinary article about Thandie Newton (her again):http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2278915/Thandie-Newton-I-abused-casting-couch-I-teenager.html?ICO=most_read_module

    She’s claiming she was “abused” at 16 and 18 years of age in the process of interviews for acting roles.
    I won’t spoil the fun by going into the details, such as they are.

    A couple of things stand out for me though:
    -Reader comments and votes on the comments were as expected, if not more so. Unfortunately goes against a slight trend I seem to have noticed lately and that the anti-feminist has also remarked upon.

    -The word “abused” is an odd one to be using in the context-or maybe not. Women of 18 or over are not “abused”, they’re sexually assaulted or raped if there’s unwelcome sexual activity perpetrated on them. I would have thought even in this femmunist day and age that to describe even a 16-y-o as having been “abused” as if she were a pre-pubescent child, would be considered a bit of a stretch, but apparently not.

    She’s been in the news a bit lately, hasn’t she? Might be something big for her coming up. What a contemptible pathetic little publicity hound.

  7. @sam_paxton

    I would have thought even in this femmunist day and age that to describe even a 16-y-o as having been “abused” as if she were a pre-pubescent child, would be considered a bit of a stretch, but apparently not.

    Certainly not. They use words like that to maintain paedohysteria, which is an essential component of their very lucrative abuse industry.

    Sadly the ‘mainstream’ MRM is also using such hysterical rhetoric in their campaigning, effectively endorsing feminism’s wicked ideologies and will soon be (if allowed to) contributing even more to their established abuse industry with their ‘female rapist / Equal INjustice for All’ plan.
    In other words: “if we can’t beat em, join em and become feminists ourselves” plans…

  8. Deano:
    Whatever its faults, the Catholic Church has always preached a strict gender-polarity and is a patriarchal religion, that’s why the feminists hate it. Like Fidelbogen says, the feminists really couldn’t care less about ‘abuse’, it’s a male-dominated institution, and therefore has to be pushed out of an androgynous world (such as Dean Esmay & Co. seem to be advocating for).

    Notice too how there are never allegations of abuse in female-dominated religions like Wicca.

  9. Just for a bit of a change, but not totally OT, here’s some classic paedohysteria stirring in its most effective and popular (with the paedosleaze hungry media especially) format: online ‘grooming’ or stalking, from the land downunder

  10. @Deano

    I’m sure abuse actually did occur in some instances. But the way a mere claim is now enough to convict tells me this is a campaign with motives quite removed from protecting children.

    For the feminist abuse industry and in particular, its ‘legal eagles’ ($honky, greedy $olicitors) and the ‘victim$’ they lure with the promise of compensation, many of whom had their repre$$ed memories of 20, 30 or 50 year$ magically recovered with the help of abuse industry charalatans therapists, the motives are everything but protecting children, FOR $$URE!

    There are certainly HUGE financial incentives for maintaining paedohysteria and its dominant narratives, but it’s never been easier before now, that they can and DO accuse dead perpetrators who cannot possibly deny ANYTHING, therefore 100% successful conviction (and compensation payout for a supposed sexual offence that happened 50 or more years ago) is GUARANTEED!

    As Angry Harry states many times throughout his huge blog: Nothing sells anything better than a sex scandal, especially when it involves ‘child abuse’…

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